Symbols of Victory (“Stalin strikes back!”)


Hello everyone,
this is a WG RU article translation. This article came out like an hour ago on official WG RU portal. It is…. well, you be the judge.

Vehicles, emblems and inscriptions happen to be an integral part of of all Wargaming projects. With their help, we create the atmosphere of those events and years for our players.Some of those elements of the game process (inscriptions “Stalinec”, “For Stalin!”, “For our Soviet Motherland!”, “Iosif Stalin” and others) are politicized, and their use often causes unease and mixed feelings of a lot of players. The company understands that certain individual members of community might have their feelings hurt, but at the same time does not want to twist the history and to further remove content from the game, that is not banned on the international level.

In World of Tanks, such materials are widely available for each of the implemented nations, with the exceptions of symbols, that are strongly associated with the symbols of Axis countries (nazi Germany, fascist Italy and militaristic Japan) and their allies, who started World War Two. The Wargaming company’s relation towards these symbols is extremely negative and it bans their use in any current or future projects, to prevent their spread in the gaming community.

We plan to keep strictly adhering to this policy.

When implementing the emblem mechanism in version 8.0, we have implemented the possibility to change the lists of emblems and inscriptions for various regions, without formulating the company position regarding the use of these elements. The result of this was that removal of emblems and inscriptions, tied to the name of Iosif Stalin, from the European and American servers and also from servers, located in Asia.

Our gaming community helped us realize the error of removing the inscriptions from the game. Despite the fact that not only victories are tied to the name of Iosif Stalin, but also early war defeats, despite the fact that many aspects of his work have been judget harshly, the contribution of this man in the victory over fascism, as one of the leaders of the anti-Hitler countries coalition, is unquestionable. In patch 8.8, all the inscriptions, tied to the name of Stalin, will return to all the regions.

We remember our history and we are proud of it.

I am sure the Polish players will be thrilled…

759 thoughts on “Symbols of Victory (“Stalin strikes back!”)

    • Not so polite.
      Stalin was mass murderer who ordered to kill more people than Hitler, but it was WG mass murderer, so he is good mass murderer.
      That is the WG approach.

      OTOH glorifying communism in Poland is forbidden by law. I can imagine WoT being banned in Poland, and that would be fun as hell.

        • Nice try, but communism =/= stalinism. Anyway, WG is pretty cocksucker: Stalin is our mass murderer, so it’s a good mass murderer, as someone said before. If you like so much Stalin, why do not you apply communism, bastards? Share your profits with the people, huh? Ah no, in this case, in the case of money, i’m sure you prefer the most stronger capitalism…. Stalin is only to sell inscriptions to those “well-educated” Russians (who i’m pretty pretty sure know who was Stalin…..) for gold.

          • Well, I wonder why Polish people are insisting in making themselves look stupid.
            Of course, there will always be a german kid who will speak his language, but more than half of the cases (of non-english chat) are coming from siemka-idiots. For a while CZ/SK were contenders, but even those realised that English is the universal language, and it’s not only polite but also *useful* to chat in english, even when there are others in your team from the same nationality.

            P.S.: I’m from Romania, my native language is quite different than English, but I least TRY to use it as much as possible.

        • >And why polish people would use english to talk with polsih players?

          because the information they share could be useful for their team?

          PL A player: hi PL B, lets go woods! (in polish)
          PL B player; hi PL A, yes, lets do it! (in polish)

    • I am from Latvia, as we got occupied by USSR, I also feel boned, but, what can you do, it is WG policy.

      • lol, Latvia wasn’t even in war with USSR, so it could not possibly be occupied. Your local downgraded version of Hilter simply signed an accession treaty – much like an accession to the EU.

        • Lol, sir, get your “facts” straight. Latvia was occupied, as well as Estonia and Lithuania.

          • A typical latvian-under-20 scum response. So, there was some brutal fighting when Soviets invaded your backward serf country? Bombing of cities? Military administration of the region? These are the facts, and I’m afraid you are about to say ‘no’ to this, and hence a ‘no’ to occupation as well

            • With this typical russian sovkodrocher logic-
              German not Occupy Czechoslovakia in 1939 ?!

              Sovkodrocher= Idiot.

            • In case of Czechoslovakia, there was established a protectorate of Bohemia an Moravia that was never part of proper Germany and even had own currency. So it was occupied indeed. Baltic states, however, were incorporated as legitimate republics into the USSR, with all rights and privileges, including the purges.

              I am not saying that incorporation was a good thing. All I am saying is that it never was an occupation. Get the bloody facts straight.

            • Moscow demanded that Baltic countries allow the USSR to establish military bases and station troops on their soil for the duration of the European war.
              June 15, 1940 – Soviet troops attack the Latvian border guards at Maslenki,[5] killing three border guards and two civilians, as well as taking 10 border guards and 27 civilians as hostages to the Soviet Union.
              June 16, 1940 – the Soviet Union invades Latvia and Estonia.[39] Soviets delivered ultimatums to Estonia and Latvia, to be answered within 6 hours, demanding: the establishment of pro-Soviet Governments which, under the protection of the Red Army, would be better capable of carrying out the Pacts of Mutual Assistance the free passage of Soviet troops into Estonia and Latvia in order to place them in the most important centers and to avoid possible provocative acts against Soviet garrisons. Unable to resist on their own, Latvia and Estonia capitulated.
              June 17, 1940 – Soviet troops invade Latvia and occupied bridges, post/telephone, telegraph, and broadcasting offices.
              “Nice” incorporation.
              If China incorporate Russia that way ? Russians be happy ?

            • “Happy” or lack thereof was never relevant to the discussion. Neither was “nice”; Stalin pretty much didn’t *do* “nice” anyway.

        • Easy to say when you’re not that small country on whose door knocks an army of endless numbers and asks for you to either let them in or they’ll just barge in.

    • I am from Bulgaria.
      45 years of communism seem to be more harmful than 500 years of Ottoman rule, and national crisis from losing a Balkan war and WW1. From those you can at least recover…

    • No, this is a way of saying “we have our own standards and view of history and we won’t change them because of around 0,5% of players are complaining about that”

  1. Declaration on Crimes of Communism

    1 “Communist regimes have committed, and are in some cases still committing, crimes against humanity in all countries of Central and Eastern Europe and in other countries where communism is still alive”


    Edited by SS: please don’t post such long comments, makes the comment section unreadable. Thank you.

          • And sorry for double posting. Comment system was a bit weird (didn’t accept comment under edited one at first so I posted under top comment).

        • We all know that SERB got miffed up about these incriptions getting removed and most likely ordered them back in. Serb, the guy who thinks that this gulag thing was totally not as bad as the stupid western press is telling everybody. A little like some American politicians telling the world that water boarding is some new form of surfing.

          It just proves that you can’t live your life in a dictatorship without your moral compass getting a little disoriented.

          • what western press?
            Archipelago Gulag was written by a russian, Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn (Алекса́ндр Иса́евич Солжени́цын)
            if memory recalls, serb categorized his work as fiction .. need I say more

            in 2009, the book was included in the high school curriculum by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science as mandatory reading

            • It IS a work of fiction based on myths and not supported by documents(and this IS the known fact). As for autor… He voluntary worked for camp guards, watching and logging other inmates activities and discussions.

        • Geez…… “Silentstalker” your post created real firestorm……….LOL…..

          • The difference between USSR propaganda and USA propaganda is that in former Soviet block not many people believe it. On the other hand in USA the same BS propaganda is called voice of freedom and democracy. And allot of people believe.
            USA is the same kind of power which doesn’t give damn about others. They abuse human rights, the can invade country, kill people without any reason and it is OK(Iraq and nuclear weapons…..hahahahaha….what a joke). But when USSR invaded Afghanistan than is not OK. Double standards.

            • Did you know, the US used to be pretty vehemently anticolonial and in fact actively undermined the European empires on occasion (naturally enough their own overlordship of the Philippines and scrweing around in Latin America were Something Entirely Different…).
              Then they effectively inherited Britain’s “world police” job and in rather short order forgot all about that. The shoe fit quite comfortably when it was in the other foot, you could say.
              That’s people for you.

            • …and conversely however happy the Soviets were to support “anti-imperialist” rebels across the world – often quite legitimate and popular freedom fighters – the client-state system they maintained in Central Europe was a whole different kettle of fish. As one historian sarcastically observed “it turned out that [Soviet] Communism was in fact the highest form of Imperialism.”

              Naturally they themselves failed to see any contradiction in this.

      • Right. Everyone is a little mean sometimes, so let’s just celebrate our criminals and dictators – just not those that lost the war. Those are bad.


      • It’s nor a little mean. The problem is that a lot in the US is firm believers of “The ends justify the means” and thus have no problems doing any evils to further their “great” country, while forgeting that by them doing so much evil so are their country far from great. It’s exactly the same in the old Russia, they did it “for the motherland”. It’s just that the US pretends these things doesn’t happen and the general public falls for it. If you aren’t caught, then it didn’t happen and when they are caught it’s a scandal, not because of what they did, but because of them not covering up well enough. Of course, getting caught means that the public somehow finds out, else it will just be covered up as if there is no trial for human rights violation, then it didn’t happen.

        Then we have the latest “trick” in avoiding blame. Lets hire civilian contractors to fly the murder drones and have them kill suspicious looking iraqi peasants, this way we can claim we aren’t directly responsible.

      • Then give me a Nazi German symbols . There is no difference between Stalin and Hitler, as well as the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany . Oh yes Stalin killed a couple of times more people .

        • Wargaming is the private enterprise. Its owners may introduce any symbols of any ideologies. If they want to do it. This is because of their PRIVATE right to freedom of expression and speech.

          This is basics of the WESTERN democratic practices. You cannot deny people of their freedom.

          If you want a nazi symbols in the game – make your own. No one will argue with your right to do it. You may encounter some difficulties with selling such a game in several countries (notably in Germany), but this is also form of freedom of such countries.

        • No Nazi symbols for you or anyone else. There are already too many pseudo Nazi avatars and players without making the situation worse.

        • To bad Stalin didn’t kill all you Nazi parents while he was at it, then we might not have had so many idiots playing WoT today.

          • To bad Stalin didnt kill all russians while he was at it, then we might not have so many communist pigs living today.

            • Because Communism is totally hot stuff in present-day Russia…

              Also that’s exactly why Stalin and Hitler are NOT the same thing. The former COULD, in principle at least, have killed far more people had he so desired but didn’t; the latter WOULD had he not been stopped (to a large degree by Stalin’s USSR).

            • Really Kellomies, your “defence” of Stalin is that he didnt kill as many people as possible when he still lived?

              Both Stalin and Hitler were gigantic assholes and massmurderers who should never had been given the power to rule over other people.

            • Pretty much, yeah. Stalin HAD his way, and Russians, Jews, Poles and whoever still *exist*. Had Hitler had HIS this would *not* be the case in any meaningful sense.
              Think about that for a moment, and contemplate the concept of “lesser evil”.

            • Actually, it is. The communist party got the most votes in the latest “election” in russia. Well, except for Putin of course.

              Also, stalin didn’t have “his way”, the US was still in the way, as well as the european countries.

            • Far as I know Stalin didn’t actually care about either the US or Europe much, so long as they stayed out of his hair. He was a rather stay-at-home kind of revolutionary. :P

  2. Very wise of WG to defend and celebrate a dictator, the butcher of Katyn murderer of millions of people in Hungaria, Poland and even Russia….

  3. -Austro-Hungarian genocidal maniac dictator propaganda? GET THAT OUT OF HERE!
    -Georgian genocidal maniac dictator propaganda? No problem!

    WG Logic.

    • No. It’s just a inherent right of people to manage their own private property.

    • 1. Difference: One lost and one the war.
      2. Difference: WG does not reside on the moon. Their base is in an actual country and sometimes you have to say “we are proud of our history” even if it means defending a mass murderer because the powers that be could really hurt your company…

      • Stalin was mass murderer because he personally killed 100 000 000 ppls and eated childs at morning or maybe because so-called “western scientist” and some of traitors like Soljenitsin said that?

  4. Are they nuts?

    Idolyzing a psycopathic mass murderer is a good thing only because he defeated another psychopath?

      • Worse because he killed LESS people? Let’s get the facts straight:
        1) in war, Hitler killed a lot of people. Including a lot from my country.
        2) During the war, Stalin killed about as much, but…
        3) …after the war, Stalin killed several times over that. From his own USSR, but also from about all the other eastern-european block countries.

        So… Worst psychopat? No contest: Stalin.
        “Idolising” => putting up statues… or inscriptions on tanks ;)

        • Remind me again, which one had entirely serious plans to ethnically cleanse via extermination most of East-Central Europe for no other reason than lurid racist fantasies?

        • So true – victor writes history, but this is absurd. It is 21st century and we don`t need worship cults… Many are short-sighted and easily convinced by propoganda.

        • Germans, Russians, Bulgarians, Poles, Slovaks, Czechs, Ukrainians, Croats and more still exist today.
          Out of these, only Germans would remain. Guess why?

  5. RU mass morderer = OK
    Other country mass morderer = bad

    How i love WG how they appy double standards :D

    • “Russian bias”

      Russian massmurderer = good, german mass murderer = bad.

