New tech tree design?


Backstory: some Russian guy went to (IIRC) do interview with SerB&Co and was allowed to wander around the WG building and “found” out some documents (signed by SerB no less), lying on some random desk. They allegedly show a new tech tree design.

Honestly, I think it’s garbage and trolling, I am pretty sure no reasonable company would let people just wander around, taking pics of random internal documents. Plus, the “new tree” is full of bullshit, like the April 1st Soviet ball tanks, or T-37A on tier 5 (if you zoom in, you can se it).

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  1. >I am pretty sure no reasonable company would let people just wonder around, taking pics of random internal document.


    tho not random documents but they ley you take photos of office and ppl spoted e.g. leaks of new hero realses in dota 2

      • So what? These could be placeholders. The whole tree may be just one of proposals (perhaps rejected one).

    • One of the trees has tank miniatures copy-pasted from different trees, also. Professional job, game designers…

  2. i call bullshit look at the bottom branch kv4 on tier 4?

    st1 variants tier 5 and 6

    OMG a20 tier 10

  3. What are those UFO tanks right below the Battle button? ;) From the Star Wars it seems :P

  4. its fake and another one of serbs trolls, you can see russian tier10 arty at tier5 and s51 at tier10

  5. 42027/383469 on server? Hmmmm…
    The name almost overlaps the silver/gold, of which there’s not enough for a “dev” account.
    The overlapping branches aren’t smooth enough as you’d expect them to be. Not mentioning that any dev company would try to avoid them at all costs, overlapping isn’t good (and you have space, so why do it?)
    And T-50-2 is still there and the Soviet ball tanks…

    2/10, try again.

  6. Looks like something one of the devs made as a joke.

    You know, game developers… the guys that have fun making games and
    from time to time just want to let their fantasy run wild?

    Too bad someone found this prior to the 1st april 2014 :/

  7. That looks terrible. And would be miserable on small monitors. My biggest bone to pick with the current tree is that it doesn’t fit on one page, though the vertical one did.

  8. I wouldn’t count it out completely. It reminds me a little of Path of Exile’s passive skill tree, so it’s viable.

  9. Doesn’t have to be completely fake, there are some “not that fake looking” tank there… should be interesting, and i don’t see anywhere an A20 in T10, maybe i am blind ???

    What are those BM tanks, and those high tier scouts…. i don’t really understand ciryl letters :(

    • And this not have to be a fresh print… it could be more than 2-3 months old, where there was no such thing like Mt-25 and other new stuff.

      • Get a grip, the MT-25 switch has been planned for a loooooong time now.

        Also Them Spheres.

          • How the fuck would *models* be relevant here? And whatever joke you’re making with that RUZN BIAZ thing feel free to explain it, 2sophisticated4me.

  10. People have to be pretty retarded to believe such trolling, you should focus on proper news instead of trash like this.

  11. It might not be fake tough. It just might be a proof of concept, the sphere tanks might be there just as placeholders for other stuff.

    All in all, It’s as legit design as any else. Alltough i still feel the Original Tech tree was the bestest evurr.

  12. A quick trip to Wikipedia and it seems that the bottom tech tree is a rocket artillery line for the Katyusha rocket launcher (using heavy tank images as a place holder), and the branch coming off the T-80 are the amphibious tanks.

    This Tech tree design is a lot better than the current one at least, there’s just a lot more room for other tanks and you can have more inter connecting tanks and off shoots from existing branches.

  13. I think one way or another its a real concept of a probable tech-tree design. BUT they left it there on purpose and thats why it is full of fakes (WG “officially” stopped leaking info of new vehicles further than 2-3 patch ahead)

  14. RU 5 is the server where you’re testing new maps on ST.
    The dev only servers are ST2 and ST4

    Oh, and the name of the server is ST not RU.

    IF this is added already on the supertest servers this is legit. Else it’s fake.

  15. Complete tolling on WG’s part. I had hard enough time adjusting to the tree when they went from top-down to left-right. This would be insane and actually takes up more screen real estate.

  16. I literally created something exactly like this mapping out tank design for all of World War II for a report a couple of years back, complete with cross-country connections.
    Course, it was actually accurate, but still, interesting.

  17. Just because it includes joke tanks doesn’t mean it can’t be “legit”. There’s nothing stopping someone in the office getting bored and making such a tree as a joke to clear their mind.

  18. The third branch is :

    • It’s ‘М-30′, I think. Also might me ‘ВМ-30′, but with a typo.

      And isn’t there written ‘ВМ’ instead of ‘БМ’? Double check this.

  19. That seems to be a conceptual draft of a new tech tree design with a lot of placeholders, and while aesthetically-pleasing it does seem rather…hard to use.

    Also, there’s an extension of the T-80 line, -> T-37A -> T-38 -> T77
    And a rocket arty line
    And a T-150 -> IS connection

    Any guesses on when this tree could have been made? I’m guessing it’s from 8.3/8.4

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