40 thoughts on “Model changes in 0.8.7

    • It sure gets more aerodynamic, we can expect top speed increase of 10 kmh :O


      • No, it doesn’t it’s going to be the same. In fact if it was pushed back more it would be worse gun depression.

        • The gun doesnt even get close to the hull. You could mount the turret on the engine deck and it wouldnt have enough gun depression to hit the hull with the gun ..

    • I expect better over-all gun depresion for the 50B.
      The numbers are the same but the turret position change allows the gun to point more downwards.

      • How? Since the turret is farther back it will hit the hull sooner than it does now, if the gun can even depress that far

          • Seriously not seeing where you’re getting this cognitive leap from “turret shifted a bit to the rear” into “better gundep yay”, as IIRC the AMX50′s were never even close to hitting the absolute physical limits of their gun depression (ie. the barrel hitting the hull). AFAIK the limitations come above all from the particular quirks of the oscillating turret construction, and while the technical drawing you can find at chars-francais.net is sadly too small to make out the actual text and numbers the depression angle it specifies doesn’t look all that generous…
            It also doesn’t come even *close* to any part of the gun making contact with either the hull proper or the lower half of the turret.

        • The turret mount allows the gun to depress even more than it can.All AMX series with oscilating turret allow that, but WG doesn’t want to give them such depression due to “balance”.
          But that’s not the problem.The gun doesn’t clip the hull so it’ll work how I said.

          • u realized that its not balancing or other bullshit but the gun mantle hitting the turret ring?

  1. The Jumbo had it’s glacial angle nerfed, as well as it’s now higher. Not needed.

  2. Ahh, have 50B researched for some months now, this is definitely a reason to buy :-)

  3. The Sherman nerf to height was always going to happen.
    Remember the pictures posted with a King Tiger and a Sherman side by side to prove the KT was too high? To rectify that little mistake they had the option to nerf the Sherman or buff the KT and we all know the latter was never ever going to happen.

    • Except every vehicle is supposed to have its historical dimensions. King Tiger doesn’t deserve to be shrunk if the Sherman’s smaller ingame than it was IRL.

      • It’s funny, they retouch up the model, but they don’t remove the little skirts which I can’t find a single picture of it having in combat (seen a pic of the prototype stateside having them, that’s about the only pic I’ve seen with them).

        • It’s entirely possible that the sideskirts are there to help make it look different from the E8 Sherman at-a-glance. That’s why the E2 is brown while the E8 is almost a forest green, too.

          • it would still look different, the E8′s sides only reach about half-way across the tracks whereas the E2′s sides reach all the way across (as its tracks aren’t as wide and the additional armour)

  4. None of these changes will affect how people drive the tanks. Maybe… it “might” affect the Sherman but I don’t think it will change much. A slight slope change on the Sherman’s glacial plate and its raised off the tracks all of about a few inches. 4-6 inches I am guessing. I would not worry too much. Most shells can go right through the Sherman and come out the other side and into another Sherman.

    At lest, WG could make it happen if they wanted to.