      It is even more hilarious when they wrote they are proud of stalin, one of the worst mass murderers in human history. I guess wg are proud of the 15+ million victims of stalin era as well!

      And people keep giving money to wg… Wonder if we get some punchy chinese inscriptions as well…

    • It’s not like that hippocracy is limited to RU, or did you miss out on the millions of civilians killed by the US during WW2?

      • Where did you found this millions of civilians killed by americans? I lold really hard. Allies were the only one in WW2 who tried to keep the war as civil as it was possible so your argument is soooooo fucking invalid that I can’t even sum it up.

          • Point made.

            Besides, as stated, it’s a private company, they have the right to apply any bias they want, just as you have the right to disagree and stop playing the game.

            • yes yes, the loving US soldiers.

              In my village they just shot 15 civilists out of 1000 souls… why? because they were literally in the way… crossing a street or checking the garden was ways to dangerous for the US soldiers.

              Damn for gods sake, why does everybody always think germany was the bad guy? Everybodyx did his bits.. some even without getting punished (stalin)..

              and most fun of all, the russians still believe he was some kind of saint.
              LOL he would take 3/4 of the breadslice on your table as TAX if he would have the chance today and invest it into weapons … and that sort of weapons you cant eat…

              Good day

            • What, would you have preferred the Red Army? Because they often went well beyond the casual callousness of soldiers fighting on foreign soil…

          • Actually, they are. Japan was even able to escalate the conflict by virus bombing US cities, but decided against doing that, but that didn’t prevent the US for nuking or napalm bombing Japanese civilians. Note that the US did not target production, but intentionally bombed civilians. The worst the Japanese did against the US was the Batan death march, claiming some 20’000 soldiers lives, by contrast so did one bombing raid by the US kill over 900’000 civilians.

            On the other hand, 20’000 american lives gets a lot more publicity then milions of Japanese lives and that is why the bombing and nuking was officially done, to save the projected 20’000 loses from invading Japan. Although the real reason for the nukes was to impress the Russians with their new super weapon as a prelude to the cold war.

            • Ahem. Mainland Asia?

              Also go read up a bit on the psychological effect the nukes had on the Japanese leadership kthx.

            • Lately Americans expect us all to feel sorry for them with 9/11. I bet the majority of them don’t even care about Japan.

        • @much_fun
          you are retardet right?
          “as civil as possible”
          Because 8h bombingruns on Gemran Citys is very nice and totally did not kill 17millions German Civilians..

          dumb fucks like you should shut the fuck up.

          • That was an entirely legitimate method of warfare at the time. What do you *think* the Junkerses and V-weapons over Britain were supposed to do, stand on their heads to delight the young and old alike?

            • Entirely legitimate method of warfare? So Allied bombing of Serbian cities and towns in 1944(that mostly, yes mostly not entirely) had no sight of Germans, or a very small German force cause they were retreating is legitimate method? They killed maybe less than 100 German soldiers but killed thousands of Serbian civilians. Allies had blood on their hands also. No one was “clean” in the war. That is the point.

            • Leveling a town with artillery to try to root out the enemy was also a perfectly legitimate thing to AFAIK. Wars, as you might have heard, aren’t nice things.

              Note also that the purpose of bombing raids against cities was never to actually *kill people*; they were attacking the *infratructure* and *morale* (or that was the theory anyway). The people were simply what is aseptically termed “collateral damage”.

              And the Allies were by a very long shot indeed EASILY the “cleanest” of the WW2 participants, given that the Soviets seem fairly palatable chiefly because the Axis – mainly Germans and Japanese – were so very much *worse*.

      • “Hippocracy” BTW would literally translate approximately as “rule by horses”(lol); may I advise against trying to use fancy furrin’ words if you don’t know how to actually write them? :D

    • Double standards have existed for millenniums and will continue to exist for many more.

      Even the Egyptian Pharaohs used double standards… Nothing new here… move along… move along…

  6. Personally I don’t care about inscriptions and what they say.

    I just don’t see why Stalin should be better or worse than any of the Axis countrys. Yes, he was part of the “Anti-Hitler-Coalition”. However, he still murdered millions in his Gulags and workcamps up in Siberia. He tortured and raped.

    So just for equality reasons I demand swastikas and “Sieg Heil” inscriptions for german tanks.

    I personally hate nazis and totalitarian governments in general. But I also hate double-standards.

      • A pity GB didn’t realize Churchill’s plan to attack Soviet union as weaker ally of Germany in 1940.

          • They didn’t, and it’s not like the Soviets could be bothered to lift very many fingers very vigorously to assist either. Why bother when they could count on the Germans handing over the agreed-upon parts anyway, since Hitler very obviously couldn’t afford to start picking a quarrel over the matter with the French and British breathing down his neck?

    • +1 for that from me. :) I want Medal with “not so bad” german(Namly: Erwin Rommel/Kurt Knispel/…) names aswell!

    • You don’t care, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn history. First of all read this:
      Nazis and SS were officially acknowledged as organizations of criminals and as a result all their symbols are prohibited in ALL countries. Nobody publically accused Stalin or Soviet Union in war crimes and therefore Soviet symbols officially are not prohibited. However, some countries decided that they are smarter than others and put “=” mark between nazis/SS and soviet symbols…

  7. We remember our history and we are proud of it.

    So, we are proud on Stalin. He was great man, who helped many and many people to live happy and long life.

    Communists idiots. Hitler was madman, but Stalin was much worse, he was only lucky that he won the war.

    • “the contribution of this man in the victory over fascism, as one of the leaders of the anti-Hitler countries coalition, is unquestionable. ”

      If not for him Germany would be beaten in first year of Barbarossa..

      • If he didn’t kill many competent commanders it would’ve been easier for the soviets to defend themselves in ’41.

        • Then again, if it wasn’t for him perhaps Germans would have no reason to invade – they were allies with USSR, they defeated Poland together and split her up.

          • Hitler held little regard for the Russians and only allied with them just to make GB and France think twice before they declared war on Germany. Hitler was going invade no matter what.

            • He also desperately needed A) to secure his rear for however long it might take to deal with the French (the OKW didn’t have a viable plan for that as late as early ’40, or actually even Fall Gelb itself) B) raw materials to keep the war industry going, which the Soviets were perfectly willing to sell.

        • GTFO and go read a bit about the ideological and pressing practical motivations for Barbarossa.

    • I can only wonder if there will be a day when a “For Mao” like inscription will be implemented into the Chinese tree.

      • For sure they will be :) EU an maybe community don’t give a s… and Taiwan playerbase is to small to opose ;), and for russians Mao is like Stalin – cute Father of the Nation

  8. “and their allies, who started World War Two.” – that actually include Soviet Union, as it was allied with Germany in 1939 and started the war with them.

      • Germany started the war against Poland. England and France made it a World War. Yes, they had every right to do it and it was completely justified. But that does not change the fact that Germany only declared war against Poland at first.

        • Germany demanded several things from Poland in response to allegations made by Germany over Polish atrocities made on Germans in Poland (false as hell ofc and made up or created by Germany press/propaganda and military) After Poland refused (she was asking for quick help to anyone she could contact) and mobilized, the Germans used it as an excuse to invade the country and butt hurt followed. Followed by the Russians from the other direction according to a previous agreement.

        • Germany wouldn’t attack Poland if they were not secured by alliance with Soviet union.

          • And the USSR wouldn’t have allied with Germany if France and UK had instead been more receptive to such overtures. So, yeah.

      • France and the UK were guarantors of Polish neutrality, so they were as such OBLIGED to do something. As a matter of fact Hitler was actually counting on being able to still get Poland for free as with his previous Central European land-grabs – it came as a very unwelcome suprise to him that after Munich the Entente had drawn its proverbial “line in the sand”…

        • Poland should have just given that damn corridor to Germany.Really, it was stupid for Germany to have a city in the middle of Polish territory, a small corridor to unify that couldn’t have hurt and maybe worse things would have been avoided.But wait,the USSR would have attacked anyway because they wanted to control everything…the good guys,yeah

          • Actually the GERMANS would have eventually attacked anyway for a number of reasons, mostly involving the fantasies of the nutjobs at the helm and a deep-seated loathing of the Poles plus more practically an increasingly depserate need to make their ruinously expensive new war machinery start paying for itself. In the purely theoretical scenario of taking on the French first (and winning, else the point would be entirely moot) they’d have eventually turned on Poland *anyway* simply because it was on the way to the USSR, the Bête Noire and destined nemesis of the Herrenvolk in the lunatic Nazi world-explanation.



  9. I just don’t get it? If we at EU server decide that Stalin symbols should be removed, how the fuck is that got to do with RU server?

    • Because EU office is owned by same Wargaming Ltd? Its basic human right to manage your own property as you wanted.

      I never understand this very totalitarian idea of enforcing ban on symbols or ideologies.

      • So go ask the Germans why they’ve banned the fuck out of Nazi symbols. (And look up the definition of “totalitarian” so you’ll know what it actually means.)

  10. I have nothing against Stalin.
    I have nothing against Hitler.
    If these emblems will make some butthurt people quit WoT then so be it!

  11. So just because you fought against Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy or Imperial Japan that instantly makes you politically uncontroversial. So we should have “For Chiang Kai-Shek!” available as an inscription on Chinese vehicles, even if it royally offends large numbers of Chinese people…

    The Soviet Union under Stalin was heavily involved in the brunt of the fighting against Nazi Germany on land. The bravery and endurance of millions of Soviet citizens and service people is undoubtedly a magnificent thing worthy of celebration. But Stalin? A brutal dictator who has the deaths of millions of innocent people in the Ukraine, Russia and the other Soviet satellite states on his hands. I’m sorry but this man and the regime he presided over were fundamentally evil.

    It is clear that the Soviet people won that war in spite of Stalin’s contribution during the actual conflict, it took immense bravery on the part of the general staff to order him to stop interfering with the running of the war. It is the generals like Zhukov and Rokossovsky who really deserve the credit for the winning of the war in the East, not Stalin. I would have no problems with a “for Zhukov!” inscription. But Stalin? No thanks Wargaming.

    • All inscriptions in the game are historical. If you find a photo of soviet tank with “For Zhukov” inscription WG probably may introduce it.

    • The only soviet people who really deserve to be praised are those soldiers who died from cold, hunger, shrapnels, bullets, in prison battalions tearing through minefields under fire from other communists.

  12. Pretty sure no one will really give a shit in the US. Might be frowned upon by some, fewer might raise a stink, but most will be indifferent, because it’s a video game, who gives a flying fuck?

  13. I’m forced to look at symbols in wot that make me sick and would like to remove them, but I can’t, so why would anyone else has that right??? For me there is bound, if it’s crossed I’ll stop playing wot, otherwise it’s something I have to cope with, so let it be…

  14. >In patch 8.8, all the inscriptions, tied to the name of Stalin, will return to all the regions.
    Those polish tears are delicious, viva WG!

    • May I ask you: what do you think about partition of Czhechoslovakia by Germany and Poland? May be Poland also was an ally of Germany?

      • Partition by Poland and Germany? Well, someone’s forgetting that Czechoslovakia “kicked the dog” (took Zaolzie – whatever it’s called in your language) in ’20s. Poland was just getting it back. But, yeah it can be called like that. And don’t forget that Poland (along with some other countries of the Warsaw Pact) sent it’s military to quell the Prague Spring…

        …but then again… Oh, forget it – it goes way back to the medieval. If we were to argue over who screwed who and how badly, it would go on for ages and start another war. Because “they’re our sworn enemies since always! Kill’em all!”


        Not telling anyone to love the other side, but there’s no need to start a fight, just as there is no reason to put descriptions related to a rather “disliked” guy in a game

        • Partition by USSR and Germany? Well, someone’s forgetting that Poland “kicked the dog” (took Polish–Soviet War in 1920 – whatever it’s called in your language) in ’20s. USSR was just getting it back. But, yeah it can be called like that.

    • …and then Hitler got all backstabby and Stalin kicked the snot out of him. So, yeah.

      Idiot cherry-pickers.

      • “Backstabby”? Not really – both hitler and stalin knew that at one point they’ll be fighting each other and it was hitler who decided to strike first.

        • Oh, neither trusted the other half so far they could throw him – and Stalin probably didn’t trust people PERIOD – but it’s painfully obvious from their complete surprise and outright denial that the Soviets had no idea just how violently insane the German leadership actually was (and just HOW desperate a corner it had already backed itself).

          Not particularly convinced Stalin would have gotten proactively adventurous later, though it’d have been quite his style to eventually ally with France and Britain to remove a weakened Germany from the game (or at least reshuffle Central Europe more to his needs) had the Western Front gone like the Entente planned.

  15. I’m Polish and I don’t give a damn f*** about it as long as it is a part of history. And those inscriptions are a part of history. Unfortunately some people didn’t do their homework and would like whole world to dance to their tune. And don’t forget – Stalin and communism were bad, but we can’t imagine what would have happened if nazis won the war but there surely wouldn’t be some countries at all.
    And for those who say about glorifying communism – nobody makes you play the game and no inscription says “commies ftw” or so.

    So for those who didn’t read above, WoT is history-based game and there’s nothing wrong with such HISTORICAL inscriptions as long as i know HSTORY of Europe and as long as i am NOT enforced to drive with such writings. Oh and did i mention that average player doesn’t give a s*** about it ?

