Western rocket tanks – part 1

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Source: http://world-of-kwg.livejournal.com/228435.html
Author: Leisheng (RU)

Hello everyone,

today, we’ll have a look at some interesting overview of the missile-carrying tanks

Great Britain

1945 – Sherman Tulip (two RP-3 76mm rockets)

1944 – Cromwell LILO (4 launchers for 152mm LILO rockets, installed on the right side of the turret, it is assumed that their warhead was a HESH type)

1946 – Cromwell Tulip (4 RP-3 76mm rockets)

1958 – FV4010 (based on the Centurion, equipped with Malkara missiles, only a paper project)

1960′s – Centurion Mk.V with Swingfire missiles

1960′s – Centurion with SS-11 missiles


1945 – T105 Sherman (with 183mm rocket launcher instead of the gun – there is a T76 version too, with the same rocket launcher, only the launcher barrel is round and it resembles a gun barrel)

1945 – T31 Demolition Tank (105mm howitzer in a special turret with two 1833 launchers on each side, this tank was considered for World of Tanks)

1945 – M26 Model 2011 (4 sets of 11 T99 rockets)

1955 – Hunter (armed with twin 105mm unguided rocket launchers, the launchers are equipped with automatic loading magazines with 7 rockets each, the tank could this fire 14 rockets without reloading, stayed on paper)

1955 – R-29 and R8 projects

1960′s – Sheridan Bulldog (a Bulldog hull with Sheridan turret, armed with MGM-51 Shillelagh ATGM)

1960′s – M551 Sheridan (armed with MGM-51 Shillelagh ATGM)

1967 – Patton with Swingfire ATGM

1960′s – T149 (M113 APC with SS-11 ATGM)

1960′s – M48 Patton with SS-11 ATGM

50 thoughts on “Western rocket tanks – part 1

    • Hey, this makes actually sense but as equipment instead of consumable. Buying an equipment as Rocket pod/launcher and then you can resupply it in the service menu. The rockets could be HE and HEAT. Your question was quite inspirational.

      • Wont happen though, many players have asked for ATGMs, but it was denied over and over again…

        • Rocket != ATGM
          Rocket tanks have actually been confirmed in today’s Q&A (although WG seems to say something different every week on the topic)

  1. I demand rocket powered Soviet tanks! For great Soviet Union and great success!

      • All the rockets run the risk of being seriously OP. Imagine Tier 5 arty (or higher with the SS-11 ATGM) hammering you multiple times at close range. Maybe it’s a way for WG to make people seriously consider buying and using the spall liners.

  2. @Sheridan Bulldog
    Omg that thing is looking so damn good….The pershing is also quite nice…

      • Kinda, some aspects of the design were clearly done while sitting on the Idiot Ball. The gun-launcher apparently worked better in the bigger and roomier M60 “Starship”.

    • Well, yes and no. The SturmTiger was a rocket mortar. So it fired mortal projectiles with a rocket motor as propellant.

      • >mortal projectiles

        In my head, I essentially pictured a German tank firing living Jewish prisoners out of its gun, which scream as they land on the enemy Soviet tanks.

        • …my first mental image upon noticing that typo actually involved ninjas with bright color accents in their pajamas. And fatalities. >_>
          Damn I feel old now.

        • +1
          (I might be a horrible person, but that’s was fun imo. I’m not jewish or german though)

    • Yep ! Just saw that model irl at Saumur’s Armored Véhicules Muséum… with ss-12 atgm

  3. technically the last 4 weren’t just rocket tanks as they could fire both rockets and normal tank shells

  4. >T105 Sherman
    >with 183mm rocket launcher instead of the gun

    OH, MY, GOD
    Sounds it is going to give a new definition of derp, do want!

  5. yeah,
    rockets outside of turrets
    hit one rocket, it explodes, all the other rockets will explode too, turret of tank is gone
    tanks nearby also damaged
    will be big brother of ammo rack

    • hey it cant be as bad as the Russians who used to love putting extra fuel tanks outside of tanks,
      theyre both just big targets sayin “hey come shoot me”

      • The external fuel tanks of Russian tanks were not used in combat and were therefore empty. They were used for redeployment of tanks before or after a battle. Western armies did not copy the concept because they deemed internal fuel tanks to be sufficient for fighting in Europe, the Red Army however needed to move over large distances and gladly used the external tanks for that purpose.

        • That and it would have been diesel fuel on the soviet tanks. Gasoline would have been worse.

    • …except the rokkits were actually a fair bit less sensitive to enemy fire that you seem to think. The British experience with the “Tulips” was apparently that even a direct hit on one just wrecked the rocket and that was all.

      • Not according to Overlords post about Tulip-equipped Shermans:

        “A post war report into mounting rockets on tanks stresses how safe the rockets are. Pointing to the fact that one rocket was hit directly in the warhead to no effect apart from shattering the round. Another account points out that despite a Sherman being set on fire, it was later found that both rockets were still in place.”


          • Thanks.

            Its good to know my work is being read and remembered. Sometimes when sticking articles up it feels like lobbing a message in a bottle into the ocean and you don’t know if it reaches anyone.

            You’re post shows it has reached someone. So thank you.

  6. M48A1 both Sheridan’s & Sherman Rocket tanks I hope are implemented some day..I really want the M551′s though

  7. When you posted about Soviet rocket tanks, I thought “WTF, they made rocket-powered tanks?” :D

      • In fact, IT-1 (T-62 with missile launcher as main weapon) managed to get through state tests and put into operational service, although it didn’t see widespread service.

    • Rocket-powered plane is intuitive enough a concept, but rocket-powered *tank* sounds like something straight off a cackling mad scientist’s drawing board.
      Probably had death rays and shit, too. >_>

      • Like red rays of instadetection? You mean WoT :) ? And ability to counterspot those rays, albeit with a few seconds delay…

  8. Only British and American desings?
    I hoped for some German and Soviet Tanks
    I hope it will follow ;)

  9. These will go into gameplay when they start running out of prototype and paper tanks to put into a line for content. This way, the milking while destroying game balance can continue on as intended.

    • And this concerns you how since you presumably stopped playing this terrible, terrible excuse of a game a long time ago? (Also you fail at logic.)