Chinese SPG’s

Author: Lahn

Hello everyone,

the last part of the “Chinese” series will deal with two interesting SPG vehicles the Chinese made. They have a high chance of appearing in the eventual Chinese SPG branch.

Chi-Ha SPG


WW2 Chinese TD/SPG, modified from a Captured 2597 Chi-ha. In the fore ground there are some empty shells, saying that the main gun would possibly be a Chinese “7.7 cm Liao Made type 14” gun from Mudken (Shenyang) Arsenal, while some says that it is a “7.5 cm Hu made – type K” (K for Krupp IG licensed production) from Shanghai Arsenal. A MG is at the rear of the turret. No record is left but the picture, these answers are from some old veterans of the WW2 who were in the artillery service.



WW2 Chinese Arty, M10 SPG. Modified by Weapons Factory Nr.61, 53 entered service in 1948, under 44th battalion of the 4th Artillery brigade. Mostly lost in the battle against Communist, 16 evacuated to Taiwan. The Armored Troops is very satisfied with the modification, they performed excellent in the battle of Kinmen, 1949, but all of them is lost during the 2nd battle of Kinmen.

The M10 SPG was converted from the American M10 wolverine TD. The Nationalists acquired the M10s with lend lease act, but the 76.2mm gun on some of the tanks were sabotaged, thus the Armament factory 61 (then 202) made them a new 360 degree turning turret and replaced the gun with captured Japanese 105mm howitzer.

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  1. A whole line of Chinese SPG will be translated tommorow, take a break SS! :) I also made a deal with the author, he would rebalance the taiwanese SPG into 10 tier system. GJ on finding those chinese vehicle, must had been hard for you.

  2. Yesss, give us more “interesting” and “usable” machines and nerf them some more because they are still too good!!!

  3. Like anybody cares about the arty anymore, barely useful in terms of tactics, not fun to play at all.

  4. Interesting info.

    GJ I must say. I didn’t know about these vehicles (or heard of their names) even though I’m Chinese.

  5. Well… yes and no.
    Yes, Chinese need SPGs, and turrented will be GREAT.
    But not for me if they come with a PRC red star,.

  6. Oh good, more modified tanks from other countries for the Chinese… :/