T-50/MT-25 changes

As you probably already know, the T-50-2 is getting replaced by MT-25 and moved to tier 6. This is how the transition looks in the 8.7 tree


First, let’s have a look at the 8.7 tier 4 light tank T-50

This is how it looks in 8.7 (elite, modules)



At first glance, compared to the 8.6 T-50, following was changed (in elite configuration):

- speed limit nerfed from 60km/h to 52 km/h
- weight increased from 12,68 to 13,95
- turret traverse speed buffed from 45 to 48

Until it gets entered to gamemodels3d system, we won’t know more.

The MT-25 is a new tier 6 light tank, unlockable from KV-1S, that continues the line to KV-13. Here (modules, stock, elite):






Compared to T-50-2 in top configuration, MT-25 has following changes:

- it uses the same top gun (57mm ZiS-4)
- +10 hitpoints (570)
- +50 engine hp (600hp)
- 25,72 ton (massive nerf, T-50-2 has 14,69)
- minor ROF buff (22,22 compared to earlier 20,69)
- traverse speed buff (48 from old 38)
- turret traverse buff (48, earlier 45)
- armor buff:
45/40/40 hull (earlier 37/37/37)
45/45/45 turret (earlier 45/40/40)
- same radio and viewrange

51 thoughts on “T-50/MT-25 changes

    • And how can you know how does MT-25 plays when you haven’t even tried it. Maybe they just wanted to remove kart effect that T50-2 had, but instead to implement really agile scout(big traverse speed buff). Imo it would still be better than VK28. T50 nerf indeed surprised me. And it doesn’t eliminate the russian bias at all.

          • As expected with that weight nerf. I think people mostly will whine about it because they got used to motorbike alike T50-2 and this will feel like a slug compared to it. I think with time players will get it’s still a decent scout but not “OP” like T50-2 that could wizzle around whole day spotting while being safe. I for sure support this change, because it was the only tank that didn’t feel like a tank but as Go kart no matter are you the one driving it or one trying to shoot it.

            • My friend there were many more scouts more “OP” than the T-50-2 , it wasn’t much of a treath for pretty much everyone because of the bean-shooter it used to have as cannon , the only role it was designed for was spotting , it was the pure spotter while other scouts were excelling in other roles ( chinese – scout hunters , americans/french – passive scouts ) now that they nerfed him on the ONLY strenght point it had it is absolutelly crappy . From a slim and agile motorbike to a fat and slow camion with the same crappy gun .

          • Just wondering, but did you ever A) own the 50-2 B) drive it after the traverse nerf?

    • This ultimately proves that russian bias was a real thing, even WG admits that soviet tanks are OP and need nerfing. Anyone claiming that russian bias never existed must be retarded.

      • Considering that their repeatedly stated reason for replacing the T-50-2 was the mismatch with the historical vehicle and their due unhappiness with it, get a clue.

        Also no idea where you’re getting that *categorical* ‘proof* from…

      • an when you thought people couldnt get more stupid …”ultimately proves that russian bias was a real thing”


        what a simpleton

  1. Just came out of the common test. The MT-25 i can see it being used in the same scout role, but the mechanics definetly feel more tank and less motorbike. It gets to the listed speed, but it needs a few seconds. Nice tank overall, though expect a fuckton of crying over losing the Motorbike-50-2.

    The E25 is beautiful to play. Like a hightier matured StuG. Just keep running, bombing runs left and right, unreal DPS out of this and good maneuvrability/speed. Can play like an agresive StuG/ELC or hulldowned somewhere with great depression and camo. 0.3 acc and 1.5 aiming time is NOTHING to scoff at. 150 pen might suck, but this is a great support/flanker and can hit ALL those hatches.

    The British SPGs seem worse than the USA variants, but haven’t checked the explosion radius.. can’t be more than the USA… can it?

  2. If we already have the T-50-2 researched, we get the MT-25 researched correct?

  3. SS u “noob” use wottools to get the hidden stats, noone need gamemodels3d :P

    • what manners… be lucky that you dont need to run a seperate tool to see it.

  4. Does the T-50 nerf means it will get normal Tier 4 matchmaking, because that 45 mm gun is useless against higher tier enemies, including arties.

    With all the changes it looks like faster T-80.

    • Was wondering the same thing. Guess the 57mm Zis-8 was ‘non-historical’, at least I could never find other info on it. So I think the top 45mm it is correct.

      Best info I found: http://english.battlefield.ru/t-50.html
      It says at the end it was meant to be rearmed with the Zis-4. couldn’t find the source of the authors article though. Don;t get me wrong, Zis-4 would be OP.

        • Yes for the MT-25 it’s oke.
          But the tier4 T-50 looses it’s 57mm Zis-8, which gets replaces by the VT-43 (long 45mm gun). Same as on the T-80 and in my personally opinion the specs are just a little bit sub par. The Zis-8 was good.

  5. Loved the T-50 as a scout, gues I will have to go back to my german Luchs instead to get a thrill..

    Any news regarding the Panther-changes yet SS??

  6. Since it is not an end of line tank anymore, does this mean the repair costs will get normal?
    The repair cost is what I hated most about the T-50-2.

  7. Did they change the T-50′s matchmaking as well in response to these changes, or is it still receiving special matchmaking?

  8. Really they have to kill t-50 too? i already sell my 50-2 but i didnt see that t-50 nerf, the top engine that it will have now its the 8.6 stock 300hp engine, so it loss 250 hp in this patch, it also loss the 57mm gun, and now can mount the shitty 37mm that cant even penn another t50. it also weigth more. so probably will loss the special mm but fuck it another scout die in this patch

  9. What will happen after 8.7 if I have t-50-2 but didn’t research kv-1s?
    Will I get a MT-25 AND researched T-28 – KV1 – KV-1S – MT-25 tech tree?

  10. Hahahaha, now T-50 is more garbage than Luchs….. HEIL KARSLAND!!

    With that kind of agility, I can ram that tonk with my alfabet panther

    *le me have both T-50 and T-50-2*
    How ironic…..

  11. Changing the engine of T-50 from 550 HP to 300 HP. Good rebalancing. Cuts the acceleration in half. If this is not just an error, WG devs are really retarded.

  12. Doesn’t bode well for the Chaffee. I imagine after this the MM for the T-50 will be the same as the M5 Stuart (Battle tier 4-8).

    Repair costs for the MT-25 should be better. The T21 is much cheaper to run than the Chaffee.

    • Crew get a free retrain to the MT-25. I’m not sure about module cross-over.

  13. I’m seeing some on the forums suggest that considering the view range on the T-50 is very short for high tiers and the 45mm is useless against them, it really shouldn’t get scout MM but should just be an ordinary tier 4 like the T-80 currently is.

    I’m not going to sell the T-50 without trying it out under the new changes, but the whole fun of that tank was the driving. If this nerfs it as much as it seems like it’s going to, it will go from being a frequent keeper to being just another grind option to the T-34.