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  1. Isn’t this a bit over the top? I mean I understand that they did unspeakable acts of horror but it’s just a name.

    By any other name – they would have done the same horrible stuff.

    I don’t see why a name should be banned because the person using it was evil.

    • Ask the Germans. They would rather kill their own mothers than acknowledging any achievements of the Wehrmacht or any other armed institution of the Reich. Of course, Eichmann is a whole other story, he deserved to be executed just like many Nazi pigs of the era. But there were average soldiers, average people who committed nothing. The fact for example, that Wittmann’s Medal wasn’t taken out of the game because of a Russian but a GERMAN guy clearly shows how overreacting an average German can be when it comes to the Third Reich.

      • +1
        There is huge number of people who did nothing else but carried out their duties and served their country (country, not government) during WW2 regardless of nationality. Even French celebrate their “heroes” of WW2 (by this I mean commanders who were responsible for debacle) and never speak ill of them. On the other hand you have Germans who raise statues to the “Unknown deserter”…

        • Indeed. It’s quite bizarre and abnormal that a nation celebrates its traitors instead of its fallen sons and daughters who instead of deserting the army chose the way of the brave: to stay and fight regardless of the government. Something’s clearly wrong with the current German society.

          For example in my country (Hungary) in 1919 the Communists got into power, while the army consisted of soldiers, officers and generals of the Monarchy that they served for years in WWI. These two regimes couldn’t be further from each other, but regardless of the government, the army fought for the nation.

          • I, as german, think that the american and soviet indoctrination after the WW2 is responsable for this. I mean they realy “trained” people to hate the third reich and everything related to it. And now the society has some kind of “shame politic” about topics like WW2, the Holocause, Prussia ( the american occupiers made it illegal to redeclare the state of prussia after the WW2) and many more things. It’s just sad for me :(

            • I agree PanzerHanz, the reich was probably the worst victim of bad propaganda in the entire history. When i first found out about that is when i lost trust on any kind of media.

            • Reich deserved it’s reputation by 14 millions dead civilians in Soviet Unio alone, up to 6 million killed Jews and many other peoples from other countries like France, UK, Serbia, they killed homosexualists, gypsys etc. etc.

              Many murderers and maniacs got “bad media”, which doesn’t mean that they don’t deserv it.

            • Bit failing to see the supposed significance of Prussia, given that it was on the Red side of the Curtain anyway… Though I’m aware “Prussian militarism” was for a good long while suspected to be a root cause for some disagreeable cultural traits Germany was at the time (understandably) regarded as having.

              Anyways. WW1 can be debated, but Round Two was inarguably started by Nazi Germany and had wrecked the continent far worse than the Great War nevermind now inaugurated industrialised mass murder and all manner of other frightfulness. You’ll have to excuse people for bearing a bit of a grudge over that sort of thing.

          • The army fought for (or because of) their generals, the generals fought for the lost lands and privileges.
            I don’t think the communists had any time to indoctrinate or purge the leading elites within the armed forces. It was a dumb, useless war which Hungary lost. All of the resources involved could have been better used in the reconstruction after the previously lost war.
            I don’t think that if you disagree with the political aims of a war you should support it without question by just waving the “sacred banner” in front of the troops. If you think it’s wrong, then don’t support it. If you think it was a crime, don’t celebrate it, but remember it. Don’t invent moments of glory where there wasn’t any just to justify a useless war.

            • The 1919 war was a desperate attempt in which a country tried to recapture its former territories. The Hungarian Red Army (led by Monarchist officers) recaptured huge parts of the country on the North and achieved successes against the Romanians as well. It collapsed when Georges Clemenceau asked the Hungarian Commie government to withdraw its forces promising that the Romanians will do so as well. The Hungarians agreed, but the Romanians didn’t keep their promise, which resulted in the capture of Budapest by the latter. It was by no means a useless, dumb war. It was a necessary attempt to defend the country. The Turkish did the same (and they succeeded), we didn’t.

              And I don’t glorify anything. War – any war – is a terrible thing. What the Nazis and the Communists (they’re all the same) did can’t be justified in any way. What is terrible should be condemned and remembered. However if we keep demonizing something that wasn’t terrible, if we keep falsing history to make something terrible look even more terrible, it becomes contraproductive and marginalize what is really important and worth remembering.

