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Q: Is this a T-10 heavy tank with a D-10T?

A: Nope. It’s an M-62 with most of the gun past the bore evacuator cut off. The D-10 had no such device near the muzzle.

Q: Do you know anything about a T-34-85 with a U-11 howitzer?

A: The only thing that I have read on T-34s with any similar gun is this: a T-34 120 mm mortar project. It was placed on a T-34-76, instead of the F-34, with the same recoil mechanisms.

Edit: oh, look what I found! http://www.aviarmor.net/tww2/tanks/ussr/t-34-122.htm
The T-34-122, also known as T-34G or T-34Sh. The project was never completed due to difficulty in fitting a large gun into such a small turret while leaving room for the crew, and was cancelled when the SU-122 and SU-152 could fill the role meant for it.


Q: How does the T-55 compare to the in-game T-54? Do you think we will ever see it in the game?

A: The T-54 and T-55 were very similar in real life. The T-54 in-game would also be very similar to the T-55.
The guns are identical. The D-10T2S (D-10, tank, dual plane stabilization) was used on the T-54B and T-55, so it only makes sense that it’s in the in-game T-54. A T-55 would have no advantage here. The production T-55 had a 580 hp engine, but the in-game T-54 has a prototype 700 hp engine. The armour is not better than the in-game T-54 either: only 100 mm in the front hull (compared to the T-54′s 120), and the same 200 mm in the front of the turret. The T-55 does have a larger ammo rack, but that doesn’t really affect its performance much. The major advantages of the T-55 were features that don’t really transfer over to the game (improves NBC protection, thermal obscurant, automatic fire extinguishers, etc).

Q: Do you know of any tank destroyer projects on the IS-4 chassis?

A: There were two, but not much is known about them. Yuri Pasholok posted a list of GABTU projects in 1946, which contained the following:
4th quarter of 1946:
Design and production of an experimental SPG with a 152 mm gun (900 m/s muzzle velocity) based on the Object 701 (closed top)
Design and production of an experimental SPG with a 130 mm S-26 gun based on the Object 701 (closed top)
That is all I have read about these projects.

Q: Do you know how many radios were provided by Lend-Lease to the USSR?

A: Baryatinskiy writes “enough radio sets to equip 150 divisions and telephone sets to equip 329 divisions” in 1942-43 and 360 divisions worth of radios in 1944-45.

That’s it for now! Write to tankarchives@gmail.com, and I will answer all your questions (within a reasonable scope, of course :P)

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  1. One certain article sucked up all peoples :-)
    About IS-4 based TDs/SPGs – they could look like Shashmurin’s Assault gun project, based on his IS-2M.

      • I know, i was speaking about it general appearance. I think it could be rear-mounted casemate design with well sloped hull frontal armor.

  2. Any plans for “Please don’t use the ’7 T34s = 1 Panther’ myth” article?

    • I have a series of “Germans are bad at statistics” articles prepared. It should be fun :)

      Long story short, the “7 T-34s = 1 Panther” becomes “5 T-26es and a tractor = 10 Panthers broke down, but we could tow away 9″.

      Because yes, if a German tank could be towed away, it didn’t count as a loss, no matter how badly damaged.

      • Sadly this is ALSO true for Allied tanks so figuring out loss rates is a but difficult if the same tank gets holed, repaired, re-crewed and re-armed a few times but is not officially “lost”.

        • For Soviet tanks, that is not the case. That’s why there are so many T-34s “built”: a charred husk sent back to the factory that is restored counts as a brand new tank, whereas in Germany it would count as the same tank.

        • Battle histories nigh invariably make a distinction between “knocked out” and “write-off”, ie. salvageables and total losses (ofc the former became the latter if they couldn’t be dragged off for repairs for whatever reason). Same thing as with manpower casualties being further divided to actual deaths, “unrecoverable” injuries that ended the war for the trooper in question, and the wounded who could be returned to duty after varying convalescences.

          Nothing odd about that. A tank may have gone through several whole sets of crew and hold together mainly by duct tape, fresh paint and fervent prayer but so long as it can still move and shoot it obviously isn’t out of the game for good.

          • It’s a perfectly valid standard (that the Germans themselves don’t follow, but that’s another story). The trick is you can’t compare it to the Soviet loss rates and trumpet about how the Germans only lost one Tiger while the Soviets lost 10 T-34s. It just doesn’t work that way.

  3. Oh look, it’s just another ensign expendable wankfest to soviet garbage and propaganda. I can just go to the official forums to see this and get a laugh, even though they’re dead serious. Especially when they’re mocking the propaganda the Germans used, trying to ridicule the History/Military Channel, thinking that those Russians are honest people who only spoke the truth and you should only believe in that. They idolize that mentality, which, oddly enough, is one that Hitler himself promoted…

    • Oh look, its Gino on his regular “i will try to look really racist and primitive today”

      Why dont you use your ingame nick or do you think you will get ridiculed even more?

