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Author: Lahn, US server (plus others, if I understood this correctly)

Hello everyone,

this branch proposal was sent to me by the aforementioned gentleman. Basically, it deals with the possible Taiwanese vehicles. It was also handed to WG employees for consideration and I think it’s way too interesting not to post here. Enjoy!

Light-Medium Branch

Tier 5 MT: M4A4 Sherman “Tuji” (Assault)

Gun: 75mm M3L40 -> 76mm M1A1 -> 105mm M4L23
Turret: M4 Sherman
Chassis: M4A4 (longer hull)
Engine: Continental R-975C1 -> Continental R-975EC2 -> Ford GAA -> Chrysler A57
Radio: SCR508 -> SCR-619
Max speed: 48kph

The Sherman is the most common American tank seen through out WW2, with a total of 49,234 vehicles manufactured, but only 35 were sent to the 1st Tank battalion of the Chinese Expeditionary Forces in Burma and India. These M4A4s received the nick name “Tuji” (Assault). At the last phase of the Civil war against Communism, the Americans sent more M4A4s to equip their Nationalist ally, but only 30 of them retreated to Taiwan. The M4s in the Nationalist Army remained in service until 1953


Tier 5 LT: M113 Amphibious

Gun: 75mm M6 -> 76mm M1A1
Turret: M24 Chaffee
Chassis: M113 APC
Engine: GE 53T6V -> Napco 8V-71T
Radio: SCR508 -> SCR-619
Max speed: 63kph

The M113 was an excellent armored personnel carrier, and the Nationalists tried to use the M24 chaffee turret to modify the APC into a tank for the Armored troops. The new hybrid tank received an interesting name: the Amphibious tank. But it proved to be not amphibious, and the project was scrapped.
The “Amphibious tank” may not afloat, but it acted as an excellent recon tank. The excellent mobility and good fire power could have made it a very good scout tank, but the vehicle never entered mass production since it cannot be amphibious.

Tier 6 LT: M24A1

Gun: 75mm M6 -> 76mm M1A1 -> 90mm M36 -> 105mm M4L23
Turret: M24 Chaffee
Chassis: M24 Chaffee
Engine: Cadillac 44T24V8 x2 -> GE 53T6V
Radio: SCR508 -> SCR-619
Max speed: 60kph

The M24 was an American light tank used during the late part of World War II and in postwar conflicts including the Korean War, it was introduced to China to equip the Nationalist Chinese Army to fight against the Communist. The Kuomintang Nationalists upgraded its engine and gun, and renamed it as M24A1. 289 entered service, some maintained in service as fixed coastal defense until today.

Tier 7 LT: Type 64 Hybrid

Gun: 40mm PomPom -> 76mm M1A1 -> 90mm M36
-> 76mm M32
Turret: M18 Hellcat
Chassis: M41 W. Bulldog
Engine: Continental AOSI-895-5
Radio: SCR508 -> SCR-619
Max speed: 74kph

The Type 64 is a hybrid tank by installing a M18 Hellcat turret onto the M41 chassis. The Nationalist failed to acquire M41s for Taiwanese defense, by removing the 40mm Pom Pom gun on the M42 Duster AA tank and fix it with a M18 hellcat turret, the Type 64 entered service as an interim solution for the Taiwanese. More than 50 entered service, only one remained in exhibition at the Armored Troops Academy today.

Tier 8 MT: Type 64 Prototype

Gun: 76mm M32 -> 90mm M36 -> 90mm M41
-> 76mm M32K1
Turret: M41 W. Bulldog -> M41 W. Bulldog + spaced armor
Chassis: M41 W. Bulldog + armor upgrade
Engine: Continental AOSI-895-5 -> Napco 8V-71T
Radio: SCR508 -> ANVRC-7
Max speed: 62kph

The designing of the light tank M41 started in 1949, many of them were exported to Allied countries of the United States. A total of 675 were sold to the Nationalist Chinese Army in Taiwan. Type 64 prototype is a local upgrade version of the M41, with improved fire controls, a superior diesel engine, co-axial machinegun replaced with T57 7.62mm MG, thick spaced armor on turret, and sideskirts for tracks. The extra weight reduced the maximum speed from 72kph to 62kph, despite the engine upgrade. Two prototypes went to test, and the performance was like “super Pershing light tank version”, still not enough to challenge the Communist T-55 frontally and act as a proper medium tank, only available as another interim solution. The project was scrapped with the introduction of M48s.


