How to make the anniversary garage brighter

Author: _Awasaky_ (RU server)

Hello everyone,

do you think the anniversary garage is too dark? Here’s a mod by _Awasaky_ to fix that, to make it look like this:

Installation: Simply unpack the file to your res_mods folder (within the World of Tanks installation folder)


Here’s a mod that will make the garage go away, from the same author

Installation: The same as above – unpack the file to your res_mods folder

18 thoughts on “How to make the anniversary garage brighter

  1. I didn’t really have a problem with the Anniversary hangar, but it was awfully dark. Thanks for this!!

  2. good…..the “gone” mod is nice but is there somewhere mod to disable also the fireworks? its even more annoying that garage itself…thx in advance if someone find it and post it =) cheers

      • 1. Copy res/audio to res_mods/0.8.7
        2.In res_mods/0.8.7 delete files having *_15_aug* as part of their filename

        (if you dont do step 1, you wont have audio at all!)

      • yep..i just miss the article..same as for hangar apply for sound too..just replace with the biggest premium hangar sound file (~10mb) both 15aug and bday… thx anyway =)

  3. how terrible, the same camo for months and months and months and people still dont know what to buy as if it is new and needs a brighter screen to decide

    • Well many people don’t buy camo unless it’s 50% off which it is this weekend, so to try and see what you are buying would be an advantage…

    • Maybe not eveyone jerks themselves off to the camo screen every day like you and doesn’t know what they all look like?

      And give the ‘how terrible’ a rest. Its not funny when SerB does it and its certainly not funny when a little copycat does it.

  4. I know this is way out of topic but, does anybody have any idea what happened to the J!NX Contest? I can`t access it via the jinx voting page… did I miss something out or what?

  5. thx, will it stay for the duration of the 8.7 patch?
    if i want to remove the damned default non premium hangar, this will replace it?

  6. Hello everyone!

    There is a tank in the hangar, biside the T34-85 and Shermann in the direction of the battleships. It looks like a Churchill with american inscription. Does anyine know, what tank can it be?

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