Supertest leaks continue…

…..because we all know it’s the evil Europeans leaking stuff :)


A Russian supertester unveils some new facts over the supertest…


I heard you guys like any extra info you can get. First let me post some stats and excuse me if I make some mistakes in my English because I am Russian. Sorry if any of this was posted already.

Gun 122mm D-25TA acc 0.46 shoots 4.17 times a minute 3,4 aiming time average penetration 175/300/61 damage 390/390/465

Hull armor 90/50/50
Turret armor 190/120/60
Turret Traverse speed 46
Traverse speed of tank 46
View Range 380
Tiers it gets thrown to : 8, 9 and 10 too.

My opinion about tank-it is a poor mans type. I only played 8 games in it though. The gun depression SUCKS. It is a lot worse than on type and it is worse than it was on private test server too. The mobility of tank is good. Armor is kinda bouncy but you should not count on it. Gunner and driver die very often. Every 3-4 front hit on me kills one of them. Didn’t like it very much overall. By the way it was added to our accounts only today despite the news saying it was added a week ago.

Cybersport mode

About other new things: Cybersport mode. Currently being tested on Airport, Lasville, Ensk, Fiordes and some map the name of which I don’t know in english(Степи) (SS: Steppes)

New tanks and maps

New tank Type-64, most likely a level 6-7 light tank , I haven’t played on it yet. T-44-122, everyone knows about it already probably, level 7 prem medium. Some german level 4 premium heavy Durchbruchswagen 2. New iOS app 1.5 that will be released soon. Many new maps that are or were being tested. For example “Dead road”, “Foothold of Jupiter”, “84_WINTER_A(it just doesn’t have a proper name yet I think)”

Supertester’s job

Interesting facts about supertest: We get up to 34k gold a month for supertesting and the ability to buy tanks that nobody else can buy, ie type59 or KV-5. Also we have a special forum divided from the main one. While testing new premium tanks, if someone from your own team shoots you, he will most likely be banned if you report it in special forum.

And, Q&A for the supertester:

Q: How can one become a supertester? Do u get paid? How long do u have to work every week?
A: I made an application on main forum for fun and it took 6 months for them to check it and invite me. I only get “bonuses” like gold and special abilities like buying tanks that can’t be bought and testing tanks like E25 and 112 first on the main server. I have to get 7-8 points every week and every point is around 50 minutes of testing. You also get 2-3 points for every feedback.

Q: So wait, you can buy say a Type 59 on the main server? What other special tanks can you buy?
A: KV-220, tetrarch, M6A2E8 or whatever it was called. We buy them for “points” accumulated for testing, not gold by the way.
P.S. Also there is a system with which those that test regularly and good can get those tanks for absolutely no price at all. Just for free. For example if a tank costs 50 points and you work enough for 50 points for three months, you can get that tank for nothing.

(SS: this applied for RU supertesters only, even when there was a EU supertest actually)

Q: Do you have access to the new physics engine? Any news on multi core processor support? Do any tanks get any noticeable buffs/nerfs?
A: I don’t think there is any new physics engine. I don’t have access to it even if it exists. Nope, but I think SerB said the client already supports it. I am not sure about it though, sorry. Yes, 34-3 had gun depression almost like type59, now it is worse. And some tanks get noticeable buffs because WG is afraid to make OP tanks now and early iterations of them really suck. For example PZ4 Hydro lost 95% of all the test battles and they are now buffing it.

Q: What’s your favorite tank that hasn’t been released yet? Any buffs to old tanks (maus is7)?
A: 112 I guess. It is different from IS6 and is a good tank. A bit OP maybe, but definitely not in the armor department. Armor is a lot worse than on IS6. Pantera and Pantera II will get…rebalanced probably.

Q: PZ4 Hydro? Tell WG to make the sideskirts on the Schmalturm functional and solid steel (non-mesh). Tired of being 1 shotted in that tank
A: Hydro is a new prem too, but it is not going to be released any time soon imo. Schmaltum had them functional in the early tests I think but I might be mistaken. Anyway it was suggested to make them solid and declined already

56 thoughts on “Supertest leaks continue…

  1. Very nice read… keep the good work. One question, is it posible to get Warthunder info on tanks here….some leaks,gameplay…etc..

    • No, sorry. That’s one of the few limits of my deal with Edrard. Before I joined wot-news, I was in touch with some folks from Warthunder. They were not interested. Their loss.

      • Ty for info and honest answer. i appreciate it. Do you maybe know some shady internet page where one could find such info… I am trying my best to find some more info except those pictures form their forum, but no success …

  2. (SS: this applied for RU supertesters only, even when there was a EU supertest actually)

    Do the Supertest program leader hate the Europeans? (Well, let’s say WG hates Europeans)

    • You’d have to ask some former EU supertesters, but it was my impression the Russian attitude towards EU supertesters was very poor, that’s why there was so much dissent.

      • Well, the individual supertesters were not hostile, translation help was also almost always available as everything there is in Russian.

        Problems arose from the fact that sometimes certain individuals preferred to have testing teams that could talk without translation and tried to fool EU testers plus the fact that some bonuses were on ru server only.

        What caused discord IMHO is that even in supertest devs were interested only in a very small set of info, the rest basically being ignored, like historical accuracy complaints.

        Cannot say more without risking ban.