Tier 9 MT: M41D Shen Ju (God horse)

Gun: 76mm M32 -> 90mm M36 -> 90mm M41 -> 90mm T132E3
-> 76mm M32K1
Turret: M41. W. Bulldog + armor upgrade -> M41 W. Bulldog + spaced armor
Chassis: M41 W. Bulldog
Engine: Continental AOSI-895-5 -> Napco 8V-71T -> Cummins VTA-903TR
Radio: SCR508 -> ANVRC-7
Max speed: 74kph

M41D is the last modification of the Nationalist Chinese Army for its M41 tanks. It received a new locally produced gun, new targeting systems, a new diesel engine, and turret spaced armor. Both engines went under test but the official approved the economical rather than the better performance one, which maxed out its speed to 74kph. The M32K1 gun is specially designed to fire APCR, HVAP and APDS rounds. 50 tanks were converted, most maintained service in the Nationalist Chinese Marine Corps until today.


Tier 10 MT: CM12 Prototype / M48A3 Tsu Chiang

Gun: 90mm M41 -> 105mm M68 -> 105mm M68K1
Turret: M47 -> M48A3
Chassis: M48A1
Engine: Continental AVDS-1790-7C -> Continental AVDS-1790-2DM
Radio: ANVRC-7

The Nationalist Chinese Army received their 1st M48A1s in 1973, but they are equipped with gasoline engine. The Taiwanese government bought an M48A5 for evaluation. Then the local upgrade replaced the gasoline engine with a diesel engine, and up-gunned from 90mm to 105mm. The upgraded version received the name “Tsu Chiang”. The diesel engine took extra space thus limiting the performance range from 463km to 312km. Total 309 M48A1s entered service, 250 upgraded. The Tsu Chiang tanks later received another upgrade, and renamed as CM12.

This project did not upgrade the modern firing control system, or any armor upgrade. The Taiwanese M48A3s were converted from the M48A1, which has less frontal armor instead of the original American M48A3s’ 178mm. Even with the gun shield of 120mm, it can still be penned with “gold rounds” for some tanks at medium range. But with the better engine, the Taiwanese M48 can run a lot faster than their American counterparts, with better reload time / aiming speed.



Tier 2 Arty: M8

Gun: 75mm Howitzer M2
Chassis: M5 Stuart
Engine: Cadillac 42 x2 -> Cadillac 44T24V8 x2
Radio: SCR210 -> SCR-508
Max speed: 58kph

The M8 SPG entered service at 1948, when the civil war is at its peak. The SPG often used as mobile fire support against human waves, but it lacked range against soviet made long range artillery in the battle of Kinmen.

Tier 3 Arty: M10 SPG

Gun: 105mm Howitzer M3 -> 105mm Type 38
Chassis: M10 wolverine
Engine: Continental R-975EC2 -> GM6046
Radio: SCR210 -> SCR508 -> SCR-506
Max speed: 48kph

The M10 SPG was converted from the American M10 wolverine TD. The Nationalists acquired the M10s with lend lease act, but the 76.2mm guns on some of the tanks were sabotaged, thus the Armament factory 202 made them a new 360 degree turning turret and replaced the gun with captured Japanese 105mm howitzer.
The Armored Troops is very satisfied with the modification, they performed excellent in the battle of Kinmen, 1949. 16 entered service, only one remained in exhibition at the Armored Troops Academy.

Tier 4 Arty: M7 Priest

Gun: 105mm Howitzer M4 -> 105mm Howitzer M2A1
Chassis: M7 priest
Engine: Continental R-975EC2-> Continental R-975C4 -> Ford GAA
Radio: SCR508 -> SCR-506
Max speed: 38kph

Entered service in 45, through lend lease act. Stats are almost the same with the American M7 priest.

Tier 5 Arty: M52

Gun: 105mm Howitzer M103 -> 155mm M46
Chassis: M41/M52
Engine: Continental AOSI-895-5 -> Continental AVDS-1790-7C
Radio: SCR508 -> ANVRC-7
Max speed: 67kph

Production of M52 (armed with a 105mm gun) started in 1951, but problems with the design prevented its immediate deployment. M52 was finally issued in 1955. The Nationalist Chinese received the M52s and issued them to heavy infantry units as the back bone of island defenses.

