Chi-Nu Kai, quick rundown

Hello everyone,

I asked several players (Soukoudragon, Daigensui) who know their stuff about the upcoming tier 5 Japanese (yes, it will be Japanese) premium medium tank: Chi-Nu Kai (improved). Here’s a bit of info about it:

Basically, it’s a Chi-Nu hull with a Chi-To turret and a better gun.

To quote Soukoudragon:

The gun is the Type 5 75mm model 2 cannon. No auto loader. It’s pen should be a little better than the US 76mm. Front hull armor is 50. The Turret is a Chi To turret with 75mm armor on the front. Engine is 240hp. I don’t think gun depression was good on this turret.

Also, some info about the gun from Daigensui:

Given the relatively large explosive filler of the AP shells, I’m thinking of it as a 85 mm ZiS S-53 with 75 mm Vickers HV level accuracy and slow aim time.

Proposed gun statistics:

Name: Name: 75 mm Gun Type 5
Ammo: 60
Damage: 160/160/280 HP
Penetration: 120/161/43 mm
Shell Price: 56 /7 /56
Rate of Fire: 15.38 r/m
Accuracy: 0.36 m
Aim Time: 2.9 s

Daigensui explains its history:

The Type 3 Kai is the post-war popular designation of the proposed upgrades to the Type 3 Chi-Nu. Given the late development of the Type 4 Chi-To and Type 5 Chi-Ri, the IJA needed a tank that could actually counter the M4 Sherman and other tanks of the Allies. To this end it was decided to put the Type 5 75 mm Tank Gun one way or another on the Type 3 Chi-Nu, with expanded use of welding to strengthen the hull and adding some armor.

There were two proposals for installing the Type 5 75 mm Tank Gun on the Chi-Nu: Using the turret of the Type 4 Chi-To, or adapting the Tank Gun for the turret of the Chi-Nu. On March 19, 1945, tests using the Chi-To turret were conducted at the Irago Firing Ground, and it was deemed that the handling of the tank was unaffected, and the results were satisfactory.

Based on the above historical facts, I believe that having the Type 3 Kai as a premium tank would be good for fans of Japanese tanks. The Type 3 Kai is somewhat of a mixture of the Matilda Black Prince and the PzKpfw IV Schmalturm, given that we’re putting a big turret with a gun similar to the 75 mm Vickers HV on top of a weaker hull. It’s also similar to the PzKpfw 38 nA in that it’s an improvement over the original form by incorporating more welding to make a stronger vehicle.

The Type 3 Kai should be a great long and medium range fire support, based on its Type 5 75 mm Tank Gun and relatively armored turret. In addition, the top speed of 39 km/h based on a 240 hp engine would make it more nimble than the PzKpfw IV Schmalturm, thus allowing it to be a fairly good mobile sniper.

93 thoughts on “Chi-Nu Kai, quick rundown

  1. 240hp engine? No way this thing will be fast. Slow, no armor, and questionable gun?

      • We will see how it plays out. I will buy it if the gun can beat Kv-1′s ridiculously unrealistic armor.

        • Probably it will be.

          KwK40 shell velocity – 790m/s
          Type 5 gun shell velocity – 850m/s

          Looks almost like 115-120mm pen.

          • This will bounce a lot on the KV-1′s strange angles. forget penetrating the turret, ever. Even shooting it’s sides at 90 degree angle will be unreliabe thanks to the tracks that give it like 50mm additional armor.

            • KV tracks are 30mm armor.
              If you have trouble penetrating KV-1 with 120mm pen guns you should learn to play better.
              Also KV-1 mantle can be penetrated, it is 110mm and almost vertical part on front has no armor behind.

            • Don’t lecture me, i have had enough experience with KV-1′s to know how broken their armor scheme is.

            • If I can pretty reliably kill a KV one on one with a goddamn Chrurchill Prem and you’re having problems with it, I daresay it’s a case of PEBKAC.

            • I can kill KV-1 with Churchill Prem too. It’s easy. You have more DPM and more health. 1v1 on a straight fight its really really easy. Once the KV-1 angles against you, you are doomed.

  2. Are u sure only 2,221 kg of weight or do you mean 2,2 tons or 22 tons?

    With 2,2 tons it would have 108hp/ton this would be the possibly fastest tank and most nimble tank ever… xD

    • 21 tonns and 240 hp engine and pudding armor…oh lordy…if this thing gets caught up in the open its dead.

  3. Looks like a high-DPM, average mobility (bad for medium), paper armored sniper… It ought to rake in the credits because of the huge damage potential

      • @Woras – Doesn’t matter. With the changes to the accuracy, and with a GLD Equipped you’ll be making accurate shots with this gun – especially with the good accuracy value.

        @Eurico – the T-25 can flank or use its speed to get to forward position/escape. This tank will be relatively slow compared to it.

        • Yeah, probably rammer + vents and wont have stabilizer so can go for aim time reducer ( dont remember module name :D ).

        • yeah it does look underpowered, but if it has good terrain passability it could still work. the gun definitely has to be better than the A18.

        • But still… 160 damage and 15,3 rounds per minute? Absolute pwnage at this tier regarding the fact that premium tier 5 mediums have similar hit points to heavies – about 600. It must have it’s damage/rof reduced, maybe to 145/12.5 (tier 6 germans have 135 damage 13 rpm) and penetration increased to 130ish level? And of course HE shell cannot deal more than 200 damage.
          I know, it is supposed to be gun-only-crap-in-every-other-aspect tank, but with too good gun it still can be OP. Unless it will have ammoracks everywhere (kamikaze tank in emergency, has to explode brutally) and a nasty habit of taking frontally full damage from 105 mm HE – then it will be imbalanced, but acceptable.

