In the today’s earlier post, I mixed up Chris Roberts and Chris Taylor (it’s because I’ve been following Star Citizen for a while now, which of course Chris Taylor has nothing to do with), sorry for that.

Now, this is not an invitation to restart the shitstorm (at least not here), but it looks like various gaming webs have noticed Wargaming’s little Stalin problem:


Looks like the issue might be bigger than WG expected.

To the Q&A:

- Japanese tree in 2013, or in 2014? “When it’s done it’s done” (SS: current info is that it will come in early 2014, possibly January)
- ballistic trajectory angle is taken into account, when calculating penetration
- maximum ballistic trajectory angle does not necesserily correspond to the maximum gun elevation angle, it can be higher sometimes (SS: when for example the vehicle is firing when standing on a slope)
- apparently, WoWp has issues with memory even on very strong computers with 4 cores and 8 gigs of RAM (possibly due to with 32bit system)
- SerB states that instead of cybersports, his preference would be to allocate the resources to Historical battles, but there are some serious issues with that, connected to the fact that some tanks are not as popular and others (SS: as in, noone will want to play a T-34, when facing a Tiger)
- developers considered the feature of adding some perk- or skill-bonuses, based on clan membership (it was decided not to do it, at least for now) (SS: as in, when the clan reaches some status, its members recieve bonuses for some ingame skills)
- Leopard 1 suspension repair time (6,2s) is longer than Leo PTA suspension repair time (4,3s), because of “costs of serial production” (SS: beats me)
- Batchat 25t (despite its weight) won’t be turned into a tier 10 light tank
- SK-105 Kürrasier – although generally too new for WoT – does fit the WoT frame, it won’t be however introduced for now (SS: as an Austrian vehicle, it might appear in EU tree)
- SerB admits that a part of EU/US players reacted “very roughly” on the whole Stalin deal
- SerB states that the Lorraine frontal turret “cut” is not used “probably because of the mantlet”
- “hand-written” inscriptions on tanks won’t be introduced, because they would be hard to read
- captured tanks are still planned, but not soon
- SerB on returning the Wittman medal, now that Stalin’s back: “There is a difference – Wittman was deleted on request by German authorities and we don’t love him as much as to start a conflict with Germany because of him”
- SerB states that tier 5 and 6 British arty is doing fine statistically, but there hasn’t been enough time to evaluate, if there are some changes, they will come in 8.9
- AMX-30 Au.F1 appearance in WoT is “highly unlikely”

