8.7 trailer

Hello everyone,

just a 8.7 Russian trailer – tomorrow, there will be probably the same thing available in English, so just to illustrate: 8.7 tailer in Russian


It says:

At the beginning of the 20th century, Britain, the Empire over which the sun never sets, started to develop self-propelled artillery.

1923 – general Noel Birch prepares a revolutionary project on Vickers tank chassis.

War – Bishop, Sexton and Sexton II contribute to the victory of British armies in Africa.

1946 – engineers develop new vehicles – they are to become the main destructive forces of British armies. Patch 8.7 for World of Tanks – new branch. Roll out!

38 thoughts on “8.7 trailer

  1. I appreciate their hopeless effort to make artillery look interesting to play anymore

  2. That sexy voice :3

    Nice try but arty is out of trend right now. This would probably be killing machines pre 8.6 patch.

    • The funny thing is that they did everything to alienate us from arties and now they make cool trailers to convince us to play them again… Schizophrenia at its best.

  3. in 0.8.7 the british tree will be the most dificult to get master tanker award… [insert trollface here]

  4. damn.. I can bet it won’t sound that cool in English xD

    so.. it’s time to go on a painful trip through the new spg branch.. yay ^^

  5. We heard earlier that the soviet medium line was coming in 0.8.9.
    Do we know where it is starting yet?

    • 8.8 not 8.9, it have 5 tanks so it will start from SU-85 and…oh, where the fuck do u think it will start.

      • An earlier post on FTR said, 0.8.9, so it is nice to see it moved up in this video.
        Also, an earlier question of “will it start from the T-34″ was answered with “no comment”. Can’t think of a better place, but it has not been confirmed.
        Was it really necessary to be rude?

        • Because asking obvious questions based on unsure evidence to receive more unsure answers based on unsure evidence is called spamming bullshit.

          • I made one observation that the line had been pushed up, and asked one question to see if the answer had been resolved since it was last asked in this blog.

            How is that spamming? No, you are just being unnecessarily rude.

            • Well, if the starting point was known, it would certainly be here on FTR. So instead of asking question noone could answer yet, you could browse the FTR a bit ;)
              It is no wonder Woras answered the way he answered. (I try not to be rude, but my English is still lacking the subtleness, so it might sound a bit rude)
              Best regards,

            • Nah, Woras is being a dick for no reason at all.
              And it is really lame that you are defending such behaviour.

              The guy was asking a legit question, either reply to him with decency, or stfu.

            • You know Woras, he must react on every question. It is a guy with no sense of humor, no real intelligence, just spamming discussions with his stupid avatar. The sad thing is that he believes he is the best. As is usually the case with dummies. Whatever, the only option is to simply ignore such people.

        • Mediums were always supposed to come in 8.8… That post where it said 8.9 will bring them was a mistake.

    • i saw some WarThunder ads on some russian forums and it’s 95% the same cool voice.

  6. Nice voice, but Jingles has better one. :3

    Not to mention NORIO WAKAMOTO. He even makes lucky star opening sound BADASS.

  7. just wondered what they make the presenter drink before he reads to obtain the gravel voice??? vodka and salt??????

  8. Yay! A new line of worthless arty. The reviews on these say they are horrible. Just what us Arty players needed, another slap in the face.