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yesterday, an interesting post about Soviet rocket tanks by RU user leisheng appeared on the developer blog. While the author did try to make it into a branch of sorts, I think I’ll just pluck out the most interesting part – the vehicles.

1933 – Rocket-armed T-27 tankette, T-38 amphibious LT and BT-2
Projected by a designer called Gorokhovsky, they all carried one type of rocket, but it’s unknown what type: either a 245mm “tank torpedo”, or 132mm RS-132, or 82mm RS-82


1933 – RBT-5
First variant was supposed to be equipped with only one rocket, but it wasn’t built. This is the second variant with two 245mm “tank torpedos”.


1935 – NII-3, first variant
Another rocket variant of the BT-5, equipped with two RS-132 132mm rockets, mounted outside on the turret


1936 – NII-3, second variant
This variant had the rockets installed instead of the gun. Carried 18 re-loadable RS-132 rockets. There was a third variant too, with another type of 132mm rockets, installed outside on the turret, near the gun


1942 – KV-1K
Developed by the Kirov plant in Leningrad, there were two variants (early and late), it was equipped with 132mm rockets M-13, the early variant had 12 pieces, the late one carried 8

kv-1K image_4fcb902401dd1

1957 – Object 281
Based on IS-8. No drawings were found, it was never built.

1957 – T-54
T-54 with a rocket launcher as its main weapon, was not built


1957 – Object 431
Based on T-54, was never built.


1957 – IT-1 “Drakon”
Based on T-54. There were several variants, this is the earliest.


1958 – Object 279
Armed with a TRS-132 and TRS-240 rocket launcher


1959 – Object 757

Based on T-10/IS-8


1961 – Object 150

IT-1, based on Object 140


1961 – IT-1

Based on Object 167


1961 – Object 282

Based on IS-8 with ATGM “Salamandra”


There are more pictures in the original post. Pretty interesting actually. I wonder actually, if some older ATGM’s could be implemented into World of Tanks. The answer is probably “no”. The main problem is the 500m minimum range of for example the AT-3 Sagger. The missiles are also quite slow (140 m/s, good luck hitting anything), but can penetrate 400mm. But it would look cool :)

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    • Maus roof ? Even tier 8 can penetrate Maus roof but 400mm is T95 front instant penetration even at sharp angle! Still… Rockets would be very difficult to balance, at low tier newbies won’t be able to hit anything even if it was instant kill. At high tiers it would be OP because tanks are large and rather slow so slow projectile speed is less of an issue. I think that adding them would cause severe balance issues just like pre 8.6 Arty

  1. SS, I’m still not sure about the reason but those of us in Italy can’t see the pics hosted on, could you reupload it?

  2. RBT-5 – 420mm tank torpedoes

    250kg, 130kg of HE (Sturmtiger – Raketen Sprenggranate 351kg, 125kg of trotyl)

    • Haha, more Wikipedia “doctors” :-)

      420mm TT (Tankovaya Torpeda; tank torpedo), length 1805mm, weight 450kg, bursting charge 250kg (HE only), range 1500m, (the numbers you provided are closer to 245mm TT specs), effectivness unknown, combat record none,

      380mm Raketenwerfer (Rocket launcher) 61 L/5.4, projectile length 1500mm, weight 350kg, bursting charge 125kg (HE or HEAT), range about 6300m, shaped charge warheads could pierce 2.5m of reinforced concrete, served during 1944.-1945. period

      • There are so many ppl saying wikipedia is crap, and they know it better (maybe they are right) but I always ask myself, that why don’t the correct the errors?

  3. “The branches of Soviet missile tanks for WOT
    Manoeuvrable missile:
      3 – BT-2 rocket model 1933 (the transition from BT-2)
      4 – Rocket BT-5 model 1935
      5 – Rocket BT-5 model 1936
      6 – Subject number 5 STZ
      7 – Object 906B
      8 – One of the projects Research Institute 100
      9 – Object 431
    10 – IT-1

    Heavy rocket:
      6 – KV-1K (the transition from the KV-1)
      7 – One of the projects Research Institute 100
      8 – One of the projects Research Institute 100
      9 – Object 757
    10 – Object 282

    - RBT-5 – Level 5-6
    - ISU-152 with PU for the PC – Level 8″

  4. Considering the abysmal combat hit rate of earlier ATGM (2%), I rather have unguided pew pew rockets on a fast, small tank.
    pew pew pew! Rockets for everyone! You try to kill my teammates? Your punishment is rockets! pew pew!

  5. Maybe they could just have a premium rocket variant?

    After all some people buy TOG’s so they could also be daft enough to play darts :-)

  6. “The missiles are also quite slow (140 m/s, good luck hitting anything),”
    This is the shell speed of the stock gun of the SU-26, and Grille’s top gun is just a bit faster.

      • You do in direct fire mode. Doing TD in the city, in the forests (when the team left you alone) or just because you can. Good Luck hitting in the 60m + range… Since when doing direct fire mode the sights on the Grille are abysmal…

  7. ‘Tank Torpedos’….because calling them ‘rockets’ is too mainstream…. xD Hah on subject, that T-54 with the rocket launcher as its main gun….daaaaang. O.O

  8. I’ve had such idea when there were no tier X TDs – rocket tanks for X tier, equipped for example with Ruhrstahl X-7 on German side.

    Guided rocket which was to be guided by player after launch (to be decided – view from rocket nose or from tank position) and for balance and common sense purposes launching tank had to remain stationary while rocket flight.
    And rocket launch would give huge camo penalties.

    • And rockets should have long aim time – and cannot be fired without fully aimed circle (or just cannot be guided) if we want to make them guided, but still you could actually chase enemy scouts with rockets or fire blindly towards enemy base, wait for spot and kill unlucky enemy if they were guided via nose camera. So tank position guidance has to be chosen (and it’s more reallistic when considering wire guided missles). Standing still after missle fired is obvious, any movement would destroy the wires and make it unable to control. Then we have to think about guided rocket stats.
      We know about 400 mm penetration. Accuracy is meaningless as we can guide it, so let’s say 0.3 as it is smallest circle possible. Aim time – pretty loooong, 5 secs or so. Damage? AT-3 had 2,5 kg charge, and it’s not THAT big. But for game balance, let’s say 600 dmg would be OK.

  9. Just a question how would this work exactly? Slower version of HE with more pen? Still don’t get how flamethrower tanks would work. You’d have to get point blank range.

    Perhaps the rockets will be turret/hull options? At least by looking at some of these tanks it could be a possibility.

    • Well, yes. The primary purpose of a flamethrower is to burn all the oxygen up, when used around bunkers and tanks.

  10. lol just have done with it and have an icbm tank… fire then all tanks in game instantly fried ;)

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