Tank biathlon in Russia

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Source: http://rt.com/news/first-tank-biathlon-competition-russia-346/


Russian Ministry of Defense started organizing a tank-based competition of crew and gunnery tank skills. So far, it’s only a Russian event, but by 2014, NATO and US Army are expected to join.

The basic idea behind the tank contest is simple and repeats the rules of the classic biathlon: cover about 20km in shortest time while successfully hitting your targets.

More details and pictures in the linked article. However, one thing is very interesting: the official MOD video (check the music, familiar?)

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      • So… we will have C1 Ariete vs Leopard 2A6 vs M1A2 Abrams vs T-90? LIKE!

        Maybe we’ll have: AMX-56 Leclerc (FRA), Type 99 (CHN), Merkava Mk IV (ISR), Arjun MBT (IND), T-84 (UKR), FV4034 Challenger 2 (UK), PT-91 Twardy (POL), Zulfiqar-3 (IR), Type 90 Kyū-maru (JAP), K1 (KOR), TAM (ARG), Olifant (ZAF) and TR-85M1 (ROM) in the future.

        • no chance that the Israeli Merkava will ever appear in these kind of events, Israel would never disclose anything related to the Merkava in terms of technology, specially with the Russian “friends” and the remembrance of the wars fought when it was against the USSR tech tanks back in the day, and its allies.

  1. this type of competition has been held between NATO countries for years, its good stuff to watch

  2. American must win that easy with any old tank they have. I think the germans have a big chance of winning too or the Brits:)

  3. I doubt Abrams can compete against all the better tanks out there :/

    Abrams is almost godlike on its armor, but other than that, nada. Challenger 2, Leo2, and T-90 ftw!

    • The Abrams is using the same gun that the Leopard 2 uses, just with a shorter barrel (and a different recoil system).

      • and the shorter barrel causes less accuracy at long range. Also the Abrams has an inferior fire control system.

    • Everything about the godlike Abrams is pure propaganda. If they have the so called godlike armor why did they have the most casualties in 1991? Even M60 pattons had 0 casualties
      Maintenance of the engine is horrible. Diesel tanks need about 30 min – 1 hr of maintenance, Abrams 7 hr.
      Gun is the same as most of the NATO 120mm but muricans dont have any ANTI-infantry rounds
      That thing is a disaster on tracks IMO

      • Americans don’t have any anti-infanrty rounds? Wut?
        They have cannister shells in case total war breaks out and weapon restrictions are lifted, and dual purpose HEAT rounds, that not only have anti armor characteristics, but the shell explosion is used in an anti-personnel manner.

        As for the armor, considering it’s all still classified to hell and back for the latest models, I’m not sure even tank crews know the full extent of what their tank can endure.

        I can’t disagree about the engine though, turbine engines are a bitch to keep running, both in fuel logistics and maintenance.

        • Cannister shot’s are simply not enough because they have no HE in them. US army lacks a proper HE rounds that can demolish walls and have a good blast radius.
          In vain youre shooting at infantry in bunker with cannister rounds because the darn thing will stop into the concrete
          Another problem is that abrams doesnt like fires fuel being highly flamable. The engine creates a hell lot of heat at the exhaust, If the grass is dry its gonna catch fire>badum
          But its just my opinion :D

          • Because the exhaust is totally vented down to the ground for the express purpose of igniting anything flammable and melting the shoelaces of any nearby infantry, right?

            Fair enough on the HE I guess but that’s down to the operator rather than the tank, and they seem to have felt the lack too what with the bells-and-whistles multipurpose explosive round in developement.

      • They had the most casualties because of the most contact with iraqi forces?
        Which of these modern tanks is the best? The one which fires at the other first.

          • m1 Abrahams is not a god tank, but the opponents has fought so far are completely phased out of their technology to bring a “real” fight to the m1

            so far, the best tech, goes the leopard 2, but the best armor goes for the abrahams and the merkava

            • Abrams, not “Abrahams”.

              A bit bizarre to add three extra letters when the accurate name is shorter and easier to type.

      • You do realize that nearly all casualties in the Abrams during the Gulf War came from either
        A) Friendly fire incidents, which is how the Abrams (and many other NATO AFVs) came to have the distinctive markings (which I believe are IR visible). Oh, not to mention Hellfire/TOW hits
        B) Abandoned behind enemy lines after being encircled, and then smashed repeatedly with DU rounds until rendered immobile

        A few ammunition accidents, as well.

