So, it looks like the Stalin issue is the Rage of the Week on EU forums. Hmm… there should be an official announcement in the afternoon on WG EU portal. The feedback on RU server on this decision is overwhelmingly positive, with RU players mostly going like “hahaha suck that Europe” – plus making a lot of anti-Polish jokes

- tanks with ATGM’s? “I’ll say it like this, if this comes, it will be in another game”
- AA tanks with machineguns are not planned for now, SerB actually states the amount of shells from them might crash the servers
- the T-34-3 is armed with a 122mm gun – for now (SS: there have been several reports of this gun being changed, presumably to some D-10T clone)

- SerB states that the newest tank from the game is approximately from 1965 (AMX-13/90 and some late WZ-132 version) (SS: Leopard 1 is from the same year I think, or one year earlier)
- it’s possible that in the future, the tank terrain resistance won’t be calculated by the middle of the tank anymore, but under each track, this has minimal priority however
- the tier 10 Japanese arty will have shorter range than the other arties apparently
- bigger maps? “Tests will show”
- very slow tanks, such as T95, will suffer on big maps? “Let them suffer”
- other WG projects coming? “Well, we for example bought Total Annihilation and Master of Orion”
- Storm doesn’t respond to the developer questions anymore, because he’s tired of player BS
- penetrable objects (thin fences etc.) are planned
- M12 arty being too inaccurate? “You can sell it”
- SerB states that it’s not possible to simply keep basic radio and scout using the “radio chain” effect, he states that there are efforts from time to time to somehow change the way the radio works in game, but bigger maps will change everything
- SerB states that he’s not afraid of the mass invasion of RU players on EU servers using roaming
- SerB plays WoWp more than WoT, because the battles in it are more intensive and he can
- details abour roaming will be disclosed later, restrictions for it are still being developed, it’s not yet decided, whether roaming will be paid or not (“there arguments for and against”)
- it’s technically possible to make the ammorack explosion damage tanks in the vincinity, but this won’t be implemented
- the fact subcaliber shells have the same damage as AP shells for the same gun is okay according to SerB, as damage is balanced around a gun, not individual shells
- developers are not doing anything specifically for the old render anymore, the new maps are adapted for new render
- both the tier 7 T-44 with 85mm gun and tier 7 T-44-122 with 122mm gun will be implemented into the game

T-44 with 85mm (first version)

T-44 with 122mm (first version)

- developers don’t plan to change the ingame fiscal policy
- AMX-13/105 in WoT? “Not for now” (SS: speculation – a very similiar vehicle might appear in the EU tree as the SK-105 Kürrasier)
- rocket and flamethrower tanks will be implemented (SS: this overrides the FAQ denial, I will fix it), they won’t have specific branches apparently, but will be distributed within current branches
- midtier platoon MM mechanism has not been changed recently
- the mechanism, that prevents you from being on the bottom of teams all the time doesn’t work 100 percent (SS: it can be for example overridden)
- Q: “Do you plan to allow people make their tank models more unique?” A: “Yes, for a hundred thousand dollars, it will be possible to switch the model of the tank to a model of a pony”
- generally, there is a tier 7 candidate for a Chinese premium vehicle, “you will hear about it in corresponding patchnote”
- SerB states that the person, who actually personally spoke against the removing of Staling decals was the Wargaming CFO.
- numbers on the side of the tank are planned, players will not be able to select the number themselves (SS: heaven forbid someone chose 88 over the “Stalin” inscription…)
- server in Africa is not planned for near future
- SerB and his personal opinion on e-sports: “I consider e-sport not to be the best use of our resources. But since the e-sport policy has been chosen as a result of discussions – I wish the e-sport good luck. We will develop it up to and beyond the currently announced plans.”
- if rockets are implemented as an additional module, they will affect the tank performance, as modules have weight and weight influences mobility
- the first version of the Japanese tree won’t have the amphibious tanks, such as Ka-Mi, Ka-Chi, To-Ku. SerB states that the Japanese tree is a bit lacking, but generally normal – there are enough top tier vehicles
- Japanese tree won’t come anytime soon, it’s speciality will be the fact the tanks will be driven by the “Samurai and schoolgirls” (text strikethrough by SerB)

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  1. ” numbers on the side of the tank are planned, players will not be able to select the number themselves”
    - Finally, tactical numbering. I hope they have historically accurate faction based colour schemes for these numbers rather than the same one for all.

