World of Tanks in Japan

Special thanks to Daigensui for posting this on US forums

From 5.9.2013, Japan will have its own World of Tanks server. Additionally, there will be some form of cooperation between Wargaming and the authors of the popular Girls und Panzer anime. The content of this collaboration is not yet clear however.

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  1. Can’t wait! Probably no remodels, but some official skins, icons and voices would be perfect!

    • I would +1 that. :D
      Let’s hope through some mods we get the same stuff.

      • the collaboration will be made based on advertisement of the wot game. Anime is popular in Japan, so as these cartoons. My guess is that WG wants to use this advantage to promote their bullshit.

  2. You can sell and promote anything in Japan if its associated with a popular anime series. See Windows 7 and 8.

    • Windows 7 was good, its no Windows XP, but it was still good. Windows 8… well its an operating system (barely), never thought I would want Vista back until I used 8, the only good thing about it is that Windows tablets and phones use windows 8. But in all honesty who buys Windows tablets and phones. /rant

    • My brother recently purchased a new comp, which naturally came with Win 8 installed.

      At first boot we stared at it for like five minutes before he seriously began to consider replacing that shit with good ole 7. (He eventually opted for a freeware prog that effectively converts the former into the latter as far as the user is concerned.)

  3. serb just confirmed that on japanse server the top tier of the jap. heavy branch will be a TXII “Godzilla”.

  4. Just to clarify things, the link does not say there will be Japan server, it just says service will start in Japan from 5 Sep, whatever that means.

    • This. The source doesn’t actually mention a Japan server. Currently the ASIA server offers a Japan subsection at the forums. I’m assuming that from 5 September, they’re probably going to start full Japan regional support (e.g. official site news, support tickets, player support in general) for the ASIA server (currently on ASIA there is only language support for English, Thai and Chinese, if you want to submit a ticket for something).

  5. why are you low lifes slagging japan. the moment they get on WOT they could kick all your asses.

    I mean come on if there’s any country to slag it’s Poland.

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            • oh we all know japan and America make the best games. also the small games company based in Dundee.

            • I dont remember playing a Japanese game I (personally) have liked, but that is down to personal opinion I guess.
              As for american games… hmm there are many I really love a good amount i dont like.
              Almost all Eastern European games I have played range between “decently good”and “finest of gaming”, though that is personal opinion. One exception though :P .

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    • definitely not if you read the title it says the japan will get it’s own WOT server not a japan tech tree

        • Read the link (if you cannot read japanese, use google translate). SS may get a bit confused on this one.

          • i’m not going to read the link as I trust silentstalker.
            not some little kid who keeps himself anonymous, so why would I believe you.

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            • well DSM seeing as for some reason I can’t reply to what you’ve said, I will just type it here.
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            • >i’m not going to read the link as I trust silentstalker.

              No offence to SS, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t speak Japanese, and is only trusting second-hand knowledge from somebody else.

              As someone who actually understands Japanese, I can assure you that the original source does not mention anything about a “Japan server”, only that WoT will roll out in Japan, which is a pretty vague wording to begin with. You cannot concretely affirm anything from this announcement, because it is very vague.

  6. they really want to kill the SEA server and divide their players don’t they, taking 2 of the largest groups and segregating them to their own servers is just going to hurt things

      • then what is “From 5.9.2013, Japan will have its own World of Tanks server.” doing there?

        • SS’s blog post =/= original link.

          Go to the original link, and do a CTRL+F for any of the following terms:

          1. サーバ
          2. サーバー
          3. 服務器
          4. 伺服器
          5. SERVER

          And you will find zero results.

  7. First they get server, then another tsunami because they still make anime!

    • It is official, the World of Tanks community is AT LEAST as stupid as the Call of Duty community. At least on average. Even with the recent death threats at the Treyarch developer I am certain we may be able to beat em! GO TEAM RETARD!

  8. First of all, facepalm for the Japan/Anime hate, watch and learn:

    This is either the announcement of colab works with the GuP makers, or the announcement
    of a japanese cluster, but I doubt it’s a completely seperate server.

    Much like Australia will get a cluster.

