T-34-3/Type 59 comparison, T-50 8.7 changes

I will combine two of these things, so there isn’t too much post spam today. You’ve seen the T-34-3 picture already, time to have a look at the changes between the T-34-3 and Type 59

The Type 59 data will be in brackets.

Crew: 4 (4)
Tier: 8 (8)
Health: 1300 (1300)
Weight: 32,8t (33,6t)
Hull armor: 90/50/50 (100/80/45) (armor nerf is probably the most important reason of the T-34-3 introduction)
Turret armor: 190/120/60 (200/130/60)
Turret rotation: 46 (46)
Viewrange: 380 (380)
Radiorange: 600 (600)
Price: 7500g (preliminary)

122mm D-25TA (100mm Type 59)
Penetration: 175/300/61 (181/241/50) (well, T-34-3 gets the 300mm HEAT)
Damage: 390/390/465 (250/250/330)
ROF: 4,17 (6,9)
Accuracy: 0,46 (0,39)
Aimtime: 3,4 (2,9)
Ammo capacity: 40 (34)
Depression/Elevation: -3/+15 (0 when facing rear) (-7/+20)

Engine: identical, 520hp (12 percent fire chance)
Power-to-weight ratio: 15,85 hp/t (15,47 hp/t)
Speed: 50km/h, 20 reverse (56 km/h, 20 reverse)
Hull turnrate: 46/46
Identical terrain resistance (passability)
Track hitpoints: 200 (210)
Ammorack health: 180 (170)

Ok – and now all the T-50 8.6/8.7 changes (0.8.6 value in brackets, all changes for elite vehicle)

Speed: 52km/h (60km/h)
Weight: 13,57 (12,68)
Price: 140k credits (200k credits)
Load limit: 16100 (17500)
Terrain resistance: 1/1,1/1,9 (1/1,3/2,3) (better in 8.7)
Brake force: 16000 (39500) (no more stops on the spot)
Turret rotation: 48 (45)
Gun depression: -5 (-7)
Engine: stock 300hp engine (V-4) is now top engine, new 250hp stock engine added (V-3) in 8.7 – two other engines (440,550hp) removed

72 thoughts on “T-34-3/Type 59 comparison, T-50 8.7 changes

  1. T7 stats? It’s simply a Type 59 that has shed armour for a far bigger gun with slightly less pen–but more than makes up for it with the ROFL-stomping HEAT round. I’d say it fits into the philosophy of Chinese mediums than the Type 59, which is just a stock T-54 with a different trim on the red star.

  2. Not a bad tank if it has preferred MM, consider it as a support vehicle that is used for long range engagement and base defense when platooned with IS6/Kv5.

      • if you need to hitt a weakspot to pen simply load up a 300 pen round and the whole enemy tank becomes one :P

  3. I do not see any reason to choose this tank over 112. Although mobility is the distinguishing factor from other tier 8 tanks, everything else just looks horribly wrong. It doesn’t fit the role of sniper, and it will have a hard time brawling with its 3 degrees depression. You might be able to utilize the subpar DPM as a flanking support. Prepare a Wetammo rack as well. Unlike 112, I wouldn’t buy this tank immediately; we’ll just have to see how it does when it goes live.

    • The main reason choosing this tank over the 112 would be it’s price(almost 2 times cheaper) and the needing of a chinese medium tank trainer for new players since type-59 dissapeared from shops.

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  5. T-34-3 is a joke its worse than the type 59 in so many ways

    gun is even worse than the types yeah it may have more alpha but the aim time and accuracy is terrible

    type 59 has more than double the gun depression

    it has less armor (not to bothered about that)

    mobility is pretty much the same

    T-34-3 ammo will be 3 times more expensive because its the got the 122mm

      • The T-34-3 is for experienced players who use high tier chinese meds. This tank is not intended to be idiot-proof or easy to use like the Type 59 is.

          • Yeah…t-34-3′s gameplay should be more similar to the one of the WZ-120, despite type-59 being the same tank(wz-120=type 59)

    • Well, its not really supposed to be able to compare to the Type because of how “balanced” it is.

  6. I’ve tried using the 122 mm 37-122JT on the T-34-2 for a bit, I have to say I didn’t like it at all, it’s more of a personal preference thing but I like my medium tanks with a reliable gun rather than a big alpha gun. I was thinking of maybe getting one but why would I get a T-34-3 in 8.8 when the 112 is coming out in the same patch?

  7. This is clearly a specialist niche tank for those of us who are going far up the Chinese medium branch. If you don’t like big derp guns with 3 degrees of gun depression, you don’t like Chinese mediums. PERIOD.

  8. Why is nobody mentioning the terribad gun depression? -3 v the -7 of the Type. That is the major reason not to buy the T-34-3.

    • Chinese meds have terribad gun dep too yet people are successful with. Type-122 might be (not that) mini WZ-120 – -50 alpha damage, worse reload, slight armor downgrade but then preferential MM for a Tier 8 premium.

