Photos from Slovenian army museum

Hello everyone,

EmperorSafirius from EU forums has agreed to share with us a bunch of pretty interesting photos from the Slovenian army museum in Pivka (” Park voja┼íke zgodovine Pivka”)





M4A3 Sherman






T-55 (notice the camo pattern)



Bridgelayer T-55



2S1 Gvozdika (is it?)



T-34/85 (notice the crude turret finish)



M3A3 Stuart



M47 Patton




M-36 Jackson


14 thoughts on “Photos from Slovenian army museum

    • Well, I agree, but it’s not so true in the former Yugoslavia – they have an M36 in every military museum there.

      • Captain Nemo, you should have seen how big this bastard is in real life :D

  1. T-34/85 (notice the crude turret finish) Thats what you get with cast steel and if you tidy up the surface by grinding off the irregularities all you will be doing is remove the hard surface. When steel is poured in to a sand mold the metal at the surface in contact with the mold will cool much faster than the other metal and form fine grained crystals and so be harder than the underlaying metal. If done properly the underlaying metal will be tough and be more like spring steel in resisting impact without fracture or distortion. The perfect balance is is a hard penetration resistant surface and tough bulk metal. The down side is that the inside surface will have the same chilled hardness as the outer surface and therefore be more prone to spalling.

  2. Nice to see that since I myself am from Slovenia. :)

    Though I’ve never been to this myself.

    • Well we were returning from a holiday in Croatia, so i convinced my dad to stop by ;)

      • I’m from Croatia and I never knew that there is a tank museum in Slovenia. I’ve been in Slovenia atleast 10 times and I have relatives there. Maybe I’ll check it out some day :)

        • Nino, Its on the road from Ilirska Bistrica to Rijeka, so you cant miss it ;)

  3. SS, its always a pleasure ;) And the interesting bit is also, that this very army base was the HQ for the Yugoslavian army when it was fighting against our soon to be free Slovenian forces :P And about 100 metres down the hill, there is still one of our main army bases, with 2 more T-72s parked infront :) And damn, are those tanks big :D The Patton is monstrous :D And this M47 was loved very much because it has really soft suspension so the crew could drive over holes and rocks without the crew feeling a thing. And the “small” M3 Stuart is also really big ;)
    If anybody wants all the pics, this is the link to my Facebook album. Enjoy all the other pics :)

  4. Does T55 have 120mm frontal armor? I’m pretty sure the T54 in game is cherry picked, IRL such tank would not have the mobility depicted in game

    • Well keep in mind that the T-55s that are in this museum were used after WW2, so there were a lot of extra things on them, like IR lights and other stuff.

  5. I am going there with my son this week, I can share some more photos if anyone is interested :)