      • Sure. Problem is they’re also kind of criminalised in several countries that represent major existing and/or potential markets for WG.
        The Neo-Nazis aren’t exactly helping ofc.

    • Do you also want historical “Gott mit Uns”, “Sieg Heil”, swastikas etc.?

      • Gott mit uns wouldnt be that bad i think because it would not really be nazi inscription (translated it only means god with us) the other 2 are really a no go

    • Masz racje. Ale i tak nie przetlumaczysz tego wielu Polakom bo to typowe “po polsku”. Polska Chrystusem Narodow, wieczne umeczenie, wietrzenie podstepow, konspiracja, nienawisc do innych ale nie daj Boze smiac sie z Polakow albo z Polski. Wielbienie przegranych powstan, kazda kleska to zwyciestwo…itd…itp
      Typowy zasciankowy narod.

    • They can discomfort you if you face-hug enemy tank, and possibly give your enemy unfair advantage, har, har :-)

  16. can you stop with the whole stalin emblem on tanks shit??? it’s like the 5th post and nobody cares

        • POLES seem to, judging by the commentary thus far.

          Personally I’m starting to get tired enough of them to have begun contemplating sending them the best regards of Carolus X…

            • He probably wouldn’t appreciate some of the more cynical observations made of guerilla warfare and more to the point whom it mainly appeals to however…

  17. That’s a big lol.
    I personally think everyone who feels his butt burn just becouse of looking at some inscription shoud go somewhere and… you know.
    This includes names like Hitler too, not just Stalin oh bloody tyrant, blah-blah.

  18. Am I the only one that thinks that those inscriptions are just historically accurate? If you don’t like it is fine, you don’t put it on our tank, but if the enemy has one and you hate it, well you can show him :) The same about the german inscriptions… Imagine a the D day movie but with flowers instead of guns, because someone don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like nacizm, nor communizm, even if I had relatives dying I’m not gonna be upset because of a WW2 game having historical inscriptions… (Btw. if ppl would have common sense there would be no need to ban any simbol because they wouldn’t use it…)

    • IF they are just Historical, then get in the Nazi ones aswell. “heil hitler” “Arbeit macht frei” ETC.

      • The reason with these is that Germany itself will ban em. I do not agree with WG’s stance on Stalin, but they are most definitely not politically correct enough to give a fuck about the inscriptions, unless a country actually makes em.

      • “Arbeit macht frei” was only ständing above the gate of Auschwiitz. For sure that wasnever a inscription on a Tank. Possible are the maxims of the SS “Blut und Ehre” or “Unsere Ehre heißt Treue” but i dont know if they was used as tank inscription.
        In germany the would get banned for sure….

        • “Arbeit…” would make no fucking sense on a tank anyway, I’ll give you that.

  19. great hunger on ukraine during 30′s because Stalin decision? Attack on Finland in november 1939 after Ribbentrop-Molotov pact? Yeah, they should be proud of it.Oh, I forgot, its german propaganda and we’re bad revisionist :<
    (tbh, i don't give a shit about staliniec as long as it's historical, but why we cant get german historical inscriptions like gott mit uns? Fuck logic)

    • nooo! “gott mit uns” would be a religion avowal and there is no religion in the cummunism (bit of sarcasm here)

      • A joke to that theme from the GDR:
        -a political commissioner comes to a farm. He asks the farmer: “How is the harvest of potatos?”
        The famer replies: “Oh, we have maaany potatos.” Afterwards the political commissioner asks: “Do we got many onions this year?” Then the farmer says: “dear, political commissioner, if we put the onions on top of each other they would reach the foots of god!” The political commissioner: “But there is no god in the communism!” The farmer: “Well there are no onions, too” ;)

    • The German ones have legal problems.
      Also, Finnfag here and not terribly bitter over the whole Winter War thing – if anything it was the Soviets who suffered worse during it. Pyrrhic victory of the first order. (Their fundamental geostrategic motivation for it – securing the approaches of Leningrad/St. Petersburg – has been a central concern of Russian Baltic strategy ever since the city got built at the start of the 1700s.)

  20. hmmm…..
    When ‘for Stalin’ ‘for the Soviet Motherland’ etc is ok,where are the Inscriptions ‘Heil Hitler’ ‘Nieder mit den Bolschewismus’ etc?
    Oh and did WG forgott hat the UdSSR attacked Poland too ?

        • Why do Yuropeens think it started in 1939? Japan and China started fighting in 1937. Using the 1939 date for **WORLD** War II is Eurocentric.

          • Well it immediately involved the two largest and farthest-flung colonial empires in the world. And in short order a third with pretensions. Oh and the Dutch still held Java at the time.

            That makes it kind of global per definitionem.

            The problem with the (Second) Sino-Japanese war is much the same as with the Italian invasion of Ethiopia; it was an essentially local, “limited” conflict. Once the Japanese picked a fight with “the West” it obviously became part of the greater war.

  21. APRX less than 1% of RU-region players use inscriptions with /Stalin/. If russians don’t give a f**k… why anyone else should? BUT!!!! v v v v v =)

    And one more thing =) WE(RUS+UKR+BLRS) won WW2. Not Poland, not USA and ABS-LY not France or Britain. Even most anti-comy specs agreed that Soviet SOLE effort was greater than other allies combined…
    So if WG (BLRS company) whants IS in game – so be it!

    • Wrong!

      But it’s better for the rest of the world if you ignorant fucks remain in the dark ages, so it’s not worth pointing out your stupidity in detail.

    • Poland army fought on west (anders army) and east (Ludowe Wojsko Polskie, ~People’s Troops of Poland). Or Forces Françaises Libres under de Gaulle. Or Czechoslovak pilots during Battle of england. Sorry.
      btw. “russian effort” means “take village idiot from far siberia who never saw a toilet or light bulb, give him weapon and force him to attack bad nazis” (rly, read some memoir). Cause most of educated russians died during war, cause soviet generals was giving stupid orders (long story short). And after war, many of them was taken to gulags, because when they saw civilized germany they were wondering why soviet russia is so poor (again, memoirs).

      • Wow.
        Just wow.

        But, I guess, such an answer will give you an A in some polish school, so I won’t judge you.

        • any European school*, fixed for you. Read memoirs, historical books, then we can talk.

          • I’m pretty sure I know my shit better.
            I mean, for instance, you just can’t say “most of educated russians died during war” with a straight face if you know at least something.

            But I’m also pretty sure you’ll never admit it, so there’s no point in talking at all.

            So it goes.

            • so if u know your shit that much, just read why they MUST take ppl from siberia for fight :) And how well civilised siberia was (that’s why I say about ‘educated’ western russians).
              Or just make me laugh one more time :)

            • Why wouldn’t they have conscripted Siberians just the same as everyone else? That’s what it means when a reservist army goes into full mobilisation, and they had preciously little reason to keep their Eastern forces idle in their home districts – especially after Sorge’s spy ring got them positive evidence the Japanese were unlike to make trouble.

      • hmmmm… yep. generally uR right…
        but sorry pal, we WON that war. that’s the only thing that really matters…
        any other country would just bleed out and SURRENDER. LIKE FRANCE.(no to offend just revise hist.facts) .
        gives a thought, nai?

        guys, just understand one simple thing: at 1943 world NEEDED a F***ING HUGE COUNTRY WITH “village idiots” and DICTATOR IOSIF.
        this the price WE paid for both our and YOUR living.
        So don’t raise the IGNORANCE thing, okay?

        • yep, we all have grandparents and we all want to hear they were brave, but history isn’t that simple. Look on CoH2 issue. There is A LOT of TRUE historical info, but we must hear russian rant ‘cos we won war!!111!!nazirevisionistscumbags!!11 >:U”. You want to know funny thing? Ppl in russia were HAPPY after german invasion, cause they hated stalin and communism.. but only for few hours, cause SS commando and some part of wehrmacht were even worse. Or other funny thing, during siege of moscow circa 30% of russian tanks were.. british from leand-lease, but official propaganda until today say “only we were fighting, GB and USA did nothing! >:U”. I don’t even talk about ribbentrop-molotov, problems with sikorski-mayski aggrement, or attack on baltic countries like finland. Common normal (again, stories about village idiots from siberia aren’t so far form truth, most of them were just rapist animals, not humans – look on stalin special orders about that issue) people in red army – ok, we can talk about “heroes”, but politicians were just sick bastards (not only stalin – im looking at you, roosevelt, for your atomic bomb or tokio bombardment). They could won war, but all were scumbags.

          • The Soviets stopped *occupying* stuff rather quickly, as that would’ve been terribly impractical. Plus they didn’t need to what with more-or-less Moscow-aligned domestic Communists in power.

            As for the Cold War and the spectre of MAD, bitch please. The Soviets had been in a more subdued version with about the entire world from the start, and for a superpower pissing contest it was remarkably nondestructive. In no small part because all the parties concerned knew only too well that if it went “hot” only extremely Pyrrhic victories would be possible.

        • >this the price WE paid for both our and YOUR living.
          And many countries paid the price of your occupation. East Germany is still recovering.

          • Germans don’t get to complain; they rather literally brought it on themselves. And for unusually idiotic reasons to boot.

            • But that’s the case not only with East Germany, but every other occupied state. Russia was very bad at economy and siphoned everything from “allies”.

            • AFAIK that was only the immediate postwar period when they were rebuilding the smoking wreck that was “European Russia” after Hitler’s package trip to the region.

              Sucking at economy is an universal Communist thing not confined to the Sovets – the Chinese were quite accomplished at that too, until they for all practical intents and purposes tossed the system – and actually primarily came from a serious overestimation of the factual potential of central planning (and their own technocrats’ competence for that matter) combined with a plain massively mistaken guesstimate of what to invest in.
              Basically, they got stuck in the 19th-century “smokestack industry” paradigm while the world went an entirely another way. Didn’t help they never actually managed to effect the planned diversification from pure “heavy industrial” production to include consumer goods at universally available volumes… probably again due to a series of wrong assumptions.

            • Doesn’t matter – Russia did more bad than good after the war, both for itself and for countries it occupied.

            • *shrug* Bad economic decisions tend to do that in the long run. OTOH by what I know of it most of the East Block basic services like education, healthcare and such reached entirely decent levels under the Communist regimes which, it should be noted, hasn’t NEARLY always been the case in developing countries under “capitalist” systems so eh.

            • Also please note that there’s a fundamental difference between a “client state” or “satellite” and an actually occupied country…

    • Well if these company wants our many it shouldn’t introduce bolshevik mass murderer. For me he was the same bastard as Hitler.

      No more money for WG ever. Fuck bolsheviks

    • “Even most anti-comy specs agreed that Soviet SOLE effort was greater than other allies combined…”
      And your great red leaders told you that?
      Keep dreaming and get back to your cave where you belong

      • In terms of blood and treasure expended and German soldiers and war materiel destroyed?
        Good luck trying to prove they didn’t.

    • >And one more thing =) WE(RUS+UKR+BLRS) won WW2. Not Poland, not USA and ABS-LY not >France or Britain. Even most anti-comy specs agreed that Soviet SOLE effort was greater than other >allies combined…

      LOL, Vladimir, I hear we, we, we. We are the rock of the World. Wow! Nice propaganda.
      First fact, Stalin is responsible of WW2 to rise up. What about his attack on Estonia?
      If not Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, Hitler even wouldn’t consider to attack Poland, or they could defend himself at last, but not when Russians attacked their back. BTW, they defend longer than France.
      Second, Russia got help from allies – Lend Lease.
      Third, even within Red Army, there were other fighting nations like Polish soldiers, however it was a margin. And I doubt if Churchill won the GB air battle if not Czechoslovak and Polish flight fighters.
      If not the fronts on Pacific, Africa, Europe, Hither would smash Red Army.
      The critical moment was Moscow and Stalingrad battles. If Germany had more resources on their east front, they would be winners.
      And the most important fact, Russian Nation had so many civilian and soldiers victims, because Stalin don’t care about them at all. Before 1941 he killed most of the officers that warned him about Hitler’s plan of attacking Russia.
      So, please go, be ignorant somewhere else.

  22. WG are bunch of stupid hypocrites. But if this makes the game banned in Poland, its a Win-win situation.

      • That´s idiotic “Arbeit macht Frei” was the gate inscription of the main gate in Auschwitz concentration camp. Never were used on a tank. Because thats don´t make any sense.

  23. In interpreting this action, it needs to be remembered that WG are a Belorussian company, with strong links to Russia. Belorussia is still a dictatorship with a Stazi like approach to policing its citizens & Russian is not so much better. Both countries leaderships have built cult’s of personality around their current dictators, which, unfortunately, many of their citizens have fallen for.

    • I like the comments here.

      Especially the reincarnation of the “white man’s burden”.
      Now it’s “civilized man’s burden”.

      Tell me some more cool stories, bro.

  24. yeah Stalin was as brutal as hitler but of course for Stalin is political correct but heil hitler(or other nazi german or japanese inscriptions) arent? (i am not a nazi i only cant understand the logic)fuck communism

    • Stalin didn’t want to wipe out entire peoples due to lunatic racist fantasies, so yeah.