  2. ”- very slow tanks, such as T95, will suffer on big maps? “Let them suffer””
    Rly? now it” just annoying…

    Guessing flamethrower damage will work the same as an engine on fire. (tick damage)

  3. “- Q: “Do you plan to allow people make their tank models more unique?” A: “Yes, for a hundred thousand dollars, it will be possible to switch the model of the tank to a model of a pony””

    1. Somehow that answer reminded me of Heavy Weapons Guy.
    2. (Dying of laughter internally)

    • Would be fun if someone says: “here you have the hundred thousand dollars and now I want my pony!” :D

  4. “SerB states that he’s not afraid of the mass invasion of RU players on EU servers using roaming”
    I’m realy afraid of this! And I think they will put “Stalin” inscription as provocation on their tanks.
    I’m also worried how the punishment system works in the roaming-thing. I think the russians will come “over” to the european servers and ruin the matches ’cause they might not have to fear punishment. :(

    • On the RU servers we have some urban legends that EU players suck so bad that even the russkie 400-eff 45%-rs are better.
      I’ll go roaming just to test that, at least, lol….

      • Well, to bad that they are talking about “switching the chat off for roaming players”, so you can’t talk to your roaming teammates.
        And I think the russians will rush, in high tier matches, with the most important tank, into the enemy and be like “europeans are pussys” :S

        • Personally, i think that you will have to have an “invitation” to do roaming – eg. platoon with native cluster player.

          • Wow, all this rubbish floating about.

            I’ve played in many CTs and almost never gotten any trouble for being an NA player among RUs.

            Maybe once some guy said “Fuck America”. He queited down when I told him I was from South Africa though and even apologised.

            In fact, a couple of times RU players have taken other RU players to task for talking smack.

            I doubt roaming will having any real problems. We’re all here to play tanks, after all. The trolls and TKs are a minority.

            • Then you were lucky. The spam, flaming and team killing I had from russian players in the closed test can’t even be matched by the worst team on EU I had.

              I personally hope they hold people for what they do when they are roaming responsible.

        • Theyre are right, avarage Eu player is peas of shit dumb animal, look at games 3/4 match ending in 5:15 where one team rolfstomps another. And yes avarage ru player are better at WoT then stupid Eu idiots who doing 0 dmg all day in tier 8-10 tanks. So there will be a mass migrants form Ru to raise win rates on Eu animal planet.

      • That’s just a legend. There is a small difference between playstyle on EU and RU though. IME RU players are more agressive and push, while EU are more likely to camp and defend. When you only have 1-2 rushers, they die instantly, so noobs from RU will die even faster on EU. Good players from RU will probably play a few games and go back to RU for more intense battles and better ping.

      • 400 eff an 45% wr is equally bad here and there. Or are you ruskies calculating things differently? You suck at history AND math? Wow.

        BTW – you send your brightest specimen to play on the test server I presume?

        Go fuck a bear or something instead of posting your RUSSIA STRONK failcomments.

        • the same efficiency on a different server is not the same because it’s inevitable that one server will have better or worse average players than the other. however the difference is most probably minimal.

  5. SS so what are you personally looking forward too? I mean i read that you play less now (even on the old ftr) but i guess you still play sometimes…

  6. So, if Russians can have “Stalin” inscriptions, why can’t German tanks have “Hitler” inscriptions?
    Kill count:
    Stalin > Hitler
    Communism > Nazi
    The story is written by those who won that war, huh?

