Hello everyone,

this post concerns the “SerB” T-shirts for Gamescom (more about that here).

Since I posted the idea, a lot of folks were writing me that they’d order one (even as a souvenir). So, I started working on that particular idea. Basically, it’s all possible, but I don’t know how REALLY interested people are, so, here’s a question for you, guys.

The concept I have in mind for now is pure text (sorry, I can make one or two T-shirts with SerB’s face on them, but honestly, making more would just get me in unnecessery trouble) with these three quotes:

“Want realism? Join the army!”
“How terrible…”
“When it’s done, it’s done”
with “- SerB, World of Tanks developer” under it.

T-shirts will probably have the print on one side only in order to keep the costs low.

I don’t have a prototype T-shirt yet (will have one sometime next week, will take a picture after), but for now, I need to know, how many of you people are REALLY interested in getting one.

So, please (only if you are seriously interested), write me an e-mail on:


following this exact procedure (please, do follow it, otherwise your mail might end up in spam folder, which is… kinda full):

Mail subject: T-shirt

In the mail, write following data:

- your (recipient’s) name (sorry, but I’d need that for shipping anyway)
- where are you from (country, city)
- which quote do you want
- T-shirt color (basically, only black with white text and white with black text are available atm)
- how many do you want (please, be serious)
- size (S,M,L,XL)
- please put any further comments at the end of the e-mail

Please keep in mind that this is NOT a valid order, this is for me to find out, what people prefer and how much will the T-shirts cost (depends on the number made, obviously), plus the shipping costs.


14 thoughts on “T-shirts

  1. Generally a nice idea…but why donĀ“t you just upload some pics with the quotes and everybody can make it on his own? I mean, in every city, there is a shop where you can print on T-Shirts.

    • Well, you can do that even without FTR, it’s just a text. It’s not like the idea is copyrighted or whatever. If there is interest, I will make more, if not, I will just keep one for myself, no big deal.

    • It will cost less if people order more.
      Say that SS gets 100 ordrers, then each shirt might cost 20 euro (just grabbing numbers out my arse) but if he gets 1000 orders each shirt might cost 14 euro or something.

  2. Well you would be buying the shirt, paying for materials to print the design, and then you could charge us for both+perhaps a small profit for yourself.
    dunno what prices are where you live, but here in ‘murica you could get away with a tidy profit (depending on printing costs) selling at 15-25$
    Thats with the cheapest T-shirts you can find, and not counting shipping.
    I wish you luck, and my order is on the way ;)

  3. Why don’t you put up a design on Zazzle and people can just buy it and they’ll make it and ship it without you putting any money out?

  4. do you also have XXL size? i know it would be more expensive but i would give my Soul for such a t-shirt;)
    (an autograph would also be nice;)