About the new Donate button…

Hello everyone,

as you might have noticed, there is a new “Donate” PayPal button on the right side under the rest of the bars/menus. Here’s a little background explanation.

Every since FTR started (and I mean the old FTR in January, not just the wot-news incarnation), a lot of people asked me, whether they can contribute somehow and if so, how. At first, I thought – “okay, cool, I really appreciate your support” so after moving to wot-news, me and Edrard (the guy who is hosting this site) did set up some banners.

What happened afterwards was I recieved a bunch (well, okay, maybe more than just a bunch) of e-mails, saying basically the same thing: “I like FTR and I’d like to help, but I hate banners and I won’t turn my Adblock off.”

Well, after recieving one more mail like that just yesterday, I decided to introduce the Paypal donate button. Huge thanks to Edrard for helping me set the thing up (to be fair, he practically did it himself, as my IT skillz can be compared to those of an average gorilla).

As with the ads, the money raise (I am an optimist, I know :) ) will be used for FTR purposes: I was thinking something along the lines of a nice, summer competition for August, with prizes and stuff. You’ll like the rules, trust me :P Please note that coffee for myself IS a FTR purpose.

Anyway, I am not so sure what I did there with that button, but I think it lets you donate to the FTR paypal account an amount of EUR

Well, I hope you guy don’t mind this whole thing and as always, thanks for any and all support you give me :)

Edit: I just replaced the CZK currency with EUR not to confuse people, sorry for the mess :(

39 thoughts on “About the new Donate button…

      • WHAT?! Czech beer is some of the best in the world.
        Feel free to send it all my way if you don’t want it.
        Seriously SS. Keep up the good work.
        (*hopes to hear more about Italian tanks as well) :)

      • I was in Prague last summer (dunno where you live tho), i was like SHOCKED that cerni kozel (don’t have any special symbols =( ) costs like 10kc, it’s like awesome down here in russia, and it costs about 50-60rs (that would be around 30-40kc) – and the best part was – it was actually great.
        Though i guess that it’s because you live here that you don’t feel particularly hyper about it, kinda like a don’t see anything strange in chugging vodka…

        • Prague is nice, if you know where to go. Tourist restaurants are horribly overpriced (as they are anywhere else really), but in shops/not so fancy pubs, you get good beer for good prices. Let me know if you ever visit again, we can have a tour :D

          • I kinda liked it at malostrana (ok this is getting weird), somewhere around st.vitus, though i still don’t understand why you call the monorail around the mini-eiffel tower a “funiculari” =)
            Though tbh i kinda enjoyed the suburbs more, stuff like kutna hora or okorz)

          • Suburbs :) Kutná Hora is a different district than Prague entirely. Czech republic it small. Malá Strana is one of the biggest tourist attractions too.

          • Well we did visit Nizbor (iirc it’s a little town that has the remains of a celtic castle, about 1500 pop) and i could take a wild guess and say that a town with ~5.5k pop isn’t exactly LARGE by your standards, can’t remember the name but the town had a museum of porcelain and bats, and the bat museum was in an old tower ~3-4 stories high – i’d say that counts as suburbs (mostly south and south-west though). I mean the town where i live has more pop than the whole czech republic…)

  1. or you could get almost 30 koruna from one GBP.

    I like the idea I think I just will donate as the site is really good for new info.


      • Nižbor, yes – I was born not that far from there, I know it well. I am surprised you got to visit it, it’s usually not on the tourist list as far as I remember. I mean – it’s nice, personally, I think it’s one of the most beautiful regions of the Czech republic.

  2. It’s always nice to be paid for such an awesome work you’re doing, SS!

    Also, considering the growth of ftr – were you thinking about starting a cooperation maybe with somebody to translate WoWP-related questions and stuff, as the game is slowly comming to its release? Because, well, I know you can’t do everything yourself and at the same time it would be nice to have access to all the info on WG’s projects on one site ;D

    Anyway, good luck with the blog, awesome work!

  3. Donate sent, not mutch but better than nothing :) thanks for your work, regards from Slovakia

  4. Why did I read “Detonate button” first?

    Anyway, I’ll donate some after work – not much, but still.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I have another problem: I disabled ABP on this page, but it still shows “you have enabled the adblock addon”.

  6. Maybe do a poll how many percent would like to support you on any terms, and how many would like to support only you, not with tardard included. Cause I personally, would like to help ftr somehow, but not in current form, where probably big part of donation is going to tardard. Anyway, could be interesting poll results.

  7. We always say to czech tourists here: a small beer is better than big thank you :)

  8. LIES LIES LIES, nothing but LIES!!!

    Gorillas don’t drink coffee :) :) :) I really love you style, keep up a great work!

  9. Such a donate button is made in 3 secs as paypal itself provides this service… dont make a problem out of everything

  10. For those who do not want to turn off their adblock are just slow in the head.

    You can literally click TWICE (yes, that would two times) and disable the adblock FOR ONLY THIS WEBSITE.

    The amazing adblock disabler for just individual websites allow you continue to support FTR.

    Too bad you are being forced to use PayPal!