Weekend WG fail

Hello guys,

looks like the latest WG EU fail (one of the missions that was supposed to reward you with one day prem not functioning properly, causing many players to “lose time” grinding it) caused a record amount of rage on EU forums. 50 pages and going. I also recieved a record number of messages about this issue, 37 to be exact (no need to send more, guys).

What to say. I didn’t report on this earlier, because a) I got to it a bit late, didn’t notice it until the real shitstorm started and b) I thought it would be fixed quickly. It wasn’t, which clearly points to some more serious error.

My personal view on this is that while this bug is fucking annoying, there has been enough butthurt over this. In other words:

- the community people did take the message already
- it is an annoying fail, but it will make the community people work THAT much harder to avoid it next time. Won’t it, Ectar?

Again, it is only my personal opinion, but I think the rage in the thread should calm down a bit, just let them work or something. WG EU people have very little pull (contrary to popular belief) and they are most likely not guilty of the whole screwup.

*shrugs* Just my two cents.

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  1. Can understand it got people angry, but I didnt play at weekend so it dont bother me that much perosnally. I sure hope it wont happen again or else people will stop playing the game.

      • Well grinding 50,000 experience in one day is time consuming. I’m sure that 99.99% of the players that did grind the experience wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for the day of premium, which they never got.

        Plus the 50 kills in one tank to get the vents as well. Time consuming. Thats what it is. People did this so they could get the reward but they didn’t get the reward.
        Imagine spending 2 hours manually cleaning your car, for a flock of birds to fly over and ruin your hardwork. I’m sure you’d be mad.

        • Except that in my example given above, he wasted 2 hours of his time. These guys on the server probably wasted a good 8-16 hours on it.

          • Wait a minute… so playing a game is ugly and hard work? I mean, I play the game for fun. Except some tank grinding ok. But for this special you could just use your favorites. I don’t get it what is so “bad” about playing the game for 8 hours? (Even without rewards…)

            • I’m pretty sure you’d be sick of the bad teams after a couple of hours. These losses would reduce your overall experience game meaning it would take longer. You’d get frustrated, tension would rise and after 8 hours you probably wouldn’t want to play again for a while. Kind of makes the 1 day of premium obselete.

        • What i don’t understand is 2 things.
          1) 50k exp is very little, in the RU serv we have a monthly reward based on hitting 50k exp in a day or 50k dmg in a day – i get both of them easily when i actually play the game, not just hit the x2s from the tanks i’m leveling
          2) wtf? shitstorm? you play a game, get a reward for NOTHING (it’s not like the game requires you to do extraordinary or strange shit to get exp)…and then when you don’t get it you go butthurt?

          • welcome to eu community ;)
            They love to get butthurt and start shitstorms

          • F.ex. u have this 50k exp and 50k dmg whole-month-long event. We don’t have things like this one. If we get some they are not even in half good as yours. And then when we finally got some shitty (in many ways) special it DOESN’T work. Great, isn’t it?

            • it’s a fucking special – if i saw that shit on the eu/na and we didn’t have it (like some comments down someone’s talking about vents, my guess – you play and you get the vent equipment)i wouldn’t give a damn because it’s FREE, sure if this was a P2P game with a monthly subscription i’d go butthurt over this, but if i’m not getting something for free when i’m doing something i like (say…PLAY THE FUCKING GAME) i don’t give a damn)

            • Lavitz is your typical brainwashed minion. “I don’t care, game’s free”. Yes, the game’s mainly free for you russians because you don’t pay out the cash per player unlike NA and EU. You play in the region inhabited by freeloaders and pirates. And some people are paying monthly to play this game, and some spent more money on it than other games with a monthly fee.

              Nor does your vodka infused brain understand that WG isn’t doing this as a charity, they’re doing this for money. And in order to get money, they have to make people happy with their product/service. This is not how to do that.


            • Gino, that’s not a fair statement of Lavitz’s person that you seem to base simply on his comment.

              I live in Canada, play on the NA server, and I don’t get all butt-hurt over something not working. Even if it didn’t work, I just make some decent progress in the game and WG may fix it later. It’s not like operating a online game that’s constantly changing is a walk in the park.