- SerB states that WoT supports quadcore processors, some additional processes are calculated on auxilliary cores
- it’s possible that the Lorraine depression can be historically -8 after all (“Zlobny knows”)
- Bolter medal was removed because it was decided 7 kills is too little difference from 6 kills and not worthy of extra reward
- Storm states that in 0.8.7, server ballistics code was not changed as a reaction to an alleged bug, where shells pass thru tanks without doing damage
- “too many ISU-152′s in battles” is not an issue according to Storm
- Havok will not change the tank movement from what it is now, only visual things will change
- 8.8 info will come out soon
- SerB states that while the client physics (Havok) WILL impact the game performance, it won’t affect multicore machines, because the client physics will be calculated on the unused cores
- captured tanks will not be unlockable from tech tree (SS: as in, they won’t be regular vehicles, but promo/premium ones)
- the one tank SerB took part in creating personally is the T25AT
- it has been decided, what color will the base color of Japanese tanks be, “you’ll see in due time”
- Soviet medium branch in 8.8? “That’s a complicated question. Somehow, it will be less than a branch, somehow, it will be more… you will see soon”
- when in “Performance mode” (during prime time, great server loads), interserver exchange in WoT doesn’t work, eg. you won’t see a friend online, if he is on another server
- (SS: if I understand this correctly), when calculating the damage a gun does, its damage rises proportionately with caliber squared (caliber*caliber), while the module damage rises proportionately to only caliber
- on additional spaced armor: “It is planned only for tanks, which had it in real life. But this can be changed in the future.”
- E-10 camo factor: “tests will show” (SS: wtf, didn’t the devs say that E-10 won’t be implemented?)
- Panzer IIJ penetration won’t be buffed apparently
- Sacred Valley winrate is “normal”
- the crew restoration (after your account is hijacked) will come soon
- in historical battles, in 1943 the Tiger will be awesome, in 1945, not so much
- SerB states that in 1945 historical battles, stock Kingtiger will be roughly balanced to stock ISU-152
- unlockable modules for premium tanks won’t be implemented
- the basic ground for historical battles will be WW2, but other conflicts around it (Khalkin Gol, Spanish Civil War, Korea) are also considered
- SerB states it’s not needed to specifically allow cases where one shell penetrates more than one tank, as these cases are very rare, it might come eventually
- (SS: here I am not sure I understand correctly) the module hitpoint loss per tick of engine (fuel) fire is counted as “0,01 +-25 percent”
- autoaim aims at the center of the collision model
- when calculating when a tank is drowning in the water and when not, it makes no difference, whether the tank is open topped, the point of drowining is the center of the silhouette (side view)
- it’s possible that in player statistics, the average and maximum XP gained will be calculated without premium account (just like in WoWp)
- apparently, (possibly unhistorical) Soviet Valentine amount of ammo carried won’t be changed
- IS-7 won’t be replaced by another tank
- FV215b (120) won’t be replaced by another tank
- SerB states that WG position on the Stalin issue has nothing to do with the Company of Heroes 2 scandal in Russia
- SerB’s opinion on COH2 is negative
- it’s not planned to allow the crewmember manual selection during “accelerated training” (SS: as in, player selecting himself who to accelerate)
- the option to transfer free XP to a crewmember XP was considered, but scrapped
- the “firefighting” skill increases the amount of hitpoints, by which each damage tick is reduced
- dead crewmembers do increase firefighting time
- smaller crews don’t quench fires any slower than bigger crews
- when transferring to another server, the players have to dissolve the platoon they are in, to change this is technically impossible according to SerB
- gold allocation within the game (SS: as in what the players spend the gold for): “no comment”
- SerB states that since the Free-To-Win concept was announced, WoT payments didn’t drop
- balance weight is decided for each tank, based on its class and tier, but there are exceptions (not all tanks of the same tier and class have the same MM weight)
- SerB on Polish rage over Stalin inscriptions: “As is written in the news article, we are very sorry that some players disagree with our position”
- Jagdpanzer E-100 having too low DPM? “How terrible…”
- new German TD branch will bring new guns
- SerB on multiperk crews: “The system of crew skills was done specifically so that unlocking all the skills/perks on one crew is practically impossible”
- SerB on roaming and the fear that EU/US servers will be spammed by RU roamers: “There will be a limit. For example, companies with a commander with over 55 percent winrate. We’ll find a mechanism.”
- why the loaders have few skills to unlock? “A part of loader skills had to be removed”
- there will be no special game modes for private account owners
- it’s theoretically possible for a shell to enter the open-topped vehicle and ricochet from an inside edge without doing any damage
- the B-1-P gun weight on Object 261 is correct, it’s tied to “powerful ballistic properties” (SS: here SerB states “high ballistics” – it’s unclear whether he means powerful shells, or the fact the gun can aim higher)
- apparently, Waffentragers (2nd German TD line) will have good derpession/elevation
- white stripes on Soviet tanks will come, but they have low priority
- Q: “Can I get such tanks as M60/Ob907/Failowe even without Clanwars?” A: “And what for? For your beautiful eyes? Are you a girl? Even that won’t help however, I am married…”
- “White Tiger” won’t return
- new missions? “No comment”
- new hull modules won’t come until a long time after 0.9.0

180 thoughts on “7.8.2013

  1. “- FV215b (120) won’t be replaced by another tank”

    So Brits will stay with great support tank as a t10 heavy. TBH I like this tank but… It misses something to be very usefull in CW. But it everyone is happy with tanks made by WG.

    • Well, WG did say earlier that they plan to change how HESH works… Hopefully it would make the British tanks more viable

      • OK, it will help. But I mean that FV215b (120) is just great support tank. Useful only with sidescrap tactic due to weak armor and rear mounted turret.

        • Sidescraping with FV215B? with 75mm of side armor? tiger 1 has better sidescrape ability.

          T10 guns pens it like hot knife through butter. Unless you are dumb and insist on hitting the super tiny strip of 100mm of upper side armor.

          • So you are not doing it corectly. I was able to recive no dmg from E-100 (only track dmg) or IS-7.

            • More like don’t get shot at by Tier 10 TDs with 155mm guns *at all* in the first place. Armour isn’t terribly reliable against THOSE monsters at the best of times.

          • I sidescrape with this tank all the time. Guess how many Steel Walls I’ve received on Test. Go on! Guess!

    • Well that’s just what one expected! Can’t see much point in keeping it now! Probably means we will never see the Chieftain, though I can’t see why not! Germany gets the Leopard 1, the French will get the AMX 30 and they’ve even introduced the M60 even though its only available to the selected few! What do the British get; some fictional piece of shit that never existed in anyone’s mind let alone on paper!