      Also I am fairly positive there’s quite a number of Neo-Nazis around who’d really like to revive his policies; willing to make an educated guess the number of Neo-Stalinists desiring a new Great Purge or forced collectivisation effort is conversely vanishingly small.

      Perspective. Get Some.

      • And how would you classify a man who killed more of his people in peacetime than Germans did during WW2? Silent genius?

        • “Utterly ruthless” and only too likely “murderously paranoid” to boot.
          Difference being he had no interest in killing them ALL…

    • >Eastern Europeans
      Fixed that for you, we in the west barely still remember who Stalin was.

      • The BFF of Allies during the war and the sworn enemy almost immediately afterwards?

        That’s Realpolitik for you.

        • Pretty much. Though the man’s rep isn’t exactly brilliant here for the most part; even those odd Stalinist student youths of the Seventies or so all grew up and got better.

  25. This butthurt is fucking awesome!

    Keep on going, guys, maybe this way Poland will can into space.

  26. It would help if wg would apply a policy similar to “balance first, historical correctness second” – “money (good pr -> no shitstorms over some delicate matters -> no lost profit) first, historical correctness second”.

    Nobody has issues with kvs, is’, german tanks – they were named by/used by humans, and machine is not at fault. But – if you allow some scumbags to put inscription which says that they’re fighting for their idol, who “accidentally” has some really bad publicity – you’re begging for shitstorm to happen. What the hell are those guys thinking? If this gets blown more, wot might get boycotted in some countries (this is a bit extreme, but possible reaction).

    Bad move wg, bad move.

  27. Just look what Stalin and NKVD did

    Tell me 1 good reason why we can have this shit Stalin, Stalinec etc in game and why we cannot have Wittman medal in game, why we will not have german “gun rings” etc?

    Soviet and Nacis its practicly the same tresh

    • “Soviet and Nacis its practicly the same tresh”
      Except not. I daresay the Jews and Gypsies for some could explain the difference to you.

      Speaking of Gypsies/Roma/whutevar, am I remembering wrong or does Central Europe these days have really nasty Neo-Nazi groups that’d happily kill them all if they could? Not saying it’s relevant, but…

      • There are many of neo-nazis here in Slovakia. And general public agrees with them about gypsies. If they started killing them, most people would actually thank them.

      • Jews were next on Stalin’s list, but he died. Also Holodomor was pretty much cheaper version of Holocaust, with more victims.

        • That sure explains all the Jews that could be found throughout various Soviet organisations despite nearly two decades between the start of the great purges and Uncle Joe’s death.

          If you’re going to make shit up at least put enough effort to it that it doesn’t fall apart at the first glance.

          Also the Ukranians are still around so Stalin sure must have been distractible to get bored of his grand plan to wipe them out in but a year! :o

          • Anti Jewish purge hasn’t started, was only in plans. Ans regarding Ukrainians – there is no moral difference between exterminating whole nation and half or quarter of it. And there were Jews in closest circle of Hitler as well.

            • Feel free to start naming your sources for this “Jewish purge” and its supposed scope to rival the factual Holocaust. IIRC Stalin had a degree of personal dislike for them fro whatever reason, but then he also disliked Poles and they’re still around too so meh.

              And if you can’t tell the difference between whatever Holodomor now actually was – experts seem to disagree – and a wholesale ethnic cleansing by genocide like the Nazis planned for most East European nations (including the Ukranians) you’re either alarmingly devoid of perspective or dumb as a post.

            • Lol, are you really that blind? There are “experts” denying Holocoust as well, not counting “experts” proving that Nazis killed Polish officers in Katyń and Kozielsk. Holodomor is actually very well documented. And for Jews purge – it was described by Solzhenitsyn, and is far less documented that Holodomor (mainly because this genocide was only planed and Holodomor took place).

            • Ah, you’re down to platitudes and vague generalisations now. I think we’re done here, thanks for playing.

            • Well, you added a number of red herrings and strawmen as well. Doesn’t make it any more an argument worth shit.

  28. Why not just put fucking Lenin emblems in the game? The communists get probably the best known figure in Soviet history and the Polish and other eastern Europeans aren’t offended.

      • Lenin disliked Stalin to the extent that he wrote in his Will that Stalin should not be allowed to be in power. Stalin convinced certain members of the communist party to keep the will secret so he could become leader. Later Stalin used Lenin’s popularity to make himself more popular by placing himself next to Lenin in photograhs.

        • Anyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideoloAnyone but me :D I dont go to politics/ideology.

  29. By my opinion only difference between Stalin and Hitler is that Stalin win the war.

    Anyway I don’t like this politically correct removes. If it is historical inscription just leave it there.

  30. In that case I want to have ‘Totenkopf’,’Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler’,’Das Reich’ emblems on my German tanks/TD’s/SPG’s!
    If ‘Red Terror’ can have his name written all over russian tanks then why not Hitler and Waffen SS?
    Deeds of Hitler compared to Stalin’s butcher’s reign is harmless child’s play!

    • Because the company that developed the game decided so, you can stop playing WoT if you don’t like it. Also, it’s probably big news to the polish, czechs and other western Slavs around here but in the rest of Europe there’s no ban on hammer&sickles or references to Stalin.

    • Wow, dude.

      You might want to measure the things you are saying. I don’t want to think that you are a closet nazi.

      • >implying that all those using that logic aren’t just butthurt nazis.
        I thought that there was implicit consensus on this point, usually two wrongs don’t make a right, if they’re asking for nazi inscriptions it’s just because they’re nazi themselves.

        • That is true, but it seems to me that he validates an atrocity with another, slightly bigger, atrocity.

          Not good.

      • I find it curious (no to say pathetic) that someone from Finland is calling me a nazi…

        BR historically oblivious kid ;)

        • You clicked the wrong answer arrow silly.

          And from your tone I’m guessing you’re the one here who doesn’t know his history. Nazism was always treated with a degree of suspicion in Finland; what’s it tell you we were the only Axis combatant with *field synagogues*?

    • “Deeds of Hitler compared to Stalin’s butcher’s reign is harmless child’s play!”

      Closet Nazi spotted. (Granted, “fucking retard” is also an option but not as funny.)
      Damn you guys make it embarassingly easy sometimes.

      • (Almost) All WoT players love statistics, so I’ll try to justify my point of view on that topic.

        Statistic don’t lie:

        Nazism estimated number of victims: 18.000.000
        Stalinism estimated number of victims: over 40.000.000 (only in Ukraine there were some 6.700.000 people starved to death)
        So, how glorifying one genocidal ideology is better then spreading other?

        From my point of view, driving around with ‘stalin’ on your soviet tank is simillar (fucked up) to having any simbol previously mentioned by me on your Tiger.

        • Stalin isn’t an ideology, genius, unless consciosuly constructed personality cults count. And would it be mean to point out that statistics if anything lie very easily? Yours are also pretty bad it seems; quick look at teh Wiki puts the estimated deaths from the Ukranian famine at like 4 million.

          Feel also free to explain just what, exactly, that has to do with ACTUAL Communist ideology?

          And your last paragraph makes very little sense the second one recalls the tank ITSELF may well be named after Stalin…

          • ‘Yours are also pretty bad it seems; quick look at teh Wiki puts the estimated deaths from the Ukranian famine at like 4 million’

            If you go with the wiki:
            ‘According to various estimates, femin caused the death of at least 3.3 up to 6-7 million.Overall, in the period 1921-1947 as a result of three famines (in 1921-1923, 1932-1933 and 1946-1947) in Ukraine that claimed the lives of about 10 million people.’

            Ioseb Besarionis je J̌uḡašvili also known as Stalin is a of mass-murderer and sociopath. Period.

            Stalinism – politico-economic system, which was built in the Soviet Union after the actual acquisition of full power by Joseph Stalin.

            The main features of Stalinism were:
            - unlimited power of Stalin subsequently leading to the so-called: personality cult.
            - apparatus of terror aimed at combating real and suspected opponents of Soviet power and intimidate the public
            - imperial policy aimed at subordinating other countries the power of the USSR

              “The estimates of the death toll by scholars varied greatly. Recent research has narrowed the estimates to between 1.8[8] and 5[9] million, with modern consensus for a likely total of 3–3.5 million.[10] According to the decision of Kyiv Appellation Court, the demographic losses due to the famine amounted to 10 million, with 3.9 million famine deaths, and a 6.1 million birth deficit.”

              So, yeah. Four seemed a “conservative high end” and about legit.

              And it’s somewhat debatable to what degree “Stalinism” can be considered a “real” ideology rather than a veneer of ideological jargon over the fair accompli of Stalin’s effectively unquestioned power to run the show pretty much however he liked, but that’s not really relevant anyway because if barely literate peasants from Central Asia painted “Za Stalina!” on their tank odds are pretty good the symbol they were invoking had preciously little to do with ideological dogma and quite a bit with the (carefully crafted) image of the man as the strong leader in the literally existential struggle against the savage invader.
              Or a de facto anthropomorphic personification of the Soviet state, or whatever.

              And it’s STILL plain silly to pop a vein over slogans invoking the national leader soldiers scrawled onto their tanks when the tank ITSELF is named after the man…

  31. up to 50 million people died in gulag. stalin sent his wife to gulag, he is great!

      • Well, the first Stalin’s wife died in 1909 from typhoid fever and the second committed suicide in 1932 (there’s still dispute, why – theories range from severe neurological illness causing tremendous pain to covered-up assassination).
        But if you want to continue your morbid fap on GULAG, you’re welcome.

  32. “does not want to twist the history and to further remove content from the game: – Wtf? They removed everything that is nazi stuff, but nothing of red shit. FUCK WG. FUCK STALIN. Better to be dead than red! Thanks god i dont play this russian propaganda shit.

    • > Thanks god i dont play this russian propaganda shit.
      You must have a lot of free time to post on a blog related to a game that you don’t play.
      I really, really love all this butthurtness, I should go back to play WoT but I can’t stop checking these comments, it’s addictive.

        • Because prison camps would obviously have internets amirite? (BTW GULag was dissolved in ’60…)

          Would it be too much to ask for your attempted insults to contain at least a modicum of sense? :/

      • I tried to find it with english subtitles but i was not succeed

        You can try find it on your own the name of this is: Soviet Story

        • Anyway it’s almost all in english only the interviews with soviet people are translated to czech language

  33. Well cant say I am disappointed. Might as well expect something like that from company like WG. I suppose soviet brainwash has done its job so no point to argue with them.

  34. Intresting…

    Hmm, ordering to murder thousends offcers of Polish army in 1940 and next thounsends soldiers of AK (Home Army – ressitance) since 1944 it’s ok, because he helped to won the war, and we are talking only about Poland. What about Great Hunger in Ukraine in 30′s ect?

  35. Stalin and Hitler are together in hell, sentenced to stand in the boiling blood of all the people they killed. Hitler looks over at Stalin and says “what gives? You killed way more people than I did, yet we’re both at the same level!” Stalin replies “Oh, that’s because I’m standing on Lenin’s shoulders.”

  36. “We remember our history and we are proud of it.”

    I recommend you take care how you remember your history. This is about a man who implemented and supported policies of mass murder and terror of individuals and organizations located on the European continent (Stalin and Hitler are interchangeable with regards to this). Go back and do reread your history of the countless number of Soviet heroes who risked everything for the Russian people and were rewarded with a bullet to the head (search keyword “rehabilitation”).

    If Hitler succeeded to some degree we’d hear the same thing about how Nazi policies were “necessary” for the survival of the German people. Your rewriting history show trials (which you can still watch) and camps that executed countless people. Many American’s can least admit the disgusting internment of Japanese Americans, poor treatment of German/Italian Americans, horrendous and still debated order to atom bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and never forgetting the genocide of the Native people of North America.

    • My impression, after years of internet dramas, is that most Americans consider their own crimes as either necessary or unavoidable.
      Also where is the rewriting of history? Those emblems existed, deleting them would be rewriting history.

    • I wonder what it speaks of that people who consider Stalin and Hitler “interchangeable” COMPLETELY ignore the fucked-up racial dogmas only one of them had which are a wee bit relevant…

      • And how would you classify a dogma of killing your own people, like Stalin did? Necessary evil? Others seemed to do without it.

        • Dumbass. There was no “dogma” in the Great Purge (and preciously little actual rhyme or reason beyond the “meta” level discussed next), it was internal repression pure and simple to cement his own position and powerbase beyond any reasonable doubt – worked, too.
          Not the kind of management principle I’d much recommend, but Stalin did a lot more things I find to be of dubious rationality and/or plain heinous.

          The Nazis conversely were driven to systematic, industrialised ethnic cleansings by means of physical destruction by apocalyptic delusions of “race wars” and other such complete lunacy.

          Dunno ’bout you but if I had to choose between a calculating psychopath and a rabid axe murderer I’d pick the former; him you can at least TRY negotiating with and he probably won’t kill everybody “just because”.

      • What it “speaks” is some of us humans will not accept reasons nor give comfort or support phony justification for industrial murder of large populations. Whether that individual’s policies killed for political reasons or the race and ethnicity we won’t tolerate and support it. Not putting such a thing in the game is not rewriting history, since this game is not a historical record.

        “My impression, after years of internet dramas, is that most Americans consider their own crimes as either necessary or unavoidable.”