              I’ve spent possibly ~150$ on this game, and am planning to spend more, as I enjoy it and appreciate the effort the developers put into the game.

              Russians, on average may spend less per person, than a NA player, but that’s also a regional thing, people living in the US seem to have no qualms over spending extravagant amounts of money on nothing. Not to mention that the RU server has a HUGE population, so there may be MORE people there spending a ton more on this game than NA players, they just have a high enough population that that average probably balances out more.

              You seem to think that Russians are the scum of the earth, from what I take from your comment. Not only that, but you seem to think that a service (a online game is a service) has to be perfect, 100% of the time, with not downtime what-so-ever. Such a sense of entitlement shows a lack of understanding of how life in general works. Murphy’s Law is fun.

            • Calm down guys. The problem isn’t just this one little special that went wrong. It’s a progressive thing. WG have treated the EU community like crap for the past 2 years. Tensions rise and even specials like this that go wrong are going to make people mad. It’s their incompetance to handle these situations. It’s not the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last.

              People have tried to reason with WG Minsk but nothing has changed. All we can do now is complain. They’ll have to do something about it eventually as right now we get screwed by WG on a lot of levels.

            • Kamahl,
              Videogames are a yearly multi-billion dollar industry and it should be taken seriously. They never have problems taking our money, but they have problems “giving”. It’s not “just a game”, it’s a fucking service. And yes services do go down, but others fix them fast, and make sure people get what they deserve. Not the “better luck next time” mentality.

              It’s a fact that the RU makes the most overall, but pays out less per player and by a significant margin. It’s also a fact that RU is the region developers hate the most as it’s the region with the highest levels of piracy. Even look at WG how many times they were caught using other people’s work? They just don’t care over there.

              You though, are also part of the problem. Letting faceless corps walk all over consumers with that mentality. It’s sad really. And I don’t care that you mention you’re canadian, but since you did, congrats on leading the world in being just north of the US on the map once again! Quite the achievement.

            • Gino, mentioning my nationality shows that I am part of the demographic that pays the most. Yet I don’t have the self entitlement that you seem to have, over a free service, within a service where fees are optional.

              It’s similar to walking into a store, maybe buying something, then bitching that the free mints jar is empty.

            • “It’s similar to walking into a store, maybe buying something, then bitching that the free mints jar is empty.”

              Not even close. You’ve exhibited you’re incapable of logical discussion from here on out.

  2. - it is an annoying fail, but it will make the community people work THAT much harder to avoid it next time. Won’t it, Ectar?

    Not like the any of previous events fails made them work harder…

    • I know that their boss Serb is in Paris and they should amuse him somehow … but this “weekend bonus” trolling exceeds all my expectations ;)

    • Clearly you weren’t here for the Wartime Surplus and Stalingrad specials. Things changed a lot since then.

      • What happened there? I remember looking at the special and thinking “this looks a bit rubbish”, so I didn’t see if it actually worked or not.

        • Well it started with the Stalingrad special. A lot of the tanks featured didn’t even appear in the battle. I remember that the Sherman was one of the tanks on offer. The special itself was alright I think, but most of the special was about selling gold, mainly the RU lend-lease tanks.

          The Wartime Surplus special happened a week later. This special contained very little, and most of it was gold. Gold ammo, consumables and other similar things were the main focus. You have to remember that back then, gold ammo and consumables weren’t available for credits.

          After 2 weeks (Possibly more) of horrible, gold selling specials on our end and the US and RU servers having good specials, the community snapped and started rioting in the forums. I had posted a sensible reply to the community showing them what specials we like and what ones we hate. It got well over 150 thumbs up so I know it was popular.

          We’ve had good specials since – Sam6131

          • Ah thanks, I think I just ignored the whole thing, and did something else that weekend. I don’t think I was that active on the forums until the E-50 nerf.

            Also you mis-spelt your own name :p

            • I never mispelt my own name. It’s just that the forum name contains the Initial letter of my last name. If I could, I’d remove it as people keep calling me Sami.