    And about roaming…
    Personally, I will try to make the game for Russians players (especially with “Stalin” inscriptions) as hard as possible. No team play, letting them die, blocking, killing them first when they are in opposite team.
    ‘Cause… :
    “hahaha suck that Russia”
    And I will make a lot of anti-Russian jokes ;)

      • ‘Cause I said that Stalin was bigger murderer than Hitler? They both were murderers, and BOTH should be forgotten. So – we forget them OR we praise them. Both. No dividing.

          • Why should I roam to RU server? I don’t want to do that. They want to roam to EU server and behave like a russian army in Europe, rapeing and burning/destroying everything.

            So… :)

            • Wow…just wow.

              Do you really think the average RU WoT player is a Russian Commisar from 1940?

              They just people playing a game they enjoy, same as you and me.

            • >I hope not… but their comments, mentoined in SS article, show the opposite.

              If I judged by your comments, they would make the US players look like a bunch of little shits and crybabies, but because I know that guys like you are luckily a minority, I don’t judge like that.

        • …murderers… should be forgotten

          OK, if so – as well as Churchill, Roosevelt and Truman then, of course. But who cares?

          • Churchill’s ideas were plain stupid sometimes, as well as Roosevelt/Truman’s (Lend Lease in the way it was). They also have some blood on their hands.

            But – only Hitler AND Stalin killed so many people “in cold blood”. Just for ideology.

    • There was no Hitler inscriptions but the whole game is anty nazi stuff and commie stuff is good. You can say “nazi stuff is baned in some countries blabla” ussr is baned too and what? wg dont give a fuck.
      Where is logic ><

      And im going to kill all russians just beacuse they team killed me on test servers all the time (and i was playing normal, like on eu, where i never make problems).

      • I’ve played on CT since 0.7.0 and I have almost never been harassed for being an NA player.

        In fact, I’ve seen RU players take other RU players to task for causing trouble with EU and NA players.

        Grow up and get over griefers.

          • It’s OOPMan dummy. I play on the NA server and on CT I appear as OOPMan_NA. As I said, I’ve never been griefed. The worst that happened was some RU guy saying Fuck America, which doesn’t bother me because I’m South African. When he found that out he even apologised.

            Honestly, I think the people complaining about CT griefing forget that it doesn’t happen that much and mostly does happen because it’s a testing env with no long-term ramifications.

            • Me, on the other hand, in the last two-three weeks met A LOT of players shouting “fu*k poland”, “kill all poles”, and even “Allah akbar, death to poles!” (that guy even TK’ed me) – and I’m really polite, team-friendly player (Nienazwana on EU server). If it is happening now, what there will be when Russians roam…?

            • Allah akbar, death to poles?


              That’s some schizophrenic jingoism there :-)

              Honestly, my advice would be for you to download the Battle Messenger mod and just use it to filter out all the shit people say.

              Trust me, like is so much better without retards talking crap…

    • Allthough I am gratefull for the assault by the americans and russians to defeated those germans but the kill count is still stalin < hitler and communism < nazi. Luckily the russians won, they just had way more :)

      • I don’t know what You tried to tell us with “>” and “<" marks, but:
        Should I continue? In terms of brutality and number of deaths, communists killed A LOT more people than nazis, in very brutal way – and under cover of bloody propaganda.

        Even nazis were "plain" with their murders – "we want to execute all jews" Stalin and his commrades was way more devious…

        • Eh, the Soviets normally just shot you if they actually wanted you DEAD. None of that work-until-you-starve shit the Nazis had a creepy fetish for.
          Oh and no industrialisation of mass murder either.

          • Yeah, cause gulags never, ever, ever existed. Keep that russian pride alive hessian.

            • Somebody has no idea what “industrialised” actually means. Probably thinks factory workers are organised into craft guilds, too. Why am I not surprised?