        Most Americans aged less than 60 years agree the majority of these acts were unneccessary and due to racial and ethnic prejudice. The justification of dropping the atomic bombs on Japan is still debated, which is a very good thing.

        • …and the point again sailed by far above someone’s head.

          See the important difference between Stalin’s and Hitler’s motivations for having people killed was that the former’s only – to simplify it a fair bit – targeted “traitors”, real or imagined, or in many cases simply didn’t *care* if people perished as a byproduct.
          The latter was wholly convinced of bizarre fantasies of existential racial struggles and to that end fully intented to wipe out entire – and in some cases remarkably large – ethnicities. He managed some seventeem million in about four years; had he not been stopped, FAR more would have followed in quite shot order.

          And while you can at least try to convince the inquisitors you’re not a “traitor”, your biology condemns you without any chance of appeal or redemption in the eyes of the racists.

  37. Those burning eastern european/siemka arses! WG just made my evening. My personal regards to Slava and Co, and thanks to SS for evocating this shitstorm a day earlier since I am travelling tomorrow and would miss the fun.

    On the point, though: every idiot complaining about lack of nazi emblems in _game_ should first and foremost go and complain to Deutscher Bundestag and further to European Commision that foolishly enough banned use nazi symbols but didn’t ban (doh! those commies in the EU!) the hammer and sickle, or Stalin for that matter.

  38. Hahahahaha this is the sickest move from a gaming company i ever heard. It’s actually hilarious. How can you promote someone as Stalin? ok he has it’s merits too, but also he has MORE BAD MERITS than good ones….

    Oh yea and it looks like USA and Great Britain didnt count for sht yet again. Soviet Russia won the war!! ONLY THEY! no one helped! we should thank them for freedom and all the food and guns and equipment they gave us to survive! LOL

    Man i told you we should have let Hitler wipe these fucking scums from the face of the Earth, then try and defeat nazi Germany .

    If it wasnt for USA and Great Britain, Hitler would have easily butt raped Russia UNDISTURBED!! commie scumbags!

    • Kid put some efforts in your trolling at least. Hitler would have drunk tea in London if it weren’t for the USSR, this is the only reason for Churchill, one of the most prominent anti-communists in the western world, allying with Stalin

      • “If Hitler invaded Hell I would find something positive to say of the Devil” is a well-known quip of his, I believe.
        More practically with France out of the game the UK was seriously aching for allies to help them with the heavy lifting of a land war, their long-established SOP for delaing with Continental fights.

  39. Also, nice poll, Frank! Would be fun to see geographical statistics (yes/no/don’t care by countries, or a coloured map of europe) of the answers to truly be able to estimate whether the siemkas would be ready to repeat their accession into space :D let me know of you’d want the map and would need some help with that

  40. Hitler Stalin Pakt?Katyn? Gulag? the terror of NKWD,Jechowina,the war against finland,the war against the ukrainian etc.etc. Read the black book of communism and you see,Stalin was more terror as another one.

  41. On one hand this whole shitstorm is funny but wg saw on how thin ice they going and they decide to keep going.
    As much I don’t really care, I would love to see more things to happen around this whole situation.




      • You just went full retard here.

        WG decided to remove those inscriptions because eu office asked to do so, Minsk said “ok”.

  42. Well, as much as I don’t like Stalin personally or quite a few of his political decisions or a huge part of his rule outcome, WG decision looks to me not like “We love the Great Josef!!!111″, more like “You (EU and NA) don’t have a saying in how do we judge our own historical leaders in our own game” .
    Also, that’s probably (I don’t have any secret information about internal politics between Minsk and EU offices, just a guess) has something to do with the words of Serb about EU office making the decision about Stalin without Minsk’s “yes” about it. Prolly smth like “You in Paris thought you can take Stalin out behind our backs just because Polish were butthurt? Have a public humiliation with laughing Josef in your face for that”.

  43. And again to troll you guys:
    Iosif had BALLS. You don’t =)
    WG has balls. you…. just wine here )

  44. stalin captions…

    This was the last drop in the cup!

    That bastard invaded my homeland twice!
    First at the end of the war, and second when the true patriots of my homeland made a revolution in 1956 and he murdered them with tanks. Those people wanted a peaceful revolution and they “gift” was a mass murder.

    Yes, I’ve spoke about Hungary!!

    In addition, WG will allow roaming which means we will have retard teamkiller russian players in the game. No thanks! It’s fair enough!

    Due to WG’s and some russian players behavior this game about politics, not entertaining.
    Making opposits bigger between people, and tearing old wounds.

    THere is also a very interesting thing.
    For a long time a Polish clan have ruled the biggest part in the CW in Europe. Despite this most of random battles are ruined because of polish players.
    THere must be a group who ruins Polish players good reputation.

    I vowed that bolshevik Serb’s words and I deleted his shit bolshevik-ego-demonstrating game!

    PS.: Polish Hungarian two best friends who drink their beers together!


    • how terrible… we might have some hungarians in space too, along with siemkas.

      also, you forgot to mention that hungary invaded USSR_first_ — just after hungary invaded Yugoslavia (and I don’t even mention Czechoslovakia and Romania). learn the history lessons, kiddo, and not from your poor village history teacher.

        I think you should learn some history
        first Czechoslovakia was conquered
        second Romania was forced to enter the war

        • IDK, from what I’ve read of it the Romanians seemed happy enough to murder Jews anyway. Apparently to a degree that shocked the Germans a bit initially. Haven’t delved too deeply into the sordid deals the Germans cut with their Central European allies to get their support for Barbarossa, but the lot sure weren’t eld at gunpoint – that was towards the end of the war when they wanted to leave the obviously sinking ship…

          Also Slovakia was a formally independent state after the Czech half got taken over by the Germans, if now de facto a puppet, and fought on the Axis side.

          “Learn some history” indeed.



    This book compares the crimes of communism (totalitarian dictatorships, not really communist regimes per se since there was never a true Communist regime) It’s considered fairly controversial and we should all take it with a grain of salt. You can compare anything and everything if you want but the fact of the matter is that nazis literally wanted to exterminate all slavic peoples young and old and turn the able bodied into slaves. So if you detest the actions of the Soviet Union and you are part of Eastern Europe you should probably consider their contribution to being able to write about it today – ie, still being alive.

  46. I love the hate displayed towards Stalin, granted the man was a mass murderer but for us U.S. to judge another countries views of their political leaders is arrogant. Also between the fire bombings and atomic weapons, America has killed over 500,000 Japanese civilians from direct fire or complications of radiation poisonings, yet to this day we celebrate Roosevelt and Truman. By this thinking ASIA should have the right to ban American inscriptions because it could remind them of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and the fire bombing of civilian populations in Japan.

          • No I am not talking about the SE Asia server, I as well as most people know that area has nothing to do with Japan

            • Well actually to think about the ASIA does include Japan, they have Japanese players, a Japanese forum, and players from Japan play this game on the ASIA server. So I rescind what I said.

    • but still most people in USA still thinks nuking Japan was a bad thing, and most people in russia sees Stalin as a hero. I talked to several russians on the internet who knew nothing of the bad things Stalin and his regime did.

        • People generally don’t. Though Russian parents for a few generations now haven’t had anything to do with the Great Patriotic War personally, while conversely just about all the actual veterans I’ve seen/read interviewed had no doubts at all over the justifications – which is sort of understandable given what the invader did and further planned to do.

        • German does, btw. Teachers and Parents are claryfying that Hitler and the NSDAP were the bad guys.

          • …and how many exactly would admit to their *own* forefathers actually having been an integral part of that horror? Far as I know there was a sudden and unexplained shortage of the previously fairly common species of Nazius Devoutus in the country after the war…

  47. Cmon 0.8.8. come here NOW)
    Let the epip shitstorm begin.

    Btw, d’u know that majority of players in Russia don’t like IS but they petitioned to restore the inscriptions?
    Because to deny his role in victory is just stupid. YES he was a monster. But your suckers live in peace because of this monster. because of village idiots and dictators of PAST you can live free NOW.
    amazing , nah?

    Again for clinic idiots. No IS = No USSR= No victory in WW2* = No Europe as U know it.
    There’s a thing with history – no matter how you hard you try, you can’t change it. deal with it.

    • Stalin didn’t really do much to contribute to the war himself, most of it was his Generals and staff

    • “But your suckers live in peace because of this monster.” Tell that to a RO, HU, PL and CZ and they will shoot you in the head the next second SUCKER. Yet we dont live in peace… at least some (HELLO TRANSNISTRIA)
      Now go back to the cave you came from

      • Because East and Central Europeans didn’t have idiotic little feuds amongst themselves long before Stalin entered the equation, right? Pretty sure it wasn’t on orders from Moscow (which couldnät have cared less) that the various newly-liberated states expelled their ethnic minorities at the closing days of the war either…

  48. I don’t see many differences between Stalin and Hitler

    although I believe that he might have done some good things for all Russians, I’m Portuguese and until 1974 my country was under a dictatorship I also know that the first dictator (Salazar) did some good tings for the Portuguese people and that might also have happened with Stalin but we also can’t forget that he ordered a lot of executions and arrests of some of his supporters

    I know about the case where he ordered the leader of the jet aircraft reserch (and when he was free they where the leaders in these kind of technology) to be arrested under charges of treason, and if I’m not mistaken he was later executed

    in conclusion I think they did well to remove those inscriptions

    • “I don’t see many differences between Stalin and Hitler”

      Auschwitz and why it existed to begin with.

      • didn’t the Soviet also have something similar to Auschwitz?
        I think it was called Gulag and were many more than the number of camps the Nazi built

        I think both Hitler and Stalin were sociopaths and genociders and if we can’t use inscriptions that reffer to any famous nazi member we also shouldn’t be able to use inscriptions related to people who also did many horrible things to mankind

        • “didn’t the Soviet also have something similar to Auschwitz?
          I think it was called Gulag and were many more than the number of camps the Nazi built”


          • LOL. You fail at history forever.

            The only difference was – Aushwitz was a death camp, while gulags were labor camps (which means – you have to do your quota before you starve to death).

            • Didja know the total death toll for the GULag Arkipelago over the system’s whole existence was apparently only about 3 million? And recall that’s from late Twenties to the Fifties…

              There’s kind of a major difference between a system which just marches you into a gas chamber straight off the train (or very intentionally works you to death on literal starvation rations) and one which actually at least *pretends* to consider you a penitent who represents an useful labour force for the state during his incarceration.

            • you just said that at least 3 million people died there so why is it different from Auschwitz?

              were the Soviet more “humain” for giving them a chance to live longer if they can endure the harsh work they were forced to do?
              and you also can’t forget that many Russians, including some who had top positions and were close to Stalin, were sent there to be executed

              both Hitler and Stalin were genociders, sociopaths and murderers, although I do belive to be possible for Stalin to have done some good things for Russia like I gave the example of what happened in my country with our dictator
              if you add al the good things they might have done and all the bad things I think the conclusion will be that there were more bad than good things

            • 3 million? Where’d you get that number – official data says abaout ~1 million… :P

              The funny thing is – that 3 million might be underestimated. Some estimates go up to 10 million deaths.

            • About 3 seems to be the general scholarly consensus with allowances for the sometimes disingenious NKVD reporting practices mentioned in the Wiki article; the 10 was exactly one source cited. Dunno about that Robert Conquest guy – though I vaguely recognise the name – but he sure had better have some really persuasive arguments indeed if he wants to get away with a difference THAT big.

              And even ten million dead would still represent a rather beter survival rate than the Germans gave, one notes…

  49. Hi folks!

    We understand your concern. We’ll have an official statement on this tomorrow. ~- Laera on Stalin is back topic.

  50. Wait, people actually read those?

    I mean, when in battle, too busy aiming/Shooting/angling to pay attention to those.

    • In all my time playing, I have yet to notice a single inscription on any tank, green or red. I see the occasional gaudy clan logo because the gamma is different than the rest of the tank, but I’ve never noticed an inscription. Stalin or no Stalin, I’ll never notice either way.

  51. “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” – No! No! Its almost over 9000!!!!!

  52. How they can treat stalin like that gosh…
    They have no logic!
    He killed millions of people whom kids might’ve populate WoT servers right now and pay for them if their parents were able to born them….

    • Well, if you look at if from another point of view he prevented Generalplan Ost from being implemented and allowed them (Wargaming but also Slavs in general) to exist in this world to begin with.



  54. Guys, there is something called bias. Everyone has bias. WG has bias, Polish have bias, Americans have bias, you have bias, and so do I. Even textbooks have bias one way or another. If you don’t like the way something is biased, don’t associate yourself with that bias. If Polish players don’t wish to see things related to Stalin, then don’t use it / purposely look for it / play the game (last resort). We’ve all read our history books saying that the Allies (maybe minus the Soviets) were the good guys and the Axis were the bad guys. But what if the Axis won? Then wouldn’t the Americans, British, and Russians be the bad guys then? Point is, get over it, deal with it, or distance yourself from it, but be mature about it in the end.

    • This is something SerB mentioned recently but people around here have way too much bias to understand it.

  55. I’ll just put on stalinistic slogans to rustle some jimmies and disrespect Stalin’s victims, Shit’s funny yo.

  56. So what happens with the logos (red star, sickle and hammer) in countries where these are banned (Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary)?