      • All SerB said was that the current tank won’t be replaced, doesn’t rule out the Chieftain appearing on a new line or branch. In fact all three tanks you mentioned aren’t included in their nations’ original lines, so if we go by precedent…

        • I can see the chieftain as a the next tier 10 heavy for a medium heavy branch but with more mediums than heavies.

      • it has been said Cheiftain will be added as a heavy tank…

        also, the FV4202 is only crap because of the current HESH mechanics + unhistorical turret armoring.

        when HESH mechanics are changed so that even 105mm HESH are good, the FV4202 will already be pretty good.
        when the turret armoring is adjusted to historical values, FV4202 will be like a T-54 on tier X – better hull, better alpha, better pen, better view range, etc. but lower top speed.

  2. - apparently, Waffentragers (2nd German TD line) will have good derpession/elevation

    Awesome…. German tanks that can actually use the terrain >:) (aside from the leopard 1 line of course)

  3. “SerB states that since the Free-To-Win concept was announced, WoT payments were not”

    Were not what? Something seems to be missing there …

  4. Didn’t hear about the polish rage about Stalin, isn’t that all the EU players’ rage?

    • A lot of people are raging at the fact that they did this in spite of us. They already have the inscriptions on their own server, there’s no need for them on the others.

      • I raged on english and spanish forums for this matter, and got a 3 days RO ban just for saying that Stalin was a mass murderer and couldn´t understand why WG promoted him, no more, no less. I have already uninstalled the game and although I miss it already, I’m sure I will find another title that interests me.

          • Please “dear friend”, don’t be so sentimental, I’m sure you won’t.

            And no, you can’t have my stuff :D

        • AS for me I amn ot going to buy anymore gold, not that WG will feel that loss, as there are so many idiots, that will rage, but not vote with their wallet… I think I will also play from time to time, waiting for a viable alternative. Unless the implementation of Havoc will kill performance on my dual core PC – with WG programmers everything can happen.

      • Waiwhat, digging the USSR gives you superpowers? Dayum, I better start developing a sense of political affiliation…

  5. I have one small question : if wg will implement multi turret tanks , will it be possible to shoot with mauss secondary 75mm gun ?

    • This might be possible even sooner, as multigun is not equal to multiturret. Why would you want to do that, however, I have no idea. 75mm L/24 on tier 10…

      • It wasn’t an L24, I think it was an L30. It was a really odd one off gun not used in any other mainstream tank.

        One thing I have noticed is more and more WG employees talking about multi-turret, and not in such a nebulous manor as before.

          • Second Maus gun (75mm) can be neccessary to shoot tracks or keep enemies tracked/rooted. ;)

            So its not completly useless in some situations.

            • “Anon on August 7, 2013 at 6:33 pm said:
              Second Maus gun (75mm) can be neccessary to shoot tracks or keep enemies tracked/rooted. ;)
              So its not completly useless in some situations.”
              Uh yeah definitely not tracking someone with a 75 mm gun. Not any big tanks at least. The HP goes up on the tracks the higher the tier iirc (Stronger suspension for all the weight etc)

              It might be useful for scouts and batchats yes.

      • Well, you could use the 75mm L/36.5 gun to detrack enemies. Given it could be possible to have a high rate of fire (arround 20 r/m, shoots every 3 seconds, same as E-25 with its 75mm gun) in the big maus, you could permadetrack him. This could make the Maus more useful.
        This was because I think that in real life, the 75mm L/36.5 was supposed to be used on smaller targets where the 128mm gun would be overkill. Two manual loading guns in a tank wont work though.

        Not sure if the E-100 also had this 75mm L/36.5 as secondary gun, if so, it would get it too, with the same benefits

      • shooting light armored targets like bchat, leo, scouts, or being able to actually “oneshot” arties with a double shot… also it could be used to trick some unexperienced players that you fired, so they move in front of you just to get a real shot from the big one…

        these are just the few came into my mind in a second.