              BTW what the fuck is this stupid “hessian” thing you keep repeating like it’s supposed to mean something? The only meaning for the term I’m familiar with is the inhabitants of the German state of Hesse…

      • Russian team kills eu player – no ban
        Eu player team kills ru – perm ban

        True story.

      • And you will be banned for shooting us :)

        We will make the life for roaming russinas hard – but we will make it GENTLY. WG can’t do NOTHING for playing like noob – and blocking/not helping is just a kind of noobish play.

        And, to be fair – I have nothing in particular against Russia. It is that they players are just unfair. Rude. Unpolite.

      • Only commie-idiots would like a Stalin-sign in their tanks…

        See what i did there? I fixed your sentence

        Joke aside, both sentences are plain idiotic, point is, nazism is bad, communism is bad, Stalin is considered an very evil person in EU and we don’t want that fucking sign. Pure WG trolling by returning it to shop.

        Also fuck WG CFO.

        • I fix this for you:
          nazism is bad, communism is bad, wg is bad.
          Hitler is bad, Stalin is bad, Serb is bad. :)

    • You guys on EU forum are really something! I have not seen so much posted BS ever.
      I’m glad that on NA forum we have much less of your hatred towards fellow players from other countries. It is sad, but it is Europe with its history, I guess.

      • Yeah, you guys are too busy hating the Blacks and Mexicans for our kind of nonsense. :v

    • Well you could make really “funny” thing for russians. Make account in russian server pick some russian tank use mod which turns your inscription into Heil Hitler and upload a such a battle where you pawn your russian enemies to somewhere like youtube etc…

    • *cough*

      Republic of Germany laws.
      they censor everything Nazi related.

      that’s why you wont see it.

      there will be shit storm from an government entity. no matter which server *since WG operates across all*

  7. What rage of the week? Have i missed sth? What have they done, besides removing inscriptions on EU?

  8. The feedback on RU server on this decision is overwhelmingly positive, with RU players mostly going like “hahaha suck that Europe” – plus making a lot of anti-Polish jokes

    Thats what decades of propaganda brainwashing is for. What? you think North Korean soldiers think their country sucks? that is paradise compared to us peasants from Europe and NA.

    Again decades of heavy brainwashing.

    • Amazing how propaganda can brainwash a whole nation. I mean I understand North Korea, but today’s Russia? Yikes. I wonder just how many Russians today view the Soviets to be as wicked as the Nazis?

      • Many Russians think that Stalin (who was btw Georgian not Russian) was great Russian leader. They somehow forget the fact that he killed milllions of Russians.

        For me it is total stupidity to honor mass murderer and tyrant, but this is Russian mentality.

        • It probably counts for something he oversaw the repulse of an invader that fairly literally wanted to kill ALL Russians. Just a hunch.

          • Hitler didn’t want to kill all Russians, he wanted to kill communists (which is one of the few good things he did). Good job spreading soviet propaganda, you non-white, uneducated sperglord.

            • “non-white, uneducated”? If you’re going to try insulting me could you at least use natural language for it? This leaden and stilted bullshit you’re emnating isn’t even ridiculous, it’s just sad.

        • For me it is total stupidity to honor mass murderer and tyrant, but this is Russian mentality.

          Yeah, I also think that Americans who honor their war-time presidents (all of them) are stupid. Mass murderers, y’know…

            • Do not play the fool, of course they killed and kill only foreigners.
              Wright brothers believed that their invention will prevent all the wars. Unfortunately their compatriots came up with the bombing raids and brought them to the absolute.

    • “Overwhelmingly positive” is an exaggeration, pretty much every page on the thread has a few posts against the Stalin thing.

      • They’ve said on many occasions previously that they won’t add rockets or flametanks and in both cases the reasoning seems pretty sound…

        • I said once that wg is like: we wont do that! And after few months: we did it!
          Never belive wg.

          • I suppose.