      • Have you seen this ensign expendables posts on the official forums? Pure Russian wankfest with an axe to grind against Germans and German tank fans. Typical Russian inferiority complex.

        • You mean like every other topic about german tanks, a pure wankfest over uber german technology with and axe against non germans, and non-german tanks??? Typican german fanboy false superiority complex.

          Bit*h please, this is a nice article/q&a about russian tanks, signs of a wankfest elude me, all i can read (in all q&a’s) are facts provided by official documents and info. just because it contradicts your view of “Germany>all else>>>Russia” doesnt make it a wankfest, it makes you an ignorant and a bigot and quite a sad individual.

          I still believe this hate if fueled by bad performance in favorite german tanks which has actually nothing to do with german tanks itself but rather by lack of skill and gray matter between ears.

          • Look at you talking big. People on the NA forum know exactly what bullshit and propaganda this puppet spews. They’ve been called out numerous times now and mocked. You talking like this makes you look no better, as does your big talk with only being a 1900 player, being no better than me, and worse than many others.

            • America and political and historical correctness??? you must be joking right? There is no other country in the world that has more screwed up views of soviet union/russia and more negative stance towards everything russian. On top of that you mention forums aka internet place mostly populated with less than pour informed people who think they know everything by watching “history” channel…

              Also, me as 1900 player, i am better than 99.99% of Eu server population, quite contrary to your “many others”, not to mention you still dont use your in game nick (what a surprise -_-), guess i CAN talk big because i have leverage to do so, you on the other hand…. LOL!!!! So until you grow a pair of balls guido, i suggest you try at least saving some dignity, if you have any left that is.

            • “I have a series of “Germans are bad at statistics” articles prepared. It should be fun :)”

              Your typical bias bullshit. How about some articles on how russians were bad at statistics, protecting civilizens, and threatened/killed their own soldiers. Anyone who goes on the NA forums knows you’re a stalinitie. Garbad and others call you out all the time, while most others ignore what you say all around. You’re just a waste of time. Your “article” here (lol) pertains to only soviet stuff again. Good day to you stalinite.

            • What’s a “civilizen”? What’s a “stalinite”?

              My “article” here is based on questions I have received. If you would like me to write about German tanks, ask me questions about German tanks. I write plenty about non-Soviet tanks, but you don’t seem to like what I write.

              Seeing as how you don’t pay me, I don’t think I’m obligated to take requests. If you want, you can make your own blog. It’s free!

            • I know you “write” about German tanks. Like your comment above providing enough to people to determine your stalinite bias. How about I write about your glorious lover Stalin? He didn’t “tactically retreat” into Stalingrad, instead he just flat out lucked out and the Germans wore themselves out resource wise via Hitler’s incompetence. The T-34 was an overrated pile of junk. In fact it’s main strategic use against Panthers and Tigers were to ram them elevating their canon hoping to tangle up the German tanks guns. The early IS series were piles of garbage, many actually “falling apart” during rail transit out of the factory. Stalin lets millions die, and killed hundreds of thousands via his order, civilians wise, let alone troop wise. And, established a form of MP to kill any soldiers who retreat.

              Here’s a question for your Q&A:
              EE, how far would you let Stalin get on the first date with you? Would you bite a pillow, or let him enjoy hearing your scream?

            • If you would like to write a blog about Stalin based on historical documents, you’re welcome to do so. However, since you clearly don’t want to make a meaningful contribution to anything, you are content to piss into comments sections of unrelated articles about how big bad Ensign Expendable is a “stalinite”.

    • Lulz, Gino’s in good form.

      He still hasn’t realised vague generalised insults and crass personal attacks aren’t legit arguments though…

  4. People should realize that the Germans did not get their tank designs “right” 100% of the time. You guys might know of a few German tanks but there are so many design variations and ad-hoc ideas that what you have been seeing in WoT and here on FTR is nothing but a drop in the bucket. Same goes for most of the other country’s in the game.

    • Engineering is an iterative process. Nobody gets everything 100% right immediately. The difference between Allied and German prototypes is that the Allies kept their ridiculous impractical tanks at home (like the M6) instead of dumping them out on the battlefield prematurely and attempting to salvage an inherently flawed design for some reason.

      • To be fair the M6 wasn’t “ridiculously impractical” an sich; the military merely quite sensibly noted its real enough advantages over the mediums were quite literally outweighed by its far greater bulk, which made it terribly impractical for what was in practical terms an expeditionary war fought an ocean away.

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