  6. some of the statements seem to not be finished

    i.e. “SerB states that since the Free-To-Win concept was announced, WoT payments were not”

  7. Loved this Q&A. It had lots of good questions and lots of good answers. I usually hate the small Q&As.

  8. I want to see a Japanese trailer :). They make good trailers about new tank branches.

  9. - SerB states that instead of cybersports, his preference would be to allocate the resources to Historical battles, but there are some serious issues with that, connected to the fact that some tanks are not as popular and others (SS: as in, noone will want to play a T-34, when facing a Tiger)

    WHY THE HELL World of Tanks conentrates on Cybersports? Its a CRAP game for cybersports!
    -Lack of all-seeing free camera for casters, you appear to miss most of the interesting stuff that happens on the map
    -Professional Level games tend to be Campfests, and when everything picks up, you cant see everything because of the first reason, wich makes for a very weak watching experience, unlike Starcraft, wich i ejoy watching even if I dont play it at all
    -25% RNG In a Cybersport? GG! RNG has NO PLACE in ANY self-respecting cybersport!
    -Historical battle focus would be WAY more beneficial to ALL the playerbase, instead of the cybersport aspect, wich is beneficial to select few (0,0001% of the playerbase)

    I seriously dont understand why they keep pushing this.

        • No business does that unless it expects a payoff somewhere down the road.
          Whether that expectation is correct is ofc another thing entirely…

      • But Dota and LoL dont have RNG so ridiculous as +-25% Deviantion in damage, penetration, chance for a critical strike, and 15-20% chances of fire on engine hit.

          • Guess what: WoT is not a real tank battle. Revelations! Most tanks dont fight at ranges lower than 1 kilometer, wich is the whole map of a WoT game.

            25% RNG has no place in cybersports and that is a fact. Not to mention WoT is unwatchabe as a cybersport, believe me, i tried.

        • Ugh do you even play those games ? @25 % !5% …. chance of stun ,bash ,maim ,evasion chance based spells etc
          Trying to say RNG is the reason for not getting into pro leagues is very stupid … rng s a huge factor in all those games that are already huge in E sports ..
          Campfests .. Yea im with you on that

          • My point is that WoT is unwatchabe as a cybersport BECAUSE its not enjoyable to watch and every attempt to make it a cybersport is doomed to fail.

            Plus, RNG is a LOT bigger part of the game in WoT than in LoL. RNG affects weither you will penetrate, how much damage you do, what modules you crit, weither or not you set a tank on fire…RNG can decide the outcome of the battle, instead of skill, and this is bad. In LoL skill is definetly more important than RNG.

            • The vagaries of RNG don’t usually seem to save your ass if you make the seriously wrong tacical decisions from what I’ve seen you know.
              Or are dumb enough to try shooting at the enemy’s strongest armour.

            • 25% RNG barely makes a difference. It is very rare to hit the top of the spectrum in damage and penetration as it’s distributed on a Gaussian curve, module damage have their own chances of getting damaged. Usually, a 400 damage shot and a 500 shot don’t make too much of a difference unless the player got lucky and crits a module.

  10. It was sarcasm about Waffentragers good derpession/elevation (u can hope, nothing bad about that=hope).

    • was it? If they are open-topped or have only a gun shield, chances are they will have good gun depression

    • SerB’s answer – yes – but the WT’s DID have a nice elevation/depression angles. And from what we know about WT Panther/Tiger/E-100… well, you’ll like it I think :)

      • SS, almost all German tanks had very good gun depression values (-8° to -10°) and just look what they’ve done to them. Soviet tanks, most of which historically had -3° to -4° gun depression have it double that in this game.

        • iirc Soviet tanks usually had 5 deg not 3-4. 3-4 degrees gun depression is horrible.

          • -5° was only for T-34 armed with L-11 gun and later T-34-85 due to turret redesign. Post WW2 tanks had -5° to -6°. At that time Western tanks had -9° to -10° and used that advantage extensively in hull-down situations (Yom Kippur war for example).

            • That’s because the latter tended to be kind of specifically designed with an eye towards defensive combat in hilly terrain, while the former tended to be designed for assaulting such positions instead.

            • Yeah, they sure were successful in that role (google Israel-Syrian conflicts). I’ll give you a hint: it pays of to have good gun depression :-)

            • Because the Syrians weren’t reckoned by the Israelis to be just about the least militarily competent of their neighbours or anything – and *still* carried the Golan and had to be thrown out by reinforcements, which you seem to have conveniently forgotten.

              Also failing to see what good any amount of gun depression would have done them for the purposes of crossing the prepared killing ground in front of the main IDF line of resistance…

            • Isn’t that what they were designed to do :-) ? To “assault such positions”?

            • And they succeeded. The Syrians bungled the follow-up but they did overrun the Golan.

          • That’s the whole point of mobile defense! You trade some ground for time to mobilize effective counter-attack. Golan was not overrun, it was merely a localized breach in Purple Line. They had 11:1 advantage and still managed to lose 4 tanks for every 1 they destroyed – hardly a success :-)

  11. Finally a nearly clean Q&A without trolling and bullshit answers and behaving like a serious company, there can be only one reason for this they want to polish their image cause of the Stalin case, this is so obvious.

