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    • For starters, calling an anime a cartoon is considered retarded by the japanese and otakus and secondly I bet your parents dropped you when you were a baby… Your dad should have weared a condom!

      • “For starters, calling an anime a cartoon is considered retarded by the japanese”

        Native Japanese speaker here, are you fucking serious?

        You do realize that many “otaku” in Japan view Japanophilic westerners who defend their subculture to the bone as something interesting and funny to watch, right?

        If you enjoy watching anime, enjoy it. Don’t become all defensive and feel the need to fight every time someone baits you on the internet.

      • By the way, if you ever go to a DVD shop in Japan, Disney films (Lion King, Tarzan, etc) and 3D animated films (Shrek, Toy Story, etc) are located under the “欧米アニメ” (western “anime”) section.

        “アニメ” (anime) is an umbrella term in Japan that refers to all cartoons and animations, regardless of country of origin. The whole “anime is Japanese!” thing is just an Ameritard thing that’s stuck, and is essentially how the word is now used in the English language.

  1. Great…. now we wait for My Little Pony and Hello Kitty driving tanks….

  2. Would be nice concept IRL, yet I would name my tank Terrible E-100 and paint it in my enemies’ blood.

  3. So, could someone explain some stuff to me regarding this, without flaming or hating?
    a)Why the _HELL_ girls?
    b)Why urban terrain, especially somewhat modern looking terrain?
    c)Why do they speed around half the time?
    I just dont get it… :|

    • It’s just the new japanese madness…

      I’m not an anime hater, I have some favorites (like Ghost in the shell, Hellsing, Deathnote, even the good old Dragon ball, with its dumb conversations).

      But I just can’t tolerate this garbage…

    • A) and B) actually have vague “in-character” justifications, though ones with their tongues quite firmly lodged in the cheek. (There’s actually a short scene early on where the girls discuss some of the peculiarities of their world and conclude the main reason’s probably “stupid politics”.)
      As for C)?
      RULE OF COOL obviously. >:D

    • The girls one is just japanese being japanese. The modern urban setting is explained by the fact that these girls have resurrected the art of driving tanks many decades after its downfall (so they’re using tanks that are probably a hundred years old by now). As for the speeding around, you see, a 1000m tank fight is actually kinda boring to look at, while this is more action packed.

    • a) in the setting of GuP ‘senshado’ is a sport taken up by women, men in tanks = war

      b) the series has battles in forests, fields, snowy plains as well as cities, the city from the video is from the actual city of Oarai in Japan (a place that was badly damaged by the tsunami a few years ago, the extra tourism because of this show was very welcome there)

      c) the video is actually sped up during the chase scene, that said the Matilda’s are still going a bit too fast

    • >a)Why the _HELL_ girls?

      Because if it’s cute, it sells in Japan. If the show featured men driving tanks, it would not have sold as many DVD and Blu-Ray copies in Japan. The Blu-Ray sales of GuP managed to top the Oricon charts in Japan. See the Wikipedia page for “Girls und Panzer” for further detail.

      >b)Why urban terrain, especially somewhat modern looking terrain?

      The show is set in the modern era. They drive WW2-era tanks as a form of girls’ sport, not as warfare.

      >c)Why do they speed around half the time?

      Tanks could actually whizz around like that in real life. They appear a bit slow in WoT because of game balance.

      • I agree with a previous comment and I would describe the entire concept of that ”thing” pure GARBAGE.

      • >Tanks could actually whizz around like that in real life. They appear a bit slow in WoT because of game balance.

        Tanks in Girls & Panzer are also sped up for ‘dramatic’ purposes.
        The director came out and said that if tanks were moving at their true speeds, it would be a bore.
        Imagine a 10mph (off road) Type 89 being chased by a Matilda that is equally as slow.. may be good for sims and for documentaries/movies, but for an action packed show, that would probably drive people away.

  4. The whole video has only one valuable thing in it – TEAPOT BADGE ON MATILDA! :D

    • I watched a few more of these this morning after seeing this one, where you see that radio operator girl is texting to the other tanks ..

  5. Great video i hope they let us paint our M3 Lee in Pink , then it would actually be fun driving that tank.

  6. You should have posted the Oarai Vs. Saunders match done WoT style… the match with St. Gloriana just attracts all the ignorant idiots like posted above since they don’t know why the Oarai tanks are painted that way temporarily or why the Matildas can keep up with the PzIV, etc.

    • It definitely wouldn’t be cool if it weren’t japanese anime. See dragon ball live action movie (dragon ball evolution)… Yuck!

        • That’s great news, I’ll drop by your place, tie you and play some 100+ episode anime. You’ll puke ’till you drop dead.

          Oh dear, I’m so evil… :]

  7. It’s amasing how effective hollywood propaganda is! It’s apparently heresy to watch another countries productions rather then the one true civilised country. But considering how gullible people seems to be so must it be easier to spread propaganda then to produce quality shows.

      • As opposed to what? The “Saw” series and similar delights for the whole family?

    • You watched something that was conceived when a pedophile was taking drugs and played WoT at the same time.

  8. Piece of sh*t video. Nothing funny, nothing special, nothing worth of watching… just this jap sh*t no one wants to watch. I’ve always hated jap/chinese cartoons except pokemon.

    • You hate anime, but like one of the worst anime ever? LOL.

      If you guys want something serious, without little girls, tentacles, etc – try Legend of the Galactic Heroes (with central anime subs, since they’re the best).

      It’s OLD, so there will be pretty much no eye candy in it, but LOGH is the best of the best in terms of plot.

      Two sides – Free Planet Aliance and Galactic Empire wage war for centuries, but two individuals, who double as main protagonists, rise through the ranks to take the conflict to another level. Star Wars: The Anime? Oh, please, SW sucks compared to LOGH.

      Try this review if you feel like it, maybe you’ll get even more interested:

      • Egh, Old Skool ‘serious’ animu. As far as I’m aware that’s a surefire recipe for pretentious posturing and lolplots that make Star Trek look like an in-depth sociopolitical analysis and paragon of plausibility.

        Not that the newer ones tended to be much (or any) better, mind…

        • No.

          LOGH is SERIOUS, and at the same time there are hardly any plotholes (I rewatched it like 2 weeks ago, and I can’t think of any), this ain’t some trainwreck that runs on high octane deus ex machina (yes, I’m looking at you code geass, guilty crown and death note).

          “Pretentious”? Ewww, no. It doesn’t beat you with some kind of morality stick – LOGH presents some options, opinions – but which side to take is all up to you.
          And as I said earlier – two main characters are both protagonists. This ain’t some “big, nice, good lookin’ hero vs nasty, smelly, kitten-eatin’ villain” – one of them fights because he has a goal (conquer all known space and unite humanity), and the other… Doesn’t want to fight at all, but the pay is good, and he is loyal to his government (no matter how hard it’ll screw with him).

          All in all, it makes SW look like a fairy tale for kids (good guys always win, redemption etc, etc) – while in LOGH, there’s good, evil and all shades of gray. Well, no matter what I say, finishing LOGH will clear all doubts.

          • Someone doth protest FAR too much. And makes altogether too many strawman assumptions.

            Anyways, I read the blurb on AniDB long ago. Concluded it smelled of maximum pretension and cheap drama, and certainly wasn’t interested in spending umpteen hours of my life seeing if it bucked the odds.