Tier 6 Arty: T69 SPG

Gun: 105mm Howitzer M103 -> 155mm T69 -> 203mm XT69
Chassis: M108
Gun elevation: -3° / +50° (T69)
Gun angle (left to right): 60°
Firing Rate: 4 Rpm (T69)
Muzzle Velocity: 895 m/s (T69)
Weight: 21 t
Length: 6.11 m
Width: 3.15
Height: 3.28
Crew: 5 (Commander/Driver/Gunner/Loader/Loader)
Engine: Napco 8V-71T -> Cummins VTA-903TR
Max Speed: 56 kph

The T69 is a Taiwanese upgrade of the M108 artillery, armed with local long barrel 155mm howitzer. The Nationalist equipped 100 M108s, some of them received the upgrade before M109s are available.


Tier 7 Arty: XT69 prototype

Gun: 155mm T69 -> 203mm XT69
Chassis: M108
Engine: Napco 8V-71T -> Cummins VTA-903TR
Radio: SCR508 -> ANVRC-7
Max Speed: 56 kph

The XT69 is another Taiwanese upgrade of the M108 artillery, armed with local short barrel 203mm howitzer. However, the performance of the local 8 inch gun proved not as good as the American guns, the project was scrapped after acquiring M110s.

Tier 8 Arty: M55

Gun: 203mm M47 8 inch -> 240mm M1
Chassis: M48/M55
Engine: Continental AV-1790-5B -> Continental AVDS-1790-7C
Radio: SCR508 -> ANVRC-7
Max Speed: 48kph

The M55 was an American fully enclosed and armored self-propelled artillery. It had a traversable, to a certain degree – 30° left or right, turret armed with a 203mm howitzer.
12 guns of the M55 joined the Nationalists during the Kinmen crisis in 1958. The arrival of the 8 inch gun turned the tide of the crisis, consolidated the victory over the island made the gun a well-known hero among all Taiwanese.

SS: This is where the branches end – obviously, it was designed before the addition of the T10 arties. I included it just as well, because the history part is quite interesting. Additionally, the proposal includes stats for some of the guns:

Gun Table:
The following guns are used in the Nationalist Chinese line. If it is already in game, the stats are the same as in game. If it is not in game, then it will meet the historical status.

(V)*75mm M6:
Pen: 96/143/38 (AP/HEAT/HE)
Damage: 110/110/175
RPM: 15~15. 8
DPM: 1650~1738(AP)
Accuracy: 0.4m

(VI)*76mm M1A1:
Pen: 128/177/38 (AP/HEAT/HE)
Damage: 115/115/185
RPM: 14.29~16.67
DPM: 1643~1917(AP)
Accuracy: 0.4m

(VIII)*76mm M32:
Pen: 217/243/38 (AP/APCR/HE)
Damage: 150/150/190
RPM: 15.38~16.67
DPM: 2307~2501(AP)
Accuracy: 0.34~0.36m

(IX)*76mm M32K1:
Pen: 243/266/38 (APCR/HVAP/HE)
Damage: 150/150/190
RPM: 16.16~17.77
DPM: 2424~2666(AP)
Accuracy: 0.32~0.35m

(VII)*90mm M36:
Pen: 172/262/45 (AP/HEAT/HE)
Damage: 240/240/320
RPM: 7.89
DPM: 1894(AP)
Accuracy: 0.36m

(VIII)*90mm M41:
Pen: 173/263/45 (AP/HEAT/HE)
Damage: 240/240/320
RPM: 9.52
DPM: 2284(AP)
Accuracy: 0.34m

(IX)*90mm T132E3:
Pen: 193/240/45 (AP/HEAT/HE)
Damage: 240/240/320
RPM: 9.52
DPM: 2284(AP)
Accuracy: 0.34m

(X)*105mm M68:
Pen: 268/350/53 (AP/HEAT/HE)
Damage: 390/390/500
RPM: 6.82
DPM: 2660(AP)
Accuracy: 0.34m

(X)*105mm M68K1:
Pen: 268/350/53 (AP/HEAT/HE)
Damage: 390/390/500
RPM: 7.2
DPM: 2808(AP)
Accuracy: 0.32m

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  1. If WG brings out a RoC(Republic of China) Tree,the game will be banned in the Peoples Republic China.
    So they wont release it,for sure!

    • Maybe they could avoid releasing them in the Chinese server or alternatively they could give them very unhistorical PLA’s colours…

    • This won’t be a problem, because the Chinese server WoT does not have countries.

