- T-55-64 (SS: Ukraine-made hybrid with T-64 hull and T-55 turret) won’t be implemented into the game
- a new map takes roughly 3 months to develop
- Q: “How many maps will there be in WoT?” A: “Several (more than 4) dozen”
- more than 400 new vehicles are still planned for WoT
- old (as in, implemented early)tanks (Tiger, IS-3) properties will change “if needed”
- Weserhütte Tiger: “As soon as you provide vehicle drawings from a reputable source, we will implement it” (SS: ah well… let’s see what we can do :) )
- Jagdtiger 88 gets engine damaged/burns too much? “Don’t play Jagdtiger 88″
- Type 59 with a L7 105mm clone? “It’s kinda too new for WoT, but generally it would fit the tank generation (in WoT)”
- T54E2 as tier 9 medium? “No comment”
- Superpershing gold ammo too expensive? “Don’t buy Superpershing gold ammo” (SS: as in, it won’t get cheaper, this applies to other T8 prems as well)
- SerB states that when it comes to wheeled vehicles, there is a difference in shooting between them and tanks, as the wheeled suspension is softer and cannon recoil has more of an effect
- Q: “What’s the fate of RU251 T8 German LT?” A: “Its fate is beautiful”
- for now, WG won’t publish a book about Chinese tanks, as there isn’t enough info to fill a book yet, maybe in future (SS: for those who missed it, Wargaming actually publishes historical books too, but only in Russian)
- nations, which actually considered superheavy tanks before, during or even after WW2: France (Char 2C), Germany, Russia, Italy (some “Ansaldo”, presented in Russia as the T-39 superheavy tank) , USA, UK (if you count the Tortoise), Japan (O-I)
- WoT Havok is being implemented server-side too (some form of synchronization) in order to allow for server-side replays

66 thoughts on “11.7.2013

  1. - more than 400 new vehicles are still planned for WoT.
    Take out OP, and not fitting ones – 250?
    That’s a lot of tanks to get :D

    • Yah… 400 planned + the current ones. If someone cant find a perfect tank to suit their unique play style there’s a problem and its not the tank.

      Man… think about all the new SPGs they will add to the game…

      Looks like fun.

      • Man, grinding new SPG lines will be torture. Now arties stay UP all the time until they reach 100% skill and have EGLD + Rammer installed

    • It would be some much fun to have super heavy multi turret tanks that can only be driven by a 3 man platoon. 1 drives, the other two control the turrets :D

  2. Yes all new vehicles that will never be balanced against their russian counterparts…

  3. Small advice: If you want the RU-251, you should start grinding by now. The A. Panther is horrible.

    • oh I know just how horrible the awful.panther is yeah I nicknamed the thing awful instead of afkularungs.

      • Or maybe the tank is just bad? :)
        Example: There is a bush on steppes where my Type 59 can hide and not get spotted for a while.
        Tried the same thing with the A Panther and i got blown to pieces instantly.

        The A Panther has worse cammo value than a Type :)

        • So for a light tank it doesn’t have any cammo, and let’s see other tier 7 lights:
          AMX 13-75. Not that bad.
          T-71. No comments.
          WZ-131. Seriously…..

          • yeah i’m with cimajes on this one also i’m not a bad driver cuz I can play the T-50-2 with 4fps without crashing into anything.

            so consider yourself beaten in this electronic conversation.

            now good day to you sir.

        • Hardly surprising, seeing as how it’s like half again its height or so…

    • Oh, you are that kind of guy. The guy that blames the tank and not the driver. You are like the guys that say that the VK30.02D sucks, or the KV-13, etc.
      Nope, the Aufklärungspanzer Panther doesn’t suck. You have to play it differently. Play it as a second line support shooter, just like the Chaffee, and it raises hell.
      Learn to play your tanks before complaining.

      • 3002DB is amazing:) A Panther just sucks.
        Oh, and btw, i have 1761 eff on my A Panther, i guess i’m not that bad in it, huh? :)

        KV-13 is bad since they lowered its top speed.

        “Play it as a second line support shooter.”
        So you agree that it’s a really bad flanker :) Second line means staying behind other tanks… This tank is so bad that this is the only playstyle that works on it.

        You forget the fact that it’s a LIGHT tank, not some random second line sniper.

        • Play second line until the team has been whittled away allowing for flanks. With your eff in it, you apparantly arn’t that bad then. It also annihilates other light tanks with a decent ram.

          • My WZ-131 can anihilate tanks like E-100 / Mauses…the A Panther is meh… Out of all tier 7 lights in game, the panther is the worst one…

          • Duh. Those Chinese lights are basically “light battle tanks” meant for use in regions heavier vehicles simply can’t cope with, whereas the AufPanther was a brainfart deliberately undergunned to save weight and shit. The Germans clearly did not subscribe to the French philosophy of giving recce vehicles crap all armour and lots of firepower.

        • You’re just suck at that tank. that’s it. n00b.

          Alfabet panther is wonderful. I can embrace other T7 / T8 LT with my sweet 40t german love….

          Not to mention, sniping tank at its side is great…..

      • DING! You win a cookie Anon because you are excatly right. This is one light that has a completely differently learning curve.

      • And btw, Chaffee is much, much more mobile than the A panther, chaffee has better traverse speed, better HP/T ratio.

        Also the chaffee has better view range, and it’s a much much smaller target. Oh, and chaffee has cammo.

        • Assigning of camo values is the biggest subjective bullshit in this game. It should be based strictly upon a formula or other research.

          • …and what kind of research *exactly* are you thinking of? *eyeroll*
            Anyway, the last I saw the “native” camo factors correlated rather closely to the vehicles’ overall external dimensions which makes sense – bigger objects are easier to spot than smaller ones.

