Which tanks AFK the most?

Source: vbaddict.net, special thanks to 0ritfx for sending the link to me

Hello everyone,

the internet offers all kinds of statistics on WoT. Some of them useful, some of them less so – and some of them totally useless, but interesting nonetheless. This is the third kind – which vehicles actually AFK the most?

The first column is obviously the vehicle name, the second one shows how many battles did this vehicle played and the third one shows the percentage of AFK battles (as “AFK”, the vehicle doesn’t move AND deal any damage)

Loyd Gun Carriage 130,288 10.32 %
Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) 2,189 10.19 %
Renault FT AC 50,008 6.66 %
Renault FT 384,552 6.26 %
SU-18 24,343 5.67 %
Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) 35,082 5.62 %
Renault FT 75 BS 17,041 5.46 %
G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) 57,467 4.57 %
Sexton II 3,831 4.46 %
Renault NC-31 520,83 3.81 %
E-25 12,85 3.68 %
Vickers Medium Mk. I 3,989,628 3.47 %
Lorraine 39L AM 25,022 3.44 %
Sturmpanzer I Bison 26,98 3.13 %
T57 180,614 2.75 %
Valentine II 10,366 2.69 %
Cruiser Mk. I 85,381 2.66 %
MS-1 1,973,745 2.65 %
T1E6 337,361 2.60 %
Leichttraktor 10,061,076 2.59 %
MT-25 22,07 2.55 %
T-26 474,901 2.47 %
Wespe 48,244 2.33 %
Vickers Medium Mk. II 298,122 2.32 %
Matilda IV 38,841 2.16 %
Pz.Kpfw. I 299,362 2.14 %
D1 79,536 2.13 %
SU-26 70,095 2.13 %
SU-14-1 17,908 2.12 %

58 thoughts on “Which tanks AFK the most?

  1. notice how it’s all low tier, premium or a new tank.

    this is my theory. all the people who play these tanks are either new to the game and want to look all over their tanks or maybe it’s a new premium. E.G. E-25 or maybe it’s a new tank. E.G. MT-25.

    i’m not saying this is the reason for this list i’m just saying this is why I think those tanks are in that list.


      • You guys are lucky to have AFKers mostly in low tier vehicles.

        If you come and have a look at the situation on the Chinese server, you will discover:
        The tank that AFK the most is Type 59 (about 10%, yet they still profit without prem account!).
        The tank that bot the most is Type 59 (about 30%, and they profit even more than AFKers!).
        The Tier 7+ tank that has the most noob drivers is Type 59 (about 30%).
        However there’re still roughly 10% excellent players and 5% unicums (they farm mostly in Types coz they’re really OP if well played).
        By the way, the tank that appears the most in Tier 8 battles is Type 59 (more than 3 on each side almost every battle, constantly run into battles with 5+ per side, battles with 28+ Types in total reported now and again)
        Finally, the best selling premium tank is definitely Type 59 (400677 Types altogether, along with 871 Golden Types so far). And the number of Types is second only to that of IS-3s among Tier 8 vehicles.

        See for yourself: http://wot.garphy.com/?type=record
        (Yeah I know it’s Chinese, but I don’t see big problems. Also you can sort the vehicles by clicking the columnheaders)

        PS: The columnheaders on the left half of the page are (from left to right):
        Vehicle Name
        Number of Vehicles (on the Chinese server)
        Average Winrate
        Winrate of the Other Vehicles in the Same Tier of the Same Class
        (Winrate) Record (X battles needed to be taken into account. Values of X from Tier 1 to 10 are: 50 50 100 100 150 200 250 300 400 450)
        Record Holder (on the Chinese server of course)

    • New players are generally not that much into the game, hence they tend more to leave a battle than a player who is playing in high tier that can loose some credits… or his reputation… or some efficiency rating.^^

      • This statistics does not seem to belong to the newcommers. Consider the following: how could a player who is new to the game know about vbaddict.net and ADU?

  2. Off topic, but is there any information regarding the AMX 30 french line?

      • It was portrayed in the tentative tech tree, but then the devs scratched that idea and have never spoken of the AMX-30 since then

        • The French haven’t really had much focus for a while. Last update they had the spotlight was 0.7.4 for both their TD and arty branches. They have had the tier 10 TD and ELC in 0.7.5 and the 2 new arty in 0.8.5 but nothing really suited about them.

          • Don’t worry guys, they will come, if Leopard 1 is in the game the AMX 30 will be too, both tanks came from the same project. The info about the project is on Wiki page about AMX 30.

            As for secondary French Heavies, I’m skeptic if they come out before Japs, the tier X of this branch is really enigmatic and the only designs fitting it are awkward at least but my best bet is that they will resemble the FCM 50t in gameplay.

            • Continuing my thought (to not make it look like Marine copy-pasta you felt for so easily) the tier X may be an up-armored variant of AMX 50 100, I’ve found one schematic of armor value but nothing clear, the pics of one prototype with different hull are on the net, you can google it, it has a simillar to british heavies middle plate between upper and lower glacis. The schematic shows at least a 150mm thick sloped armor on front (thickness is not specified, I compared the schematic with Foch’s and AC mle.48 ones to indicate thickness) but the design doesn’t make sense game-wise as it was JUST an AMX 50 100 with more front armor, the turret was oscillating according to pics but there’s no data on its armor values.