  3. Somebody send a ticket to support and it was told that the special it’s gonna last one more day so we can get the day of prem acc.

    • That extra day won’t help the people who already grinded the 50k xp. They’d have to do it all again.

    • They can stuff their lame special somewhere. Just like British mediums “specials” it’s not even worth bothering about, functional or nonfunctional (and boy was it nonfunctional when announced … thanks for job well done Ecturd !!!).

  4. If the rewarding doesn’t work, i think the error is in the implementation from Minsk. Ectar and the others just “use” it.
    Maybe a configuration mistake, but I don’t think its their fault.
    Btw, it was a really nice special. They should keep their feet down.

    • Seems like they need another period of extensive testing for these features with double XP and double credits, of course on RU cluster exclusively, so the other servers can have these things running flawless later… or not?

    • Or maybe same “siemka I scout” retards that ruin games one after another are in chanrge of clicking the right options when setting up the special for next server restart ? There are plenty of useless dumbfucks on WG Paris staff :-(

  5. I’ve got like 6k gold and 15 days of premium left. It’s not like I care about the day of premium but it just isn’t nice.

    They had the same fail when they said killing a tiger would reward you with 10k credits (among other ‘event’ tanks last weekend) but it didn’t work.

    It just isn’t nice.

    I actually played till 3 in the morning to get the quest done, had an excel table tracking the exp and everything (I’ve got a tiny bit of OCD xD) anyway it isn’t even about what the reward is. It is about screwing with your customers and players. Just isn’t nice.

    • I’m going in a trip tomorrow.
      My prem acc ended yesterday so if I’d got that special day of prem acc I could play today too.
      That’s silly.
      P.S.: can’t play without prem acc :D

    • jesus man, it takes you a WHOLE FUCKING DAY to get 50k exp? i’m sure that if i GRINDED i’d actually make 100k exp a day…then again, i’m lazy and don’t like grinding

      • And you are soooooooo good, yes, we get it, but THAT is not the point now is it? The point IS that if something was “promised” it should be given. I’m sure they will fix it somehow. The point is NOT that for some it takes longer to reach 50k exp. because for example they are playing with way lower FPS (4-15) or way higher Ping.

        • i’m actually a pretty mediocre player that rarely gets anything below tier 7 in the hangar, it’s just pretty easy to farm 50k damage or exp in a day, especially when x2s and prem.accs are included in the count – sure “clean” 50k’s a lot, that would be more than 60 games (more than 80 if you play low-tier) but in the end it isn’t much – you play for fun, you don’t get something for free…and you go ballistic burning your chair with the horrid flames of infernal burrhurt…sure, that’s an adequate choice!

          • Im fairly average too, just saying that what goes for you may not go for someone else. I hardly played this weekend so it wasnt an issue for me at all. The butthurt, I agree, is a bit over the top. OTOH…make a promise… then keep to it.

            • that’s the point – if they promised something big (say a pre-order type59) ad then fucked up – that would be a legit reason to butthurt yourself into space…but then not getting free shit…the 50k is rewarding on it’s own (couple thousand free exp give or take, a few takes on 50k and you can freely top-up 5-7 tier vehicles instead of grinding underpowered shit), same as 50k dmg – you get cash if you hit that much (unless i you’re abyssmally poor at leftclicking the shit out of your enemy andyou hit that mark after 120 tedious bouts…sure…)

          • With 259 experience per battle on average you’re not mediocre but rather a plain useless noobish dumbfuck turd. It doesn’t take you ~60 battles to accumulate 50K “clean” experience, it would take you 193 battles on average to do that.

            With 7 minute average battle duration (according to Serb, source this blog) this amounts to just a tad over 22 hours and 30 minutes of active playing time (not including the 30 minute countdown and waiting in battle queue which amounts to yet another hour and some more) … so why don’t you kindly STFU before making you look even more retarded than you already are ? Go lick a window or whatever it is that you normally do when you don’t ruin other people’s games in WoT and spam your stupidities on this blog.