    • Yeah, the failpanther is pretty bad, but mostly because nothing clicks. No synergy.
      The chassis is nice and fast, the gun is pretty cool in it’s own right, camo is pretty bad, but it’s a fake light so it’s not an issue….

      But mix everything, and it’s bleh.
      To big to passive scout, too big to active scout, not enough punch and too big to play like a medium….
      It’s an anti-scout. That’s not just a niche role, that’s taking a niche, putting a nook inside that niche and filling that nook inside the niche with that role. It’s a poorly thought out vehicle whose only saving grace is that it will eventually lead to a small,light pseudo Leo1,which should make any man sexually aroused.

      • THIS +1

        I manage to do pretty well in the T-34-2 with the 122 mm gun which is a pretty special tank, but the Panther is just Meh…

  4. Q: “What’s the fate of RU251 T8 German LT?” A: “Its fate is beautiful”

    I wanted this question to come up for a while now, too bad the answer is GODDAMN trolling.

  5. “more than 400 new vehicles are still planned for WoT”

    Mother of grind…

      • Yah that’s one thing, but since you’ve mencioned gold…

        Just my thoughts, feel free to lol or whatever.
        If only 1/4 of those to be implemented tanks will qualify as “keepers” in my book, that’s 100 garage slots, one discounted slot = 150 gold, 150*100= 15000. More than a tier 8 premtank. :o
        Also, considering that it took me a year (and over 10k battles, all without premium, no tier 8 premtanks) to elite almost all tier 6 vehicles and get 3 tier 7. Oh dear, getting all top tiers will take me a lifetime.

        But there’s a ray of hope – let’s say wg implements 10 tanks every patch – there will be 40 patches. But hey, wg doesn’t implement 10 tanks every patch – some patches introduce no new ones at all. So, I might be able to get all the top tiers before I get old and before wg closes wot servers!

        I can only worry about world war 3 or some other catastrophic event that will end my grind in a flashy way…

  6. There is a mention of a 70-80 ton Ansaldo design made for a russian heavy tank competition in the 1930s, It might be either the GL-4 or the EGL-1.

    As for the Weserhutte design… Spielberger says hi.

    • The drawing is there, sure, but I’d imagine the tricky part is convincing them about the interpretation. I seem to recall there being a decent amount of conjecture involved, no matter how logical…

      • I’ll take a trip to the US national archives and do some research on a weekend if WG assures me I can have one for free if I find information on it.

        • Yes, one had tracks resembling mark I tanks, no idea on how they would work in reality.
          Still, I’d love a Fiat 2000 as tier II heavy premium.

  7. only publishing their books in Russian is both naïve and stupid.
    There is an enormous military history market in the rest of the world which usually prefers its books in languages other than Russian.
    I want one of their ‘Maus’ books but I’m not buying it in a language I cant read.

    • Their books (mostly on Soviet armor development which is very poorly covered in west) WILL appear in English also. “When it is done, it is done”.

      • Tank books are well and good and more books on Soviet tanks are fine too. That’s not the one book I want though. I am allowed more than just an interest in Soviet vehicles.

      • Yay! I’m a fan of “when it’s done, it’s done”! It’s better than overly ambitious quinquennial plans, SerB keeps improving the Soviet model!
        Jokes apart, they should REALLY release what they have about Chinese tank development, even in just in Russian, it would still increase our chances of learning something about the tanks on the other side of the (Great) wall.

    • Tip: Compare the population of Russian servers versus all other servers combined .
      And news: Translators which will not mangle your book full of quite specialized terms and heaps of technical detail are hard too come by and pricey.

        • Considering the kind of shit that manages to get sold as “history” (and gives *real* historians ulcers), meh. History of technology is comparatively easy.

  8. “Type 59 with a L7 105mm clone? “It’s kinda too new for WoT, but generally it would fit the tank generation (in WoT)”

    Yes, it was built in the early 1980s, but at this point there’s 6 tanks in game with L7s (M48 Patton, Centurion Mk 7/1, FV4202, E-50M, Leopard Prototype, Leopard 1), and since we know Wargaming loves copy/pasting designs, why not put the L7 in the WZ-120 tree? It would make the tank quite different to play with and offer an alternative to the blunderbuss most people run around with.

    • Well, it wouldn’t be an half bad idea, it’s not exactly “historical”, as far as we know, but it should be theoretically feasible.

      • It is, in fact, completely historical. WZ-120B (Type 59-II) was equipped with Type 81 105 mm cannon. (L7 copy, fume extractor at a different location).

    • Don’t forget the Tier 10 Japanese medium will have an L7 105mm as well.

    • And while they are at it, add the Soviet L7 wannabe (what was it called, U8 something ?) to T-54 and T-62A.

  9. - Jagdtiger 88 gets engine damaged/burns too much? “Don’t play Jagdtiger 88″

    - Superpershing gold ammo too expensive? “Don’t buy Superpershing gold ammo”

    you shouldn’t have spent money on wot
    too late.

  10. - Superpershing gold ammo too expensive? “Don’t buy Superpershing gold ammo” (SS: as in, it won’t get cheaper, this applies to other T8 prems as well)

    Whole point in playing T8 premiums is to grind credits faster than usual and those who are complaining about too expensive gold shells are retards who usually play their T8 premium tanks constantly with gold where they became OP, and they play it like that just because even with gold ammo only, they can make some small profit or at least be even with costs and profit. Yea, their tears taste sweet.

    • “- more than 400 new vehicles are still planned for WoT”

      I’d love to see some of the candidates. :D

  11. 400+ more vehicles planned for implementation……god, this game keeps evolving, i love it. Its come a far cry from closed beta. :) Hah and my friends wonder why i have NO social life….