  9. Im not into Animes perse (except some childhood stuff like dragonball),, but Girls and Panzer is just hilarious, wierd fun. Panzerfahren as Martial Art for young Girls is just Epic stuff.

    And the Anime is made really good, the Tanks look historic…

    They had me as fan in the moment the russian team attacks and the commanding dwarf girl sings “katjusha”

    Also the “Panzerlied” when the Maus appears the first time is just behond epicness.

  10. World of Tanks will most likely not do too good in Japan. Imao most gamers in Japan are mostly in the sectors of mobile gaming like cellphones, Nintendo Handheld consoles, PlayStation handheld consoles etc.

    PC gaming wise Japan is a wasteland, there is mostly JRPG’s and point and click games that people play, shooters and stuff like that aren’t “that” popular.
    Anime wise, 200 000 viewers are considered good in Japan just to make you guys realize how small stuff is over there, Pokémon the largest anime to run on Japanese TV receives only a few million views.

    WoT in Japan probably not get more then 10k – 30k active players if a miracle happens.

    • Pokemon the largest anime on jap tv? if u mean with large the episode count then ur not even close to right! Doraemon hast like 1787 eoisodes! + thousands other series/ movies.

      • Yes, but he was referring to general viewership. Nobody past the age of 10 watches Doraemon.

        If you want to know how successful an animated show is in Japan, you can check the television viewership ratings, or the Oricon charts which show the BD/DVD sales rankings.

  11. They animated tracks really well, but otherwise it’s ‘muh sexy waifu Rommel’ bullshit. That’s, like, more disgusting than any of SerB’s most heinous, trolly answers. I’m literally scared.

  12. Kanns kaum erwarten <3 und ihr mit euren scheiss hater komis geht sterben :D

    • Well they dnt have their own server yet so they have to connect to the US or chinese / something + the game aint in japanese yet they are quite handicapped when it comes to using english in Japan.

      • ” the game aint in japanese yet they are quite handicapped when it comes to using english in Japan” – but it is. This is only the case if you’re on the EU server.

        The ASIA server has full Japanese support – the Japanese locale of the game has full Japanese menus and crew voices.

      • They don’t connect to the Chinese server AFAIK. If you remember the historical issues between China and Japan clearly you’ll know why. (Plus the existance of the GFW – the Great FireWall)

      • I suspect it might not be entirely irrelevant that the last I checked just about the whole rest of Asia *still* hated Japan over all kinds of things from some sixty-seventy years ago…

    • That’s about the average population of the NA server, and that services both North and South America. And we only just got the NA West server in 8.6.

    • Japanese game market is big. but, Wargaming is not popular in Japan. WoT need PS4 version.

  13. the pictures of crewmembers willbe probably replaced by GoP and other anime characters…
    I bet we will see tank crews with schoolgirls, shinigamis, etc.

  14. Wonder Silentstalker is gonna see this or not (maybe not).
    The source page only mentioned Wargaming-Japan will start provide service from Sep. 5th 2013. From that day on there will be japanese staffs starting provide support and full-scale services.

    There is no other clear indication whether there will be a new Japanese area server or not.

  15. What collaboration? Some of the models in that anime are straight-out copies of WoT models!

  16. So it’s Japan, right?

    There will be tentacle skins and probably even tentacle consumables.

  17. So many strange views about the Japan. They aren’t wierder then others. Judging people by the extremes are bad as while there are tentacles and other fringe interest groups in Japan so can you just check out the wierder American movies and see just as strange stuff.

  18. Oh gawds, YES!

    If from this cooperation stuff from GuP gets implemented into WoT or something (WoT gets cameo in OVA?) then yes, prease :3

  19. From reading the article it sounds far more like they are launching an advertising blitz and maybe a local office in Japan more than anything else. In fact the article doesn’t mention servers at all, new or otherwise.

  20. I’ve watched the entire GuP series and really if you dont mind a little tongue in cheek tank action it is a good fun watch. Drifting matildas were something to see

  21. Well if that means there will be a Japanese server by the 5th of September. Does that mean that there will be a Japanese line by then? I’m excited. :)

    • I don’t follow how that wishful thinking logic works. China has had WoT since March 2011 (before both EU and NA; in fact, China is the 2nd WoT region after Russia), and they didn’t get their lines until just recently.