            Still, flametanks in particular seem unlikely since they’re only really useful against infantry…

            Rocket rail addons for tanks could be a bit more useful I suppose and could even be fun. I imagine the trick would be balancing them, although I guess that could be managed by just making them horribly inaccurate :-)

          • What about range, “reload”, and accuracy? Flamethrowers seem to be difficult to implement and WG doesn’t like difficult things (the E-10′s suspension).

            • For rockets to reload you should bring a truck with rockets, so rockets wont be reloadable.

  9. Flamethrowers versus open topped tanks like the Dickermax or T28 Prototype…. oh the Horror… >_<

      • The M4 Sherman, a relatively agile medium, had a variant that allowed flamethrowers to be placed on it – Both the Big D and the Prototype are slow tanks…. So it works on paper :) (Though yes. you’d probably fail 9/10 times but it ought to be spectacular if you managed to pull it off)

        • There was also Churchill Crocodile with Ordnance QF 75 mm main gun and with flame thrower being it’s secondary armament. If devs sort out multi turret mechanism we might see such tank in the game. It would be far from defenceless on longer distances and devastating in close combat.

  10. - SerB states that the person, who actually personally spoke against the removing of Staling decals was the Wargaming CFO.

    What the chief financial officer has to do with gameplay decisions? wtf? retarded WG.

  11. “both the tier 7 T-44 with 85mm gun and tier 7 T-44-122 with 122mm gun will be implemented into the game”
    You mentioned T-44-122 and T-44-85, but forgot T-44A.

      • OK then. Just to be clear: T-44-85 (the very first prototype, identical to T-44-122 except the gun) and T-44A are different tanks. And there is no evidence which one will be in the game.

    • So which one will be a premum?

      1st they said that T-44-85 ( T44A) will be a premium, and 12mm wont be inplemented.
      Now I see both will be ingame.

  12. - tanks with ATGM’s? “I’ll say it like this, if this comes, it will be in another game”

    What is a ATGM?

    • Anti-Tank Guided Missile, not to be confused with the simple RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade)-like WWII era AT-weapons like the Panzerfaust and Bazooka. It’s much more capable.

  13. “SerB plays WoWp more than WoT, because the battles in it are more intensive and he can”………….

    Can what, troll people by ramming them?

  14. Screw flamethrowers, if they want to go back on something they should reverse the armoured car policy.

  15. WG once said they have great respect for Blizzard Entertainment…and they should. In my 3 years of WoW i’ve never once been pissed off by the creators of the game. In 3 months of WoT i already thought countless times about not playing this anymore. The game itself is good but what makes it bad is the gigantic racist problem WoT has and WGs carelessness about the most serious issues. They break entire classes without blinking an eye and leave it like that. Last weekend WoT celebrated its 15th Birthday. To be honest they dont behave like a company that old and experienced. more like a startup.

    • > gigantic racist problem WoT has
      The racist problem is in the userbase, mostly nazi fanboys and butthurt poles, not in WoT itself.

  16. Anyone, who had anything to do with the aftermath of communist, Marxist-Leninist or socialist autocracies learned to hate Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin, and everything that his name embodies.
    Think about:
    – the Bolsevik famine in pre-war Russia, and the great Chinese famine (these two having death tolls nearly exceeding the overall death toll of the second world war themselves!)
    – political genocide committed by the various regime in post-war socialist/communist countries
    – the aftereffects of propaganda (clearly visible on the WG press release:”..the contribution of this man in the victory over fascism, as one of the leaders of the anti-Hitler countries coalition, is unquestionable.” Clearly, the victory over fascism is a questionable statement itself!)

    And sadly, the list goes on..

    Anyone who considers the removal of such inscriptions a faulty position should study history in-depth.

    I think I’ll write them in this regard, a letter of thoughtfulness, asking for a revision in that particular company division.
    I suggest you do the same!