    And wtf is this?!

    “- white stripes on Soviet tanks will come, but they have low priority”

    Very fair barrelrings of the germans dont get implemented but this shit will, just retarded…

  12. Heh, off loading to other cores huh? Can’t wait to see how badly they ruin people’s performance with that now. Gotta love “sorry bout that stalin stuff guy, but we love him here at WG, especially more than an actual well known tanker”. 8.8 is going to be boring. I will admit I’m a little surprised nothing leaked on it yet, but it does feature more boring russian tanks. People will of course get excited when 8.9 starts rolling up because people are always more interested in German stuff it seems.

    • “– because people are always more interested in German stuff it seems.”
      That’s because having wet dreams of Aryan supermen in their black uniforms and leather jackboots is a surprisingly mainstream kink.
      Not that there’s anything wrong with that per se, whatever consenting adults do in private…

      • @ Kellogs Cornflakes:

        So, why not? :D

        Its because german warmachines are far more interesting far more technical masterpieces of engineering.

        Deal with it! :P

        • Is that why some of them had to be transported by train over distances Soviet and Allied tanks covered on tracks without a second thought, merely to avoid endemic automotive failures? And why a tank the weight of an IS-2 and considerably bulkier netted you as little “bang for the buck” as a 75mm gun?

          Masterpieces my ass.

          • Ehm this was a logistical reason to save fuel and dont stress the engines/suspension etc., no shit dude germany had fuel problems and no own oilsources .

            Furthermore the train is faster than every tank in ww2 and that over hours or days, so its the best choice for transporting several tankplatoons hundreds or thousands of kilometres.

            So I dont know what u want.

            And the 75mmL/70 was killer in ww2 better than 88mmL/56 and this gun were also good and enough for a very long time against most tanks, everything above these guns like 88mmL/71 and 128mmL/55 were overkill for every enemy tank on ranges till 3km.

            Yeah several technical brokedowns, but all heavytanks have to suffer like this like IS/IS2, KV1/2 and ISU122/152.

            • Tanks dont fight only other tanks. Ask an infantryman what is worse. A 75mm HE shell coming at his position or a 122mm HE shell blasting his entire cover and killing most of his fellow infantrymen on the spot or with the brutal force of the impact.

            • Someone’s bad at reading comprehension… The POINT being that these German “masterpieces” were *mechanically incapable* of executing “road marches” that were par for the course for their opponents’ tanks.

              And while the 75cm L/70 was a perfectly fine gun the POINT is the ~45-ton Panther was an absurdly large and heavy platform for it (the much lighter JagPanzer IV could take it without problems). The Soviets rated a vehicle of equivalent mass a heavy tank and deliberated whether to arm it with a 122mm gun or a 100mm one and within a few years had put the latter in a medium tank berely heavier than a T-34, while the Americans started putting 90mm guns in Sherman-derived AFV about 2/3 the Panther’s weight already during the war.

              That’s no “masterpiece”, it’s simply bad design and a seriously inefficient use of raw materials. Especially when it was mechanically unreliable as fuck.

            • @ Kellogs:

              Yep unreliable… thats especially the panther thats why it is considered one of the best tank of ww2, the gun was ok for it high velocity with optimal range its disadvantage being heavy wasnt a disadvantage in several cases thats why they killed far more enemy tanks from range, cause a sherman compared to a panther is utter shit they were well known as tommycookers even with 90mm gun.

              T34s were also no match for germans in rangefights…

              Yeah they were expensive to produce but the numbers speak a clear speech, it was quality vs. quantity, nearly outnumbered all the time and at some time quality cant compensate quantity anymore, nobody can withstand the spamming of shermans and t34s only with spamming quality tanks.

            • Okay, you officially have no fucking idea what you’re talking about anymore if you now ever did.

  13. I was surprised to see my nick in the news, but I’m glad it’s there. They have banned me since and deleted another thread of mine with more than 100 votes.

    • Wellcome to the Banned club :)

      Im really sorry for the EU community guys (and the NA for that matter) , forced by the Russians to force Stalin on us. They are basically forced to be hypocrites by SerB

      • Forced? You know, they have a free will, and if they would have any character and balls they could simply quit on something that bothers them personally, or majority of the community. As for now they are just a bunch of pussies scared of their own shadow.Pathetic.

      • SS, why were you banned again? I want to say from posting leaked information?