  6. So i’m the only one who got the premium days, the vents, and lots of double exp from that 3k damage mission?

    • I got it all too, tbh i had problem with 50k mission coz i grinded 35k on EU2 and next 15k on EU1 so I waited ~1h (or 7-8k exp) for EU2 to update with EU1 and after that i got 1 day prem.

    • How did you get the vents?! xD
      i was tracking my xp and kills – for 55k xp i had 20 kills with mediums and 14 kills with heavies… My avg dmg was over 2000 this weekend, and i couldn’t get a kill xD

      • T54E1. Got the Vents II in the first day even before i got my premium day. About 3 hours and got the vents.
        M103+Black Prince for Vents III. Was a bit harder than vents II. But i got a lot of confederate medals…damn kill stealers:D

        • KIll stealing was rly, rly annoying this weekend, WG shouldn’t do specials like this one. For me “top 3 dmg in team” is the best possible solution

  7. Yeah they made a mistake, whatever right?
    But my problem is, that they didn’t even try to fix it, they fixed the event at last,
    but they just left the special on the portal as it is, to let more people fall for it.
    They lied about fixing the issue on sunday, they said it’s working fine, but it didn’t.
    And then, they say we giving out false information.
    Somebody bought premium only for this day, maybe becouse they only can afford it.
    Just think about this.

    • Well, the real question is if they CAN fix it. Personally, I think they can’t, not without a lot of time and resources invested in that (which would quite frankly be silly). If I was WG EU, I’d simply apologize and promise something EVEN BETTER next time.

      • or promise that this kind of mission will be added extra in one of next weekends.

        but… what’s the fuss all about? I got 1 day premium on sunday or saturday, Was it not working for 1 day or was i t working for some people only?

      • Well there is solution for that even with low resources.
        They just should say on sunday: hey we reset the XP counter, you lost your earlier progress, but you can complete the mission now, or hey we will continou the mission next weekend, or hey here is a bonus code for one day premium for everyone.

  8. EU community fails harder and harder each time.
    I personally lost all hope with the joke and insult they made of us with the contest for the birthday card and the 500 gold!
    Sorry but even when they have a nice idea they somehow manage to turn it into a complete disaster !

  9. I got 3 days of premium, and tbh i needed less than 4 hours each day to get 50k exp (i payed 3 days of premium so i could grind up those 50k).
    It was easy, i doubled 15 tanks and that’s it, problem solved ;)

  10. 50 kills with heavy and medium tanks were really easy. Many people played lowtier (T4 or T5) tanks, like Matilda IV, PzB2, T14, Churchill to get those Improved Vents, but I mean cmon, all that rage for 1 day of premium. Shit happens, this game is still awesome and I can forgive them a fuck up or two once in a while. Still, many of those whiners took 1 day premium at Sunday and will do today, since problem is now fixed.

    And I’m pretty sure that many people will get that one day premium for Saturday if they provide replays or screens to support. Hope you all have enabled battle recording. ;)

  11. SS, I “love” your way of writing… You are assuming, that everyone knows what’s going on. Well, as an occasional WOT player, I do not know. I do now, that there were some missions last weekend, but what’s the rage about – you have not said, neither provided a link to that thread. So, a person that takes all of the information from this article knows nothing, AND in the future, when someone will be browsing archives here, will also not know what’s going on.
    So, less criptic messages, more proffesionalism – links, sources, or a short summary.

    • You should start reading those news that show up in the launcher once in a while. Then you’ll know what it’s all about. What SS is doing here is way too professional for what he’s getting in exchange

  12. Personally, i did the grind 3 times and got 1 day premium…i dont care mch about the 1 day premium as i have prem. acc. anyways.
    what really annoys me is that it took the WG EU until sometime on sunday afternoon to even reply that there might be a problem with that mission. and now there is silence again…

    Cmon Wg fails getting ridiculous.. I cant even remember a weekend special which hadnt at least one fail in it.
    wrong Prem tank on discount, wrong description, etc.. Every week its the same. And WG EUs reply?
    “sorry we are on low staff in the office because its weekend”
    Seriously?? Your are on low staff when most players are online and your special (which is some kind of their higlight of the week) runs?