    Best regards & suite yourselves,
    – Imre

    • Famines always existed in both countries, even before someone came up with communism, as for “political genocides” and propaganda, they existed in every country after any war, look at the various White Terrors post WWI or the Red Fear in the USA after WWII.

      • Always existed, so I assume we could forget about all of these figures and their “legacy”, considering Anyone from Alexander the great, up until Adolf Hitler.

        Please note, that the events I’ve picked are:
        Closely tied to Bolshevik/communist/socialist despotism.
        The death tolls are extremes.

        I assume you did not have to hail the great Stalin as a child.
        I had to, meanwhile my grandfather was doing forced labor in a discipline camp.

        • Political, ideological decisions can have baffling impact on economical decisions.
          We are talking about autocracies, and these are not famous for cool-headed leaders.

        • Define “ideological”, even the most unflattering interpretations of Holodomor basically boil down to Stalin killing two proverbial flies with one stroke – the agricultural collectivisation (found necessary for assorted adminstrative reasons) triggered a famine which helped suppress Ukranian nationalism.
          Then there’s the argument that the Ukranian famine was basically a side effect he simply did not care about one way or another.

          By the by, the Nazis *explicitly* employed famine as a tool for genocidal ethnic cleansing in several different contexts… though experiments with applying it on the scale of adminstrative districts were found to trigger rather troublesome mass uprisings.

        • OMG, people, read about famine in Ukraine called Holodomor (1932-33), i.e. extermination by hunger or plague of hunger.

          Some countries (among them Ukraine and USA) officialy recognized it as a genocide. Soviet propaganda claimed that there was no hunger, only small food shortages. But around 3 mln people died. And famine was mainly in Ukraine. Huge parts of USSR had no problems with food. Soviets even rejected food offered by Western countries claiming that there is no problems. Till 1980′s any informations of this tragedy were forbidden in Soviet Union. They intentionally starved Ukraine to totally subdue it.

          Stalinist Russia was one of the most oppressive states ever. Justice was an empty word and life of citizens was totally worthless.

          But for WG Stalin is a hero.

          So far I liked these company. Statement about Stalin decals, which was full of bolshevik propaganda is unacceptable for me. For me there is no difference between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, between Stalin and Hitler.

          • >Some countries (among them Ukraine and USA) officialy recognized it as a genocide.
            Because it suits them to do so, it’s propaganda used to fuel hatred towards Russia.

          • “Experts disagree” on how deliberate the ’32-33 Ukranian famine was, you know. And given this *is* Stalin we’re talking about any degree from zero to entirely is plausible.
            Not like it would have been the first instance of the Soviet leadership basically ignoring a byproduct famine after all.

  17. T-34-3 with a D-10T clone, hmm in wouldn’t mind that as long as they give the tank -6 depression. Anymore news on this SS?

  18. “The feedback on RU server on this decision is overwhelmingly positive, with RU players mostly going like “hahaha suck that Europe” – plus making a lot of anti-Polish jokes”

    That awkward moment when you ashamed of your nation.
    I just want to tell that not every Russian is mad pro-stalinist which acclaims person being guilty of millions of death.

    • I think nobody assumes anything based on forum rage. It’s just a troll-friendly topic, that’s all. In my opinion there’s no reason to be ashamed of a limited sample of particular game community – they are the same in every game, everywhere :)

      • This peculiar decision based on the worries of the CFO are unspeakably baffling though.

        • Why? If the things sell well, which wouldn’t surprise me as they’re easily among the most characteristic and well-known of such “tank slogans”, then it’s pretty obvious the beancounters would argue for retaining them.

    • It was me who opened the thread on the EU forum that hasn’t been closed (with more than 450 comments so far), but I can assure you, it is not against Russians or any other nations. I’m absolutely aware of the fact that most Russians don’t think that way.