  4. Better gun that the KV1, rubbish armour and less hitpoints in comparison, but faster and more maneuverable. Sound highly competative at tier 5.

  5. Dat DPM o.O good gun at T5 = roflstomping in a bush of ur choice.. If the stats are kinda correct i’ll get one

  6. 160 damage for a 75 mm gun is a little high, considering that the 75 mm KwK 42 L/70 does 135 and the 76 mm M1A1/A2 does 115.

      • Do you have any information regarding the amount of explosive filler in the 75 mm Gun type 5′s APHE round? The 85 mm UBR-365 APHE used by the Soviet lower tier 85 mm guns had 164 g of explosive.

    • The proposed damage and penetration stats seem to be copied from the KV-1′s 85mm:
      Damage: 160/160/280 HP
      Penetration: 120/161/43 mm

      Type 5:
      Damage: 160/160/280 HP
      Penetration: 120/161/43 mm

      I’m curious about why the proposed Type 5 has better accuracy and a 25% faster RoF, though. Most medium tanks have *worse* guns than same-tier heavy tanks, not strictly better ones.

      Then why does a 75mm gun have 280-alpha HE rounds? And why is the Type 5 so unique in having alpha so unusually high with such lackluster penetration? Most high-damage low-caliber guns fire high-velocity shells with excellent penetration.

  7. The proposed gun is better than the KV-1′s gun. There is no way that WG is going to introduce a tier 5 medium tank with a better gun than the gun on the KV-1

    • It’s a premium tank. It pays for the good gun by having bad mobility (not good for a medium) and armor.

  8. This tank is WAY to strong for a Tier 5 premium. Gun is OP compared to the T14, Excelsior, and any other Tier 5…..this is more on the lines of a Tier 6 or 7 premium tank.

    • You forgot about the fact that it has no speed or armor.
      it has like 10 horsepower per ton and its frontal hull armor (the most stronger except the front turret wich is at 70mm) is 50mm, the sides I imagine are like 20 or 30. This thing can basically be killed with 1 salvo of the mauser gun the Pz I C has.

    • You are comparing tanks that are exceptionally tough at the expense of guns. It’s like looking at the KV-5 and say that a premium medium can’t have a better gun.

  9. That RoF is WAAY too high for a 160 damage gun. Please be reminded that the Type 58 only fires at 12RPM, is a tier higher, and the tank itself isn’t all that spectacular.

    • Damage is not confirmed, since that was just my suggestion before I learned from an interview RPM was 15 r/m.

      • That gun’s proposed stats are insane.

        -Good accuracy
        -Huge alpha for a med (equivalent to a 120mm-ish gun at tier VIII)
        -More pene than the M1A1-armed Sherman, which is already vastly superior to its peers in this regard
        -Oh, and Patton/T-54 levels of DPM

        No way bad soft stats, less (situationally useful) armour and trash mobility would balance it out

  10. Will this be like the type 59, as in, the only Jap tank in game for a few patches? Or is part of the Japanese tech tree also coming closely afterwards? I try to keep up to date but I’ve been somewhat out of touch on the Japanese stuff.

    Tank would probably sell better if it came before the full tech tree, since people can then later load in their 100% crews with 3/4 perks, which helps in the xp competitions. So that’s why I’m asking.

    • Will most likely go on sale before the tech tree like the Type 59, perhaps in patch 8.9.

  11. WG will probably overprice it at around 2800g since 3xxxg is a level of tier 6 but again its first Jap tank so people will pay more for it than normal tier5.

  12. I’ll wait on the official statistics and not even discuss Daigensui’s “opinion” on this. She’s been wrong numerous times on so many different topics, she’s a terribad player, and worst part is she can’t have a normal discussion on the forums anymore without trolling and flaming people she replies to. Basically she got butthurt from people calling her out on her ridiculous claims of in game “balance” and then posted her main account which is this name, thinking it would shut people up but they just trashed her some more because her main account wasn’t much better than her alt kankou.

    • Daigensui’s work is half the reason we’re even GETTING Japanese tanks right now. Say all you want about her playing quality, that has nothing to do with researching and finding the historical information WG needs for their tanks.

    • Player skill and inteligence is not related. She may still be right (or wrong) about things despite being a mediocre player. There are also lots of really good players that are totally clueless about game balance.

    • Unlike most people, I acknowledge that I’m a maverick and thus conventional “knowledge” may not apply to me. Furthermore, I can admit when I am wrong, and certainly do not believe there is some absolute standard unlike some people whose greatness relies only on arbitrary formulas.

      • > I’m a maverick and thus conventional “knowledge” may not apply to me

        so edgy

  13. >240hp engine
    Type 100 V12 240hp engine had the subtypes “prototype 300hp engine” with supercharged.

    • Perhaps for the standard Type 3 Chi Nu on the tech tree. But premiums have to be what they were historically, so it is the 240hp engine.

  14. Gun stats seem too good, 2460 dpm on a tier 5 non-td with 160 alpha and 120 pen? Way above the stats of the same tier mediums, although I suppose the engine of this tank would mean that it would not be able to move like a medium in any sense.

      • I know; just saying they seem a little too good for a tier 5 medium…. almost as good as tier 5 TDs, it looks like.

    • It has APHE as standard ammo, thus the higher base damage. But its just assumtion yet.

      • …except Everybody & Dog, Inc. used APHE as standard-issue ammo so moot point.

  15. 15 rof is ok with 135 dmg, or 160 dmg and 10 rof… lets see what WG will bring to us

  16. >en.wikipedia Japanese tanks article

    Very Poor and wrong information.
    Russian wikipedia Japanese tanks article more better.

  17. I’d say the gun is like that

    160 damage
    130 penetration
    2,9 sec aiming time
    0.38 acc

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