This Q&A is a bit unusual. As you probably know, SerB’s in Paris (hence the Hitler video) and Storm’s on vacation, so I’m going to translate some of the stuff, posted by a “developer” (in reality, a chief of community) Evilly in this thread – it’s about clanwars. I am not sure how much of it applies for EU/US servers, but I’ll try to translate to the best of my knowledge.

Please note that as I have never played clanwars and I have very little understanding of its mechanics, the translation might be of worse quality than usual. Feel free to correct me.

- new season starts in October
- apparently there are no plans to reward CW players with vehicles with crew that has perks/skills
- there will be other ways for clans to compete with each other apart from clanwars
- for second campaign, you will also need tier 1 + T2-T10 vehicles, so don’t sell them (“The same vehicles you currently need for various company tiers”)
- in campaign, if you get accidentally removed from a clan after playing some battles and then you are accepted back, when it comes to reward battle requirement, those battles (before you were kicked) do count, the countner doesn’t reset
- as the second campaign reward there will be a choice between either the M60, or the other reward tanks (Failowe, Object 907)

Update: yes, the players will be able to choose a reward

41 thoughts on “24.7.2013

  1. Object 907 it is, since I will already get the M60 for this campaign.
    Cant understand how anyone want the Faillöwe. If it would be the E75 Ausf W yes but not this crap.

        • Well, those tank would be driven mostly by at least decent skilled players since it’s not available to every siemka dude like E-100, so i think we won’t need another topic :P
          Even if there is a topic like that i can’t do anything since i just recently got permabaned on EU forum -.-

  2. Well, I already suspected That wg wasn’t going to make those reward tanks availble just for one time. Now people That didn’t got a M60 now have a chance to earn it later.

      • Because the Obyect 907 is utter shit. It has no armour, and a shitty gun. The only good thing about the tank: It’s agile and very low. That’s about it.

        The so called ´failowe´ on the other hand, is pretty good. Or at least when I tested it. The front hull is immune to the E100, Maus and IS-4 (I hadnt tested it vs anything else). And when I do say immune, I mean IMMUNE. The only frontal weakspots are the turret sides (the parts sticking out of the hull sides) and the relatively small cupola. And I suspect the turret sides have become stronger with the new normalization.

        Not only this, it’s a lot faster and more agile than the E100. So you basicly have a very good breakthrough tank, with the 15cm. It’s truly a ‘LOL IN YOUR FACE’-tank.

        The only real bad things about the VK7201 are the fact it has almost no gun depression and you can’t sidescrape with it.

        So yeah, I’ll pick the VK7201 over the Obyect 907 any day.

        • The front hull got meganerfed from 240 to 200 mm, so you may have an outdated perspective. 200mm of armour with little to no slope (lower plate, seam) is trash in tier X, even with angling. Will probably be good at sidescraping though.

          • Lol, massive fail there. Good job, Wargaming!

            Also, sidescraping with that weak turret side sticking out?
            Yeah, good luck with that. That’s even a weakspot when attacking one from the front.

    • Guess what, it just so happens that Clanwars don’t give a damn about you either :D

  3. I hope we get to choose which tank we win. I didn’t manage to get the M60 this season and I have no desire to get the others. I play mainly US mediums so the M60 would suit me much more than a German Heavy tank – The highest I’ve gone up the German heavies is the VK3601H.

      • It will become a heavy – and when it does, nothing changes, but the name.
        So you can call it already a heavy tank.

        • I believe they will rebalance it a bit, maybe more armor for less speed?

          I find it less than interesting how it is now… a great sniper with great turret armor but bad depression and slow speed…. it’s kinda in between a heavy and a sniper, which makes it a bit retarded.

          • If it received a speed buff, better armor, more gun depression, more pen and a bigger alpha gun it would be the german version of the KV1S…

        • just like how they said arty will be changed tier with no change? lol yeah we saw what happened to that one.

  4. SS, could you pls find more info on the Gold exchange rates for the VP (victorie points)?

    i heard that it will be
    1:12 on russia and sea
    1:5 on NA and EU
    could you find something on that?

    • 1 VP = 5 Gold? don’t think so…
      That would mean my clan gets about 12.500.000 gold, thats 125.000 gold per member.

      It will most likely be 5 VP = 1 Gold.
      Than it’s about 500.000 gold, 5000 per member

  5. The Failowe’s radio is in the game already… Right click on the Maus’s 10WSc radio
    “Maus, G.W. E 100, E-100, JagdPz E-100, E-50 Ausf. M, VK 72.01 (K)”

  6. So those clans which are in top30 will be there also for 2nd and 3rd capmpaign to get object and eventually failowe. But when it comes to 4th campaign I wonder if they willo have motivation to participate or they will let less unicum clans get the prize.

    • Just to get absurd amount of gold AND deny tank distribution to other clans, to raise their e-peen factor?

      • Maybe WG will be smarter and give prize only to clans which never get it even if they are below top30?

        • In a parallel universe (also some of you guys’ dreams):
          “Here have this gold Olympic medal, we know you would never be able to earn it.
          But just because we think it’s unfair in a competition if the best win, we’ll give it to you for free.”

  7. WG need something for the non clan wars players.

    I’m a dad (check the clan) and the clan wars matches are usually around the time I either get home or when I eat my tea. So I can’t play clan wars. I hope they get some kind of league system together for those of us who are more time constrained.

    • indeed !!! WG just fail in the part where it come to end game and CW its still on beta!!!!!

    • You know, the clan war battles take place at different times depending on where the province is located on the map.

  8. This whole event is totaly shit, the WG point was to make it available for more clans, but in total it edned even less and less clans. Simple single clan is total shit in this even. A lot of clans creat sub clans for this even, like BIA – 1,2,3,4…n, EFE, EFE – X……z, HARD 1 ….n. Basicaly this system is in other games too, so total end shit content fail of WG.

    • There are subclans because clans can have a max of 100 members and there is no other way to make more members a part of one clan so the sub clans appear.

      You better do your homework next time before you start ranting and whining.