New info on 8.8


(thanks to the anonymous guy who sent me the link)

Hello everyone,

German magazine apparently recieved a bunch of info on 8.8 from M.Zhivets (Storm). What will 8.8 bring then?

- a new map “Autumn Tundra”


- allegedly, the patch will bring new Soviet and German (!) vehicles (see further)

Storm states: “Update 8.8 will introduce some very cool machines into the German and Soviet branches. The additional medium and heavy tank vehicles will allow the players to have more varied gameplay, while the improved balance within the German vehicle park will allow for even smoother play experience”

- the new Soviet tanks: T6 – A-43, T7 – A-44, T8 – Object 416 and Object 140 (unknown tier, possibly T9), the Object 140 will act as a top tank of that Soviet branch.

- two new German tanks will be introduced: tier 4 HT Durchbruchswagen and tier 6 MT VK3002(M) (SS: VK3002M is a Panther prototype with less armor, but generally similiar to the Panther).

- VK3001H will move to tier 5 (will be rebalanced and changed into a heavy tank), VK3601H will become a heavy tank

- 112 (Chinese premium HT) and T-34-3 (Chinese premium MT) will also be introduced

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    • No need for another 100mm gun tank. T-34-2 was great with 122mm gun, while it was really worse with 100mm gun.

      • so you’d rather have 122mm clone

        regardless the t-34-3 makes the t-34-2 look like a piece of s***

        • That might be, because the T-34-2 is a piece of s***. Has to be the worst T8 med i’ve played.

          • looks like you don’t know how to play it…. it isn’t a tank to circle the enemy… it’s a shot and hide tank… WZ-120 has the same gameplay as T-34-2

            • WZ-120 has usable armor on its upper front plate, so that it can get away with the (lack of) gun depression.
              The T-34-2 has unusable hull armor period, combine that with the gun depression on the 122mm good luck going hull down, and even tier 6 tanks can pen your hull easily. Also the T-34-3′s 122mm D-25TA is simply better in every way compare to the T-34-2 122mm.

    • Can’t you read: “the Object 140 will act as a top tank of that Soviet branch.”

      It doesn’t mean that Object 140 will be T10. T9 might be the top tank in this branch until they find a suitable tank for that T9/10.

    • Object 430 is from another (Kharkov) engineering department – it should not be in Tagil tank’s branch,

  1. No info about T-44A ( T-44-85) ?
    I was hoping to get a chance to get a russian med trainer, other then Matilda LL.

  2. they could fuck off with VKs and give us Nashorn, assault guns and waffentraegers(if they must)

    • the nashorn was severly underpowered. you do know that, right?

      also waffentragers broke down so much because of the huge pressure and force of the guns being put onto the halftrack’s

      • A) The Nashorn was hardly underpowered, it was actually comparable to the Pz IV in terms of mobility (since it shared the same chassis) and the reliability was also satisfactory.

        B) The Waffenträgers were NOT based on Halftracks, although there were dozens of HTs converted into weapon carriers for AA, AT or Infantry support guns or even mortars, but they have little to do with the Waffenträger series, and it was stated anyway that Halftracks wont make it into this game.
        The Waffenträger series was afaik a series of heavy AT guns (8.8cm+) with minimal armor based on a modified version of the 38(t) chassis, not a Halftrack. However WG has something else in mind, basically a gigantic series of marder-ish vehicles like the Nashorn or the Marder I/II/III series, but with the chassis going up to the E-100 (where I dont think ANYONE in WWII even thought of a Marder E-100 or anything remotely similar. Expect something made-up and crap)

    • I bet it’ll be like this:
      1.Pz2G—VK2001DB—PZ3/4—-both VK3001DB and VK3002MAN
      Now you know where VK3001DB leads and since it’s written above that VK3002MAN is a project of Panther with less armour and since Panther was built by MAN, VK3002M will lead to panther.
      3.Pz38t—pz38nA—pz4 and now i think it’ll keep leading to both VK3601H and VK3001P or it’ll lead only to VK3001P.

