British arty stats in 0.8.7

British arty tree transition:


Tier 2 – Loyd Gun Carriage





Tier 3 – Sexton II





Tier 4 – Birch Gun





Tier 5 – Bishop




Tier 6 – FV304




Tier 7 – Crusader 5.5in SP




Tier 8 – FV207




Tier 9 – FV3805




Tier 10 – Conqueror Gun Carriage



73 thoughts on “British arty stats in 0.8.7

  1. The guns looks absolutely terrible almost on every SPG. I guess it’s partly because of the good gun traverse angle.

    • Wow, I am so not grinding this arty tree. Weak penetration values, weak damage and weak accuracy. WG just wasted time and money for something that comes out so badly nerfed that nobody will want it. I love it when WG cuts their own branch on which they sit with such determination.

      • …and previously it was “WG makes every new tree OP As Fuck so people will convert freexp waaahhh”…
        And then people wonder why the devs don’t give a flying fuck about what the vocal portions of the player base think.

        • Are you stupid? Last arty line was the french one. Who ever said it was OP? Sure, dumb people might have said it was OP, but you’re not one of those, are you? Same with british tanks, I don’t remember those being called OP. Stupid troll is stupid.

          • “I suggest we research:
            A Point
            …so we can:
            Get It”
            - Civ Wise Man

        • They make tanks that will be popular OP. This will generate as much income as possible as many people will be using free xp to skip tanks.

          There is only a small community of British tankers on the EU forums (and I’m assuming the same on the RU forums, the only place WG seem to care) so less income for an OP tree. They’re rather just not make them OP then people won’t complain when they’re fighting them. Because they’re not OP.

  2. FV304 … dat speed … :O
    It’s good enough to be a scout tank … that’ll be great for screwing with people :P

    • They look nothing alike those are on centurion chassis nothing russian about them

      • Ooooh, that nerve. Critical hit perhaps?

        One look at the side profile and they don’t scream “Limey School Bus” to you? Must be blind.

        • either i’m making a british schoolbus skin on them or someone else will.

  3. I see Sexton I is finally in store \O/ but what are its stats?
    And is there ANY changes to 8.6 artys? (buff/nerf/dolphin ammo/whatever)

  4. My crystal ball tells me that for some odd reason vast majority of players will simply ignore the new branch, making it by far the least played new vehicle branch in the history of WoT, snatching this title from rather crappy second Soviet TD line. Good luck finding these for your Master Tanker if you haven’t gotten it before.

    • It’ll probably be underplayed… but I disagree about the second Soviet TD line. I constantly see people playing those, and they are not crappy at all, but rather, quite the opposite.

      • T8 and T9 are utter crap, T10 is worth your while only if you have a good spacer between your chair and your tank.

  5. First thing i noticed, in description of t10 arty there is 234mm gun mentioned, in statistics, we can see 233m caliber, silly WG ^^ Also for future posts silentstalker, when there is “arty patch” involved, its nice to also post things like gold ammo price, and basically shells stats, mainly because of splash ;)

    • Yea sure, 2200 dmg gun. If it had autloader how long would it reload the big reload? 3 mins?

      • If it *has* an an autoloader it’s of the FV215 183 type not the French mag-feeder sort, ie. the only reason the reload time is tolerable in the first place.

  6. The Bishop almost looks playable. It’s got good accuracy, short aim time and acceptable damage for the RoF. I’m just worried about the gun elevation and traverse.

  7. Lol T10 CGC 152mm frontal armor. If you shoot the sloped glacis you are gonna have a bad time xD Gun seems like T92′s howitzer but DAT accuracy xD

  8. When I saw the caliber of the tier VII’s top gun, I though we would be getting some HESH-spitting monstrosity that the devs considered a possiblity before.

    Thankfully, WG came to their senses.

    • I’m still hoping to see a Churchill AVRE (290mm Petard mortar stock and 163mm HESH upgraded). Maybe as a transition tank like the KV2

    • ok…. the Crusader SPG have 14 kph top speed going forwards and 43 in reverse. This thing is AWESOME! (20 hp/ton too so it moves well)

  9. hi..can someone post XP requirements from valentine to Bishop? thx in advance

  10. HAHAHA it turns out the Crusader SPG can only go 14 km/h ‘forward’ but since it’s just a backwards Crusader when you drive ‘backwards’ you can go 44 km/h!