    In my opinion, they should either
    A) be historical and put red stars, sicklehammers, swastikas and sieg heils everywhere, or
    B) be politically 100% correct and take out all of the above mentioned symbols and references

    There is no morally acceptable middle ground in this one.

    • There is instead, only a minority of (insignificant and butthurt) countries out-rightly banned communist symbols while nazi symbols are problematic almost everywhere, it’s easy to see where you can compromise.

      • Okay, so enlighten me: why is the Nazi symbol more “problematic”? Because the whole world is “butthurt” over it?

        A lot of other countries tried to ban communist symbols, they go told by the EU that it would be against the “freedom of spech” and the “freedom of expression”, So why is it different wth nazi symbols?

        Also, don’t take it too personal, but there is no such thing as an ‘insignificant country’ in the world. If you believe there is, then you, sir, are a complete asshole.

        • Because there are fuckwits running around who want to revive Hitler’s lunatic dreams, like to throw those symbols around if they can get away with it, and are a general pain in the ass – for starters?

          And if you can’t figure out why the Nazis were objectively worse, look no further than Auschwitz and what it represented.

          • I’ve seen the same with commie symbols, so what? I’m also seeing all kinds of people running amok with pentagrams and all kind of weird ass crap. Not better or worse than a swastika.

            On one side there was Auschwitz and countless other concentration caps, on the other side there was the Kolyma region and countless other corrective labor camps. Who are we to tell wich one was worse or better?

            • If you can’t tell the difference between a *prison* and a *murder factory* you need to get your head examined.

            • There was no difference – btw – the german ones were “Arbeitslager” which means workcamps – so to give something a nice and decent name changes anything at all!

            • Right, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Let me bend a wire model for you.

              The GULag Arkipelago were prison camps, pure and simple. You worked out your sentence in them and assuming you survived the general adminstrative incompetence and neglect to speak nothing of casual brutality you one day walked out free.

              The German system was NOT like that, whatever they might have euphemistically called it. Outright extermination camps aside (where new arrivals went pretty much straight into the gas chambers and then the ovens), the inmates simply weren’t *meant* to leave alive. Ever. They worked you to the bone on literal and quite intentional starvation rations until you died of one thing or another.
              People only survived *that* because they managed to hang on long enough for the Nazi empire to perish first.

              To use a crude analogy, one was a zoo and the other a slaugherhouse. That should inllustrate the fundamental difference well enough.

              Oh, and want to get started on the creepy euthanasia programs the Nazis had running already before the war?

            • “The GULag Arkipelago were prison camps, pure and simple. You worked out your sentence in them and assuming you survived the general adminstrative incompetence and neglect to speak nothing of casual brutality you one day walked out free.”

              When you are lucky to survive to the end of your sentence, you got another 10 years, because those were just death-by-work camps. Seriously, how many people left soviet death camps after their sentence before 1953?

            • More than you’d imagine I expect. Quick look at the Wiki – – gives and estimated 14 million total in the camps proper over GULag’s existence, 6-7 millions in exile to assorted distant locales, and 4-5 million in labor colonies.
              The estimated total death toll for the WHOLE system is… under 3 million.

              I was frankly surprised even the infamous Kolyma camps apparently only average a 30% yearly mortality – from what I’d read and heard of them I expected something like twice that at least.

              Curio detail: the death rates apparently spiked MAJORLY after the beginning of Barbarossa – the wartime butcher’s bill is apparently about half of the total – which isn’t surprising given the chronic shortages of virtually everything in the country under the massive pressures.

            • “The estimated total death toll for the WHOLE system is… under 3 million.”

              That depends who is estimating.

            • Unsurprisingly. But some estimates are more credible than others.

              Now did you have something to actually argue besides platitudes?

            • The very same wiki page mentions estimation that goes over 10 millions.

              Btw I know that exact, non rounded numbers looks a bit more credible for a first glance, but really, how could one estimate such big number so precisely. It’s not like there were no intention to burn some documents after Beria’s arrest.

            • The consensus seems to be at the low end. Anyway, why the fuck would the NKVD bureaucrats have burned their camp records merely because Big Boss Beria met his end? The man had himself arrested the previous holder of the position, Yezhov, and from what I gather preciously little in the system changed due to that save perhaps some of the fallen leader’s supporters getting purged (and those days the Great Purge was savaging the security organs too anyway). The organisation itself wouldn’t be dissolved before ’60.

              Far more likely is that their records are simply incomplete due to any number of adminstrative failures and reporting issues, and the Russians never shared the Germans’ obsessive pedantry in such matters in the first place.

  57. I’m from Poland, I don’t give a f*** if such inscriptions are in game or not. I don’t care about slogans, I’m more interested in proper balancing of tanks.

    Get the first book about T-34 and you’ll see such inscriptions, this is part of history. Removing them is kind of censorship just like is removing several Nazi slogans. I can understand that Nazi-related slogans were removed due to law issues – WoT could be banned in Germany if tanks could be painted with swastika or with some slogans like “Ein Reich, ein Volk, ein Führer”.

    Of course I’m quite sure that several hot blood players will be pissed off and when roaming will be available, Russian players with such slogans can be teamkilled. In immortal words of SerB: are you killed on EU server “for Stalin”? Don’t use roaming and don’t play on EU server.

  58. Nice.
    Imma gonna put “For Stalin” on ALL my Ruskie tanks now. Just for the LULZ.

    Also, SS, you say that you are “the last to be friends with communists”.
    Does that mean you are another one from the hord of Communism/Socialism haters?

    And to think I thought you were a somewhat objective person. You dissapoint me…

    • He’s a communist hater and strong sustainer of Israel, he will delete your posts if you put some anti-sionist reference in them.

      • And obviously he seems to have some anti-Arabic bias, of course. This kinda pissed me off since I’m half Arab myself but his blog is sadly the best WoT news source so I just suck it up.

      • Idk, it seems to have been pretty succesful at ensuring certain minimum standards – literacy, education, basic existential needs – in quite a few countries where such were only too often SORELY lacking before.
        Kinda fell short at supplying too much beyond that, though, which probably wasn’t irrelevant for the eventual collapse of the Soviet Block.

  59. WHo the fuck cares about anti zionism, may they and hitler, and stail burn in hell.

  60. From a strictly historical perspective Stalin-worship was rather widespread in the Red Army of 41-45, but such glorification in the present-day environment strikes me as rather in poor taste and mere pandering to the ultra-nationalist Russian crowd (ironic given how Stalin was not even Russian)

  61. Fucking WG pieces of shit allowing this mass murder to be glorified in the “name of history”. Sometimes I wonder if things may have worked out if Germany started east right off the bat. Stalin would’ve been snuffed out like the animal he was, and hitler would’ve been later killed by the real Allies or his illness.

    • Oh, the village idiot is back.
      Now go read some proper analyses so in the future you’ll hopefully know better than to spout such complete nonsense.

        • …are you *seriously* trying to use cheap emotional appeal on me?
          Not sure if I should laugh in your face or pity you for boing so clueless.
          Learn some analytical detachement and you might actually be capable of arguing with me one day.

  62. I agree to ban russian, german and american inscriptions that might be offending. Also the camo and inscriptions are really bad so they need a overhaul anyways.

  63. Am I wrong thinking the only reason that crazy mother fucking mass murderer helped the allied was because his axis allies tried to backstab him?

  64. *Facepalm* oh yeah right…. just because Stalin was on with defeating Hitler this somehow whitewashes his crimes? FFS Stalin was right there with Hitler with starting WW2. Unless you take the Soviet view of WW2 just starting in 41… So yes WG lets not be sensible, but lets promote stalinistic view of history!

    • Also WGEU really needs to put this story up on the EU portal, just so we can get a epic shitstorm started!

    • Remind me again, where exactly is this “whitewashing” you’re referring to?

      Second, get your facts straight: Stalin could have cared less of Hitler’s tussle with France and Britain beyond the fact it kept the lot preoccupied and hopefully out of his hair for the foreseeable future. He’d gotten more or less (*cough*Finland*cough* with the caveat that the Hanko base achieved the fundamental strategic goal) what he wanted out of the deal already.

      Also the start date of WW2 was basically dictated by German economics on one hand – they were on the brink of collapse by ’39 – and the Franco-British Entente getting fed up with his imperialism on the other; the USSR was a bystander in that.

      • Attacking Finland, occupying Baltic States and then partitioning Poland with Hitler(You know where most people see WW2 as starting). I find it somehow odd that the supposed allies of Poland only declared war on one of the attackers.

        The problem I have with this is that they think they should be proud of a massmurdering criminal. But yeah the whitewashing I refered to was exactly that forgetting his crimes and being proud of him, because of his “victories”.

        Personally I think no inscriptions with massmurderers as a theme should be allowed. Not Hitler, not stalin, not anyone like that.

        • The USSR was somewhat hard to reach, and London and Paris weren’t wholly certain about fighting it on top of Germany. They nearly got started on it, though:
          See Also “Operation Pike”.

          More practically, Germany was the obvious mastermind of the Polish invasion and the direct initiator of hostilities; the Soviets mostly sat on their hands before mounting a rather token invasion, correctly calculating they could let the Germans do most of the work.
          Plus containing the USSR was a long-term concern; containing Hitler was an *immediate* one.

          • I know why they did it.
            The problem I have with Stalin is not just attacking countries that had done nothing to deserve it. But him leading a regime that killed millions of people.

            • *shrug* His questionable manner of cementing his own power beyond any reasonable doubt and doing away with domestic opposition past, present and future. Worked remarkably well in that regard though one wonders if it couldn’t have been achieved without all the damage and nearly crippling the state on the side.

              As for invading countries, eh. His basic reasons were pure Hobbesian Realpolitik – strategic security and the victims being too weak to do much about it (save for the nasty Finnish surprise). As an ancient Athenian emissary once eloquently put it, “right, as the world goes, only comes to question between equals in power; while the strong do what they can, and the weak suffer what they must.” (The Athenians were kind of dicks.)

    • Well, the Germans more or less planned to kill off ALL Poles in the long run (save perhaps for some slaves).
      Which would you rather have?

      • Well, the Soviets more or less planned to starve their people during the famines and Holodomor. Which would you rather have?

        • They didn’t plan to actually, it was a side effect they weren’t terribly concerned about (and the authorities made systematic efforts to distribute food aid).

          I suppose it is necessary for me to point out the famine lasted for the grand total of a year and the Ukranians are still deomsntrably around and kicking, and that thus even trying to draw paralles to Generalplan Ost and other Nazi craziness is both ridiculous right in the face of it and betrays either willful disortion and/or ignorance or rank cluelessness concerning the whole topic?

        • Yeah, especially in Western Ukraina and Belorussia. You know, the lands that was under Polish control? There was famine too.

  65. So again SerB and his goons show their real thoughts. I wonder how such a bunch of mentally challenged people are still in business. A decent company would get rid off such lunatics asap.

    • LOL.

      BTW – the other kaczyński might be a prime minister after next elections, he might start a crusade to get the wreckage back. Or present some irrefutable evidence showing that Putin himself launched the Armored Anti-aircraft Birch-tree… If so, go ahead and nuke Warsaw, it’s a shithole anyway.

  66. I suggest we all gather money and place a manhunt bounty on Serb’s head. This commie retard has to die for this idiocy.
    Nazi shit? No, we can’t have that, it’s offensive to us!

    Fucking reds. Wish the US would have started the Nuclear Holocaust. Just for the sake of getting rid of the red mentality

    • Would’ve gotten rid of most North American urban centers too to speak nothing of human civilisation as we know it, but I guess the old “better dead than Red” idiocy is still going stronk in some particularly blinkered circles…

      • Yes, this whole world would be better of dead than red

        If you haven’t lived in a country under USSR occupation, I suggest you kindly have a nice hot cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP.

          • 24

            And old enough to analyze the effects of communism mentality on a country’s overall well being.
            The ONLY former USSR country that managed to thrive economically was and is Poland.

            Our retrograd idiots in 1989/1990 just wanted a more “humanized communism”, not opting to leave it behind completely. Because hurr durr, no work and all pay is the communist way!

            Not to mention that in 1990 several dozens of those who protested against the 2nd row of communist politicians (suddenly turned “democrats”) were killed by miners.

            So yes, long story short, I have a very justified tooth against anything communist. Especially bolshevik communist.

            • Right, young, angry and clueless; also too young to ACTUALLY REMEMBER THE COMMUNIST ERA to much meaningful degree, childrens’ perspectives and concerns being what they are.

              Why am I not surprised?

            • You shouldn’t bother “discussing” with kellomies. They’re one of those people without open minds and think their opinion is fact, and others facts are opinions at best. It’s a losing battle, nor is it worth the trouble for a few laughs.

            • Says the man capable of producing nothing but personal attacks and other certifiable fallacies. :|

            • My relatives remember it oh too well for me.

              Also, like I said, NOT living it gives me a much better objective view when it comes to analyzing the effects of communism on the PRESENT society.

              Considering the economic shithole all of Europe is in (but more predominantly the socialist-oriented states, such as mine), I have every right to be frustrated and pissed.