            • Stalin killed 50kk people, or even more… Hitler’s 14kk, that’s almost nothing compared to Stalin’s crimes… but after war, who was that bad guy? Also why during Nuremberg Trials they only convicted germans? That was one big bullshit, they just changed facts. I’m not saying that Hitler was good guy, but in history, they were people who committed more crimes… Everyone did many horrible things during WW II, not only germans… but we all know who write history…
              PS. I’m sorry for my bad english… I’m still learning

            • Except Stalin did not killed “50kk people” you stupid westerners with atrophied brains cant even present sources of your stupid claims. Scale of Stalins repressions barely reaches 600k its nothing in comparison to what nazis did and btw in most cases people that got repressed deserved it.

            • I don’t know what your sources are, but I hope it’s not just “what the 8th grade history teacher told.”
              The 1919 war was suicidal. Hungary was on the losing side of WWI, it was surrounded by hostile lands and it had claims against all of them. To go to war on ALL fronts right after one long and exhausting war was over doesn’t sound economically and military wise. Turkey was not in the same position, they had to defend on favorable terrain and they had plenty of manpower reserves.
              You are right that it was “desperate”. The purpose was to invade former territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Hungary in itself was not an independent state before WWI.
              If by some successes against the Romanians you mean invading with an improvised army, being defeated and retreating all the way to the Tisza, then OK. Also, the Kun government kept refusing the Allied mediation so that a general attack by Allied armies including french forces in Serbia was planned.

              But the Hungarian Red Army attacked first, in Jully 1919. They were repulsed again , this time on the Tisza, the Army was largely destroyed and the capital, Budapest, fell. Your version of events make it sound like the whole war was avoided because the Reds complied with the French imposed armistice and the Romanians cheated. That’s what you meant with “falsing history” ?

            • I like the argument above of : “Stalin wasn’t a bad guy, he only killed 600k people, whereas Hitler killed millions.”

              Totally is credible.

            • Considering he didn’t have, and try to realise, an ideologically motivated program of extinguishing entire ethnic groups he was by far the lesser evil of the two.

              Also doesn’t hurt that unlike Adolf he wasn’t overly interested in exporting his nastiness.

        • Some of these “carrying duties” guys found themeselves in Nurberg after the war, you know…

          • …and were hanged in spite of protests of judges (French, no less) and some of them were later vindicated (some, and for good reasons).

  2. Damn, now I have to rename every crewmember on my E-75 :(

    They were “The Eichmanns”.

    Anyway it’s funny that Eichmann indeed avoided getting caught for years… until the Israelis got him in Argentine.

      • Someone always falls through the cracks. Also it sometimes took years to find all of the records to PROVE that they and not someone else committed the crime. Plus locating witnesses was difficult when nobody had identity papers and dispersed themselves all over the world.

        At best you had to have teams of people going though mountains of records. Also some records were destroyed or not found until well after the war was over.

        • I was under the impression most went to South America rather than “all over the world” actually; Germany had cultivated good relations with many of the countries there before the war (although IIRC later Brazil got pissed over the whole unrestricted sub warfare thing, joined the Allies and actually sent a division to fight in Italy) and some of the regimes had enough quasi-fascist leanings to be reasonably sympathetic especially if you could make it worth their while.

  3. I don’t get it, I’d like to have crews like Hitlers, Himmlers, Fegeleins and also Stalins, Chruszczows, Molotows – does it make me a weirdo? ;o

  4. lol, I recall Adolf Hiller from the beta, but didn’t payed attention of it. But I’d like to a crewname Dick Assman. :D

  5. Germans shouldn`t despise their history. Every nation have it`s “heroes” although they did terrible things which are usually ignored. It`s some kind of strange propoganda going there.

    • “Despise our history”
      Bullshit. What is there not to despise about psychomaniac antisemites and bureaucratic mass murderers like Eichmann.

      • Right, but isn’t it a little bit overkill? I mean ban even the names, cause they are all probably contaminated with evil?

        • I couldn`t care less about one name in an online game. But whoever deliberatly names one of his crew members Adolf Eichmann is most likely an utter idiot.

          • may be

            However, as long as the only person that sees this name is you, who cares?
            If you want you will mod crew names anyway.

            • Obi is not the idiot, I’m surprised that he seems to be one of the few non idiots.
              Allied propaganda didn’t kill the millions of jews and it wasn’t the allied propaganda
              that did horrible crimes against civilians, it was the German army. Yes, the allied forces did crimes too, but not even close to those of the German reich.

              I absolutely agree that Stalin was as much of a monster as Hitler was, but he stood to strong at the end of the war to be charged for his crimes.

              The “traitors” that despised the German war and tried anything to flee or sabotage it were the heroes, not the German soldiers fighting the untermenschen!
              There was nothing noble about defending yourself from the countries you tried to conquer a few years before. Mourn the countless unnecessary losses of life, but don’t forget who started it. And no, Russia didn’t start it, they were partners in crime in a small scale war, it was us, the Germans who tried to go on all over the world.