  19. “- bigger maps? “Tests will show””

    Why do we need or other players want bigger maps ??? I don’t want want bigger maps, i want more smaller maps like Mines. Battle ends faster because you don’t need to go far to find last tank and you don’t need 5 min or more to drive on the other side of the map.

    • BlacKHeaDSg1 then play tetris. There you have your whole “map” on the tiny part of your screen. God forbidd we have some new modes in a few years. And as SerB would say: “Don’t like it? Don’t play it”

  20. I predict that …..

    1. In Poland ( and maybe Lithuania also ) WOT will be banned .

    2. Any player from Russia with with the inscription “Stalin” will be team-killed and trolled hard .

    3. Serb and anther Stalin lovers will tell WOT EU to ban all anti-Stalin players .

    4. In EU forum will begin rage about bans for anti-Stalin players . Anti-Stalin players will accuse Serb and rest of WG for racism and glorification of war crimes .

    5. WOT banned in all EU .

    • i would not be surpriesed if someone in poland reveals this topic to a broader audience. i would be pissed as siemka for sure. its not even the inscription itself but the official propaganda-bullshit-piece of disrespect wg published. great hero broseph. yeah.
      they just show that they dont care about the feelings of their polish and baltic customers (which i’m not), right on track with the russian nationalism you can see everywhere today. putins own hitleryouth etc…
      so yeah, i would indeed be in favor of a ban in pl / lativia / checz/ hungary. little wake up call for wg.

      also: are russians capable of the human feeling called “empathy”? sometimes one just wonders if they are indeed a nation of subhumans, only happy under the lash, ruled by force.
      foreign guy comes to russia, siezes power, kills millions, is idiolized by russians.
      asian logic for sure…

        • dont know of any “victorian meme”. mentality seems to be pretty different in russia, thats for sure. one guy told me “we are not made for democracy, we respect strong leaders.”
          take it as you will. there is a democratic movement in russia for sure. but you also have russian neo-nazis (dafuq???), old communists etc. a very contradiciting country.

          and you, playing devils advocate? cant see your standpoint other than showing of basic “gymnasial-geschichtswissen” to the uneducated siemkas, who at leas have a case. you…youst arguing for the sake of it. trolling?

          • I consider debating to have inherent value.

            Anyways, AFAIK there’s also Neo-Nazis in Mongolia of all places and apparently even a few Jewish ones; don’t ask me what the fuck gives that bullshit caricature of an ideology such an appeal.
            The Russians have their own historical baggage which mostly consists of a long succession of increasingly shitty overlords and the majority of the people being dirt poor without much by the way of meaningful rights. Not a very good starting point for the kind of “social trust” socilogists consider important for the developement of a true “open society” or a tradition of honest public engagement in politics.
            While the post-Soviet period (before Putin) had its good sides in many important practical ways it actually represented little fundamental improvement, what with somewhat dubious levels of *actual* democracy and rampant laissez-faire kleptocracy. And since the average Russian doesn’t actually know what halfway functional democracy even looks like (how could he?) small wonder that mess left them a bit soured on the whole concept.

      • ” its not even the inscription itself but the official propaganda-bullshit-piece of disrespect wg published. great hero broseph. yeah.”

        Yes, thats the point.

  21. SS, rage on Eu forum is your fault. Since majority of Eu players don’t read russian portal,
    the only place they could read such info is this website. Since your site is well known you should really start to measure your words and comments …As a guy who is respected in wot community ,
    you have big RESPONSIBILITY when you release informations with YOUR commenting.
    Same thing happened when YOU and Mighty Jingles commented new map severogorsk.
    Stop behaving like spoiled child who lost everything due to some big bad company being unfair,
    your words are well heard and if you are man enough , you will start thinking what your opinions and attitudes can provoke.

    • “you will start thinking what your opinions and attitudes can provoke.”

