How to remove the 15th Anniversary Garage

Hello everyone,

long story short, here’s a quick and simple way how to remove the anniversary garage, if you (like me) don’t like it, by Korney36 on RU forums.

Step 1: go to the World_of_Tanks\res\packages folder
Step 2: find three files: hangar_premium.pkg, hangar_premium_15aug.pkg and hangar_premium_15bday.pkg
Step 3: copy the hangar_premium.pkg over the content of hangar_premium_15aug.pkg and over the content of hangar_premium_15bday.pkg (so you will have the hangar_premium.pkg file in 3 different copies, including the original)
Step 4: Profit!

Tested it myself, works.

26 thoughts on “How to remove the 15th Anniversary Garage

  1. Thanks! the garage sucked anyway. Next time i expect them to make a garage in middle of the forest at night with no lights around to see the tanks.

  2. “Step 3: copy the hangar_premium.pkg over the content of hangar_premium_15aug.pkg and over the content of hangar_premium_15bday.pkg (so you will have the hangar_premium.pkg file in 3 different copies, including the original)”

    I have no Idea how one achieves this

      • In terms of what commands and actions to use, that means fucking nothing to my tech illiterate mind

        • Copy the original file hangar_premium.pkg to another folder, rename it to one of the new names and repeat 3 times. Then replace the WG files with the copies of hangar_premium.pkg made by you.

        • Open the folder I wrote above in the Windows manager.
          Select the hangar_premium.pkg file.
          Press ctrl+c.
          Select hangar_premium_15aug.pkg.
          Press ctrl+v.
          Press “yes”.
          Select hangar_premium_15bday.pkg.
          Press ctrl+v
          Press “yes”


          • all that does is make a copy of the original with ” – Copy” at the end of its name, but the method posted above yours works

            • 1. cut those 2 pkg files ( 15bday and 15 aug) to another folder, (just in case, dont delete them), and paste them in another folder on HDD
              2. rename those 2 copies of hangar_premium.pkg to hangar_premium_15bday , and hangar_premium_15aug

              3. done

              This worked for me, and it has a restore value, if u wanna your 15th anniv garage back, just delete those 2 renamed copies, and paste original files back

    • When a fucking garage overstresses your GPU more than Crysis, Crysis 3 with tessellation ON, BF3, The Witcher 2, etc all the top AAA titles, there is clearly something wrong.

      And the retards who designed it should be fired. Remember when Starcraft 2 menu had a bug which overstressed your GPU hard it fucken ruined it? google it if you dont believe me.

      I even saw a comment from WG that they didnt noticed anything wrong with the garage. Dumb idiots!!!!! so yea people better watch out especially since it’s summer time.

      • The starcraft 2 thing will never happen to WoT. It was because the menu was running in 3D mode and hade barely any 3D stuff in it, and got like 300 FPS on many PCs, which means the GPU is running on max performance and GPUs with bad cooling overheated…

        I wouldn’t be afraid of WoT reaching 300 fps… and even if, there’s still vsync.

  3. any change from their regular depressing (non-premium) garage would be excellent.
    maybe i’ll log tomorrow to see whats the fuss about.

    anyhow F WG on general principal

  4. Thanks for the fix Silentstalker. Not a fan of the event-hangars myself.
    Is there a chance you know how to delete the fireworks-sounds? There are files named ambient_hangar_xx in the res/audio folder, but deleting the ones called “ambient_hangar_15_aug” and “ambient_hangar_15_bday” didn’t work, and I don’t know which files to overwrite.
    Thanks a lot!

    • I find it annoying how they offer 50% discounts for camo, but make it real fucking hard to actually see the camo properly before buying it.

      It’s like they’re intentionally messing with you, so you end up buying a camo that you don’t like, and as a result spend even more money fixing it up.

      • This is ASIA server btw, I’ve no idea what anniversary specials you amerifats and yuros get.

      • Well i spent 2k gold on camos now. Was just waiting for the next camo discount, and since i checked them beforehand already and knew which tanks get which camos it didnt really bother me that it was hard to see, but yeh you are kinda right with your point.

  5. Can someone upload original hangar_premium_15aug.pkg and hangar_premium_15bday.pkg cuz i delete it by mistake :)

  6. You can also remove firework sounds by deleting ambient_hangar_15_aug.fsb and ambient_hangar_15_bday.fsb from World_Of_Tanks/res/audio.