  3. So German tech tree will probably look like VK 30.01 (H) >> VK 30.01 (M) >> Panther.

      • WG… is still dumb…
        VK30.02(MAN) or VK30.02(DB), but not such a mess like VK30.02(D), VK30.02(M).
        DB = Daimler-Benz
        MAN = Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg

        to short shortcuts is a RU-style… totally brainless…

      • How about Durchbruchswagen -> VK 30.01 (H) -> VK 36.01 (H) -> Tiger etc.?
        All of those would be heavy tanks and the (H)’s and the Tiger are all Henschel designs. It would also avoid the issue of throwing a heavy tank in the middle of a medium branch.

        • i wa thinking that but you need a teirIII to complete the chain maybe the PZ3A or the PZ38(t) but WG is going to nerf bat all german tanks to hell come 2014

      • New medium branch:
        Pz. iV -> 3001 (M) -> Panther
        New heavy branch
        DW -> 3001(H) -> 3601(H) -> Tiger

        • You could also branch off towards both the VK 36.01 (H) *and* the VK 30.01 (M) from the VK 30.01 (H).

          • If that’s “wrong”, then what makes your idea any more right than any other? Got a source? :P

            • How about for starters that Pz.IV leads to Tiger(P) and Tiger(H) while Pz.III/IV leads to Panther, VK3002(DB)?

            • Then how about this?

              Panzer 38t NA -> Panzer IV -> VK 30.01 (M) -> Panther
              Durchbruchswagen -> VK 30.01 (H) -> VK 36.01 (H) -> Tiger
              -> VK 30.01 (P) -> Tiger (P)
              Panzer III -> Panzer III/IV -> VK 30.01 (D) -> VK 30.02 (D)

              Would work just as well. Basically, you could tack the Porsche branch on either Panzer IV or the VK 30.01 (H). Or maybe both, that wouldn’t be a problem either. There’s enough possibilities to consider.
              Incidentally, it would make sense to convert the 30.01 (P) into a heavy, too, if the 30.01 (H) is already made a heavy…

            • Read my first comment in this thread.
              I think I’ts the most logical idea about how the branches will look.

        • It’ll probably be like:

          Medium Branch:

          Pz II > Pz III A > Pz III > Pz III/IV > VK30.01M > Panther etc

          Heavy branch:

          Pz II > Pz III A > DW > VK30.01H > VK36.01H > Tiger etc.

          The rest will stay the same.

          • Thats would be crap. I buy the 3001H in a few days to get to the Panther.. so when I not play enough to get the Panther before the Update i can get so the Tiger that i allready have…

            • You have probably around a month till 8.8 if you are buying VK30.01H tomorrow you can easily get Panther before 8.8 unless you suck at the game or play so little that you shouldn’t even be trying to power rush a line.

              Also the best guess for german is
              Dwagon>VK30.01H>VK36.01H>Tiger H
              Pz38nA>PzIV>VK30.01P>Tiger P

              PzIV might still lead to VK36.01H PzIII/IV will still lead to VK30.01DB

  4. So the VK 3001 H will lose the vaderturret. what will it be armed with? the 7.5 cm L48?? like every other german t5

    • Hopefully it loses the Großturm/Schmalturm. Makes the tank goddamn ugly, but yeah, my first thought too was: What guns it will have left.
      If it will be L/48, even the III/IV would be better armored and more agile. L/28 would be interesting on a faster tank, but I still would prefer Pz IV for a little better armor.
      So, we only can wait what they will do with that tank… Hopefully L/48 will receive a minor buff, cause the mix of RoF, Pen and Acc isnt really good atm

      • I think they keep the Vaderturm, make the vehicle a bunch slower and keep the same gun selection or remove the short 8.8.