      Because Intarnets shitstorms are SRS BZNS. >:|

    • @Ivan@

      Fuck off
      Stop being a fucking whiteknight and get some balls. FTR is the only place we have new and mostly correct info. And you bet yourself he needs to encourage people to make shitstorms. Otherwise WG would behave even worse( if they can behave worse than this) They are retarded bunch of russian rednecks and they behave just like that. So fuck off, either join the shitstorm or gtfo.

    • My fault? I didn’t write the Russian portal article, WG did. If anyone thinks language barrier will still protect him, he’s like a decade too late.

    • WHAT!?

      Sure, SS is responsible for wg going full retard and showing a finger to a big part of its playerbase. From now on take triple dose.

    • Sure, they sacrifice a white bull on his altar every Easter. I thought everyone knew that?

  22. t-34-3 with d-10t clone? yes fu***** please

    if it happens i will throw my wallet at the screen

  23. No one would have given a shit for the inscription if it wasnt for the statement and the original banning of it on EU/US/SEA servers.

  24. “- SerB states that it’s not possible to simply keep basic radio and scout using the “radio chain” effect, he states that there are efforts from time to time to somehow change the way the radio works in game, but bigger maps will change everything”
    Isn’t this radio chain effect exactly how radios are supposed to work?

  25. Only ignorant,illiterate fools can compare Nazi Germany with Soviet Russia.
    Since USA gave most Nazi officers and scientist shelter after WWII,used their technology,renamed their ideology to “democracy” and continued killing around the world,it’s no wonder they’re trying to justify their own monstrosity by faulty equalizing their “deeds” with others’.

  26. “bigger maps will change everything”

    Duh… this has always been the solution to artillery.

  27. Can’t believe the assholes at WG think about making us pay for roaming. Greedy bastards.

  28. T-34-3 with the 100mm gun?

    I’d support that, since it wouldn’t shit all over the T-34-2 anymore.

  29. If they can have Stalin inscription give us Piłsudski iscription too with Józef Piłsudski medal for killing russian roaming players ( dunno who that was ? check wiki along with Warsaw Battle in 1920 ) Im proud of my history too .

  30. “SerB states that he’s not afraid of the mass invasion of RU players on EU servers using roaming”
    He should be more nervous of American trolls rampaging into the RU servers… do I smell some payback for test server TKs?

    • Roaming could be a seriously expensive experiment for them. Flooding the EU and NA servers with roaming RU team killer platoons means a lot of players will simply stop playing. I’m sure the Russians will think it’s hilarious, but WG is really going to feel the lost income once all those premium accounts run out and don’t renew.

  31. When the no good reds invade you guys in EU, many NA players will be glad to lend support against them. After all, if there’s an EU, a NA, and a red on the test server, they will go after the NA player first in most cases. The reds butthurt over America is unmatched. Anyways, we know their rush’n attack (remember that game where you stabbed russians?) style well, and it is easily and quickly dismantled and dispatched.

  32. Low tier flamethrower tanks sure wouldn’t have to worry about penetrating… So…

    Low tier flamethrower tank > Object 263


  33. With these stalin inscriptions, just think how much money they’ll make off of ExpendableEnsign alone.

  34. Tier 7 medium tanks with 122mm gun with 390 damage, isnt tha fucking bullshit, thats a TD like gun on a fucking tier 7 medium tanks. Funny fucking pro-russian biased games.

    • Who the fuck would use the U-11 derpgun on the KV-13 or T-43? At least after they’ve researched the ability to mount the 85mm anyway…
      Someone fails at techtrees.

  35. Also what fucking right had russian to incade all fucking nations and make the a part of USSR? Thats fucking hlarious, how can some one even admire Stalin and fucking commie russian for that?

  36. this sergay burakovsky or whatever his name is does have really “intelligent” responses…..damn my 5 years old neighbor is far more intelligent than this belarusian piece of commie shit who disrespect everyone around and especially community…

    PS. BETTER DEAD THAN RED, screw commies!
    PS2. Russians were killing each other by mass and went to battle without weapons, barbarians.