LTP – historical sources

Author: Yuri Pasholok

Today, the vehicle, called LTP, was distributed to the players

There is very little info on this vehicle, for obvious reasons.The project of this tank was found in the inventions department of the Red Army GABTU. The author of the “light tank” project seems to be K.J.Provornov from Ulyanovsk and the project is dated to July 1942. Regardless of the fact that the project was destined to be scrapped, we have to consider the very serious approach of the author to its designing process. Such a war machine was potentially possible to build, but the existence of T-70 removed any point in building it.

Here’s the length cut of the LTP, as implemented into the game.


Main vehicle characteristics:

Type of the vehicle – light tracked tank
Combat weight – 11 tons
Length – 4000mm
Width – 2000mm
Height – 1900mm
Clearance – 300mm


1 45mm tank gun
1 coaxial DT machinegun
1 bow machinegun
Possible ammo load: 150 shells and 75 MG magazines

Speed data:

With maximum 3600 RPM
Gear 1 – 7,05km/h
Gear 2 – 14,6km/h
Gear 3 – 26,7km/h
Gear 4 – 45,1km/h
Reverse – 5,75km/h

Fuel tank capacity: 500 liters
Suspension: torsion bars


Alternative driver’s hatch


38 thoughts on “LTP – historical sources

    • Trash Soviets? Did you even give them a chance, or did you just continue on with your wehraboo ways, watching your stupid “Girls und Panzer”? You know, there’s a reason why the Soviet Union, and not the Third Reich, won WW II. WW II was really the war in which tanks took center stage, and the Soviets won. I honestly don’t see how they’re “trash”, or “easy mode”, they’re just a different style of play, generally more mobile, and less dependent on armor overall.

      • That’s why they are crazy bouncy?

        Oh and of course USSR won mainly cause of the tanks.

      • russian and americans win ww2 like the zergs… they had loads and loads of infantry…

        the germans didnt have enought ammo…

        • The Germans didn’t have enough of *anything*.
          Starting with sound judgement and common sense, because picking a fight with what amounts to virtually every major world power at once unsurprisingly imposed impossible demands on everything else.

          • Sixty million people plus decent industrial base plus the resources of a continent in the hands of ruthless lunatics willing to go to any lenghts takes a while to wear down. Pretty much the same deal as with the Japanese really.

      • Sorry about that little rant there, but when will the NA server be back online with the LTP? Also, Are there any plans to introduce a new Soviet Tier 5 light tank, make it so that the BT-7 (which is practically the definition of a scout) leads to the T-50, new Tier 5 to MT-25, MT-25 to Tier 7 and then 8 ect.?

      • Soviet Union won because Hitler bit off more than he could chew, and there was Lend Lease. Nothing special about tanks.

        Oh, and I say trash because I can’t for the life of me deal with the aim time and inaccuracy. It’s a personal opinion based on WoT, not history.

      • >wehraboo

        stop using leddit terminology, and then expecting that everyone on an off-community website will be able to understand your “epic in-jokes”. onegai.

        • what the hell, does this comment thing automatically convert programmer quotation marks into boring quotation marks or something?

          I meant to say ``epic in-jokes''.

      • WHOOOOOAAAA you little fucker! I dont care what you think about tanks or other peoples opinions but dont fucking dare abuse anime!

        • Didn’t you get the memo? The average WoT player watches “Chinese cartoons” these days. Who watches anime? Pfft.

      • The USSR didnt won anything, the US won the war. If US wouldn’t have intervened and opened a second front russia would have been just as much toast as the rest of europe. Also, the russians received MASSIVE support in form of land lease material, fuel, food, ammo, and materials from the US. In that time russia was a very backwards country compared to the rest of the western world, they only got up to standards during wartime since rapid technological and economical advances where required.

        • By the time the Democracies opened a “second front” – more like third, if you’re talking about Overlord – Germany had already conclusively lost and the only question was how much more bloodletting was needed to get them to admit it and stop delaying the inevitable.

          Also strictly speaking, the Eastern Front itself was actually a “second front” the Germans themselves opened for a number of pressing reasons while still being busy fighting the Brits…

          Also you’d be surprised how backwards *Germany* at the time in fact was.

          • Germany was not backwards. Hitler never approved of any of the technological advances made. I.e. the STG44

      • Daigensui is a “troublemaker”. He picked quarrel with a russian just recently in US forum: Japanese Tank Tree & Guns Discussion.

    • Daigensui stop being bad@tanks

      in game the soviets have the best medium, a good arty, a very good TD, and a decent heavy.

      in real life they were always great, at least the actual Soviet ones, and not the pupet ones they gave to middle-east countries.

  1. for me this tank = 170.000 credits + garage slot

    maybe i buy the pz1c its way better tier 3

    • better keep it. i’ve got recently 2 codes from some kind of german magazines and instead of tanks, which were in the package, i’ve got almost 2k gold because i had these tanks in my garage.

      • The panzer 1C is not “Better” at tier 3, it merely plays differently…
        If you like a slower, sniper-esque tank, use the Free LTP.
        Fast, Scout-Style tank, play Pz1c.
        But honestly, think of how many people are going to sell it because its a “trashy soviet tank”
        ;) wouldn’t you like to be one of the few that keeps it to learn how to play it well?

    • So you get presented real blueprints and tech specs and all you have to say is “fantasy tank” ?

  2. Its a real fun tank. Its autocannon proof, bounces quite a lot from the front and the turret is tough as nail. Sure gun could be better, but all in all its a nicely balanced tank. Also, now i finally have something to put my T-50 crew into after i sold it because of the patch.