T6 Upcoming American Tank

Last year there was a leak that revealed a large number of supertest icons, this is nothing new but I just want to take a closer look at one of vehicles before I go on vacation.


The T6 to the untrained eye just looks like early Sherman. This is almost correct. The T6 was the projected replacement of the M3 Lee in Feb. 1941. This was right after the production of the M3 started. The main problem with the design of the Lee was that the 75 mm gun was limited in its traverse thanks to wonderfully thought out engineering of the sponson mount. The T6 retained the M3 Lee’s hull with the sponson removed with the protection increased slightly and featured a new turret. By Sept. of 1941 the T6 was ready for testing.

The T6 was armed with the 75 mm M2(but it was designed for the M3 gun) which was capable of -12/+25 depression/elevation. There were also plans to utilize a twin 37 mm gun system, a 105 mm howitzer, 3 .50 cal MGs for AA work, and the British 6 pdr. None of the alternate weapons were further developed for the T6. The engine was the same as the M3 Lee, the Wright R975(13.3 hp/t), but the T6 featured enough space for the Wright G200 engine(~700 to ~960 hp). The T6 also featured 3 .30 cal hull MGs and two of which were in a fixed position, two more .30 cal MGs were located in the turret(coaxial and in the cupola).

On September 5, 1941 the T6 was accepted into service as the medium tank M4. The first Sherman was only slightly modified from the T6 and later spawned the Tier 5 M4 in WoT and later M4 variants that served on 6 continents.

In WoT the T6 would fit as a good tier 4 premium or as a tier 5 regular tank using with the ability to use the 6 pdr or the 105 mm howitzer. As a tier 4 it would have a good gun but would be inferior to the M3 Lee in overall firepower. As a tier 5 the T6 could pose as an alternate tier 5 medium to either the M4 or the M7.

Source: Hunnicutt’s Sherman


You know what really gets on my nerves? The T29′s icon that uses the 76 mm gun. Why can’t WG change this to the historical 105 mm that is also much more pleasant to look at? Another similar issue is this image that has the M103 that isn’t armed with the M58 gun. Why must it torment my dreams? Edit:Yeah they fixed it!

Why must they use a wussy 76 mm gun instead of the actual 105 mm?!

43 thoughts on “T6 Upcoming American Tank

  1. Now this would be a nice t4 med for the Yankies, either regular or prem

  2. the most notable of those icons being the non autoloader french heavies and the second german td line

    that and the vehicles that have actually been implemented ingame

  3. WoT could use alot more Sherman variants. I don’t want to even think of when this T6 will come, for WG is always prioritizing on fantasy tanks.

    • I don’t see any fantasy tanks, most of them are prototype tanks, and basicly this is a prototype too, as it wasn’t accepted into service!

      • No fantasy tanks…huh? T28 Prototype; a series of specifications and a design WG pulled out of their ass. E-50M; basically a couple lines of writing that WG translated, interpreted and made an entire tank out of. T110E4; there was a whole bunch of tanks proposed similar to the T110E5, you can find them on the forums, but no where does it mention a tank like the T110E4, they basically made that one up.

  4. More sherman to be collected!
    I hope its a prem tho so i don’t need to retrain crews.

    • Who knows? At the beginning of this year Evily said that second medium and heavy lines aren’t planned for 2013 but I really don’t exactly understand what’s the problem with the heavies, they’ve been modelled long ago, I suppose that they’re either unsatisfied with the balancing or they lack some data (the SOMUA SM could be especially challenging, if they’re interested in making it “historically accurate”).

  5. I was looking at those leaked tanks and let me just say that the british have some nice tanks coming out the Sherman firefly and ac 4 :) can’t wait

  6. yea, same tought at the T29 since the first time i saw it. T29 = 105mm .. also the “ears” are missing.

    • That stereoscopic rangefinder was mounted only on a single T29, the 76mm on the other hand… it’s just there to remind me how I suffered when I grinded T29 coming from Sherman Jumbo.

  7. yeah, the pictures of stock tanks really grind my gears too, glad I’m not alone

      • “Historically correct form”
        Not exactly. Tiger II was historically correct in both configurations. I wish they would just make them elite icons as it seems like they want them all to look stock :S

  8. The Firefly needs to be a thing. Even if it was a premium tank, I’d buy it just for the 17-pdr.

    • You can have the 17pdr, it is on the Black Prince, but it isn’t for a heavy tank, but it mightt work with a fast med…

  9. Hang on for a sec: You said it had 3 Machine guns, two fixed in the hull, and then another two coaxial to the main gun? Thats four if i counted correctly. What´s up with that?

    • He states 3 hull MGs and 2 turret ones, not 3 total.
      Come to think of it, that’s as insane as the T1/M6 and almost as insane as the M2 medium.

    • …or the Stuarts. The Yanks seemed to have a fetish for a pointless multitude of MGs those days.

      • I think Harry Yeide called it the “Cult of the Machinegun”. Patton personally put in recommendations for absurd amounts of machineguns on tanks.

  10. Release the AMX M4 1949 line so I have something I actually want to grind to tier 10 from the AMX M4 1945.

  11. Ahh the M3 Lee. Another great piece of yank engineering. No doubt why manufacturing has moved to China.

    • For a rushed stopgap design derived from something *truly* pitiable it sure made the Axis sit up and take notice, not in the least as it represented a real categorical improvement over just about everything the Brits built at the time.
      Which, granted, speaks more of the latter’s designs than anything else…