“Introducing the MT-25…”

Source: http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/17/introducing-the-MT-25/

I don’t usually repost official WG stuff, but US server just published this interesting piece of info by “Yoott, resident US MT-25 expert”:

First Impressions of the MT-25

The first thing a player will notice once they log in will be the sheer size difference in the tank compared to the T-50-2. I would estimate width wise the MT-25 is 20 to 25% wider with much thicker tracks and a much beefier turret and hull design.

The tank itself weighs in approxmatly 10 tons heavier with thicker armor in the hull on all sides and sides and rear for the turret and this shows in the look of the tank. This tank’s profile is not a thin racecar like the T-50-2.

The next thing a player will notice is that the MT-25 has an extra crew member: a Radio Operator (the Operator perks and skills will not train through the Commander any longer). This is not a bad thing, as now you can stack sight skills and use the Commander for other important perks like Sixth Sense.

Playing the MT-25

Playing with the tank is much different then the T-50-2. Since it’s larger and heavier, it takes more time to reach full speed. However, it’s still a nimble tank with increased traverse speed so it turns well despite its larger size and can zip around corners. Players who have a lot of experience with the German lights, especially the Leopard, will find this a very easy tank to drive.

I found the tank performs better as a passive scout (hiding in holes, behind rocks, etc.), rather than the speedier and more aggressive playstyle because I had to take into account the vehicle’s larger size. On a positive note, I’ve had more shots bounce off me than I did in the T-50-2 — likely due to the increased sloped armoring.

Overall, T-50-2 players will need to adjust their style of scouting from aggressive to passive and take advantage of that extra armor to counter-scout and support your medium and heavy teammates. MT-25 players will need to become more map aware and adjust their tactics to the battle at hand.

Overall Stat Changes From the T-50-2 to MT-25

- Increased from tier V to tier VI
- No longer researched on the T50 line; now branches off the KV-1S line
- Cost is 24,400 XP and 880,000
- Increased by one crew member (Radio Operator)
- Increased hit points from 560 (T-50-2) to 570 (MT-25)
- Increased weight to a maximum of 28 (t)
- Increased Engine Power from 550 h.p. (T-50-2) to 600 h.p. (MT-25)
- Speed limit remains at 72 km/h
- Increased hull armor from 37/37/37 (T-50-2) to 45/40/40 (MT-25)
- Increase turret armor from 45/40/40 (T-50-2) to 45/45/45 (MT-25)
- Rate of fire increased from 20.69 to 22.22 rounds/min
- Increased turret traverse speed from 46 to 48 deg/sec
- View range remains the same
- Signal range remains the same

46 thoughts on ““Introducing the MT-25…”

  1. I have a question. The changes for panther and panther II is planed for 8.7 or 8.8?

  2. Am I the only one or are there any others who think that this MT-25 is a bit similar to VK2801 (weight is similar, power/weight ration is the same).
    On contrary with the old VK2801 this tank will not lose its speed limit (as VK2801 was nerfed to 60km/h)

    I thinks that WG wants to have another VK2801

  3. The zippiness of the T-50-2 is what its fans prize. While this appears to be a reasonably good Tier 6 light it will still have few fans; particularly since the Russian tech tree is going to be a joke with this machine’s inclusion. I know that I’m certainly not going to work at getting one and anticipate selling off my T-50 to free up the garage spot. Still, WG has to have a Tier 5 Russian light that they’re going to debut at some point in the future.

    • My thoughts exactly. As a big t50-2 fan this strikes me pretty bad… :(
      Anyway I’ll still have my Leopard with its machine gun to fun around. :D

  4. i remember when they said they will replace t-50-2 but the new tank will play like the old one.
    ah those were the days when i believed their lies.

      • You won’t make anybody sad with a promise ;)

        That’s just like before the PzIV L70 & VaderTurm removal – “the new 75/L48 gun will have similiar DPM as the 57mm on T-34″ – :trololo”

  5. I have about 43k XP gathered on T-50 (never had the heart to finish the grind).

    Now I will be able to research MT-25 right away (only 24k XP) and still have about 19k XP left.

    Seems like a good trade, but… what the hell am I supposed to do with 19k XP on KV-1S? Wasted effort…

  6. T50-2 costs 725,000 at Tier V.
    It is being upgraded and replaced to Tier VI by the MT-25 costing 880,000

    So am I right in thinking I could buy back my T50-2 for 725,000, let it be up-tiered for free to tier 6 and then sell it for 440,000?. 285k credits isn’t much to get a bump up a tier even though I would just sell it straight afterwards.

  7. I researched T-50-2 but don’t have it in my garage
    Will I have MT-25 researched?

  8. So what will happen when I buy T-50-2 with 75% crew? They will add Radiomen to MT-25 with 75% or 100%?

    • They will delete your account ;)

      on a serious note, your 75% crew gets transferred tot he MT-25 and you get a new radio operator at 100%

  9. I know Yoot and have worked with him in the past…before he started working for WGNA. During the US NA map rollouts in Feb, he was instramental in putting the dissenting voices together with WGNA dev’s…while it didn’t turn out well for some of us (I am permabanned on the NA Forums and my clan was stripped of membership in the CoAF!), Yoot is honourable, and a nice guy who strives to be a voice of sanity in San Francisco .

    CO, The Blues & Royals (TBR on NA Server)