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    • LoL

      GiF image comparing the two.

      WG went the weird route and used completely wrong models for both the gun and the tank.

      I do honestly believe that the T-34-3 is a read design. However, I doubt that the hull looked 100% identical to the Type 59 [probably more like a T-34-2], and they clearly used the wrong 3D model of 122mm gun. Its supposed to have the same 122mm gun on the IS-2 or 112. The model though, is of the 122mm gun that the WZ-120 has, which is a MUCH more powerful weapon.

      • Yeah, I don’t see how chineese would make a tank that looks identical to Type-59 and call it T-34-3. Whole T-34-X series was supposed to provide tank that was equal to T-54 but was based on development of T-34 tank. T-34-1 and T-34-2 look plausible – modifications of T-34 inspired by T-54 (turret, engine layout). But this thing? It is a 1:1 copy of T-54 with less armour.

      • It’s true. They never were fast. Which is funny, because when they were first presented in trailers and shit, they were advertised as being very mobile, being developed in the harsh terrains of china so they have good mobility.

        When in fact they are not even close to T-44. And still no chinese med has T-62A easy mobility.

        • Guys, mobility is one thing, speed and acceleration is another.

          All chinese medium/lights exceed in terrain passability, not speed.
          Look at 121, it has low hp/ton ratio but it’s damn mobile.

    • If you think this is slow you never even want to touch the Type 59, this have way better acceleration and turning speed than my type 59 (100% crew + BiA + clutch braking).

    • If T-34-3 would have max T9 MM it would be worth considering getting one. But because WG gave it 300 pen premammo (which no one ever use on prem tank) it will go to T10 matches.

  1. T-34-3:
    Hull 90/50/50 mm
    Turret 190/120/60 mm
    Gun: 390/390/465 DMG 175/300/61 mm PEN 4.17 r/m 0.46 ACC 3.4 s AIM 1626,3 DPM

    Type 59:
    100/80/45 mm
    200/130/60 mm
    Gun: 250/250/330 DMG 181/241/50 mm PEN 6.9 r/m 0.39 ACC 2.9 s AIM 1725 DPM

    Got it from wiki.

    They have about the same speed (T-34-3 higher acceleration, Type59 higher topspeed)

    • You forgot the T-34-2:
      Hull 70/45/45 mm
      Turret 180/120/60 mm
      Gun: 390/390/465 DMG 175/300/61 mm PEN 4 r/m 0.48 ACC 3.4 s AIM

        • So, you mean the vehicle has a high skill requirement? Well, that changes everything, because it means IT IS NOT OP then. I havent gotten to it yet, though I do nit like T-34-1. However I do get a 63% win ratio in the T-44 and a 59% win ratio in the Type 59, so we will see.

    • The T-34-2 with the 122mm gun is definitely not OP, not even if you’re gold-spamming.

      It can be very good in certain situations, but overall it is definitely not OP.

  2. Been wanting a Chinese med premium. Now my WZ 120 crew will have a faster time leveling their 4th skill.

  3. This looks slower than my Type59. Almost like a cheap knock off of an already cheap knock off.

    • They already said they won’t implement another type 59 in the game, so what’s the problem?.

      Type 59 is too good for a premium tank, t-34-3 is ok.
      And if you ask me, it’s better than the t-34-2.

    • LoL why the hell would you want another chinese prem medium when you own one already??

      Type 59 isnt in stores anymore for a reason (too good for a prem tank). If you want another chinese prem maybe wait for the 112 prem heavy

    • Well true. It’s inferior to type59 in every way, excep the gun and that’s pretty much it. I wouldnt wanna bump into t-34-3 with my type59 thats for sure. Especially against one using HEAT…

      Btw will if have preferential MM as type59?

      • Sadly no.
        This tank will face tier 10s.
        TBH the Type 59 do not deserve premium matchmaking since its pen buff.
        This tank and the 112 is just another example of WG wanting players to shoot gold ammo.
        All the recently released premium tanks tends to be this way.

  4. SerB and Storm

    SerB: I want to go on vacation with my family……..
    Storm: so do i BUT we need the money
    SerB: Why not just take one of the popular tanks bring it a tier down and give it a better matchmaking
    Storm: I know, let’s take a T-54 and make it a tier 8 premium
    SerB: great success……..

    post vacation
    Storm: Type 59 is to OP for tier 8
    SerB: just remove it from the store and save it for the next vacation

    one year later
    SerB: I want to go on vacation with my family…….. but i need the money
    Storm: just do what we did last year …
    SerB: tier 8 T-54?
    Storm: Yes but name it differently
    SerB: let’s name it T-34-3 so that people would not associate it with Type 59
    Storm: but this time give it a 122mm, I also want to visit Paris for two weeks :P