  11. Ok why in the hell does the Bishop at tier 5 have better armor than every single SPG in the line except for the tier 10 AND has more hit points than the tier 6, and same hit points as the tier 7? I don’t rememer ever seeing a higher tier vehicle having less HP and armor than the vehicle before it. Also what’s up with those constant end-of-the-line strategy reversals? British TDs: All heavily armored, usually with rapid-firing, accurate guns, sluggish mobility. Tier 10? Massive gun with atrocious reload, not so great accuracy, overall armor sucks. Russian heavy line: heavily armored massive KVs with sluggish mobility and big guns. Tier 10? Fairly mobile and not that greatly armored smaller IS 4. German TDs: Very accuracte quality guns with decent damage and reload, fairly mobile and decent armor. Tier 10? Slow, massive TD with SPG level of damage and reload. Here? Rapid firing accurate guns with mediocre damage and penetration. Tier 10? Slower rate of fire than the T92, comparable damage, less penetration, atrocious accuracy. How does that even fit in the line? It doesn’t, is the answer.

    • The Bishop have so much HP because it have crap mobillity and gun traverse (4 deg/side) combined with short range. it needs SOMETHING to make up for it.

      • Tortoise T9 have the same HP as FV215b (183) T10. Armored vehicles tends to have high HP pool, and Bishop is decently armored for a SPG

  12. Just to ask this… WHY does that T10 arti based on a Conqueror does have 22mm more frontal armor even if its an arti and based on the 130mm front armor chassi of the Conqueror?
    Where are those 22m on my Conqueror… It could need them..

  13. And I lived to see a gun that has over 1.0 accuracy…:O

    And, did british guys had an obsession of turning backwards the tanks when they wanted to mount a superstructure to the chassis?…

    • not really an obsession, just more efficent when using pre-designed chassis for other purposes (which cuts down development costs and time, quite important during war etc), since the tanks they are based off had rear engines, and SPGs not really needing to be anywhere near where they can be fired upon, the large gun going over the engine (keeping the centre of mass roughly in the middle of the tank) and using all the space at the front of the tank for crew, gun breech and ammo, it starts to make sense.

    • Pretty universal practice when building self-propelled gun mounts on tank chassis, really. Take a close look at virtually any directly tank-based SPG or TD in the game that has the fighting compartement at the rear – which are the easy majority of such.

      Another benefit is reducing the amount of barrel overhang, which is primarily relevant to TD types carrying long-barreled guns – one reason the long 152mm was never adopted for the ISU (aside for there being no perceivable *need* for such a “super gun”) was specifically excessive overall lenght. Turretless vehicles can’t swing the gun around to make themselves easier to transport either, after all.

  14. dear Wargaming 1,03 RoF on T10, hell yea !!! I shoot 3-4 times in whole match and I will miss with 1,1 acc for sure… GG to developing this useless piece of shit (I dont play since 8,6patch and I just smile about this).

    • That was the whole reason of 0.8.6 – to sort out scumbags.

      Thank you politely for confirmation, that it worked.

  15. The 4.5 inch howitzer on the Bishop is the exact same gun used on the Finnish BT-42 assault gun. At least now we’ve an idea of what its firepower will be like, that is if it ever appears in WoT.

  16. Wow….just wow. I sure as hell hope they plan on reworking this. By the looks of this, every piece will be extremely under performing compared to artillery pieces of their own tier, hell they will be underperforming compared to EVERY tank of their tier! The values on these TDs are an absolute joke! And 1.1 accuracy on the t10 with 1.03 rof…..what the hell were they thinking? The only way to justify that accuracy would be to give it a bigger splash than the freaking T92 (thus jumping that thing down into basic worthlessness……which would simply be retarded), and I really would dread to see a splash radius that is larger than the t92s…..

    They should have gone with the high rof, very low damage (for an spg that is. I am talking damage about the same as a heavy, with the rof that would roughly match) with the low caliber guns. They could have easily ended the line with the autocannon version of the 183 simply turned SPG (hell, the FV 183 is basically a spg forced into a TD role….)

    If this line is released even remotely similar to what is shown here……well I highly doubt anyone but sheer diehards for the British tanks (such as myself…but even then I doubt I could handle that punishment….god its the freakin Churchill Gun Carrier and its going to be like that grind the whole way…….) will even play it.

  17. It’s an arty and it’s British – the two things WG is apparently not very fond of. Of course it’ll suck, just wait for chinese arty instead fellow artillerymen.

  18. Nicely underpowered bullshit line just to keep these exceedingly painful noob quantidies in this game happy…

    Why waste work in a branch everyone can ignore, if there is so much bug an bullshit to fix in this game?

    -map selection in random battles
    -noob butthurt function (hide stats)
    -various technical bugs
    -garage battles
    -historical battles
    -catastrophical performance (fps) considering the graphics are comparable to Far Cry
    -tanks the players of the game want to have like Japs, 2nd ger TD, Sturmtiger

    Apparently some mental dysfunctions from some of the most retarded WoT idiots, f.e. MajorDuckfield infected the developers as well.

  19. At first they look unique, but at higher tiers they just look like the russian SPG’s but just LOOK like the russians. I dont think i want to even GLANCE at their stats. Its just like WG just shot itself in the foot(i thought they ran out of feet to shoot when they added the chinese tanks and the 2nd russian TD line.) This will be the most underused tank line WG has made.