        • if they keep the 7.5 L70 on the VK, I will forgive them for neutering the panzer IV

        • Why remove 88/L56 ? It is almost on par with BDR’s DCA 30 (88/L56 has inferior damage and penetration but is similar otherwise), perfect for tier 5 “heavy” with no armor.

      • Actually there isn’t much they need to do to drop it to tier 5.
        Right now if you drop it to tier 5 heavy, it will be like a German version of the GDR G1B.
        Faster but even less armor, with similar pen and alpha on the 8.8cm L/56 compare to the 90mm DCA 30.
        It might need to adjust the traverse and lose the top engine, but that is about it.

    • You dont need to change anything to make a medium to a heavytank. As I remember SerB himself one said in a Q&A, they only change classification without any buffs or nerfs

  5. Wow the german low tiers are cluttred up so badly . 3 tier 5 meds 3 tier 6 meds 3 tier 7 meds yikes .

    • “3 tier 5 meds”
      2 mediums – Pz.III/IV and Pz.IV! 1 heavy – VK3001H!

      “3 tier 6 meds”
      It’s 3 mediums (VK3001P, VK3001D, VK3002M) and 1 heavy (VK3601H).

      “3 tier 7 meds”
      Where do you seed 3 T7 mediums? I can only see 2 – Panther ant VK3002DB.

    • You didn’t even bothered to real the full text, didn’t you?
      After patch there will be 1 tier4 heavy, 2 tier 5 meds(pz3/4&pz4), 1 tier 5 heavy(VK3001H), 3 tier 6 meds(VK3001DB, VK3002MAN&VK3001P), 1 tier 6 heavy(VK3601H).
      Higher tiers will remain the same(2 tier 7 meds, 2 tier 7 heavies and so on).

        • He edited the vk3001h being rebalanced ” and changed to a heavy ” . Before it read just “rebalanced as tier 5″. Tier 7 yea misread there .
          No need to try sounding so superior .

          • Sorry then.
            I tend to be mad when I see comments like that.
            Didn’t knew you made your comment based on first info Frank gave…the comment was too late compared to the one Frank got told about the info mistake.(About 20 mins)

  6. So does that mean that they’re not messign with the US scout line in 8.8? I’m not looking forward to the Chaffee getting “fixed”.

    • VK3601, not 3001. You know, the t6 medium with 100/60/60 armor and the 7.5 cm Konisch gun.

      • Facepalm…
        there will be 2 rebalanced mediums to heavies.
        VK3001H at tier 5(down from tier 6) and VK3601H.

        Cmon people…read the full text…

      • The original text on 4players clearly states that the VK 30.01 (H) will be made into a heavy tank just like the VK 36.01 (H):

        “Des Weiteren wird der Panzer VK 30.01 H [...] wie der VK 36.01 H zu einem schweren Panzer umgewandelt.”

    • since it’s not a medium anymore… I just hope that its overall performance doesn’t get hurt pretty bad.

      These Ruskies are jealous cause 3601 is kicking T-34-85′s ass. :U

      • Dudes, they said long time ago they won’t touch VK’s performance.It’ll only be reclassed as a heavy.
        Just like a name change…

      • It doesn’t , 3485 is way better. I have both, 3601 doesn’t perform on par with 3485, kv1s or hellcat, and I have 65% or better solo winrates in all my tier6s, including 3601H with 1800+ avg dmg per game.
        The only thing that ugly german box is good at – is sniping with that 7.5Konisch, but it cannot capture positions, chase scouts, spot, etc – and 34-85 does all of that.

        • I have T-34-85 too and between the best tier VI mediums for me (T-34-85, Cromwell, and 3601) 3601 is way better since it can perform the things T-34-85 can but with a more sturdy armor and more reliable firepower.

  7. At first I thought 8.8 will be a boring patch for me as I had no interest in a second russian med line.
    The german changes though seem awesome, heavy tank branch starting from tier 4 helps a lot of new players that take their crew with them.

    Wonder how the VKs will player after the “rework”. Im sure the 30.01 gets a rework that way the 36.01 rather only the class change.

