67 thoughts on “Hitler rants about ARL v39

    • It has all those flaws but it is playable. But it is important to use 105 mm gun, not top 90 mm!

        • The ARL V39 has terrible gun traverse, and the 90mm gun has terrible aim time.

          These two traits put together are a HORRIBLE combination.

          • Yes, is got an terrible traverse and long aiming time, but the good thing is the gun penetration (that can penetrate almost all tanks frontal armor) and it’s fast speed and traverse (not the best of tier 6 TD, but also, not the wrost),

    • I found the previous tier more tolerable, personally. And what fmu said about the guns (same deal with the ARL44 actually) plus the DCA 45 looks plain ridiculous.

        • never in my life did I ever expect to see the words “as bad as” and “Hitler” used in the same same sentence, in that way.

    • Is ARL V39 really that bad?

      No its worse.
      He forgot to mention the gun traverse, which is only existing on paper.

    • nope, IMHO it’s very good, but you have to know how to play. I had no problems with KV-5

      • Not that I’m saying that I can’t play (check stats if ya want), but it’s dynamics are so bad I want to puke.
        And KV-5 is not comparable to it – KV-5 is epicly good in experienced hands :D

    • Same situation here. I loved the ARL – moderately fast on those dorky WWI treads, heavy enough to ram Cromwells, and capable of poking holes in things from across the map (even with the 90mm gun I wasn’t supposed to use). I’ve been meaning to buy it back to finish up my 200 battles to enshrine my win rate on its Noobmeter page.

      On the other hand, the ’46 can burn in Hell. Tinfoil armor, horrid MM, and a win rate that just got progressively worse the longer I played it. My stats would have been better if I had just driven it into the nearest lake at the start of every battle.

      • AC Mle.46 is beast…If you waggle between shots/ stay far enough back/know to use camo

        The DCA 45 on the 46 is the gun to use. 2.3s aimtime is kind of alright, the 100mm doesn’t work (but works VERY well on the 48)
        Overall the tank plays like a 88mm JP which trades soft stats for brute speed, armor and pen. Don’t like it? Play T25 AT instead.

    • MFW I read that and I’m grinding it alone because my friends are busy this week….

  1. wooot? ARL is a great TD(1200 av.dmg), just dont use the top gun.
    Actimel46 on the other hand is taller, gets spotted from 500m and has now TWO tumors. ARL has also more dmg with premuim(+30) and faster rof(+0.25).

    • my ARL did 1/2 the avg damage as my AC46. HALF.

      ARL has monstrous tracks that will absorb most shots. This is awesome …on a tank with a turret (BDR?) and on a TD with no gun traverse means that if you aren’t pointing directly at someone when you get tracked, they can keep you there indefinitely while they kill you.

      And I’m getting tired of people defending tanks by citing premium ammo stats. You shouldn’t have to use premium just to level. Premium is for the +2 tier tanks you run up against or when you need to dig out a hull down (or similar defensive stanced) tank. Having to spam premium to be competitive makes the tank bad not good.

      • The tank is ok, use the 105 and profit…
        MUCH better than pre L/70 buff Jpz IV

        • Strange people here.
          Saying ARL is playable.
          Funny people.

          This tank makes me
          MAD MAD MAD MAD
          *head against the wall bang*
          MAD MAD MAD MAD

          • I use the 60mm F3 or how ever its called
            it aims pretty fast aand shoots very fast its like a Jgpz.4 with that gun = Playable but still not pretty cool :D

      • ARL V39 is fairly good. It is just a matter of using brain and not your ass. I understand that that could be quite a challenge for many people these days…

  2. Same here.I found V39 kay but didn’t like AC Mle 1946 very bad…
    Video is very good,made me laugh :)


  3. ARL V39 is playable. Not the best T6 TD but not nearly as bad as this stinking piece of shit JagdPanzer IV.

    It offers good speed and decent turn rate, so its mobility is overall decent. Packs a lot of alpha with the 105mm gun and with prem ammo you can reliably pen everything in your MM table. Accuracy is sub-par however. Long 90mm offers great penetration values and decent accuracy, but aim time is shit and alpha is meh.

