Bovington 2013 video – another copyright fail?

Thanks to CatfoodCZ for pointing this out.

Hello everyone,

today, WG EU uveiled a very nice Bovington Tankfest 2013 video. I like it a lot actually, here it is:


There is a catch though. If you listen carefully, you might hear faint “Shockwave sound” and “Preview” being said during the music. That’s because the song came out of the Shockwave sound portal. There, you can listen to the music and you can order it – but the previews have exactly this “Preview” word being mixed into the tracks (very clearly heard for example from 2:47, ironically during V.Kisly’s speech), which leads me to the assumption, that WG EU disregarded copyright once again and ripped the music straight from the portal.

18 thoughts on “Bovington 2013 video – another copyright fail?

  1. I guess WG lives by the law that negative advertisement is still advertisement.

    • *shrugs* I think that I posted as many positive articles about WG as negative ones (well, if you count the Q&A anyway) :) Also, at this moment, I prefer WG to Gaijin. I am also a huge fan of some WG employees (namely The_Chieftain and Challenger) and I like SerB’s trolling. So it’s not that bad.

      • Well I think SerB is mostly just being asshole, but he cannot say “yes” to every suggestion. And repeated joke… But yeah, there are many great people working for WG. V. Kislyi seems to be a great guy imo

        • I still prefer SerB with his asshole attitude , the man knows what he’s doing and so far I wasn’t disappointed by his ideas nor by WoT as a whole. Kisly may be great guy but he’s a businessman , he does what’s best for company’s profit and I don’t think anyone would want him to have greater impact on WoT than he has now.

          and Challenger is paid for being the way he is so I don’t care if he truly is like that or not.

          • What a wierd comment’ I get paid for my job as well but did Wargaming pay him for thirty years service in the British Army, I think not,,,

  2. Erm i think you have a copyright violation ONLY if you used unauthorized material in commercial way. So for example, if you use a song owned by someone else, to make a video that you post on YouTube, thats not a copyright violation.

    But if you make a game that includes a song owned by someone else, and then you SELL that game, then you break the law….

      • Still, you don’t buy that YouTube video that contains those materials…nothing violated so far.

        Only fun thing that you can point out here is the fact that WG, again, uses copyrighted stuff without permission or without giving any credits to the owner.

        • If there is an implied value to the advertising (easy to prove if the video goes viral) then yes, it is clearly a use for gain or profit and is subject to copyright laws. Some very thin lines can be crossed if your not careful…

          • Meh….there are a bazillion of youtube videos containing copyrighted stuff without giving creditentials and no-one does a shit.

            • You would be surprised how many professional youtubers have their videos flagged, even by trolls and cannot resolve these issues even when not having copyrighted content.

  3. WG goes after project tank for copyright infringement but they themselves get caught several times ripping off other’s works of art, music, etc. I think karma is gunning for WG big time!

    • Ahaahaha right?

      And tbh I can’t see how this ISN’T for business and promotional use.

  4. Russian’s disregarding copyrights and stealing something? I am utterly “shocked”.

    *see what i did there? joke and a jab at the same time!

  5. from the comments here looks like EU folks don’t really understand what copy right and IP is. and i mean the comments that say, hey it’s not really a copy right violation.

    plz read about it in the web before looking like fools..

  6. The video is now private, Im too late. That’s what I get for enjoying the heat :(