            • I’d say the whole German “Adventure In Crazy Warmongering” – and that of the Japanese, for that matter – can pretty well be nutshelled by this oldie & goldie: http://pbfcomics.com/167/

              Or as an old Chinese proverb apparently has it, “he who sleeps in the rain cannot accuse the Gods for catching a cold”.

  6. its also possible to name your crewmembers as ‘andreas bader’. what a shame, one ‘a’ more…

  7. ok let´s bann every name of an german soldier in WWII! …. fuuuu there are no names anymore

  8. Stalin’s name is still in the game, in the tanks, and he murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians/countrymen, let alone troops. How are you supposed to learn from mistakes of the past if you white out the history in writing of it? So dumb.

    • why cant i Name my crewmembers himmler there are still guys in Germany with this Name my doctors Name is himmler:D(no joke)

    • Not like the family names just up and disappeared when the war ended, genius.

  9. Find me that menace Fegelein!

    Brings smile to have Fegel-crew in your tank :)

  10. Yea it’s pretty retarded how germans denies its own people. Imagine Vladimir Putin to come out and say : Stalin murderer of own people! soviet army rapers, killers, animals killing their own soldiers! i know it’s truly retarded.

    Todays germans as a whole a cold blooded weirdos. Even in games you barely see one communicate. It’s a fucking autistic nation or something.

    No wonder our country USA took lots of smart german scientists under their wing after WWII, one pure example being Von Braun.

    He would have probably been shot dead and humiliated in that desertors land we call today Germany lol. Even when playing online germans are the most despisable. It’s like a whole fucking nation of chickenshits and snitches that like to rat even the most minor offense.

    Soviet Russia unde Stalin rule had more sense of humor than Germany.

    • Strange, I am german and I actually write pretty much ingame. Same for most german people I play with. Maybe you just cant really figure out a german ingame, cause many of them are smart enough to use english language in first place, instead of german. Personally I think it´s kinda ignorat to use “my” language on a european-server, that not even half of the people can understand.
      But yes, there is a big load of retards that feel ashame of WWII – but honestly, I didnt do anything that time, it´s simply not my fault what happened back then, so I dont care much about it…

    • The USA didn’t just took lots of smart german scientists, they also took many engineers, till deep into the 80s (who did created the Abrams?) and they even took credits for scientific achievements (car? computer? Anyone?). Just my two cents, as “cold blooded weirdo” ;P ( I also think that the post above is a troll post)

    • “Yea it’s pretty retarded how germans denies its own people.”

      We are talking about a freaking mass murderer here.

      “Imagine Vladimir Putin to come out and say : Stalin murderer of own people!”

      Or imagine Chruschtschow saying that. Oh wait he did…

      “Todays germans as a whole a cold blooded weirdos. Even in games you barely see one communicate. It’s a fucking autistic nation or something.”

      Still better than being governed by the US Senate

      “He would have probably been shot dead and humiliated in that desertors land we call today Germany lol.”

      No smart Nazis were happily reintegrated into the government. On both sides of the Iron Curtain by the way.

      Nice trolling anyway. I now feeld bad for giving you attention.

  11. Who cares anyway, I modded my crewnames ever since the beta <.<
    I couldn't live with SerB as the radioman of my russian tanks…

  12. They should search the records for all names of 3rd Reich soldiers and ban them!
    *sarcasm mode off*

  13. My grandfather name was Adolf. It didn’t prevent him from spending four years in Auchwitz as an prisoner. I doubt if in my country I’ll be aloowed to call my child after my grandfarher.
    main sin we commited when we talking about war, is that we alweys try to find a “good” side, and “bad” side. We forget that on both sides were humans. When killing starts there is no “good”. We can only expect a little less “bad”. In my opinion germans should never forget about atrocieties they commited during the war, but they should be allowed to conmemorate their soldiers who fought bravely in most cases not for nazis, not for Hitler, but for their fellow comarades in arms.
    We all remember about bombing of Coventry, but we often forget about Hamburg or Dresden. “They started”… Ok, but Japan never bombed an US city, but most of their cities were burned to the ground. “They threated badly our prisoners” – so we even stoped trying to take them as a POW.
    One and only good kind of war is that we play in WOT- virtuall. After the game all paticipants could say GG or whine about overpowered russian tanks ;) Butt still – all are alive

    • As a matter of fact many german soldiers did know there were only _two_ possible outcomes of this terrible war:

      Germany loses OR Germany wins

      Germany – That wasn’t the government, The Third Reich or Hitler but a nation full of people, friends and families who all had a live which could be destroyed, if the war gets lost. So this german soldiers couldn’t allow Germany to lose. I mean… they did lose but they fought like hell.
      For me it comes close to an act of betrayal that our German society today takes this away from this fighting men.

