26 thoughts on “LTP on official tank wiki

    • Lol, so half of the Players wouldn’t get this gift tank cause they are to bloody big noobs. And then they crying in the Forum, why they didn’t get this tank everyone will answer them LTP :D

      • No, it’s actually the tank only noobs will get, as in “Here’s free tank for you, LTP, nudge nudge, wink wink”.

    • T1e6, and Tetrarch were gift tanks and were far from useless.
      T-127 was givven with bonus code and is quite good.

      • T-127 has limited MM which is its saving grace (that armor can work in low tier battles). This thing will probably get normal tier 3 MM even though it has same pathetic gun that is more suitable for tier 2, has worse armor and has useless crew layout which doesn’t match any other Soviet light tank to make it worth playing. All in all a big fail, I can already see hordes of clueless noobs merrily plinking at Pz38nA and M3 Lees and bouncing every single shot … and let’s not even contemplate the prospect of runnng into a Hetzer or a Matilda.

        • And you know how exactly it would not get preferred MM? By being spirit medium?
          Crew layout, what? You can run it with 3+ skill Soviet light tank crew and it won’ matter if it has different layout.
          Less armor – sure, but mobility is better also. Armor is enough (due the being sloped) to make Pz-IC and every tier 2 AC armed tank ineffective.
          It’s a damn tier 3 gift premium, track record shows that those low tier premiums are actually quite fun to play.

      • True i find T1E6 quite fun to play and has some sealclubbing capability

  1. After the T-127 “giving away” by flood of the bonus codes we will get one more very similar tank… But at the other hand…Why not.

  2. As long as it comes with a garage slot, why not?

    On the other hand, if the vehicle will be for sale, and not a gift, I don’t know why anyone would buy it as it’s worse than the T-127 in every possible way and it has the same price.

    • Why are you so sure about that it won’t be a gift?
      Why would WG introduce a new soviet premium light tank? (when we have T-127 and Valentine in the store, and many players got the Tetrarch and/or M3 Light)
      Wouldn’t be a new, unkown, buyable low tier soviet light prem just “overkill”?

  3. It’s gun is the same with T-127 :)
    But it will have a smaller RoF :/
    It’s also pretty comparable with stock T-70

  4. WG is obsessed with giving that 45mm 20KL gun to their low-tier premiums…