  3. As a former supertester, I must notice that you’re still very sore about sacking EU testers.

    • As a person who (according to WG EU staff) is responsible for it, I don’t care that much about that really, but it’s always a nice stick to beat WG with :)

      • Yup, absolutely. It was really pathetic how hard Ectar & Co. tried to blame you for the end of the Eu ST :D
        I’m actually sorry for them too :D

        • You did publish the whole damn patch notes.. cut n paste…

          A bit of teasing might have helped…

  4. “A: 112 I guess. It is different from IS6 and is a good tank. A bit OP maybe, but definitely not in the armor department. Armor is a lot worse than on IS6. ”

    How the hell 113 front armor (except lower plate) is worse than IS-6 armor? wtf? 112 has the same upper front armor and strong turret as 113….dont tell me he talked about the new rebalanced 112. If they nerfed it’s armor then fuck it!!!

    Someone should ask him whats the new 112 stats!!

    • The 113 side and rear armor are crap. IS-6 side armor is very bouncy due to some spaced armor wizardry the russians can do to their tanks.

      It involves SerB sacrificing “russian bias” Whiners and using their life-energy to form some sort of shield around the tracks of russian heavies, and thats how it happens actually.

      • The 112′s LFP can get penned by a marder II.
        The IS-6′s LFP is almost as strong as its UFP.

          • Definitely stronger.

            And if 112 has got its gun parameters nerfed, it won’t be any different from premium WZ-111, yet I still wonder why the devs don’t just introduce that tanks to the other servers.

  5. Im patiently waiting for the leaks about the new German Waffentragers, since you, SS, talk so much about them and i got interested all of a sudden.

    • Still not as bad as KV-5.

      And remember, it has 300mm pen gold rounds, and you need to SPEND.

  6. Anyway it was suggested to make them solid and declined already.

    Yea, it would make Schmalturm OP. Rofl.

  7. “For example PZ4 Hydro lost 95% of all the test battles and they are now buffing it.”

    Wats the point buffing it when it’s not even available for anyone to buy (except in RU maybe)?

  8. Ok i’ve read different things in different places…so i don’t know what to believe, but you might have a solid answer: will the T-34-3 replace the Type 59 as the Chinese teir 8 medium premium tank? and if it does, will the Type 59 be replaced for the players who own it (me being one), or will it just simply become available alongside the Type 59? Cause i’d rather not wake up one day, look in my garage, and see the T-34 sitting there where my Type used to be.

    • If they’ll do the change then you will be able to ask for your gold back. I don’t think they will do that . It’s much easy to add another tier 8 prem med and make it available in store.

  9. I dont know about you guys but I am looking forward to T-34-3.
    Its depresion is bad, terrible actualy, but if you played chinese tanks, than you should be acustomed to
    bad depresion and learn how to angle it to reach certain lower points on the map etc…
    I love my t-34-2 with 122mm. I used to play it with 85mm and sucked, my win rate was below 30%!!
    That gun packs no punch, bad depression to get a good position, no brawl strength. In every
    situation, you loose.
    When I put 122mm, I raised my win rate in 2 days!! Deal 5 good hits you have almost 2000 damage.
    And with 85mm – 5 good hits is nothing.
    When you hit them with 122mm they are afraid to go after you around the corner.

    T-34-3 is more or less the same as T-34-2. Some things better, some things worse.

    But, yeah! Im buying it right away!

    One question! Do anyone know the size of t-34-3? Is it going to be as big as t-34-2?
    Because t-34-2 is much smaller than type59

    • Who the hell put you play with the stock 85mm guns…
      You didn’t saw the type 59′s 100 mm gun in the t-34-2′s tech tree, did u?…
      You have 2 choices in the t-34-2.Either play as a normal medium with the 100mm or as a brawler with the 122mm.
      Both have advantages and disadvantages.
      And about what you said that enemies are afraid to come after you when you shoot.I’ll gladly come after you to shoot you 2-3 times in time you reload ;)

      • Well, my first battle with T-34-2 using the 122 mm gun.
        I was alone on the flank, tried to find a nice position to defend. One enemy T34 comes. I put one 122mm shell in his hull he stops. He tries to come after me i put another shell and he stopped trying to push this flank.

        When i died the guy asked me what gun i have. He was scared to push because he believed that there are some IS-3 with BL-9 on my flank. So yeah, fear factor matters.
        The T34 guy was a 1400 WN6 dude.

        And about “I’ll gladly come after you to shoot you 2-3 times in time you reload ;)” Just try and catch me if you can:P
        I shoot and run. I don’t do peek-a-boos with the T-34-2….And remember that this little tank is pretty mobile…

        • I said that to the guy above who told he was defending a corner.
          Ofc I won’t run like a blind chiken after u in your case :P

        • i was using 100mm, but 122mm is far better, as the guy said, fear factor is huge. They dont know what hit them.

          With premium account I earn 20-25k with t-34-2 like nothing. With t-34-3 I think I will earn at least 70-80 percent more.
          For the fun I get, I think that is more than enough. Not counting little bit better matches!

  10. Any info about same thing as SP change? gold or T-34-3?…because i guess that what about to happend is serious change

    • if i understand well other Q&A…

      1. t-34-3 will be replacement for type 59
      2. SP selling for gold will come later (maybe even much later)

      if thats what you wanted to ask… your comment is a bit chaotic

      • yeah i know the SP or new SP…im just wondering if same principle will be by T59 => T-34-3 replace…gold back or T-34-3…

  11. Ah, the joys of being a Supertester. I’d love to sign up for this… oh, wait, I’m on the NA server. Welp, there goes that dream…

    • Even if you were able to join the ST you must obey the orders of the mighty russians, so it’s not like a good dream or something, more like a job with the reward of seeing new stuff in advance.

  12. Having played this game since closed beta and with 23k battles under my belt and at the age of 46 (ex-military (UK)) and work in IT i would love the chance to be a super tester! please put in a good word for me with Serg please ;)