Giants in WoT

Author of the pictures: mars2012

Hello everyone,

so, after giant Leopard and tiny sheep on the July 2013 calendar picture, we have another case of fail object dimensions, namely on the new Belogorsk.

As you probably guessed by the silly transparents and other things, Belogorsk is modelled after a gulag (Soviet concentration camp). And not just any gulag, a gulag for giants!

Here, we have the M22 Locust tank, 1842mm tall, standing nest to the house door… a bit small, isn’t it? (The door is like 1,5m tall)


But nevermind… let’s make it bigger


That door’s REALLY big :D




Oh well, looks like Siberia (or wherever the map is located) has both giants and dwarves, no other explanation… :)

38 thoughts on “Giants in WoT

  1. I think I remember from an ancient FTR that tanks are twice their actual size in the game as a gaming aid to make them easier to spot and engage at range.

  2. Wait, but if your using an M22 Locust which some people are taller than, then isn’t it actually correct? Doors where I live are around 8 feet tall. The Locust is around 6 feet tall I’m pretty sure.

    • Well, the Locust is 1,8m tall, which makes the first door like REALLY small and the others are 1/3 taller than the Locust. If I stood next to the “big” door, the doorhandle would be somewhere around my neck/chest (I am not very tall). I am sure they don’t make such doors anywhere.

  3. i though its world of tanks not world of doors, so its normal that they dont waist that much efforts in historical correct doors :P

  4. gulag map, great, what’s next, nice nazi (or “polish” to upset some patrIdiot siemkas) camp with funny sign ‘panzer macht frei’? “Got mit uns” – bad because so nazi (fuck that it was used at Kaiser times and before), soviet labor death camps with funny signs – good. Seems legit.

  5. oh, they find a way to enlarge the maps! ingenious just make the tanks smaller!

    i’m impressed.

  6. I don’t see the problem with any of the doors except the first one, the rest is quite normal sized 2m tall or 2.1m which are a normal height for doors…..

  7. I remember them saying they are planning on remodeling the tank models soon and also the entire objects in-game. Maybe they will fix them or maybe not. It’s probably for gameplay purposes too so you can take cover….

  8. Ever noticed BL-9 gun? It seems very thin comparing to other guns with same cal. or even thinner… There is some stuff to correct.

  9. Step one : Besides tank and door, now try to imagine on that pictures also CS or Call of duty soldier next to that tank..
    Step two: Imagine 4 of them inside as a crew xD

  10. Seriously, people – this time I’d go with SerB’s: “How terrible…”.

  11. Actually pretty much all buildings, cars and statics are off scale. Thats the thing that bothers me most about WoT. Sizes are completely fubar.

    • right. if i model something, i do it the same way/sizes. even if it doesnt is important for the project. its a quality sign, so that nobody can post and laugh about this like here.
      but russians and quality doesnt fit, if i saw it in production line in my company.

  12. This is in preparation of WoT’s Japanese portal, they’ll introduce titans from Shingeki no Kyojin in this map.

  13. Actually I think the doors are the right size (except the first one). If the tank is 1m80 tall … then knowing that a door is around 2m tall, you can see that it’s pretty good.