      Before someone start crying: I know that there were many soldiers too, which were Nazis or glorified the war. (But every Nation glorifies it’s wars.) The Third Reich had to lose this war or our world would have turned into a very dark place in which I wouldn’t want to live. It’s just not everything as black and white as our society would like it to be.

      Over and Out

      • Well the regime sure did its best to convince its subjects, soldiers in particular, that Germany would pretty much cease to exist if they lost – which isn’t so strange given that was how their own bizarre paranoid fantasies had it.
        As a matter of fact, the pretty much single biggest reason they started the war in the first place was an even more bizarre fantasy about a great “World Jewry Conspiracy” mustering its forces for the final Götterdammerung of the Aryan Master Race “any time now” – sure was a brilliant solution to start a fucking world war and get the people and country mauled that way instead while getting millions more killed on the side.
        You’ll have to excuse me if I’m a tad short on sympathy.

        • …you gotta be fucking kidding me. Why the fuck are you trying to parrot the Nazis’ rather literally Medieval concept of land-as-prosperity at me when even a passing familiarity with actual economics will tell you this was roughly the most idiotic solution possible?

      • You forget that on the winning side was Lebensraum, a great carrot. Many Germans benefited from that even during the war, and after they are accounted as “expellees” with all other.

        • [putting this in the right place]
          …you gotta be fucking kidding me. Why the fuck are you trying to parrot the Nazis’ rather literally Medieval concept of land-as-prosperity at me when even a passing familiarity with actual economics will tell you this was roughly the most idiotic solution possible?

  14. There have been and there still are thousands of Eichmanns and thousands of Adolfs. Let’s ban all these names because they may be associated with a war criminal. His first name was actually, Otto. Adolf was his middle name.

    If there was anything that Nazism should have taught us all is to not be cretin bigots ourselves.

    Get over it, shall we?

  15. Pathetic discussion. its only the tanker himself who sees his crewnames. if he wants to worship the 3rd reich, why not.
    its ridiculous to even talk about such a “topic”

    • The war killed between seven and nine *million* Germans, over one-tenth of the prewar population. All due to the paranoid delusions of a bunch of raving lunatics with a violence fetish.

      Sure is some perspective you’re having there.

  16. Ffs guys. It’s the age of information where everything you would possibly want to know is at the tip of your fingers. This whole “german NAZIZZZZZZ were the ultimate evil in ze whole universe and everything about them should be erased from history” is BS. What kind of person is insulted by someones name? /ragefrustration mode off

  17. I got a Commander named Smirnov in my IS7. That’s clearly promotion alcohol to minors ! OMGWTCBBQBAN !!1!

    No wait ..

    • Also that might be the reason why my IS7 is so sucky. Too much vodka on board ..

  18. Not wishing to derail this thread…. but…

    My chinese tank has a Corporal Fu….

    Corporal Wei Fu….

  19. Random Curio Corner Episode 62: Did you know that after the Nazis came to power Hitler soon found it necessary to decree that children could only be named after himself or other Party celebrities (such as the late Horst Wessel) by special permit? He apparently found the sudden rash of newly-christened Adolfs and whatnots both somewhat embarassing and bad for propaganda efforts.

  20. I guess I understand the no swastika rule, but banning German names for crew members just because they once belonged to Nazi party members??? wtf

    What if my name is Adolf? How do you think this would make me feel, WG?

    • Hyperbole much? You’ll also note “Albert” in that list; I seem to recall there having been one architect turned Minister of Armaments by that name who was rather good pals with Hitlar.

  21. And there are still millions of ignorants all over the world, who name their dogs “Blondie”…

  22. You know its actually all the weirdo`s that feel themselves discriminated somehow if anyone dares to use a name they don`t like. I`ve actually seen a few such people and i feel they must be very frustrated to have nothing else to do with their life but complain about things like that and think of themselves as some righteous policeman.

    In the end we must all remember that history is written by the victors and should germany have won ww2 i can assure you thing would not be like this today, perhaps we`d be speaking about the abominable crimes of the allies instead, tough i believe not even the nazis could never have imagine that such propaganda and indoctrination was possible as the allies have done after ww2, regarding the holohoax and other bullshit.

    Congrats to the allies, they`ve made monkeys of millions of people worldwide with their indoctrination.

  23. I don’t know about that. I have a crew member on one of my tanks named “Albert Speer”, for example.