      There are no “German tanks”, “French tanks” or “Chinese tanks” on the Chinese WoT server, they’re called “D-series tanks” (D for Deutschland), “F-series tanks” and “C-series tanks”.

      If this really came to fruition, they wouldn’t even have to refer to the name “Taiwan”.

  2. So its like Chinese tree but instead being based on Type 59 parts/soviet tanks its american tanks! Wooow
    We dont need them. Just look how “popular” are Chinese tanks.

    • “Just look how “popular” are Chinese tanks”

      You certainly haven’t seen the Thai pubbies on the SEA server. Everytime you see someone from a Thai or Malay clan, chances are they’re grinding in a Chinese tank.

      • Well indeed, but except SEA there is also NA, EU and RU, and Chinese copy pasta aint that popular there.

        • >European players are interesting in European tanks
          >Asian players are interested in Asian tanks


  3. Personally I will move the M10 SPG up one tier (alone with the rest), and replace it with the “new” SPG I found which is provided in another file, the one that is modified from a 2597 Chi-ha. I will try to find another SPG for the Chinese tree to make it up to tier 10, but I think the WG guys might just make half the tree nationalist, half commies, like what they are doing now.

  4. I do hope they will never add dublicated tank entries to the game. If a tank is already existing within another nations branch, they should look out for alternative tanks. The chinese M5 was the beginning and hopefully the end of such thinking.
    In my opinion a pan-european, pan-asian and whatsoever tree could become suitable for that instead of adding nations with tanks which are quiet frankly just the same tanks with another insignia on it.

    Don’t get me wrong, Silentstalker. Your efford still is noteworthy, but alot of nations borrow their tanks and lack own developments.

    • The beginning is probably the Churchills and B2 B1 series, together with the skoda tanks in German tree that would definitely appear in Eu tree. It seems that WG just dont care about these kinda things,just like we see so many paper tanks and start to get used to them. This game is no longer the game it used to be when it was still in beta test. BTW, the only twins in this game are the Type 62 and WZ-131. The WZ-131 is actually the name of Type 62 when it was on blueprints.

  5. Fix please!
    The gun the M42 Duster used wasn’t the Pom Pom, it was the Bofors

  6. I for one would like these in-game. Copy and paste or not they seem to have enough to vary in style/performance. Wish we had a full tree love to see more details.

  7. Interesting medium line, the SPG line is far to ‘weak’ though and I would collapse them together and try to weed out as many American carbon copies as I could and leave some as premium artillery. The two final tanks though are impossibly too modern to be in the game though, hell the M41D is from 1999!!!

  8. Riiight , EU tree is somewhere in the drawer , collecting dust , with so much unique models of tanks from ww2 era , but HEY: If Taiwan / Vanuatu / Barbados / Palau or insert your significant country regarding armored forces SPLASHES ENOUGH CASH , WG will “find historical examples and implement them into the game according to their original files and records” .

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    And everyone is complaining about T-54 copyes but i see M4 copyes everywhere. We have 3 ingame, we have 4 on the supertest leaked icons and more…ah cmon….

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    • To add to what I said (forgot to log in for the previous comment >.<), is any one else just bloody tired of the copy-paste L7 cloning?
      It's almost like every new branch needs to use it. It may be historical, but jesus fucking christ, it's boring as hell.


      • “I support the idea that non-registered fuckups would not be allowed to post in comments.” – typical Redditor, an enemy of my freedom.

        Compulsory registration and prohibition of anonymous posting only leads to a poor-quality community. People are no longer honest with their opinions, due to the fear of being disliked by others, and only make posts to fellate others and boost each others’ egos in a giant circlejerk.

        Just look at Reddit – everyone’s so worried about “karma points” that they’re always fellating one another, and people avoid to write controversial opinions.

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          I agree that negreps are retarded – EU forums are full of examples.
          But if there isnt any – look at me, not giving a fucking fuck :D

  12. ID prefeer more original vehicles, even if they are prototypes or blueprint tanks, to a straight out copies.

  13. So much of work for nothing… Dude, there will NEVER be a Taiwanese/ROC branch. Why? Communist China. It’s a too large market to piss off with even mentioning Taiwan…

    • check the national flags in game, and you will find Taiwanese one.
      WG doesnt give Chinese Commies a damn.

      • Not to mention, the SEA server anniversary garage had a Taiwan flag in it.

