Evilly on CW campaign reward

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This applies apparently for RU server. I am not sure, if everything works analogically on EU/US servers, but:

- the M60 tanks will be awarded next tuesday or wednesday, along with the slot
- it will be awarded to TOP 50 clans of the campaign (which did 5+ fights per stage and 10+ in the campaign)
- the next campaign reward will be the VK7201 (Failowe)

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        • In US the requirements for the M60 reward went as follows:

          1) If your clan isn’t in the top 30 then you must have:
          5+ Battles in the first stage
          AND 10+ Battles in the entire campaign

          2) If your clan is in the top 30 then you must have:
          5+ Battles in the first stage
          OR 10+ Battles in the entire campaign

          • Among the lower clans (and many members of the top clans) this “reward” is seen as yet another pay off by WG to the top clans. As always, the spirit of the campaign concept is awesome, but the execution leaves something to be desired.

            Of the 5500+ clan on the NA server, there were only about 30 who really had a chance to be a part of this. The map here has been more or less static since stage 2. There have been a few changes, but most of those have occured on the peripheries (i.e. Canada/Greenland), not on the main area of the US/Southern Canada map.

            • 5500 clans? Just wow. There are MAYBE 20 good clans in all of NA.

              I was actually surprised WGNA did top 30 along with EU/RU, rather than trim it down relative to our population, say top 15 to make it competitive.

              Having 30 for NA is generous. Period.

              There are already clans that will make top 30 that really have no place being rewarded for their CW performance, but there is no one else better to take it from them…

    • -.-”
      For each stage top 5 clans get M50. 4 stages x 5 top clans = 20 top clans.
      After the campaign is over, top 30 clans get the M60.

      30 + 20 = 50 clans get the M60

      If your clan was in top 5 during the stage, you were supposed to have at least 5 battles in that clan during that stage.
      If your clan wasn’t in top 5 during any stage, but was in top 30 at the end of campaign, you were supposed to have at least 10 battles in that clan.

      There are no specific requirements that you need to do any amount of battles on any certain stage if your clan was in top 30!
      Also, you need to be the member of that clan when they start giving out M60s, otherwise you won’t get it. (E.g. if you get out of clan or you get kicked out before you get the M60, you won’t get it at all.)

      • “For each stage top 5 clans get M50. 4 stages x 5 top clans = 20 top clans.
        After the campaign is over, top 30 clans get the M60.
        30 + 20 = 50 clans get the M60″

        My clan was 2 times in top 5, we are also in top 30.

        50 clans is the best scenario. More like 30-35 is more realistic.

  1. If you were in the Top 5 clans during a stage you just need 5 battles in this stage.
    If you are in the Top 30 (or 50 on RU Server) you need 10 battles over all to get the M60.

  2. Guys, I translated only what was written in the RU post. I don’t follow Clanwars, so I don’t know the answers. You’d do best to ask your local WG representatives about it. It’s possible other servers will have it differently. The only thing that is definitely going to be in common is the fact that the next reward tank is the Failowe.

  3. OMG, 5 or more if in top 5 at end of a stage or 10 or more overall if top 30… rtfm.

  4. It’s a shame that I couldn’t part take in this campaign but now that I have a clan I will be sure to be ready for the next one and I can’t wait to see the m60 in the battlefield.

  5. Im guessing that they expanded the requirement to 50 in Euro because they have more clans there, im expecting NA to stay at Top 30.

  6. Top 5 per stage and top 30 for the campaign could technically mean the top 50 clans.

    US server is probably going to have close to 50 anyway. So far our “Top 5″ has been 8 clans, 5 clans, and 11 clans due to us intentionally tying as often as possible.

  7. As someone who gave up on the whole CW thing a while ago, I am eagerly awaiting a shot at a Randoms award tank.

    CW to me is like raiding in other mmo’s with all the stress and annoyances with the added bonus of waiting and more waiting (5-10 min between battles, 15min battle prep then 5 min battles). I just gave up on all of it when I realized my clan was never gonna be able to actually win anything and never bothered to find something better.

  8. Just to confirm SS, (on the NA server only, I have no idea if the rules are the same in the other servers)

    Top 5 per stage are rewarded M60s, and 5 battles are required for that particular stage.
    At the end of the event the top 30 clans get M60s, and 10 battles are required in total for that.

  9. There will be more than 30 clans who will get this tank for sure. Just because some of the clans, who managed to be in the top 5 at some stage, wont be in the top 30 at the end of the campaign. But they still will get their tanks.

      • On the EU server – MUROP, 1STLT and PRIDE were in top 5 at 2nd stage, now they are 35th, 38th and 45th and probably wont make it in the top 30 at the end of the campaign. Now u have at least 4 clans ;)

        • But essentially, all who were in top 5 are in top 30 as well.
          Theoretically, yes, 50 clans can get M60, but in reality most of Top 5 clans remain in Top 5 in all other stages, as well as in Top 30.
          So in short, significantly less than 50 clans will receive the special award.

          • Or significantly more, since in the event of ties it is being awarded to all clans. Something like 8 clans won it stage 1 on NA because there were so many ties. In stage 2, the numbers were less ‘even’ because the VP was based on province income/ransacking, so there were much fewer (no?) ties. Stage 3 went back to VPs per province and a multiplier at the end, and there were again ties and more clans won it than just 5.

  10. Well on EU UNITED alliance effectively lower that numbers since all 4 clans will be in top 5 3 times.

  11. I’m gonna team kill anyone driving these tanks. Make them available for all (non-clan people included) or not at all.

  12. I just hope that they’ll give the tank to the top 50 in the EU too, because were currently on rank 40.

  13. Well on EU Server the M60 tank was given to the Top 30 Clans and the Top 5 of each Stage.

    So effectivelly 34 Clans on EU Server got the M60.