        • Stavro375: “Silentstalker got banned from the EU forums? How did that happen?”
          Kellomies: “‘Tis a most dreadful tale indeed; one involving a stuffed parrot, a moderator’s pet goldfish, at best semi-legal incendiaries and an Interpol APB…”

          • Try to convince them that your SS means not SilentStalker, but SuperStalin. They may even end up giving you a premium account :-).

      • Nah, not the same club. You are guilty for industrial espinoage, not for political dissidency/history revisionism.

      • I got perma banned cause i collected 11 warning points and most of them were for completely harmless reasons….for example i posted the picture of grumpy cat and NO caption on it and i got 1 warning point for that….I swear WoT have the most retraded moderators ever…they just enjoy abusing their positions and banning all around themselve….twats

  14. Just to ask the noobish question: what is “private account owners” supposed to mean?

    • They will be slow as hell, Have no camo value at all and have no armor.
      After all no german tank should be good!

        • @ Kellogs Cornflakes:

          Yeah never seen, Jagdpz. IV, Löwe, VK1602 Leo, Pz.35/38t Series, Vk2001 and 3001 Series, PzIIIA, Indien-Panzer, AFK-Panther, JT8,8cm, E-25, VK4502Ausf.A, LeoPTA, Leo 1, Pz.V/IV, Pz.V M10, Pz.IV, VK2801, Pz.IVS, T-15.

          They are all crappy in some way or have serious problems…

          • >implying all tanks don’t have their own problems
            U BAD BRO? Because I own or have owned a lot of those, and find them just fine.

          • Every tank has its problems but the only really bad tanks in that list are the VK2001, the Pz38t, the PzIIIA, and the AFK-Panther. If you’re having problems in any of those others you’re simply doing it wrong my friend.

            • AFK-Panther is a bad tank? BLASPHEMY! I got Kolobanov’s medal on it, damage dealer at tier 8 battle, and my team full of potatoes…… I carried the team by myself….

          • VkA is more fun than KT. For me. Its very good. And KT too.
            JT is probably best premium of tier 8.
            Pz5/6 – really? You are bringing it here?

            But nothing of above can be compared to horror of GC and v39…..

            • i just started playing v39 and holy jesus that tank is shit….it slow…it’s armor is SHIT COVERED WITH SHIT….T4 tanks rapes you….it doesn’t have traverse speed….its gun aiming time is horrible and it has narrow horizontal gun movement which means you need to aim over and over a lot….and it doesn’t have gun depression either…that tank is one big pile of shit…and one more thing..just to prove how shitty WGs WR stats affects wether the tank is gonna get nerfed or buffed is utter bullshit….i have 80% in v39 just bcs i am platooning with clan mates and just imagine if a lot of people started doing that…they would actually nerf the tank that is already shit just bcs it has too god WR while the tank is CRAPITY CRAP…

            • You’ll want to use the 105mm, it has a more tolerable aimtime. Which is good because with the awful traverse you’ll be pivoting a LOT just to get the sights on the enemy.

      • Sturer will be slow.
        WT JP – will be mobile because its JP platform.
        WT Tiger (?) – its pretty mobile too.
        WT E100 – it will be less weight – more mobility?

    • Sure is shameful to be openly embarassed over the single darkest period of your history when you were taking Western civilisation down a VERY wrong turn indeed.

      Oh and making the Neo-Nazi fanboys’ life difficult.

      • Yep every single German was dripping pure evil and needs to be exterminated from history.

        • Yo you do realize Wittman was part of the fucking SS, right? Like, I understand that someone could make an argument that not everybody in the wehrmacht was a nazi fanatic, but pretty much any historian agrees the SS were a big bunch of terrible people.

        • Switch “German” for “Jew” or “Slav” and you got Nazi ideology in a nutshell…

            • I think your repeated childish behavior and reliance on ad hominem speaks for itself.

            • I think your demonstrated inability to even understand the discussion and reliance on inane hyperboles speak for themselves.

  15. I have a feeling WG might drop the stalin inscriptions after all, just look at the huge rage and some 50+ pages on their forum about it. Personally I dont care much about it but i think its wrong to add them if people get upset. Polish people have every reason to be upset after russias ethnic clensing in poland. Let the russian server keep their Stalin inscriptions we dont need them in the rest of the world. I am anti nazi and anti communist.

    • …and Iosif Stalin tanks and Lavrentiy Beria guns are just peachy on the other hand.
      Sure is sensible butthurt.