            • You former serf-states in East-Central Europe were backwards shitholes well before Communism took over. To blame the latter for their shortcomings is like blaming the most recent rain for a house built on quicksand falling down.
              Probably didn’t help much, though. Certainly the whole region apparently regressed to nasty Twenties reactionarism and nationalist fervor the second the Communist regimes fell, which suggests all kinds of unflattering things about both their educational systems and the underlying sociocultural substrate.

            • eastern part of germany was no shithole prior to russion occupation for sure.
              fast foward 50 years and western germany is booming while the eastern part is broke, polluted with lower life expectation than in 1910.
              but i really wanna know: how can someone who sounds like a intelligent person play devils advocat for the great broseph stalin?
              who can deny that he was a criminal (by every todays standart) against humanity?

              conclusion? your just trolling.

              Or not.

              Anyways, dude builds a strawman and then is puzzled by it. sheer genius.
              “who can deny that he was a criminal (by every todays standart) against humanity?”
              …dunno, but I sure never even tried. :/

              “eastern part of germany was no shithole prior to russion occupation for sure.”
              In no small part thanks to the Prussians having abandoned serfdom after Napoleon beat the crap out of them, at what appears to have been some kind of last possible moment because several other countries that did the same only some decades later never recovered and kind of went to the dogs instead.

              “fast foward 50 years and western germany is booming while the eastern part is broke, polluted with lower life expectation than in 1910.”
              *shrug* The Communists weren’t NEARLY as good adminstrators as they had assumed, and had some grossly mistaken assumptions about economics and particularly the roots of prosperity. Didn’t work out very well.
              Eastern Germany sure recovered better than most ex-Communist countries though, not in the least mentally and culturally, and economically… well, given the shape the former heavy-industry and mining regions like the Ruhr or the British Midlands or the American “Rustbelt” are in…

  67. Winning in ww2 is the one and only acompishment of russian people left to be proud off. All activities against it will be fiercly fight and never accepted. And still, ww2 was started by nazies and soviets together by signing treaty with what they divided europe.

    • Sorry, the treaty said nothing about fighting the French and British together. Germany went THAT part – which made it a WORLD War, those two being the largest colonial empires around – entirely by its lonesome.

      Note also that the actual warmongering was entirely on the Germans’ (or more specifically their leaders’) part. THEY were the ones who’d systematically wrecked their national economy with a breakneck armaments buildup programme over the past decade with the explicit intent to also start using those weapons on everybody around once time was ripe – which would also conveniently allow them to annul the mountain of debts they’d built up.
      Stalin had no such nutty plans.

      • so with France/GB and Germany tell us who declared war on who

        Stalin did not need such a plan, if he lived another 10 years he would have ran the Soviet Union into the ground doing the same thing

        • And since when did Stalin display *any* taste for proactive military adventurism? He was consistently a careful opportunist of the first order, not a reckless gambler with a worrisome death fetish like Hitler. You’re just making shit up to suit your preconceptions now.

    • >Winning in ww2 is the one and only acompishment of russian people left to be proud off.
      Actually the first thing I would think of would be being the first to send a man into space and being one of the two countries (the other being China) still capable of doing it, after the USA quitted from this business.

      • If you dig bit deeper you find that also this (like winning of ww2) includes some not so graceful moments. Full respect on JG for beeing first man coming back to tell the story.
        And still, its effort of few compared to ww2, which again was startes partly by those who’s names we are talking here.
        After some time everything will change though and commies will need to accept responsibility of their crmes.
        I don’t care if we have stalinets is in game or not. As it was there during war we could have it also in game and same should apply to ss symbols. As regimes they were equally evil.

        • You’re still forgetting the part where one was murderously racist and the other wasn’t.

          • Yeah the other one was just paranoid and killed all those who were a threat to his rule.

            • Pretty much, with some caveats we need not concern with here. Makes a pretty big difference if you were NOT but belonged to one of the ethnicities the Nazis wanted to wipe off the face of the Earth now does it?

              Which is the fucking point. Stalin had you killed for treachery real or imagined, or during the Great Purge just to cement his power with sheer terror.
              The Nazis killed you because they found your very *existence* loathsome based on nothing but your *biology*, and applied those principles on an alarmingly large scale to boot.

  68. LOLZ! They should allow SS inscriptions on german tanks! If they have not been the russians so bad in 41-42 they would have conquered the whole of Europe and then there would have been no question “is Stalin” good or bad. He would have been god and temples would have been made for him all the way to the Atlantic coast! So in a way SS saved democratic Europe from the Red tide by bleeding them too much. Those guys are really messed up in the head!

    • Wow, THIS Nazi isn’t even closeted but right out in the open, bold as brass.

      Now Would You Kindly go play in the middle of a highway in a blindfold? Thanks.

  69. All I hear day after day after day is “fuck wg, fuck communism fuck that fuck this”, still WoT playerbase is constantly increasing…, what’s the point?
    I’m from italy, and as u may know, we had our troubles with dictators as well, but still today someone says “it was better when there was Mussolini”
    U can’t beat people’s stupidity, so don’t be so surprised if u see people celebrating stalin, hitler or mao, there will always be some moron doing it.

    In my hopinion, they can introduce all the inscription they want, I’ll enjoy shooting those retards even more when they come across me.

  70. Rusia with Stalin also started the war by atacking Finland and later Poland. So not only Germany started the war. If we glorify a warcriminal that at the end of war wasn’t judge as one because he was at the winning part of it why don’t we glorify the others who didn’t won the war?.
    Why not inscriptions with german, italian or japanesse?

    • Ahhaha, Finland and later Poland. Oh, those internet history geniuses, this thread is so full of them…

      • Yeah, finns, baltics, poland etc.
        Finns kicked their commie arses though and poland was too much to handle alone so they let nazies to make most of the work.

        • We Finns would actually have gotten our asses handed to us pretty hard in ’40 had the French and Brits not scared Stalin off. IIRC by the time the threat of intervention prompted him to agree to a ceasefire the lines weren’t expected to hold for more than a few weeks at most.

  71. Well, WG lost a lot of players from Arty nerf, they have to suck Russian players dick to have more money from inscriptions….

  72. Wonder how many of the whiners have driven IS, IS-2, IS3, IS-4, IS-7 or IS-8 tanks. Because if their whine about a decal is to carry any ground, surely they want to get rid of the Иосиф Сталин/Iosif Stalin tank series as well, no? Really man… too many people bitching about a few letters on a tank.

  73. Russians are proud of mass murders and war crimes even now. Such RUtarded country.
    I have no problem with Stalin inscriptions AS LONG as same will come for eg. Germany. Germany couldnt even get inscription like “Vor Fatherland” because it was “controversional” or whatev for WG.
    Same with clan tags. NKVD = IS OK; something slightly connected to nazis = VERI BAD. Both should be not allowed as NKVD was just bunch of psychopaths and murderers.

    • Do you even know what NKVD acronym stands for, genius? You just went full retard. Never go full retard

  74. I have nothing against shooting at tanks with Stalin, Hitler, Mao or any other dictators emblems in video game. It would be even better feel if I could aim at their portraits, so please WG introduce portraits too.

  75. Lel i don’t get it. I WANT HITLER’S INCRIPTIONS INGAME! He was awesome, when ordered to kill billions of lives! And where’s Nazis symbol of Victory (i mean THIS CROSS?). I am German and i’m proud to tell that my grandfather killed many shitty pollaks, gypsys and JEWS! HEIL!

    • Aaaaand this is about the point when German police should ask Frank for your IP address. Prepare your anus

  76. I am myself from Russia.
    As for Stalin – as I remember from what older people who lived under his rule said, it was a strange time.

    There really was Stalin’s personality cult. For example, God forbid if Stalin’s portrait fell off the wall at a factory or at an office. All people who were there at the moment locked all doors and windows immediately and rushed to repair the frame and place the portrait back, before it is considered an act of hostility towards the Chief.

    My Mom remembers how some well dressed people approached her (She was a little girl then) and asked whom she liked more: her Mom and Dad or comrade Stalin. She knew the right answer and said: “comrade Stalin”.

    I find it disgusting. But the problem is that most Soviet people of that time really loved their idol, and cried bitterly when he died.

    Now, it is important to understand that Stalin was not the main “evil” in what happened to Russia since 1917. Actually, the Civil War in the former Russian Empire 1917-1923 killed much more people than Stalin’s repressions. We should remember that such people as Lenin and Trotsky, and a bunch of Stalin’s party “friends”, judicially murdered later, had much more blood on their hands than Stalin did.

    There was inter-party struggle (remember the French revolution, how they were condemning to death one another), and Stalin stopped that bloody fun in 1938, taking all the power to himself.

    That eliminated the opportunity of inter-party betrayal and coalition with Nazi Germany of the Soviet elite during the war 1941-1945. So Stalin’s personality cult combined with paranoia played well for the War time, for the nonconformity became absolutely impossible on all levels.

    I believe, that living at Stalin’s time and under his rule would suck to me. But compared to Lenin+Trotsky Red Terror of 1917-23 Stalin’s time was not so bad, although repulsive to me as to a modern thinking person with “free mind”.

    Do not blame Stalin for all communist crimes. He was more an emperor than a revolutionary maniac. Those revolutionary maniacs, followers of Trotsky, against whom Stalin struggled, were much more of criminals than Stalin was. When I think about the bloody class cleansing they did to make the former Russian Empire a large training camp for the world wide revolution (that is eliminated Russian intellectuals, nobles and merchants or drove them out of the country, depriving Russian people of their native intelligentsia and trade elite), I consider it a much greater crime than Stalin playing a new emperor.

    • *groan* So much plain wrong especially regarding the Great Purge I don’t even know where to start…

      Now kids, THIS here is honest-to-God whitewashing.

      • Let someone from there talk from what they’ve gathered from people who lived through it, in person, not from monitored text without trying to correct them you ignorant hessian.

          • Oh, u have answered my question too. Thanks. I know well the general Finnish attitude to Stalin. He will always stay a “thug” in Finnish history, I think. In Russia people also usually do not like those foreign leaders who used to attack their country.

      • Where are u from? That is the key point to understand your attitude, I think.
        By the way, had i written the text above on some Russian forum, most people there would never call me “whitewasher”, but on the contrary, they would call me bad words for promoting slanderous Western propaganda about such a Nice Guy as Russian Hero of All Times Joseph Stalin.

        I try to abstain from political propaganda like that. What I have written is well thought about thru many years my personal point of view. If you think Stalin is a monster, omitting that Lenin and Trotsky are much worse monsters, it means that the propaganda you have listened to was aimed primarily against Stalin, that is it, and it programmed u that way.

        • The major malfunctions of present-day Russians thankfully aren’t any of my concern, but I’ve no problems believing any amount of them would regard your post as little short of vile Western slander.
          Idiocy is universal after all.
          But by EVERYTHING I know of it the terrible purges of the Thirties started and ended at Stalin; that any number of underlings used them to destroy rivals and advance themselves is merely yet another universal phenomenom, as is the detail that AFAIK Stalin was perfectly happy to let his successive secret police chiefs – generally rather unpleasant people in any case – take much of the blame in the public mind.
          Hardly alters the fundamental chain of command of the terror.

          As for Lenin and Trotsky, eh. The former is hard to assess since by the time the long and brutal Russian Civil War was over he was already on the edge of the grave and was largely out of power within a few years due to a stroke. Trotsky might well have been a less terrible master for the inhabitants of the USSR than his rival Stalin, but as a “fire-breathing” True Believer in the whole world-revolution thing (by what I know of it) sounds suspiciously like he’d have been FAR more likely to become proactively problematic for everybody else.

          • I will try to put it in a few words.

            1. The major “malfunction” of the present-day Russians, as I see it, is major loss of trust to the state system combined with realizing that Russian Federation nowadays has a much lower international status than the USSR had. It makes some simple minds look for idols in the past, Stalin suits pretty well, as if he could rise from the grave and punish corruption.

            2. The Great Purge, as u call it, was primarily directed against the party elite, and what is important to know is that the party elite was eager to start it against one another. We should remember that those guys were not democratically elected, but revolutionary communists who got used to taking power by arresting and killing other people. Stalin was one of the system and also could get arrested and judicially murdered as his friend (and also a cult figure) Beria was later murdered by Khruschev and proclaimed a rapist and a British spy. But Stalin overplayed his bloody competitors.

            3. Of course we cannot fancy much freedom and security in a society based on bloody class cleansing and suppression, started by Lenin and Trotsky. The tyrant Stalin put an end to that bloody feast, and after Stalin the Soviet society became rather quiet in general, and much more comfortable for living.

            • Interesting – have you read the Swedish historian Peter Englund by any chance? He has very similar ideas about why regimes that come about through violent revolution (usually immediately followed by a desperate fight for their very existence and survival) tend to develop a very heavy-handed approach to problem-solving.

              1) sounds about right by what I know of it btw.

              As for 3), the general consensus in the sources I’ve read is roughly that after the Great Purge the whole Soviet society was from top down virtually paralysed in terror which certainly did add a sort of stability but hardly improved either its functioning or peoples’ quality of life.

