Apparently, SerB is somewhere, where the internet is of low quality, so we can expect few answers. As promised, this is from last night:

- German armor too thin at welds (meeting point) of upper and lower frontal armor? SerB considers it a conspiracy theory
- BT-7 is not equipped with a historical 76mm gun ingame, because for that it would need 3rd turret – if it is ever added, SerB will think about it (and this concerns T-26 too)

Oh yes, and new Listy’s war article, quite interesting:


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  1. ” SerB is somewhere, where the internet is of low quality,” – how terrible…

  2. You guys blame Serb for too many things, he’s not the only responsible of the mess you know…

    • Most likely, we can. Because he is the one having big share of ‘I want this added’ even if it is refused by others, while others get big hand from SerB saying no, and that is final. Share holder and transparent douche… He can try claim smart, but has failed so far quite many times, even his employeeds are afraid to oppose him on some suggestions and thus we see some very, very interesting changes in the game.

      • Well, the research comes from Yuri Pasholok, who is an extremely proud and stubborn person to say the least.
        The Failowe for example is 100% his work which he kept even after being proved wrong by his very own research.

        • Not gonna dip into that one… having one nuts being ‘reliable source’ instead of multitudes is deemed foulty to begin with. Plenty of things are measured and shows and every damn time seems like one person can counter them without showing his hand while big man with his index finger says:’ Because I say so this man is right even if proved wrong’. Hierarchy is tricky thing, one blob can pull many string while sitting in the crossroad while having true council like there should be would be a debate of each and everything with arguments and counters from all and then digging the truth instead of just saying this is right, no arguments.

          • Well, basically, my question is:

            Will Ram II ever have the same MM values as other Tier 5 premiums like the Churchill or T14?

          • Both Serb and Storm don’t answer such questions usually. So you only get usual – “how terrible” or other generality.

            Longer answer: Ram II have a decent gun (on par with Crusader for example) and relatively good mobility.
            Tanks with reduced MM generally had poor guns and below average mobility.

  3. “SerB is somewhere, where the internet is of low quality ”

    Not still looking for them Spitfires is he??

    • Nah, he’s looking for the secret “nerf all tanks” Speer document in the german archives.

  4. - German armor too thin at welds (meeting point) of upper and lower frontal armor? SerB considers it a conspiracy theory

    Well when I have driven e-75 and IS-3 hits that frontal spot, then for some reason he has always penetrated me like that spot would be weaker. Not sure why? Does game considers it flat and has armor of lower hull, while that spot in real life should be extra hard. Since its the connecting point of two different armor plates.

    • It goes down the tiniest pixel is it hit upper or lower frontal plate… there is no ‘welding’ point unless WG makes armor group that is specifically made for the spot… There are no 8m long armour shots on the nicking points of sides of armour or frontal hits which only penetrate armor never going inside of the tank… armor is 0mm thick, nada. So any plate is considered to have hull beneath it ( There was picture about it some time ago in FTR… lazy to go find it :D )