  14. Moar stronk tanks! Yes, please! Copy paste or not, more tanks are always welcome!

  15. Maybe WG could introduce one ‘global techtree’. Lots of countries have interesting tanks, Sweden with the Stridswagen, Israel’s SuperSherman yippieayeeeee!!!!!, Japan maybe, but all in all not enough to fill a complete tree with TD, arty, med, light, heavy. On the other hand, maybe the current trees are really what WoT is about, thus already too full with paper panzers in them and making the game too Sci-Fi.

    • But don’t include the Dutch please, their tier one tanks would be bicycles :D lol… (our proud Irenebrigade)

  16. If I wanted a Patton III, I would go down the American medium line, not the freaking Taiwanese medium line… At least the Chinese 121 is A LITTLE different!

    • If I wanted M48, I would choose Taiwanese. I would trade that nonexisting armor of the M48 to more mobility and better gun stats any time.

  17. Taiwanese tree? What is that? Is there a Californian tree? Bavarian? Welsh?

    All these tanks should be (if at all) in Chinese tech tree because Taiwan is a Chinese province currently under the occupation of USA, and if it wasn’t under the occupation it would’ve been already integrated into the mainland.

    There will be no Taiwanese tech tree in WoT because the Chinese WoT branch will not allow it, and because WoT devs are not stupid, and besides they share Russian-Chinese point of view and not NATO point of view. To WoT devs, Kosovo is NATO-occupied Serbian territory, for example.

    • No one ever mentioned a “Taiwanese tree”, this is a Taiwanese branch of the main Chinese tree, something that has been already confirmed as planned by our beloved developers, Type 64 (which one?) has been mentioned just recently.

      • That makes a little more sense then adding it as a separate country and might actually appease China by treating Taiwan as part of China.

        As a stand alone tree so does this offer fewer interesting tanks then 10+ countries that are not in the game. Lots of countries have imported tanks from other countries and modified them, thus most indipendent countries can produce at least this much in tank varity and usually more unique tanks in addition.

        • Honestly I wonder how someone thought that this was a separate tech tree, it starts at tier V for a reason, it branches off from M5A1.

    • ir doesnt matter. nobody wants another copypasta tree. Call it chinese-under-US-occupation, or taiwan or w/e, this proposal suck.

      • Shame on those chinese communist keep lying to the world. Taiwan is part of ROC territory.

    • Oh great, another CHINA STRONK guy.

      As a supporter of the ROC, and a critic of the PRC, I find your comment laughable.

      As a Chinese passport holder, can you gain visa-free access to Taiwan? South Koreans and Japanese have 30-day visa free access, but Chinese can’t?

      ROC passport holders don’t need to apply for visas to visit the United States, European Union, Australia and New Zealand. Can you?

      As a Chinese resident, can you vote in ROC (Taiwan) presidential elections? Hell, do you Chinese even HAVE elections?

      As a PRC Chinese, do you have healthcare that all ROC Taiwanese are entitled to? Are you entitled to having fresh, pollution-free air in your lungs every time you leave the house like most Taiwanese?

      ROC is the real, non-communist China, and it is a de facto separate political entity from the PRC located on the Chinese mainland. You can “claim” the island of Taiwan all you like, but remember that it is the ROC National Army, and not the People’s Liberation Army, that is garrisoned in Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and Taiping Island.

  18. Seems like too many of tanks already in the game, but all these different SE Asian countries do have valid offerings in the quantity available to justify a “Pan-Asian” tree much like the future Pan-European one.

  19. Just checked, the M42 Duster didn´t have a pompom gun, but rather 2 40mm bofors guns.

    Seriously, pompom? that thing was obsolete as soon as WWII began, why would anybody use that post-war?

  20. I’m sorry to all my Taiwanese friends but I could not back this line of tanks just to get the Taiwanese name in the tank tree,because all of those tanks are in the game already except for I think the tier 10 and I think there is a version of that one also,driving so could not get to in-depth. If it were a tree of all new tanks way different story I would be all for it. Why would anyone with the same version of all those tanks take the time or effort to research a line they already have done. I mean come on guy’s that’s like Italy coming to wot and sayings they want a branch of tanks in the game and basically giving them the German line of tanks with a few changes to the tank be it a different gun or armor upgrade and saying here’s are tank tree when it’s just a basic copy of a line that is in the game already.

  21. Well, Serb just said “We reviewed Taiwanese branch, but it did not work out” :)
    According to him the problem is mid-tier tanks.