              It’s probably also worth noting that Beria, Stalin’s last secret-police hatchetman, also has the distinction of being the last Soviet bigwig to lose his life as a direct result of losing a power struggle. One gets the impression that once that unpleasant walking reminder and all-around asshole was out of the picture the rest of the top brass who’d managed to tightrope-walk their way through Stalin’s later years alive breathed a collective sigh of relief and decided “never again”…

            • No, I haven’t read that historialn, unfortunately.
              Glad, we have agreed upon 1.

              I want to add, that I basically agree with u upon 3 also. The Soviet society was not a society in which a person of nowadays would like to live. One had to comply with the state in everything, including mentality and points of view. Many people did not do it of fear, they just were brought up and educated that way. It refers to the young people especially.

              We should remember that the Soviet system was utterly built upon ideology. And Stalin is not responsible for everything the communists of different times did. His personal responsibility as head of the state is, IMHO, from 1938 to 1951-52, when he had all the power in fact.

              We also should remember, that Khruschov’s hands are in blood: he was an eager participator of the Purge in 1937-38, so Stalin had to moderate his desire to kill “enemies of the people”.

              Khruschev and his party friends made Stalin a scapegoat after his death. Beria was made a monster just because he lost in the party struggle. Those who won were also monsters, so to say, but “the winner takes it all”.

              The Soviet elite after Stalins’ death was not controlled that hard. It degraded eventually into parasites of society.

    • This was probably the most interesting comment of this article, an actual opinion about Stalin from an actual Russian, not those whining kids screaming “commies are bad” “Soviet Union actually started the war” “Hitler is a saint” “GeneralPlan Ost was actually a good idea”…

    • That’s why USSR became another one Russian empire but not the union of socialistic republics as it named.
      And so logical that later we got this fucking RF…
      Спасибо сталину за это :(

  77. OK for the “For our Soviet Motherland!” but NO for “Mit Gott für Vaterland!” … pretty intresting. As we can see every time the victors write history, on the other hand: there are way too much who think that Stalin is BETTER than Hitler. NO! Both of them and their henchmen were mass murderers – the motives and ideologies behind their acts is bllsht compared to the millions of killed and tortured…

  78. Still no any news for EU and US servers.
    It looks like that “stalin event” is for RU server only, to cool down their butts after CoH2.

  79. I don’t really care if such slogans will or will not be in game. In fact, I was bit surprised that I couldn’t find “For Stalin” in inscriptions – they are the part of history and were quite often visible on photos.

    I am modeller and quite often made kits with such slogans. I also made Luftwaffe planes with svastikas – because there were some on original planes (historical accuracy). I am aware that nazi symbols are banned (in Poland, in fact, communist symbols are banned too) – but hey, the game has historical and collector flavors – in the name of such accuracy there SHOULD be such inscriptions.

    All the people whining “so we should have svastikas and Heil Hitler slogans” – a pity, there weren’t such slogans documented in photos on tanks :) I’d rather see more nordic mythology names, cause they were most popular.

    • Now that you mention it, didn’t that start already in WW1? Pretty sure one of the A7V’s went by “Wotan”…

    • My thoughts exactly. Sadly, we are almost alone in this political retards shitstorm caused by kiddos who never even attended a history lesson in a primary school

    • Such symbols were rare but still you may find some photos of Sd.Kfz.251 APC plus Panther and Tiger tanks with swastika on side armour.

  80. Wow a new record, 524 posts in a day..

    Guess ppl on this page are more interested in political debates than tanks.

  81. “Helped defeating fascism”, I’d rather live in fascist country than communist but what ever. The chance of ending up in concentration camp would at least be smaller.

    Stalin tried to conquer and enslave my country during WWII, but haha he failed! Thanks to my grandfather I was able to eat good food and drink fresh milk in when I was in school instead of maggoty bread and vodka. Evil red star failed and I can live like I do know thanks to my grandfather :)

    • You’d be a finnish untermensch slave to german masters in that fascist country you are fapping to, living on maggots and water.

      • Probably not, that is war time propaganda making Germany look worse. Hitler would have lost his power quite fast if he would continued in the way trying to enslave everyone. Only main reason jews were in such a bad situation is because you always need a scapegoat to unite people and make them work harder. Russians killed even more jews than Germans did, jews were castrated in united states also. Just think how bad place United States would be currently if Germans had won and especially Russians as Stalin was even greater mass murderer than Hitler.

        History is written by the victor, Germans saved my country during WWII and we would be part of evil soviets if the had been no Germans. I am from Finland and have fairly neutral view on history as Finland has been on both sides and fought against pretty much both sides. to me Soviets look the worst of the bunch and Germany does not come second, lots of bad things happened everywhere and Germany is always put on top because it lost the war. Smart enough people can see the whole picture.

        Just an example: Germans pilots often saved allied by not annihilating them when they had already won a fight and also did not shoot down bailed pilots on the ground. British pilots on the other hand killed German pilots who had bailed and shot down already crippled aircraft trying a soft landing. Doesn’t seem that evil… though both sides did bad things sure.

        History makes Germans look worse than they were because they lost. To me they are saviors more than evil men, though they had to be pushed away from Lapland to gain piece with evil Soviets. Not telling Germans were saints but saying Stalin is hero is bullshit propaganda, if Germans had won whole Germany would be cheer for Hitler -.-.

        • You DO realise they were trying to make Generalplan Ost a reality already during the war? One of the hindrances was apparently the Germans’ own occupation adminstrators whose bureaucratic instincts tended to balk at intentionally ruining areas under their responsibility – and more practically didn’t fancy trying to contain wholesale food riots with handfuls of ill-armed security troops.
          But they were entirely serious about getting it done as soon as feasible. Crazy and impractical as fuck, but then again pissing on rationality tended to be a pretty central tenet of all brands of Fascism – and the Holocaust was no more sensible an undertaking under wartime conditions as the participants at Wannsee readily pointed out to no avail.

          • Finland was an ally of Germany, and as such it was to be a beneficiary of the proposed ethnic cleansing in the East.

            German plans provided for Finland to receive Soviet Karelia and the area around Leningrad, after the Soviet non-Finnish population had been expelled.

            Not that is support Fascism, I do not. But saying Germans were bad for Finns is wrong. Soviets were much much MUCH more bad and have always been. They tried to get Finland after war as well.

            • Also I dont really care for shit what sort of symbols my game has, I don’t care. What ever for me. Just bringing up another perspective. So people could see the full picture.

            • I just remind you that Winter war 1939 was the third Soviet-Finland war (first in 1918, second in 1921) – and in all of them Finland was agressor.
              You should thanks Mannerheim-whore who change Axis to Allies in 1944, Chirchil who protected Finland from Soviet revenge and Stalin who did not give it to happen. But you thanks Hitler (German) – OMG, where did you get this shit?

          • Mannerheim’s goverment left to rot finnish people in the concentration camps in 1918s without any fascist ideology. And they killed so much civilians that Sweden had organized the Committee against the Finnish White Terror to help ordinary people.
            So, what are you trying to explain to Mannerheim’s adept?

            • True Finnish civil war was one of the bloodiest wars there have ever been. We Finns aren’t saints either, we castrated Jews as well in early nineties.

              WWII actually united Finns after the civil war all tanks to Soviets, there was a common enemy. Finland also became industrialized countryall thanks to all those huge war debts Soviets put on Finland (only country of WWII that paid all it’s debts).

            • …though in fairness that sort of thing was SOP (plus shooting them out of hand) for dealing with Leftist rebels across Europe those days. People were reacting a bit hysterically to the rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia.

  82. And I thought that Overloard was some kind of a good guy…
    But then he just wrote:

    “I’m proud of the history of the great country that unfortunately ceased to exist in the 90ies. Every part of it.

    The news text basically represents some of the remaining values that were not killed in the 90ies, when the entire collapse was happening. This can be difficult to understand if one hasn’t been a part of it.”

    He just basically wrote that he is proud of Katyn massacre (I specified it in question).

      • Nothing and nobody is perfect. So, when you love something/someone, it means you accept its/his imperfect sides.

        • Here is my short story with overlord:

          Every part of it?

          Wtf dude? Are you commie?

          OverlordAugust 6, 2013 at 1:51 PM
          No. Was it supposed to be an insult?

          DukeNukem3DAugust 6, 2013 at 2:18 PM
          You tell me.

          OverlordAugust 6, 2013 at 2:24 PM
          Not offended anyway.

  83. I dont care what inscriptions they put, I know what soviets done at that time and I only am laughing at their attempt to be proud of it.

  84. Hopefully a friend who has decided to remove from the game a historical inscription has already been fired. It would be logical.

  85. Seriously, someone has to be pants on head moronic to give a damn Stalin is written on a tank. Most players causing all his ruckus were born well after the fall of communism in Europe anyway.

    What’s next, complain about the red star on the Soviet tanks?

    Before you go all up in arms with how disingenuously offended you are, I am from the ex Warsaw pact block and I had my share of shitty communism.

    • Only that the great purges were targeted against Soviet political and intellectual elite, and if it should concern anyone it should be the ex-Soviet countries not some hypocritical Westerner who has been educated by scandal news media to moan and bitch to get his daily drama mongering fix.

    • *shrug* Going by the Wiki some 24 to 26 million people passed through various branches of the GULag system over a span of 23 years, of whom some three million died.
      There’s worse, much worse. Wanna do comparisions?
      I have “List of Nazi concentration camps” (which includes estimates of numbers of inmates and deaths) open in another tab, and just eyeballing it I’d say the survival rate over the about three-year period most of them operated was WAY lower… and the raw death toll notably higher.

  86. Whats the big deal? If people think the inscriptions should be be removed does that mean that the IS, IS-2, IS-4, IS-6, IS-7 and IS-7 should be removed? They are all named after Stalin as well. Does it mean we should remove those tanks and their derivative vehicles?

  87. Do you believe that person beeing brutally murdered really cares why. or seeing ones close one’s beeing killed cares that much for reason.
    The point is that one part have accepted their responsibility and the other one denies it and glorify’s it.

    • Dead is dead, sure.
      But the difference is kind of bloody important for the proportion of survivors.

  88. Guys you’re saying “Poland this” and “Poland that” all the time, but what is this “Poland”? I’ve never seen this thing. No srsly. Could somebody explain me what it is look like? Is it eatable?

      • So it is rotten. No, may be poisonous. Then it should be banned worldwide so people won’t accidentally eat it and die.

          • Of course I won’t, if it is poisonous. But how should I recognise Poland if I’ve never seen one?

          • Nice idea. But what are we gonna tell to inergalactic council of ministers if they found out some rotten poisonous shit flying on our orbit?

            • Send it to the Sun then? Ought not be a problem after that, though I guess the rocketry would get a bit onerous.

            • Perfect.

              Nah, I know a solution for this. Public is now obsessed with children safety. Have to lunch a fancy social company – something like “Children are our future. We have to protect our future from Poland” and we’ll get enough resources to make a decent vessel.

    • Poland is Rzecz Pospolita’s separatist region.
      Some days Rzecz will eat Poland: Pro Fide, Lege et Rege!

            • Just go fuck yourself you Polish shit. If it wasn’t for Lithuania, Poland would have been destroyed in 14th-15th centuries.

            • I wasn’t talking to you. ;) I was referring to this comment: “just need to spice up a dish with Lithuania”

              But on the other hand, you’re also kinda stupid, because you don’t know such EU country.

  89. Stalin led the liberation of Poland. Polish people dont know ?

    The Soviet leadership liberated Poland, as well as freed millions of Jews who were in camps in Poland.

    It is sad that the Poles forget history. Their history is politicized. Their leaders make them hate everything Russian. All our shared history and our common victory over Nazism.

      • After the war, very popular in Poland were the Communists.
        After the Communists liberated Poland. Not England, not the United States, and the “evil” Russian. For the liberation of Poland died half a million Russian.
        The Poles have chosen the Communists after the war. Or do you not know that?

            • 22 years old lawyer? That is good. Also, half a million Russian died on the way to Berlin, they didn’t care much about liberating Poland. And Poland didn’t choose communism. Poor troll. Now go learn some history (not propaganda) book.

            • work on your english, kiddo. or, better, get the fuck out of here, back to that belgorod cave you crawled from

            • If you do not believe me, look at Google. For the capture of Berlin killed 70,000 Russian. And Poles – 8,000 people.
              And for the liberation of Poland 600000. This is as much live in my town now.

      • Well. The Germans were planning on a *thousand*, not that this would’ve been very relevant to the Poles since they’d mostly have been *fucking dead*.

        Take yer pick.

        And no, Stalin didn’t do it out of the altruistic goodness of his heart. Big whoop THERE.

        • Ohh, You hate the Russian, who freed you from Nazism, that you forget that you killed 80,000 in the Russian concentration camps in 1921. And why did you not ask for that forgiveness.
          And interestingly, Owned Poles have come up with concentration camps. Even before the Communists and Nazis.

    • Russians fail at history FOREVER.

      Killing off the Home Army soldiers (which were affiliated with the Polish govt in exile i n London), imposing a communist regime and making Poland into a satellite country is definately a liberation by any means. It’s like curing cancer but getting aids.

      BTW – 22 yo and a lawyer? It seems you can find some good stuff in potato chips, I thought you can only get a driving license like that in Russia. :P

  90. польша хуйцов соснула. с причмоком. как всигда

  91. Spring has been ended and summer is coming…
    Thank you for that, dear comrad Stalin!!!