    It doesn’t have any armor, but you can get lucky bounces from T6 guns occasionally. Tumor is shit (as every other tumor is) and makes hiding a lot more difficult. Short 90mm is an atrocity… Fort the sake of your own sanity, free XP the 105mm (or transferr from SA 35C) and grind the long 90mm. Use the suspension equipment until you unlock the suspension to mount equipment and modules. EGLD is a must on this tank btw, its aim times are rather shitty.

    Overall it is a tank which requires a certain amount of skill to play, a lot more than, say, SU-100. If you know what the tank is capable of and what it can’t do, it is a decent machine and far from being crap.

    • ARL V39 sucks balls and it is fucking worst tank of all in WoT.
      Just got Ace medal in it – least joyful Ace ever…..

        • lol no, M7 is Very FUN

          And ARL v39 isnt the worst, but only because the guns aren’t horrible. You can use the 105 and spam or the 90 and pen whatever you want.

          so Not the worst but close

        • M7 medium was great. Churchill VII (7 weakspots more like) is a real pain to drive however. Sooo-oooo slow and massive track weakspots at the front + flat turret face.

          • +1

            I hate the Church VII with all my heart. It shares the place of worst WoT tank for me, with A-20 (though i went through A-20 beeing rather green newbie, so I had no idea how to use it to its strenghts… which means prolly church VII is the worst tank.)

      • ARL V39 is like other TDs. Your results simply reflect your driver skills.

  4. I’ve tried to grind trough this POS twice, each time sold it to save the bits of sanity left for the horrible players :)

    The combination of tumor, large profile, no armor, no gun traverse, huge aimtime is the downfall (ha!) of this “TD”. It could have BL10 and still suck big time. Even the pre-buff JgdPzIV was better and that’s some outrageously bold claim to make!

    I loved how T6 meds just went “nah, let’s kill this frogeater” and did it peakaboo style. Somehow they didn’t show the same respect as for e.g. SU-100 or any other T6 TD :)

  5. Great video! xD

    To Arl39: Well, i had no problems grinding it. Was cool little TD.

    • 1. true
      2. much better than UK TDs
      3. IMHO only SU-85 and SU-100 are better than ARL up to VI tier.

      • Good thing I’ve grinded UK TDs to tier 7 when they were new – in most battles I get either Steel Wall or Cool Headed :D Back then ppl didnt know where to shoot.

  6. Hey, I think it’s pretty good with the 105mm, decent pen for it’s tier and 300+ damage is pretty good

  7. Those who say that ACM 46 is bad:
    Map: Highway
    Date: Thursday, July 11, 2013 1:03:16
    Vehicle: AMX AC mle. 46
    Exp: 2,634 (Fine: 76; x2) + Credits: 33,649 (Fine: 7,500)
    Achievements: : Master Gunner, Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge: “Ace Tanker”

    1st battle with it. Beat this :D

  8. Good thing I finished this line. And I went past ARL with free XP after 3 battles, I simply wanted to pull my hair out, terrible TD.

  9. This is EPIC, best one ever – thanks Woras.

    It reminded me, how I was dissapointed in ARL V39. On paper it looked awesome (That gun wow 212 pen), but once i got it – oh boy, what a pile o crap with the tumor and no gun travers.

    I did grind through it, though, and it was no so bad to use the free XP, but undoutebly worst tier 6 TD.

    • That pen is pointless overkill 90% of the time, the bigger punch and more importantly *much* faster aimtime of the 105mm will serve you a lot better; especially as given the terribal gun arc you have to do a lot of re-aiming….

  10. famous “cursed one” TD….got ace tanker in T9 battle (widepark platoon with Comet)…longest grind ever…tumor…hardly seen any these days

  11. I’ve got an idea for your next poll:

    Give bonus EXP and Creds for most damage dealed player every match (winner and loosing team). Not just as an event!