        • Didn’t, but AFAIK he was mostly a menace to other higher-ups in the Soviet hierarchy and as such isn’t to my knowledge a particularly loathed character abroad. The Russians should hate his guts for his contribution to crippling the Red Army in the mid-late Thirties and hence making the Germans’ ruinous invasion that much easier, but I’d be surprised if they actually do…

          • Point taken, just saying that he wasn’t exactly a nice guy either, and yet the tanks named after him are among the most popular in WoT. :)

    • “Polish people have every reason to be upset after russias ethnic clensing in poland.”

      What? That’s the most stupid statement I have ever heard. Wanna talk about ethnic cleansing? How about Baltic states, Belarus and Ukraine?

  16. SerBs opinion on CoH 2:Negative. Legit for all russians :D (The fooking sale of the game stopped due to negative show of the red army.)

    • Removed from sale due to developers claiming that the game is historical despite it containing some very much stupid stuff. Our grandfathers were not perfect, but we have to stick by them because they brought us one thing that we all want the most – peace. Almost every single family has lost someone during the war, we dont want to go through this again.

      You guys gotta realise one thing. Stalin and his henchmen were not perfect, they were infact murderers. But most of us are alive thanks to them, and this is much more important.

  17. - Q: “Can I get such tanks as M60/Ob907/Failowe even without Clanwars?” A: “And what for? For your beautiful eyes? Are you a girl? Even that won’t help however, I am married…”

    It won’t help, because being gay works that way.

  18. About E-10: That particular one dos not have too much a problem with implementation, since the suspension thing was not really important in the grand scheme of things.

  19. >>> (SS: if I understand this correctly), when calculating the damage a gun does, its damage rises proportionately with caliber squared (caliber*caliber), while the module damage rises proportionately to only caliber

    Cubed, not squared.

  20. lol im following star citizen too im just afraid they make a freelancer 2.0 idk why but i didnt liked it

    • Haha, I’m following Star Citizen BECAUSE it was made by the same people as Freelancer, a game that desperately needs a sequel(which I know will never come). Not that I’m expecting a clone of that game or anything.

      Also I just realised that FL turned a decade old a few months ago D:

  21. - SerB states that WoT supports quadcore processors, some additional processes are calculated on auxilliary cores

    Yea, that was madeup answer just to shut the mouth of all players asking when the multicore support is gonna be implemented in the game. They basically answered the question itself with that answer. Never. It’s never gonna get implemented. Why? Because they are just incapable of doing it. And it’s much easier to just make few processes use other core and call it multicore support. Everything else will continue to be processed by that poor main core until the end of a game.

    • They are an inferior lot of devs over there. That and all the dirty poor Russians and their c-machines (lol see what I did there? Instead of junk e-machines I replaced the e for a c, as in communism lols) which are a decade old at best. I mean Serb is like a tzar or something and his PC is 4 years old.

  22. ” – SerB on returning the Wittman medal, now that Stalin’s back: “There is a difference – Wittman was deleted on request by German authorities and we don’t love him as much as to start a conflict with Germany because of him””

    Huh, that’s a bit different from the “whining Russian players” story that I’ve always heard. If it’s really the Germans themselves who requested the removal of Wittmann then it somewhat weakens the whole argument around WG being hypocritical.

    ” – SerB states that since the Free-To-Win concept was announced, WoT payments didn’t drop”

    Not really a surprise considering that was largely an exercise in marketing. If you include the somewhat recent ability to buy gold ammo/consumables with credits, then it’s still not a big deal considering that they were very rarely used before the change anyway. WoT has always been and still is Pay-to-Progress.

    “- Q: “Can I get such tanks as M60/Ob907/Failowe even without Clanwars?” A: “And what for? For your beautiful eyes? Are you a girl? Even that won’t help however, I am married…””

    I’m going to assume that something got badly lost in translation here.

  23. - new German TD branch will bring new guns
    at least make 1st line guns as stock, like JT 12.8 cm, so the grinding will be easier…..

    • there is one… funny thing.

      the Sturer Emil’s Rheinmetall 128 mm Pak 40 L/61 will be unique for him. ;)

  24. - Soviet medium branch in 8.8? “That’s a complicated question. Somehow, it will be less than a branch, somehow, it will be more… you will see soon”

    It sounds a little crazy but could this mean object 430 at TIX and object430U as T10 heavy ?
    They did in in the american branch and they had problems to find a TIX medium.

  25. >ow, this is not an invitation to restart the shitstorm (at least not here), but it looks like various gaming webs have noticed Wargaming’s little Stalin problem:
    First you raised “awareness” of this “terrible issue” then you start talking about it while inviting to not restart shitstorms here, SS confirmed for post-communist style hypocrite.

  26. Not going to look through all the comments to see if this has been said, but…

    Seriously, everyone needs to chill the fuck out over the Stalin thing.

