Sacred Valley – possibly real life location

Source: Daigensui (US forums)

Just an interesting tidbit of information, that came from Daigensui from US forums. It concerns the Sacred Valley map. The map is called like that in all the laguages I think – except in Korean.

In Korean WoT, the map is called “단장의 능선” – which means “Heartbreak Ridge”. The Heartbreak Ridge is the spot where one quite bloody battle of the Korean War took place. The place itself looks like this:

“A” is the spot where the actual battle took place, but the big valley east of it is what concerns us. It’s known as the “Punchbowl” and you can check it out by yourself here on Googlemaps.

As you can see, the Punchbowl size, shape and structure does kinda resemble the Sacred Valley map:

Not essentially a groundbreaking fact, but interesting nonetheless :)

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  1. very nice… im still waiting for others historical maps like stallingrad or kharkov region

  2. Well apart from the road net being different, no houses or buildings and the hills being a different shape within the area and location, sure why not…

    In short: I can’t see the similarity.

    • The general shape plus the similiar Korean name? I guess that for more similiarity we’d have to see the pictures of the area at that time. Of course the map was modified for gameplay purposes, but at least it’s a bit more specific (some people earlier stated that it’s supposed to be modelled after Harbin).

    • They can’t use exact topography, roads etc. They want to produce a balanced map. The point is not so much that it should be identical, but that this was likely the starting point for the dev’s imaginations, and that’s kinda cool.

      • This. The problem with using exact historical locations for maps is that historically, the terrain usually favored one side, hence why that side decided to fight there.

  3. Info about Belogorsk-19 map, it’s not a Gulag map
    April 13, 1944, Belogorsk (Krum, Ukraine) was liberated valiant warriors 257-Tank Regiment, 227th Infantry Division of the Independent Coastal Army and the 52th Motorcycle Regiment of the 19th Soviet Tank Corps .

    • The Fascists and Right Wing morons wants to believe it’s a Gulag map, then let them believe it’s a Gulag map. They are so pathetic unintelligent there is a reason why they lost the war. They probably think the whole Soviet Union is a fucking Gulag ignoring the concentration camps and human crime prisons in their own home towns that their parents run to slaughter people who have different eye colours then themselves.

      • Communists and Nazis are (I was to write “were”, but that would be a lie) equally evil. I live in land that suffered by both communism and nazism so I think I know what I’m talking about.

        • If you think they’re both the same, you sir are an ignorant idiot.

          • Not the same in terms of policy, aims or methods. Results are often similar, though. I say this as a social democrat – some areas were absolutely devastated by the pseudo-communist regime run by the Soviet Union.

            I’m betting that Much Fun is from Poland. I went to Poland recently. I will say this much: the Polish are not fans of either Germans or Russians. They suffered millions of deaths at the hands of the Nazis, and decades of oppression at the hands of the USSR. If there is anyone to whom you cannot speak regarding the evils of each, it is a Pole. If you believe you can do so, you sir, are an ignorant idiot.

  4. В ноябре 1941 г., когда эти места захватили фашисты, в окрестных лесах сражался с врагом Карасубазарский партизанский отряд, командиром которого был В. Л. Тимохин, комиссаром Т. Г. Каплун. Только за первую военную зиму отряд в составе 2-го района пров ел около 60 боевых операций.

    В начале 1942 г. в городе возникли подпольные патриотические группы. Одну из них возглавил комсомолец Павел Делямуре; в нее входили С. И. Недомец, Ф. В. Демченко, И. И. Пуковский, М. С. Бронковский и другие. Во вторую группу, руководимую Иваном Поповы м, входили в основном школьники: Николай Бойко, Надежда Попова, Юрий Чалухиди, Игорь Мирошниченко. Подпольщики спасали от гибели раненых красноармейцев, освобождали советских военнопленных. Листовки, распространяемые патриотами, разоблачали лживые домысл ы оккупантов о разгроме Красной Армии, вселяли в людей надежду, звали на борьбу. Подпольщики поддерживали постоянную связь с партизанским лесом: передавали разведывательные данные, переправляли в отряды новое пополнение; на явочных квартирах «дневали» ра зведчики, проникавшие в город под покровом ночи.

    В марте 1943 г. фашистам удалось напасть на след группы П. Делямуре. Все ее участники после жестоких пыток были казнены. Большинству патриотов группы И. Попова удалось уйти в лес. Но не все они дожили до Победы. Незадолго до освобождения родного город а погиб Иван Попов, ставший командиром партизанской разведки. Николай Бойко, оказавшись во время выполнения боевого задания в безвыходном положении, подорвал гранатой себя и группу полицаев…

    На городском кладбище Белогорска над братской могилой партизан и подпольщиков, павших от рук фашистских оккупантов, высится обелиск.

    13 апреля 1944 г. город был освобожден доблестными воинами 257-го танкового полка, 227-й стрелковой дивизии Отдельной Приморской армии и 52-го мотоциклетного полка 19-го танкового корпуса 3. Белогорску суждено было стать местом встречи войс к Отдельной Приморской армии и 4-го Украинского фронта. В честь этого знаменательного события при въезде в город со стороны Симферополя воздвигнут памятник: на высоком постаменте стоит солдат с поднятым над головой автоматом.

  5. Yeap. It called ‘Punch ball’ too. UN Army and Chiness Army had encountered in that place, but cold made them desperately.

  6. I’d also like to point out that El Halluf is possibly based on my backyard, the similarities are striking!

    • Actually, that’s not the only similarity. The bastards copied the town in which I live, WG put your dirty hands off Himmelsdorf!!!

  7. Hey! I was born pretty close to there actually! Woulda never made the connection ;)

  8. You could probably find 1000 places on google maps with the same amount of similarity. Unless a dev specifically states, “ya, that’s where we got the idea” this is nothing but bad conjecture.

    • I’m sorry if your brain cannot comprehend the fact that the map is specifically based on Korea, has an unique name referring to a specific battle known for its bloodiness, next to one of the most famous landscapes in Korea. I mean really, I would think there were a few too many coincidences for that.

  9. Whoa !! it makes me think about the Clint Eastwood movie…. (I know, i’m a bit “off topic” :-) )

  10. I’m waiting for Warsaw Uprising map, when you wait blocked on spawn for 15mins and can do nothing…

  11. Problem is that WG KR probably didn’t have any clue about the original place of the map, as they actually had a contest for the Korean name of the new map with 500G prize. ‘Heartbreak Ridge’ was one of the candidates posted by Korean forumites. The place could be the model of the map as it was one of the most fierce battlefield of Korean war, but the name itself wouldn’t imply anything.