  9. Oh finally a premium tank that’s worth getting other than the Type 59.

    Basically all the other Prem Tanks are a bunch of tards (especially Löwe, Super Persh, FCM 50t). Now this T-34-3 even tho not as OP as type 59, at least has 15hp/t and is a medium tank.

    I’m definitely getting this as a Medium Tanker.

    • Get on the test server now, buy a T-34-2 with the 122mm gun, and see if you like it.

      IF you do, you’ll probably love the T-34-3. If not, well…

        • It is, but its the closest comparable thing. Doing will with the T-34-2 essentially guarantees that you will do well with the T-34-3. The WZ-120 has excellent pen, decent accuracy, and decent DPM that the T-34-2 and T-34-3 don’t have.

          Doing well with the 121 and WZ-120 doesn’t necessarily mean that you will do well with the T-34-3. Doing well with the T-34-2 does though.

    • FCM 50t is a great tank. It is very good and very enjoyable in my experience.

  10. T-34-2 with the 122mm HEAT gun is one of my all time favorite tanks.
    If they will nerf the 112 heavy awesome-tank too much, this medium might be a decent way to spend my SuperPershing gold…

  11. Looks like a good tank. Not much of a money maker if you spam gold, but it won’t lose money either. 300 pen for HEAT. Hell yeah! It’s all I shoot in my Super P and I still make plenty of dough. My clan mates end up using a bit of gold in the IS-6 & KV-5 as well. I’d definitely trade my POS Super P for the T-34-3. Much cheaper than an IS-6 or 112.

    Question is…..want a medium trainer or a heavy trainer?

    • Imma gunna keep spamming this :)

      Make sure you even like the high tier Chinese meds first before buying this tank. It couldn’t possibly be more different from the Super Pershing [and not necessarily in a good way] and the T-34-2 and T-34-3 playstyle is VERY hard to pull off.

      I expect the vast majority of people who buy this thing to hate it. If you like the high tier, hard-hitting chinese meds and their terrible gun depression, you’ll probably love this thing. If you don’t, you’re probably going to hate this thing.

      The 112 seems like a much more user friendly, generalist vehicle. The T-34-3 is extremely niche-specialized.

    :( SU-26 looses 122, T-50 is losing its maneuverability, at least the KV-1S’s 122 is safe for now…
    Ready for KV-1 armor nerf?
    Sigh… I don’t like bitching, but wheres the fun in exploiting Russian bias for fun, if there is no more bias?
    Yay balance!
    Make all the tanks equal so the only change is cosmetic!
    Bitch post…
    Dont hate.

    • T-50 was always irrelevant, it was Le UFO 50-2 that annoyed people – and that one had its agility nerfhammered a while ago already.

  13. T-50 has been effectively neutered. Its HP to weight ratio as been halved. and it accelerates like a wet sail. T-34 can now reliably out drag me on the test server. The death of the “scout” tank is complete. After this, active scouting will be a thing of the past.

    • How terrible…
      From 43hp/t the t50 went down to about 22hp/t…
      OMG, they dared to give it about the same HP/T as all other tier 4 lights have…
      Oh how terrible, the T50 will handle now just like the other scouts…How terrible, of the horror, what a tragedy…

  14. Forgive me. I did not know you were trained in the use of the Troll. -_- All 4 scouts are effectively the same now. This isn’t battlefield. It’s too harsh. Especially with the new top gun being Vt-42 with 80 pen. Tier 7-8 battles just got a whole meaning. If they are going to go through with this, at least get rid of the special MM. tier 4-6 would be great. If it isn’t obvious by now, WG has changed their minds on lights in general. “Active” scouting will now be nearly impossible with the rebalanced lights. German lights got deflated with a hammer and russian lights just got neutered. Next is the chaffee and i’m going to bet there will be a shit storm.

  15. currently have my t-50 all pimped up, should I sell it or is it still fun?
    what should i get instead?

  16. If i havent unlocked the KV-1S, but hte T-50 exp gets moved to it, does it get unlocked?

  17. For a price of 7500 im gonna buy it but if its 12k im not gonna buy and rather gonna buy 112

    • A tier 8 medium will never be 12,000 gold. Tier 8 prices really vary depending on the tank class. I’ve notice medium tier 8 premiums are in the 7500 range (based on the type 59 and super Pershing) and heavy tier 8 premiums are around 12,000. So I’m guessing the T-34-3 will be close to the type 59 and super Pershing price. It says the price up top btw.

  18. How can one still be fast in T-50, when it is 1 ton heavier and it´s engine power nearly halved?
    Now the Leo might be the better scout, since its weight/engine power ratio is better than the T-50´s.
    Not bad! :D

  19. I think it’s way stupid to make the t-50 not be able to drift. That was and I repeat WAS a good tank before they “balanced” it. now that tank is just another dumb scout that’s not worth the cash and exp. Thanks 8.7