8.7 Test Server live


Update: Storm confirmed that 112 has been removed from this patch, because it needs rebalancing (it was OP)

Superpershing is NOT to be sold for gold in 8.7 apparently

Preliminary US patchnotes from US server:

Added the new branch of SPGs for the British tech tree:
Loyd Gun Carriage (tier II)
Birch Gun (tier III)
Sexton II (tier IV)
Bishop (tier V)
Crusader 5.5-in. SP (tier VI)
FV304 (tier VII)
FV208 (tier VIII)
FV3805 (tier IX)
Conqueror Gun Carriage (tier X)
Added the new Soviet light tank MT-25 (tier VI) to replace the T-50-2 (full details for T-50-2 owners to be provided at update’s release)
Added a German Premium TD, the E-25 (tier VII), to the Store
Rebalanced the T-50 tank (full list of changes to be provided at update’s release)
Added a new urban Soviet winter map, Belogorsk-10
Reworked Highway and Port maps for the new rendering system
Added changes to the Assault mode on Malinovka
Reworked a few graphical effects
Fixed several destructible objects which had significantly slowed down the speed of the tank
Fixed and improved visual models of some environmental objects
Fixed minor issues with the team balancing system that appeared in the 8.6 update
Extended the list of names and surnames of crew members of all nations

Picture (courtesy of Cartoonman, US server) from the (removed) US post

79 thoughts on “8.7 Test Server live

  1. Any info if there’s any rebalancing being down amongst existing vehicles?

    • Sorry for hijacking your post.

      The T-50 have been rebalanced into a regular t4 light with standard MM. This includes losing the 57 mm gun and the top engine having 300 hp

  2. Still waiting for SP remake Q_Q

    The upper frontal plate can’t bounce crap right now

    Hope it is added in one of the future PTS.

    Or at least they open up the refund function at 8.7

    I really wouldn’t mind adding 3k gold to the refund and getting a JagTiger 8.8

    • What? It haven’t been changed yet, it still bounces the same amount as ever, it’s going to be nerfed in a future patch. (the same patch that gold refunds for it will go up)

      • Well, it got indirectly nerfed by the accuracy buffs. Now everybody can hit your weakspots much easier. Also, presumably due to increased number of tier 9′s (as a result of less arties), it seems to get in tier 9 games much more often (or maybe it’s just my bad luck).

  3. 112 was the only reason I wanted to test 8.7… really who cares about scumbags?

      • More than SU-122-44? Seriously? Even though it looks fun to play thats way too much…

        • Well i hope they both get 50% discount soon…if they ever get 50% discount (PzV/M10 got it… :) ) So when i sell my SP i could be able to get me several premium moneymakers! :)

    • Spend it on something else, it will probably be the same as the IS-6 now so it makes no sense buying it.

      • 112 have more frontal armour… IS-6 don’t…. and don’t forget about 300mm gold pen ( if it stays after nerf )

        • Come on, do you think they’ll let it have T10 armor on a T8 vehicle with special matchmaking? It could bounce a Foch 155 just easily, now imagine it going against Tier 6 tanks(lets say hiding the lower plate), totally immune.

      • I only get invalid user/pass when i try to log in (EU account that works fine on live), never had this problem before.

    • There is no separate NA test server. There is just a global test server for WoT – that’s why you see ‘EU’, ‘NA’ or ‘RU’ appended to all user names.

  4. There isn’t any announcement about 8.7 test server on EU server. Is this another WG EU fail?

  5. Hmmm…

    No 112, no Sexton I…
    Not much to look for in this update imho :/

  6. There is no rebalancing for the Panther I & II on the public test of 0.8.7. Any info about this? Did WG scrap that idea?

  7. This is annoying I have been waiting for the 112 and the Sexton I, they have been in super test for a while and WG still can decide what to do with them, WG doesn’t have a clue on what they are doing

    • Considering the 112 will obsolete the IS-6, one of their other money making products, it wouldn’t make sense to release it as-is. As it would pretty much be “we’ll add this, sell a bit, and never sell the IS-6 again, as it’s worse in pretty much all aspects”.

      So, in respect to IS-6 owners and to increase the amount of tanks that people will buy (they have to make a damn profit somehow), they’d of course have to re-balance it. Better now, than once people have bought it, or tested it pre-nerf. As so many people seem to love bitching about changes made from test to live servers…..

      • ^^^^^^^^^^

        Kamahl1234 got it just right, people ask me why I hate the 112, now I can gladly quote you.

        • pls stfu, you guys talk out of your ass.

          IS-6 has far better side and overall armor.

          112 has bad side armor, bad rear armor, a shitty lower frontplate and boob cupolas. The tank is full of weakspots. Is-6 has 1 weakspot. LAWL, he also shoots faster. And he will get a speed buff soon.