    But it goes on and on…as longer you play the more WG EU fails you remember?

    anyone know that Clanwars started yesterday? No? Yeah, there wasnt an announcement from WG EU.

    did anyone get the results for the big and Heavy Missions?

    I really hope SerB noticed on his Paris trip how bad WG EU in fact is. In fact i hope the WG EU fails are the reason for his visit

      • Think ur wrong.They obviously don+t give a f… about EU server regardless it’s their most profitable server.I really wouldn’t be giving some high hopes they will improve their conduct’s any time soon.At least without some serious player drop downs or for that matter some serious € drop downs.

  13. I gt the special on the first day but only after I grinded about 100k Xp >.<
    Second day went normally, third day also. But that explains it…

  14. i am completely unaware what is going on. Getting a improved ventiation is already time consuming enough (4-5 hours of straight gameplay) and mathematically getting just a premium account takes twice as much time. Therefore I didnt go for the premium account.

    I am not sure if the user has to play on a specific channel in order that the event work. Or staying in the same channe for that matter.

    I can understand why they rage. Playing about 12 hours straight and the promised reward isnt there. I would rage too if I went that far.

    • They have their rights to rage, but why you have to rage over one day prem? As if it is some big deal at all?
      Please, we are not kids that will rage over one candy. Or supposedly? O.O

  15. I usually think that WoT players bitch and moan turning every special/event/offer thread into a virtual whine-fest.
    Most of them are not paying customers but ungrateful freeloaders but still they think WG owe them something.

    This time however WG deserv all the harsh criticis, they went back on their word making a mockery of the effort players put in to fulfill the critera for the mission.

  16. Eu staff are just marketing kids and secretaries, it’s not their fault,
    it’s the WG Operations teams & Development which shows time & again their lack of skill for such operation.

  17. I think we are just confused! I am from the NA server and I went to check out the special on the website, and this is what I read: “If you manage to earn at least 50,000 experience points in a single day, you will automatically be rewarded with one day of Premium account. Please note: the bonus experience granted for premium accounts and the first victory of the day will count towards the total. However, other bonuses (including that awarded for completing ‘Fear Me!’) will not.” I think it is just that people have gotten 50k plus the bonus for the Fear Me and think it counts toward it.

  18. You’d need to play about 10 hours just to have a chance of hitting 50k xp in a day. I’d be pissed too if the system didn’t reward me.

  19. You all expect WG not to fook stuff up??

    Haven’t you learnt yet?

    I didn’t bother when I saw my Pz1C was too low to take part in the raping of noobies..

    I got 3 Top Gun medals in about 5 games… that would almost have got me the free vents there… but it didn’t count…

    50,000 XP for 1 day premium???? Seriously???

    And you all tried?

    For £1.00 or 1.00 Euros worth of Premium???


    • Of course it wouldn’t count – the whole point about these “quests” is that they aren’t hard (how many kills do you need for a vent?) but they aren’t roll-over-easy either.

      • You missed the point…

        Spend 10-12 hours playing to get 1 day premium….?

        1 day…..

        99 cents or pennies…

  20. The NA server had to kill 20 medium tanks above tier 3 to get the free day of premium. It would have been a little easier if there wasn’t a special for heavies(credit and xp bonus) and that 15 year anniversary tank destroyer month going on at the same time. It was doable in the long run and there weren’t too many complaints about it.

    The big complaint for that weekend was a lackluster award for receiving a Pool’s Medal, 10 kills in one game.