    Furthermore both chinese prems in one patch … thats 20k gold for me if they didnt nerf the 112 to trash.
    Hope the T34-3 is comparable to the T34-2 using the 122mm.(I know its a lot worse than the Type59)

    • Isnt the only thing they wanted to change on 112 the MM, that it will be possible to meet T10?

  8. I wonder what the VK 30.01 (H) will have that makes it attractive compared to the Panzer III/IV and the Panzer IV. If it’s turned down to Tier 5, then it’s kind of bound to lose the Schmalturm and both top guns.

    Problem is that all that it’s then left with is speed, as the guns are probably the same and the armour is much worse than on the III/IV and the IV. Sounds kind of like the VK 20.01 (D), which also appears rather pointless next to the Panzer III except for grinding.

    • I am almost sure that 3001(H) will get a speed nerf when it gets rebalanced into a heavy. Historically it only had a top speed of around 30km/h.

    • I think 3001 might retain its 8.8, because it’s similar (with 10 less alpha) to G1B’s 90mm. They will definitely to nerf the reload though.

      • Then it would also have to keep the Schmalturm, unless the 88mm miraculously fits into a Panzer IV-like turret.
        And that would open a whole new can of worms with the large number of those turrets we have flying around everywhere on mediums and some lights. :)

      • Yes, but to retain the 8.8 they’d need to keep the Schmalturm which is unlikely.
        It think maybe it’ll have the 75mm L/70 instead.I mean it must have a better gun.Every tier 5 heavies got better guns then other tier 5s from the same nation.

  9. Here’s a small photoshop masterpiece. In case it’s too hard to understand…
    i.imgur . com / 3F9xnq2.jpg

  10. Wow, maybe we’ll have a tank in the game that actually looks like the Panther.

  11. >> the new Soviet tanks: T6 – A-43, T7 – A-44, T8 – Object 416 and Object 140 (unknown tier, possibly T9), the Object 140 will act as a top tank of that Soviet branch.

    Storm said that no tier9 on this branch. Perharps we will got A43->A44->ob416->t-54->Ob140 branch.

  12. Forgot to say something.

    What happened to the Great Chinese Wall map that was presented along with Belogorsk 19 map?

    • Nope. Probably as soon as SerB left their office they just got back to the usual lazy routine. It’s ok, we have three weeks to publish this. We have good excuse. It needs to be translated to 2893749823 other languages before we publish it.

    • Nope. Probably as soon as SerB left their office they just got back to the usual lazy routine. It’s ok, we have three weeks to publish this. We have good excuse. It needs to be translated to 2893749823 other languages before we publish it.

      • This both posts were meant for Anonymous on August 8, 2013 at 2:50 pm said:

        Meanwhile in Paris… Seriously, do they even work sometimes?

        But i guess the reply button doesn’t work as intended -.-

  13. Dont have any more info About when the super pershing will get nerfed and i get my gold back?

  14. Seeing as I’m playing the 30.01H and 36.01H as mediums I’m not thrilled with this, particularly since I’m not in a position to make a forced-march grind to get the Tiger and the Panther before the change is likely to come.

    While the change might be logical it’s damn inconvenient.

  15. There are so many intersting tanks at tier 6, I can accept losing the 3001H. Though I loved this guy.

    Tier 5 on the other hand can use some fresh blood since they took my fun-machine (derp M4) away. I only really like the T-34 now in tier 5, so perhaps the new 30.01H will be a great addidtion.

  16. 3001H being moved to tier 5? Was it only designed to carry the 75mm gun? How will it be balanced as a t5 heavy with pathetic armour and crap gun? Possibly a BDR clone but with 88mm at t5, might be interesting.

  17. THis new tech tree plans are fake.

    The German tech tree will look like this:

    LT line: Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,

    MT line: Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,

    HT line: Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,

    TD line: Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,

    SPG line: Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,Ltraktor,