          Now tell me more about how the 112 makes the IS-6 obsolete. You dumb shitkids only blabber the bullshit you read from other dumb shitkids, who dont have a brain to think for themselves.

          • lol, he mad.

            I’ll gladly elaborate on why we hate the 112. one of the major factors to this is that its a T10 tank chassis in T8 matchmaking. sure, its not “bad”, its like you said, weakspots and flaws in the armor. BUT here is the major factor for all hatred: HEAT. yes, the 300mm penetration will make swiss cheeze out of T10 tanks whereas its armor may even be able to bounce a few T10 shots. so yes, a good player will be better in a 112 than an IS6. imagine 3 of those rolling around in platoons spamming HEAT everywhere. that will make people want to play this game, hah. and yes, all accounts of it being “OP” in the ST are correct, its killing everything. so how bout you go wash your mouth before you kiss your mother goodnight, mkay?

          • Have you even looked at the damage models for both tanks side by side???
            The 112s cupolas are the same size as the is6s, despite it also having a significantly stronger turret.

            The 112 can still sidescrape, the side armorisnt thin enough to cause an over match-auto pen, and it has the advantage of a solid frontal plate (instead of the shoulderpads the is6 gets) giving it another leg up, as the is6 shoulders give 90 degree angles while sidescraping.

            You appear to be the ‘shitkid’, kid. WG agrees with everyone else’s assessment that its currently OP, hence the re-balancing for a later patch.

          • Better penetration on the gun gold ammo (which really makes its gold much more effective), better effective armor (on the parts most likely to be hit), better top speed and better terrain resistance (ie, better mobility)

            Overall, the tank is the same or better in several aspects. Which, by definition, means it’s BETTER, than the competition.

            To be fair, the stats being compared are now going to change, so the 112 should fall into line with overall performance, so the tank may take hits to other areas, keep it’s pluses and we may see a case of “This is better at this, whereas the other is better at that”.

            Which I whole-heartedly agree to, as if the tank was released with the planned stats, it’d be way too close to non-premium tanks to be fair.

            The above post makes me think you don’t know of the fact that the Chinese tanks are generally the Russian tanks, only re-designed to be better and remove flaws.

    • you read the news? NO Superpershing gold refund in 8.7.
      wg employees seem to be in vacation, lots of stuff postponed

      • OH NO, what a surprise….

        No really… who actually bought a superpershing because they thought they could sell it for gold again? are you really that naive?

  8. Fixed minor issues with the team balancing system that appeared in the 8.6 update

    That’s mean the scouts balance or the arty balance?

  9. The following lines are in ASIA server patch notes:

    Added for testing the following tanks and provided them to supertesters:
    Sexton I – British premium SPG (4 tier).
    Т-34-3 – Chinese premium medium tank (8 tier).

  10. Hey Guys, I have an EU account and the CT client tells me my PW is wrong, but i tested it on the Homepage and on the normal WOT Client and it works. Anyone got the same problem?

    • You need to have account for some time (when the database copying took place – probably some 2 weeks ago).

        • I have the same problem, never had this before. No idea what changed, maybe they only copied part of the user database to reduce the queue or what ever. It feels like the error message takes longer with the correct password though, not that it matters much.

  11. Something changed a lot, played it for one hour and i can say that, users of nvidia cards now have big problem :( . I am using GTX780, now on 0.8.6 with 320.49 driver i am running fine – max details, 1920×1200, 120-140fps, max temperature 60°C . But now on 0.8.7 my card is using 1.5Gb of memory, running on 100% , temeperature 70°C (with Metro: Last Light i hit max 62°C) , and it´s not smooth. So i stopped the test because of the graphic card, i don´ t want to overheat it .

  12. Bloody TS client from TS 8.6 won’t update :/ So i kept it for nothing…fucking hillbillies, now i need to download whole TS client again

  13. How is the 112 OP, thats fuckin bullshit.

    It’s almost an exact IS-6 copy. Nobody ever considered the IS-6 OP, oh wait, ofc, how did i miss it. It’s russian bias bullshit again. I bet IS-6 russki kids cryed so hard, that the chinese get a good tank, so Serb changed it. “How terrible”

    Also E-25 costing 7k is a joke. Nobody will buy it for that.

      • You will be the first on the forums to cry, when you see, that you won’t penetrate shit, don’t do any damage, because we still have the “alpha meta” and the most retarded think on the E-25, same as matilda bp or valetine II, you will run out of bullets fast and then be useless.

        • no i dont cos i have the PzIV S and PzV/M10 and they have the same gun.
          And i think he gets a limited MM

  14. hi..can someone post XP requirements from valentine to Bishop? thx in advance

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