  21. I dun think failed to get such prize is a BIG thing at all.
    Just covert 1 day prem to real world money, how much is it? But people are whining and complaning over it for so long…
    In fact, the china WOT had such mission system LONG ago, but in the form of external website. (as in, not in game but on offical website) You have to complete one quest one day (all different from one another) and u can redeem one day prem after all quests are completed. However, no one whined about how bad such system is (sometimes u just cannot have your quest status updated or the status get rubbed away) and most people don’t even care about such system.
    Other than the mission system, china server has special events where you can earn yourself a gargage slot or even in-game gold. But know what? No one will grind so hard just to get those (other than those who are really hardcore, usually “professional” gamer or kids). Game is game, not work.
    I don’t think EU or RU team are doing bad at all, if you compare to the china team, which still keeps type-59 in shop and opens up events whole day (x2 exp, x3 exp for >=1 kill, x5 first win, x2 crew exp, x1.5 credit if win). And to make things worse, they don’t care how hard you report those bots, they just don’t get banned because they have prem tanks. So you end up seeing more than 2/3 bots late night, and the irony? Most of the bots are type-59 and other prem tanks.
    So, be satisfied with EU team and RU team, especially SerB, because they still care about player experience (it is logical not to take into consideration the feelings of the whiners I think, beacause what they think is OP may not be so statistically, just like tier 10 arty has really low dmg per battle as compared to the other tier 10 tanks even pre-8.6)(For me, I have 3k dmg per battle with Obj.268 but only 2.2k dmg with BC 155 58 and 2k dmg with other tier 10 arty) or at least game environment. Having such failure is just normal. WG employees are not god, they do make mistakes. In my point of view, I won’t take it so hard if I just miss one day prem. I don’t even lose money with tier 9 tanks, thanks to the general buff of income. Farming or grinding 50k exp already? Good for you beacause you have to farm less later and you can get whatever tank you want earlier :)

  22. You know, with that kind of special most annoying is that you don’t know how far you are towards the prize – there’s no counter on display or anything. That’s the only complaint on my part ;) .

  23. In all fairness when this special was first posted it got 13 pages of universally happy people posting about how great a special it and how unusual it was to see on the Eu server etc etc … Once it became apparent there was a fault with the special ( If you had accelerated crew training turned on it didn’t count your experience properly ) Wg gave no information about the situation and would not tell people what the actual requirements were to gain the reward .. It was in fact “fixed” Sun lunchtime at which point Wg had reset the Xp counters so none of the Xp people had gained up until this point would count. Unfortunately this meant that many people also did not get their reward on Sun either … Most of these people affected put in a ticket to Customer service but were told that they would not be awarded their days premium even if they could prove they had gained enough Xp to satisfy the posted requirements …
    The community coordinator posted that individual accounts would be looked at individually if the player felt he had met the conditions, this was in complete contrast to the support team who stated this would not happen…
    The compensation Wg decided to give was to lengthen the period of the special by 24 hrs ( less time than the special was broken and of course on a weekday when most do not have the time to even attempt to gain the reward)
    Now I think we all accept that problems occur and although annoying if they are fixed in a timely manner and the community kept up to speed with what was happening and get their queries answered then these things can be forgiven … What, however, most can’t accept was Wg’s total refusal to enter into any meaningful dialogue with regard to this matter … We had one or two very short msgs giving vague information and in one case at least misinformation but after that there has been no replies to any questions except one to berate a forum member for not having read a separate mission description correctly even though that very description was written in such terms it could easily be mistaken .
    They ,Wg and its agents, were invited several times to discuss what had happened but all we have received is a stony silence from them… For a company that relies totally on it’s customers to be happy this complete lack of any customer service is not a good omen for any future problems that might arise …

  24. Of course WG EU are guilty… They have proven their incopetence multiple times. The fact they have no qualifications to check up simple script is their fault, they are simply bunch of amatours because WG is known of saving up on EU and hired some random folks. Actually I think they manage to keep up 1 fail per week ratio since some time now.

    • But I think you should be aware that the game is STILL and will be FOREVER in development state. All functions implement into the game are not their FINAL products. If mission system is at all a well-programmed and matured part of the game, I would expect a UI for it at least.
      I just don’t get why people would cry so hard just not to get so little reward (cmom 1 day prem only) and is not satisfied with such a good function in the game. If I am the boss of WG and I have heard of those kids whining, I would simply stop mission system after all because it would generate more trouble than profit. Rather putting money to advertise or develop the game further, isn’t it?

  25. “it is an annoying fail, but it will make the community people work THAT much harder to avoid it next time. Won’t it, Ectar?”

    Nope, sorry – don’t believe that for a second. Quitting this game. Worst way to treat their customers I’ve seen in a long time.