Gamespot interview with V.Kislyi


Just a few tidbits. You can read the whole article, but from practical information point of view:

- Microsoft needed convincing about F2P principle for consoles
- he sees F2P on consoles as “the beginning of new era”
- XboX WoT won’t be totally F2P, as players have to pay Microsoft the Live Gold 5 USD per month subscription
- average player spends 3 hours per day in WoT
- global average monthly payment per user is 7 USD
- the Japanese players spend the most, followed USA and China

21 thoughts on “Gamespot interview with V.Kislyi

  1. WoT for consoles….pffh…*cough cough*
    Makes me spit. Not cause i hate the idea, but cause i think it would be more fun that regular WoT…

  2. >>- average player spends 3 hours per day in WoT

    Some guys are really addicted to boost average that high…

  3. 7 usd/player and month? ON AVERAGE? I sure hope they mean active players or they get 7 x 45’000’000 EVERY MONTH!

  4. how is it free to play?

    i have to pay for xbox gold to access it?

    i do pay for xbox gold but this is stupid
    i have to pay to access so its not free to play

    • If you follow your own logic then WoT on PC isn’t free to play as well as you have to pay monthly to your internet provider.

    • The game its self is free to play. You pay XBOX for a gold account which you can use for what ever other features a gold account comes with. And from the look of it that is the closest to free to play on XBOX that WG is able to make WOT as Microsoft doesn’t like the idea of them not making tons of money off of it.

  5. >global average monthly payment per user is 7 USD

    for real? that’s HUGE, in the F2P world. I wonder if Viktor is being funny and means ARPPU (Average Revenue per Paying User) instead of ARPU (Average Revenue per User) – because if Wargaming is pulling, globally, $7 US *per user*, then that makes them the most profitable games company in the world, and far and away the most profitable F2P game comany ever.

    I find it really hard to believe that number…

    • Well they do make a lot. Just look at how much they bought already. A few development studies, some game titles, the game engine. And not to forget they are also actively developing a bunch of other games (WoB, WoP, WoG, WoT Xbox) and probably a handful the public doesn’t know about all the same time.

    • according to wikipedia, WG’s revenue in 2012 was 217.9 million Euro or 288.8 million US dollars. not the largest, but still quite big.