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Hello everyone,

you might have noticed that the “Retards of WoT” section has disappeared. The reason is that I realized that everyone, including me, rages at some point and it’s pointless to shame people for such outbursts. Therefore, I will not post further “Retards of WoT” articles, but I will keep the “Hall of Shame” section (you can access it via the menu above) for the worst retards: nazis, death threats, antisemitism… that kind of stuff. Feel free to send me pics with such idiots.

And today, we have another lovely “inductee”: Strongman105 – for taking the rage way too far. While some rages are funny, this is just creepy.


50 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

  1. This is way better than the “Retards” section :) I am all for keeping this :)

      • It remembers me of the old times when German tier 10 Heavies were something to really be afraid of and when IS-4 was dominating tier 9 battles.

        • And that is fucking wrong because heavy tanks are not the fucking main damage dealers on the fucking team. The fucking TDs are the fucking main damage dealers, as it should be. No fucking tank should be feared as hell and specially not fucking heavy fucking tanks.

          • There were no tier 10 TDes, Mediums and arties back than, only heavies.
            And if you were comparing back than a tier 10 heavy with a tier 9 td you were doing it wrong.

            Only now TDes are the main damage dealers, and only because they got big guns.If you look at medium tanks DPM you’ll be amazed to see they got biger DPM than TDes.

  2. Just in future use roaming and go to RU claster. Chat is filled with bullshit.
    *Playing without chat, now.

  3. IMO that is just fun trolling and good joking, don’t take people too seriously…

  4. Silent would it be a good idea for us to send you screenshots of people who actually help and advise other players? Hall of fame instead of shame, would be good to show the better side for once!

    I don’t admit to being perfect either…. but I do try… sometimes…

    • That’s problematic. While ragers and idiots are obvious, the contributions of various “helpers” is hard to assess. For one person, such a guy might be a “commander”, for another it might be “armchair general spammer”.

  5. Hey, the screenie I sent one was posted!
    And very fast too!

    I remember that numb-nuts very well, that wasn’t trolling at all!
    He was just mad I sent him a gift-basket.

    • It wasn’t a surprise, but quite an epic rager (that’s just one screenshot of his QQ, I didn’t take the rest)
      So I sent it in.

      Just for the lolz, he continued on private message afterward, whereupon I told him threatening someone of death was a criminal offense and I was going to call the police (of course I wasn’t, there is no fucking cyberpolice for 12 year old retards).
      He got scared, apologized, and vowed never to do it again! :D

  6. well after roaming is available, the chat will be full like this, because those russians will teamkill you in a second if you collide with their tanks…

  7. Wow… This is an old picture from the GOOD olden days when T5 tanks met T10 tanks :3

  8. While this may be somewhat off topic, something happened to me today on the NA server which serves to illustrate that dumb stuff is by no means limited to players, but also frequently arises from the actions of WoT staff and employees. On the afternoon of 8/07/2013, I happened to post in General Chat a line from the lyrics of a satirical Spike Jones song which was featured in a piece of American anti-Nazi propaganda presented in a Donald Duck cartoon from the WW2 era. Some time later, after I returned that evening from taking a break in play, I found that one of the (typically anonymous) NA moderators had levied against me a 3-day chat ban for “Allusions of racial or national supremacy. NOM 47-47551.” Herewith a copy of the protest of this appeal which I immediately filed with WoT NA Support:

    “When I returned to play WoT this evening, I discovered that some unnamed individual had issued a Chat Ban until August 10, 2013, for “Allusions of racial or national supremacy. NOM 47-47551″. While this notation is typically lacking in transparency or specificity, I will presume that it stems from my citation earlier of lyrics from a Donald Duck cartoon featuring a song by Spike Jones entitled “Der Fuehrer’s Face”. Not only does this evidence an appalling ignorance of history on the part of whoever levied this ban, since the cartoon at issue was produced during WW2 in America and was a satirical parody of Nazism, it is also a personal insult to me, insofar as it casually asserts that I am in some fashion an exponent of Nazism or the virulent political perversion of racism. It also indicates that someone in your fine organization my be pursuing a vendetta against me personally, since this anonymous NOM 47-47551 did not bother to take the time to research the Spike Jones and Donald Duck references which were made in the succeeding postings. A complete rendering of the Donald Duck cartoon may be found on You Tube at this link: >.

    How anyone with an ounce of education, historical knowledge, or common sense could take an example of American wartime anti-Nazi propaganda as an “allusion of racial or national supremacy” is quite simply beyond me — in particular someone representing an organization which purports to market a WW2 wargame supposedly based on period historical events. This penalty is unjust, unwarranted, and just plain dumb. I would appreciate an immediate reconsideration and reversal of this chat ban penalty. An apology would be nice, too.”

    Instances should as this, which evidence that WG employs people in positions of responsibility with neither knowledge of actual history nor sufficient integrity to actually investigate a supposed offense before taking such an action abound. I cannot guess how Support will resolve the Complaint, but I will wager that even if the ban is rescinded it will not be done promptly enough to be meaningful, nor will I be compensated in any way for the blatant and arbitrary injustice of what the WG staffer has done. Players rage against WoT in part because the administration and support functions are so gravely flawed.

  9. BTW, I just noticed that the You Tube link for some reason did not appear:


    The copyright of the subject cartoon, for the record, is 1943 — hardly a likely date for an “allusion of racial or national supremacy” to be emanating from a nation at war against Germany and the Empire of Japan. If this example of administrative woodenheadedness wasn’t so sad, it would actually be rather funny.

  10. Got a similar threat where my family would also be killed……idiots are everywhere.