World of Tanks to get Australian server

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In a recent interview (yesterday) for, World of Tanks representative made a promise to introduce an Australian server to World of Tanks. To quote:

“We don’t have a timeframe yet,” said Wargaming’s South-East Asia CEO Jasper Nicolas to us on Sunday afternoon. “But the political will is there. We are committed to it and we are going to make it happen.”

“We know how important it is to get that ping down even lower, to shave those milliseconds off. We’re doing a lot of research right now to decide where to locate it. But we are going to do it. It is only a matter of time.”

That should make the game better better for the tankers from down under :)

46 thoughts on “World of Tanks to get Australian server

  1. Well…. as much as it would be great for the latency of Aussie players – Its going to be sad to see them leave SEA servers. (I have a higher opinion of Aussie players in pubs than many other nationalities.)

  2. I might be moving there from th EU server if lag isnt that big of a problem.
    Im tired of all the nationalities. But mainly the retarded siemka’s.

  3. Whats that Skippy? – you say your ping is fucking ridiculous and you are saving up your XP for a Matilda Hedgehog.

  4. Can’t wait for when all the global servers connect for another world war~

  5. If it does ever happen what are the chances of free transfers? I can’t see SEA wanting to lose what few players it has and chances are most players from WA would stay on SEA as ping to Singapore would be lower than to Sydney or other eastcoast site but as a NZ player I’d transfer in a second

  6. They better let us transfer our accounts when they do that. I transferred from NA to SEA to get better ping but with all the SEAtards I wish I hadn’t.

    An Aussie server would be great but not if I need to make a new account for it, 2+ years of work is not something I’m willing to do again.

        • Yeah, I heard teamwork is as bad as on the EU, NA or RU server.

          Someday people will realise that idiocy is a world-wide problem, a problem
          that doesn’t care about regional borders… someday…

          • RUs are cocky lemmings, NAs are noobs, SEAs are baddies… what are EUs then?

  7. If they are smart they would do it as a cluster of the SEA server, similar to the EU1 and EU2, or the Russian server.

    • That would probably be the best option, you would then have the choice of playing on a low ping server with no players or a higher ping server with players, just like we have in the EU.

  8. Hopefully this roaming does work…I doubt my ping would get any better with an au server, the player count would just be even lower.

    One of the perks of living on the west side is the lower ping to sing than to Sydney.

  9. I can only see this working well if they make the server a part of the SEA cluster, if they separate them, then it will fail, as there are not enough players alone for an Aussie server, and taking them out of the SEA (fuck you its not ASIA its SEA) will ruin that server as well

  10. I can already see the game chat in the Aussie server before the game start:
    “Hey mates”
    “Cheers to u too mate”
    “I need only 5k xp to get me a kangaroo!”.

  11. I very much doubt there will be a server in Australia. Jasper Nicolas non announcement was to fend off the only question being asked at PAX Melbourne which was “Why isn’t there an Australian server?”

  12. I play on NA and SEA. Even NA west is almost twice the ping but there are lots of Aussie and Kiwis there. I see at least one other in every pub match, just to play with slightly more sensible stays are worse on NA but I have more satisfying play.
    Considering the size of the player base in OZ I am not sure it would be a viable solution.

  13. if Australians leave. ASIA server will be worse as it is now, lesser english and more box language

  14. how about separating players like, uh, I don’t know. Thais maybe ?

    I think there are more Thais with bad connection than there are Aus.

    • But does Thailand have a bigger player base than Australia for them to actually bother starting up another server because from what i heard servers are not cheap.

  15. This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. The AU and NZ community are the only exclusively English speaking player base on the ASIA server atm. Clans based around English speaking AU/NZ folks are a huge win for the community. If you take away all of those native English speakers there will be even *less* English than there is now in-game. I’m an American expat living in southeast asia and I play on the ASIA server for the low ping and quite enjoy the company of fellow native English speakers who I have more in common with — let alone to hang out with on TeamSpeak and BS while we play the game.

    Horrible move, absolutely horrible.

  16. I like how people are automatically assuming it’s going to be a completely seperate server, and ranting like the guy in the post before me.

    They just added a west coast server for NA, so it might end up being like that. We don’t know yet, as I doubt even WG has finalized details.

  17. WE (as in the EU community) need a dedicated server in the Siemkaland. Poles will be happy, and most of them (as well as probably Czech/Hungarian players) will move there.