Pretty cool video…

Good mooooorning, Vietnam!

Today, I have a really cool video by player Arti25 (RU) to show you (Thanks to Dom1n, EU), with Object 261, T92 and Batchat arty and it’s…. well, just watch it :) I liked it a lot.


28 thoughts on “Pretty cool video…

  1. Already subbed to Arti and saw that video, most of his videos are really awesome montages.

  2. Little offtopic : Seeing you getting destroyed at bridge in JT was…all in all , good performance last night.

    OT Nice video , Arti25 made some nice moves there…

      • besides the fact you have only two tanks in the garage…

        if “ordnung muss sein”, you can always use the primary/secundary settings, and make those thanks you want to play primary. so you dont have to “look trough” the entire garage, but still keeping some interesting tanks.

          • You should know that this DoM1N guy is translating your blog (nothing wrong with that I guess), sharing info (Q&A mostly) on polish section official forum and giving as a source link to his own blog. Personally, it’s bothering me a little but as long you don’t give a damn about it, it’s fine I guess..

            Just a polite heads-up.

            Kind regards

          • I know he does. Quite honestly, it’s not like I can stop him from doing that anyway. Lots of Polish players also don’t speak English, so it doesn’t matter – at least the info gets to everybody. After I stop doing FTR, he’ll just probably have to do something else tho.

  3. God, that was fun. Arty’s had the best derp guns ever. Having said that most of the plays in the video where most likely desperate end of game scrums. If you see Arti25 on the other team demount your crew, walk them to the back of the tank and get them to kiss it ass goodbye.

        • Seriously, arty in 8.6 is the close representation of real world gambling. You repeatedly going through a process to finally see yourself rage/mad/or a small chance of whack-a-mole. If you sum up all arty players, you will see the evil casino owner WG is just laughing while counting the money you spent. While many arty players crying in the corner

          • Arty since the last arty-nerf is UP and the last patch made it even worse… But the noobs still stand somewhere in the open and get themselves lit up easily…

            average distance driven divided by (Frequency of deaths to arty multiplied with average HP percentage lost to arty)

            would be the only statistical thing telling anything about player abilities.

    • Jeez, they nerfed them already and you still claim they are OP? FFS go cry me a river already.

  4. Nice vid, good editing and everything.
    Probably wont be as easy with 8.6, but hell anything is still possible with luck

  5. Those were the glorious days when arty was pouring fear across battlefields.
    Now it’s a mockery what it is reduced to, and is even rare on battlefields…

    • those snap shots are just ridiculous, when I saw those “one in the million” shots made by this guy I can’t help but think how many game he must have played in order to achieve one successful shot like that. What a waste of life if that’s true. LOL

  6. Loved the video, well put together and made me smile. Thx for sharing :-)

  7. anyone knows about a new version of the free wot camera? 1957_Svobodniy_Polet free wot camera does not work anymore since 8.6….

  8. Very nice video. Don’t know how much was “staged” and what was real – but at nice video none the less.

    Re.: Arty in 8.6, it’s pretty pointless in the lower tiers – only tier X is any fun as the nerf on that level is minute.

    Glad I don’t have to grind my way up to GW E-100.

    I found the Lorr. 155 50 amazingly fun before. Good precision, fast aim, fast reload and a fast moving machine. Only drawback was low damage and zero splash, but you can’t get it all.

    Now it’s slow aim, slow reload, low precision with low damage and zero splash. The only thing you got going is the fast drive, but it’s secondary really.

    IMO, WG should have just nerfed damage on all the arty’s. This wouldn’t make it any less fun to play, but at the same time it would make arty less decisive in the games. And as I understood it, the problem with arty wasn’t that it was too fun, but that it was OP.

    Now it’s just not fun. And why would you want to play a vehicle that isn’t fun? At the same time WG is introducing new arty-lines. Good luck, I say.

    And while SerB’s “if you don’t like arty don’t play it” is true and all, I’m pretty sure WG will lose many of the arty players entirely, as it’s now just a frustrating experience without any real redeeming qualities.

    Just saying.