    It’s a word.
    A name of a dead guy.
    An inscription on a vehicle that you’re trying to blow up that you *won’t even notice most of the time unless it’s pointed out*.
    And who will point it out? Pathetic little twits desperately trying to garner some attention by way of a piss-poor attempt at trolling.
    Don’t like it? Don’t react when they’re all “huehuaHEUhau STALIN”. Enough lack of reaction, they get bored and go back to…whatever people who can’t successfully troll in even a halfassed fashion do.

    You know what’s not helping at all? Foaming at the mouth and arguing about it; getting gaming sites involved; teamkilling/hunting specific players ingame/sending death threats/etc etc etc. All any of that does is give them the attention that they crave.

    Maybe they don’t want attention. Maybe they really do idolize him. Heck, last night I read the Wikipedia article on him, and while he was paranoid, meglomanic, didn’t give half a shit about basic human rights of non-Russians, and was generally a dick, I can see and acknowledge that he brought about a few good things. Do I idolize him myself? No, I’m not much for idolatry and personally feel the price was too high for what was gained. But, and this is important try to follow me, I *respect that other people do*. If they want to stick his name on their tank, awesome, good for them. Doesn’t affect my ability or desire to blow them up and win@tanking.

    Jesus Christ, it’s like everyone who’s freaking out about this has never been on the internet before. Spoiler: it gets worse the deeper you go. The Stalin craze is only scratching the surface.

    Final note: I’m not trying to start a discussion. I will not reply to any replies. This is simply a mildly-worded suggestion to grow some interwebs skin and ignore A: idiots who try to make a goddamn game into a hatefest and/or B: people whose opinions and beliefs differ from your own.

    Thanks for reading. Or not, if this immediately gets deleted. *shrugs*

    • This is not only a name for a dead guy. This is a name associated with a murderer, and a murderous regime. Maybe if you were born in a country, that had the “pleasure” to be under the soviet enslavement for over 45 years you would understand…

      • Also, you are a typical western idiot, that “had to read about Stalin on Wikipedia”. Really? What are you, twelve, slept on the history class, or in your country they just don’t care about the second most murderous tyrant of the XX century? It is so sad, that there are such uninformed people, that don’t know shit in the subject, but still are presenting their opinion. Yes, I bet those milions dead during the planned Holodomor starvation plague on Ukraine also agree that Stalin was kinda of an ok guy.

        • Welp, turns out I accidentally lied. Sorry SS.

          History doesn’t hold much interest for me, frankly. I know enough to recognize notable figures and events, but specifics about few of them. As needed, I go looking to fill the holes in my knowledge, but generally I find more productive and entertaining uses for my time than poring over every historical text I can find and arguing about the results.

          I knew of him, that he was considered both a great and horrible man, and vaguely why such. I would say that I’m sorry if it offends you that I went and brushed up on my history just to see what exactly it was that everyone was in an uproar about and so I could offer a somewhat informed opinion, but on second thought, I really couldn’t give a damn what someone as presumptuous as you thinks :v

          You are right, though; I would think a bit differently if I or others related to me had been victimized. For one thing, instead of bringing it up again and again because each nationality involved can’t decide just *how* badly they were hurt, I would probably encourage my countrymen to learn from the experience and move the fuck on instead of dwelling on it and shrieking bloody murder every time someone even thinks about looking at the positive side of it.

          Bad things happened. Somehow, despite everything, a minute amount of good came of it. If you’re allowed to focus in so very tightly on the bad, others have an equal right to focus on the good.
          If that offends you so much, well, it’s certainly not the fault of the rest of us that you can’t learn to either deal with it or ignore it.

          • Any “good things” were just a byproduct. It’s good that you learnt something, that’s what all this shitstorm is about – so you, who previously didn’t care to be informed enough, be aware and not consent to very shallow propaganda.
            Now sit and rethink, and if you need than learn some more, here are tags for you:
            trial of sixteen
            failure of Warsaw Uprising
            Ribbentrop-Molotov pact
            17th of September 1939
            Katyn massacre
            all above is about “fighting nazis”, ekhem…

      • Would it be terribly rude to point out the East Block was ruled by homegrown Commies who in some cases soon weren’t even on much of speaking terms with Moscow anymore…?

  27. costs of serial production – it means for me, that a prototype was simply more “hand made” and well rounded, than the mass produced final model. A bullshit explanation, but this is WG, you can really explain any stat in any direction, that is meeting your “balanced” view for a tank.

  28. “- IS-7 won’t be replaced by another tank”

    Um…. has anyone propose anything to replace it?