        Actual full penetrations were extremely rare, and most hits from 73mm-125mm rounds either failed to penetrate or caused minor damage to storage, the sponson, or other external features of the tank.

        Even in Afghanistan and Iraq, Abrams would drive over hundreds of kilograms of high explosive, shaped charge warheads, and other horrific IED threats that would probably immobilize any tank out there, if not tearing it to shreds.
        The crew suffered (mainly drivers killed, contusions, or serious wounding), but the tanks weathered it and kept the majority of crew-members alive.

        I’d say that’s a quite successful combat record, even against friendly fire: In friendly fire incidents, the front armor and fore side turret armor survived direct APFSDS hits from other M1A1s.

        Learn the facts.
        It’s nowhere near as modern as the Leopard 2′s upgrades, but it’s a solid vehicle.
        Turbine engine might be a bit finicky, but that’s a whole other argument.

        • Facts supplied by US Army. Grains of salt withheld, because those might be used by terrorists.

  4. NATO used to do this back during the Cold War, it initially started out as accuracy competitions between the various army groups in the 60s, but eventually turned into “battle runs” where a platoon of three tanks would go through a course operating as if they were in combat. The prize was a solid sterling silver replica of a Centurion tank.

    Sadly it was discontinued in 1991 after the US and UK teams were deployed to the Gulf, and the Canadians left Europe in 1993. The US and Canada still hold competitions but they’re only done sporadically, and the last one was held in 2003.

  5. lol i love that they have to stop and haul ammo to start the shooting, Excellent idea hopefully we will have proper tankolympics in a few years :)

  6. Fairly desperate attempt to salvage their awful reputation and drum up some export orders, pity nobody wants to buy a t72 rehash when they can have leo 2 or an Abrams.

    • And because of this T-72 is the most commercially successful tank оn the market. :Р

      • Despite it usually being sold as a monkey model. Or the Asad Babil…

        My point is though, do NOT underestimate modernized T-72s. And most certainly DO NOT even dare underestimate a T-90.

        • I don’t think the T-90 is underestimated. It’s a formadible tank without doubt. Still I would rank the A6-model of the Leopard 2, the Challenger 2 and M1A2 SEP above it, aswell as probably the Korean K2 MBT.

          I expect the T-90 to be onpar with the Leclerc, C1 Ariete, M1A2 and improved versions of the M1A1 which are all really good MBT’s aswell. Could be wrong though.

          Would love it if the Russians would invite Sweden with it’s version of the Leopard 2A6.

    • Wait, I thought Russians are the most OP. Shouldn’t you be pleading for an nerf or something?

  7. GLORIOUS SOVIET STEEL!!!! yessssssssssssssssssss!!
    it will always win no matter what!

    • Germany with it’s Leopard 2A6. UK with it’s Challenger 2 IF it gets invited. US with it’s M1A2 SEP. Don’t know what’s the best the Russian army can bring to bear currently.

      Expect the Russians to probably have a light advantage with regards to speed and evasive manouevering, but I expect the Western tanks to have the edge with regards to electronics such a stabilizers allowing accurate firing at good speed, the better rangedgun, aswell as have better ergonomic surroundings for their crews to operate in (which is a substantial advantage during warfare). Still it’s homesoil for the Russians so they prob. will get some advance training on the range ahead of it’s foreign counterparts (speculation).

    • Would.nt be a bad idea . Like those timed missions in Cod . Tanks go through a track shoot moving/ stationary targets . Then whip out Epeen .

  8. So did no one notice that this video is posted on the youtube channel of the belarussian ministry of defense? Russia and Belarus are not the same…

  9. Depending on what exactly is in the competition, all of the modern battle tanks can move quickly and shoot at firing range targets fairly equally. The scenarios are not difficult for modern vehicles. When I was in Europe in the mid 80′s the CAT was a big deal. The difference between places were in fractions of a second. With the improvements in equipment over the last 25+ years the competition will be even closer. It always comes down to crew training and who is having a good day and who is not. If crew skills such as ammunition reload on the course (as shown in the clip), or casualty evac from the tank etc are involved, the four man crews have an advantage so I wonder if they will leveled out some how. If the various countries take this as serious as NATO took the CAT the crews and the support elements will be well above the average and focus primarily on training for the event most of the year.

  10. Meh .. We all know who is going to win . I mean Serb already nerfed the western tanks :P

  11. A real “Girls Und Panzers” competition. Now they only need to enlist schoolgirls to man the tanks.

  12. Не знаю точно какие танки будут со стороны России но возможно появление танка( гусеничная платформа) Армата все ттх танка засекречены.