Romanian armor – Bucharest museum

Remember the articles about Romanian armor?

Part I – Pre WW2
Part II – Bucharest to Stalingrad
Part III – Crimea to the end

Player Alex87i from Romania was actually so kind as to go to the Bucharest army museum and take some tanks pictures. Let’s have a look at them:






renault R35 i think_1

renault R35 i think_2

renault r35_3




Panzer IV Ausf.J




Škoda R-2

skoda R2_1

skoda R2_2

skoda R2_3





















49 thoughts on “Romanian armor – Bucharest museum

      • It might not be paint. You know, usually there is a layer of some kind of paint painted on the metal. To prevent it from rusting and such. Then on top of that layer of paint they will add the real pain/ cammo scheme.

        Keeping in mind that this is romania, it might be this case (they were too lazy to finish the painjob).
        Look at all those other tanks. The paint is falling off, rust….

        Or maybe they just painted the tank in red so you can’t see where is rusted…

        • saying such a thing that romanians are lazy show how much of a stupid kid you are…i bet you didn’t even meet a person from Romania once in your lifetime. Keep in mind that offending an entire population is not a smart thing to do on any forum

          • @cimajes. You’re one of those romanians that reads tabloid press made for uneducated old ladies and cry about how uncivilized “we” are while playing “manele” at 2 o’clock in the night in the middle of a populated naberhood on a working day and spitting sunflower seed shells on the sidwalk. Yeah, we know your type. You bring our country so many favors, even on the internet.

    • First coats are always a water-downed primer fallowed by another primer coat. The first coat is used to fill in the pours on the metal surface. The second is to help smooth it out and the final coats are the paint and then a clear to seal the paint and prevent deterioration.

      This is not rocket science. Its just paint.

      That said, all of that red “paint” could be arsenic lased anti fouling paint that they use in marine environments, on the bottom of ships or more modern less-arsenic equivalent. Also numerous tanks used a red-lead base coat to prevent rust from occurring before the normal paint job was applied. It was talked about previously in one of the articles.

  1. the skoda R-2 that’s a pz.35(t)?? or 38(t).

    looks really nice all the eastern European ones do.

    sometime you should go to kubinka tank museum and take pics of the maus.

  2. Are the TRs just modified post-war soviet meds/MBTs? Or built from scratch?

    • you can find me camping on malinovka :P
      or ingame with same id

      i hope you are not that t57 that i teamkilled last game :D


  3. 1. from what i know those modern tanks are improved versions of T-55…and overimproved (TR-77-580)…and at some point, as the bad rusians didn’t give us the licence to build it…..romanian guys reverse enginered it and so come to life TR-800 and later TR-85
    2. about the red paint…..i suppose is the blood of the enemies…don’t know for sure
    3. kubinka….yes…i would love to…but pictures are not allowed there….something about security etc., and i am not russian so…….


  4. now all point and laugh, look how romanians let the rust eat away their armor!

      • Few founds? But we have enough money to build lots of new churches each year. We have enough money to build churches with golden roofs or whatever, but we cannot afford to buy a bucket of paint and paint the damn tanks?

        It’s not about founds. It’s indifference .

      • I remember visiting this museum on vacation in Romania in 2005 and I liked it.

        I was a little surprised by the state of some vehicles, but I liked walking around. And inside of the museum you get a nice view of the Romanian military history. Not a bad museum at all to visit.

    • I’m sure they could move at least the TACAM R2 inside the same building where the “Malaxa” is located.
      For anyone interested, the museum is located at 44.441132, 26.076438. In satellite view you will be able to see the Museum’s courtyard packed with vehicles and artillery pieces

  5. Alex, i visited that museum several times, i do have pictures of almost every single item in the museum but i decided i wouldnt publish them because its a shame.

    There is no difference between a tank left in the open since WWII and a tank from Romanian National Museum.

    Also the way tanks are presented its bad. Who in their minds would grow a bush in front of the tank you wish to advertise? When you re making the tour of thd museum its pretty hard to follow it chronologically. The tanks are parked arround like in that galaxy tree hoax – tottaly random.

    • i see your point
      but i have not presented the condition of the tanks….but the tanks themself ;)
      senileta, tacam and skoda might be copies of other designs, but you can see what some people did improvising around those designs and from what i know are the only one available to be seen

      as for the order they are presented…when you have 8 models…..not much need of an order

  6. i’ve been at pivka museum too, and the tanks seen there are taken care much better, in fact…there they take care of them in the first place :D
    i repeat…what made me to send them to FTR was the fact that some are unique in their way
    i am not braggin anything ;)
    i will after i enter kubinka gates :D


  7. That “Malaxa” is a Renault UE, right? Or is there another teeny tiny little “tank” with little metal bubbles to fit your head into?

    • Licensed export version or somesuch IIRC. The French used to be pretty chummy with the Central European between the wars, not in the least thanks to a strategically perfectly sound idea of building a “Little Entente” there to help keep the Germans at bay.

      • …and probably the dastardly Sovjetski Kommunitski as a bonus, thinking about it.

  8. Looks like there is an opportunity for WG to kick off a tank renovation project here or at least buy them some paint ;)

    Great pictures and thanks for taking the trouble :)

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