              The other candidate is just AMX 50B with normal turret design which French made paper designs of to every AMX 50 variant in case the Oscillating one proved faulty. While it makes sense in terms of gameplay , its boring and adds very little variety…

              So tier X for Second French heavies is a large unknow and there’s no suitable candidates unless Wargamings acquired something from the French archives which was never published anywhere and I hope they did.

        • Didn’t SerB say something yesterday on the lines of
          “there are no suitable premium french med tanks, because all the models WG has need to be used to plug holes on the AMX 30 branch” ?

  3. I see Lowes, SP and T34s AFK the most in the Tiers that I play most often.. so I think this list is missing something.

  4. You should clarify that this list is only for the last few days once 8.7 was released in RU and EU. It cannot be a server wide historical data pull since MT25 and E-25 are not on the US server yet.

    • That wouldn’t make much of a difference. There’s millions of players on the RU server, whilst only a few hundred thousand on the US.

      Contrary to popular believe, the US is not the centre of the universe.

      • True, but double check the revenue per player and control for time the game has been out on each server. Now then tell me which server population is more valuable.

        • Whilst the Americans do spend more than the other servers (They do have better offers/deals), that isn’t relavant to the topic.

          The tanks which go AFK most are low tier tanks. Artillery being the most common, then premium tanks. But even then, there’s onlyy one premium tank that is a higher tier tank.

          And the reason that the few E-25 drivers are probably AFK is due to incompatable mods causing their game to crash. I doubt many people would be buying a tier 7 premium TD (Which wouldn’t earn that much money) not to play it, especially considering one of its main strengths is how fast the thing is.

        • Russian, because they bring overall much more money than EU and US. And if EU or US will hit RU online numbers, their per capita numbers will be lover than it is now. And BTW EU are already not that big. Overal WG revenues come from russian market mostly.

          • Or we would increase exponentially. NA is the largest market in gaming and the reason its focused the most by many devs. Next are the euros who spend their toothbrush and tooth paste allowances on gaming instead. And the RU sector is usually one of the least focused “large regions” because it’s a fact they are dirty thieves, with the highest piracy levels in gaming and non-gaming software.

            • You forgot to mention that the US would rather spend their money on fast food and liposuction.

      • I am not saying we are the US is the center of the universe, I am saying this is bad data since it is a recent snapshot and not a long term snap shot. The information will be more telling after a few weeks once 8.7 has been around for a while. This doesnt tell us what tanks are the most AFK, just what happened in 2 days of release of 8.7. I suspect there is a filter on as well since only lower tier tanks are registered. Soon enough though, we’ll have a better picture.

        • The data consists of 960144 games with around 30 Mio tanks participated, the data of the last 30 days. Only some newer tanks like the E25 and MT-25 are fresh, as you can see on the amount of participated tanks.

          Visit vBAddict to see the full list, as SS is showing only a few of them. There you can group/analyze also by Tier or Type/Class (surprise, surprise, light tanks are on top)

  5. Loyd Gun Carriage is at top because people want to try it as new tank and at the same time try moving old mods which don’t work in 0.8.7,

  6. Useless, aslong as it says ‘not moving OR no dmg’ because T2 arty is hard to do dmg at all. Thats why so many low tier arty is in this statistic.
    when it says ‘no movment AND no dmg’ it would be different

    • Even with a T2 SPG youll still manage toat least hit somebody, even if you were rushed in the beginning, you cant tell me that you didnt even manage to move a couple of meters, can you?

    • “doesn’t move or deal any damage” == NOT(Moved OR DidDamage) == (NOT Moved AND NOT DidDamage)

      “doesn’t move or doesn’t deal any damage” == (NOT Moved OR NOT DidDamage)

      See the difference? So it already says exactly what you’re asking for. Having said that, it’s is easily possible for low tier arty to never move (rotation doesn’t count) and not do damage. Not because they’re AFK, but because they’re actively trying and yet they just suck that bad. Which is measuring something else entirely.

  7. I guess it and the leighttractor are the most played tier 1′s by newbies….

    • Because it shows ads based on what you view in your browser.

      Liking Pokemon is nothing to be ashamed of.

      • I know .. But the weird thing is, I haven’t searched or opened anything Pokemon related for at least 5 years now ( back then I searched how to save a broken game cassette :/ )

  8. You cannot draw any conclusion from this data. The cause of an AFK can be anything none of which that can be attributed to a specific tank or tier. Who hasn’t been called to dinner, had to answer the phone or door or had the game crash or a power outage. And don’t forget the occasional call of nature.

    • Those are all external factors and so the distribution would be even across all tanks. That is absolutely not what is shown here. Instead there is a clear pattern in the distribution indicating that tier and tank DO have an effect on AFK rate.

  9. This data must be WRONG!

    1) This are data of only 1 day.

    2) Collecting such data 1 day after patch is useless!

    3) The Pz. B2 has a serverwide Winrate of 53%. (for last 2 weeks its 56%!) If 10% of the battles were AFK battles, its winrate would drop below 49%. Otherwise most of its (not afking) owners would be pros and/or the tank would be really (i mean REALLY!) awesome OP!