Hall of Shame is back…

Hello everyone,

today, we have two very special displays, that will go straight to the Hall of Shame.

This guy Razvanro92 should seriously take a chill pill. All caps, broken English, yup – this goes beyond simple rage.


Another case is even rarer, when a whole platoon consists of retards. This “awesome” achievement goes to the clan Inquisition and its “special” members: bendaadnem and Karlos_62. And guys, the clan is recruiting! Who wouldn’t want to play with such nice and polite people…


The second line is in Czech, it says: “Die you asshole and shut up”

96 thoughts on “Hall of Shame is back…

    • I’d be annoyed, 7,7k dmg and you get it lost on a little scout, I quite understand this guy’s rage, but this is too much.

    • I just want to point out a little something of interest …. now, why did the chaffee driver get suspended from chat for .5sec or min or some such, which just happens to NOT show up in the picture… ?could it be he was goading the other player till he “blew up”?… I think this hall of shame should be thought through just a tad more.

      • They are kinda second clan according to site wotclans.net you’re linked earlier. I bet this guy has M60. Usually players from such clans don’t show they rage so openly. So it is even double priceless: unicum guy rage generted by owning him!

      • I’ve had a few exnom players in my games insulting everyone and acting like dicks.

      • they suck in randoms games, shoot own mates if they are faster at spots they think they would be yuited better with and get into flame when they are killed…
        so ye,s they are “known”

        • As someone recently joining exn0m (second clan), allow me to point out the view from the other side (without defending the embarrassing cretin above).
          1) as someone that has bothered learning the game, its pretty frustrating to watch a platoon of 45% win rate E-100s playing like total morons and ignoring all advice to do otherwise.
          2) I actually had a game earlier where we were losing 10-5 and the enemy team were still camping, because I was `in a pro clan` so had to attack. This is not a statement that earns my respect.

          Always easy for everyone to hate on the other side…

      • Exnom…. I have 2 cases of insulting in my mind but how we say….
        When the enemy is crying you have been done the job right…..

  1. Razvanro had almost 8000 dmg done, I would be angry too. But well, he’s an asshole.

  2. I thought you’re through documenting every random asshat people send you, SS? If so, the second one is pretty vanila, you should make them work for the distinction, perhaps be a bit more creative with the insults or rage harder? Because as a Pole I find it rather boring :)

    • Well, this is not really random. I “document” only the worst cases (well, yes, I am a bit biased against players, who claim they are good, but behave like this) :)

  3. While I don’t condone Razvan’s behavior I do get why he was so frustrated. Doing more than triple the damage and kills than that of his opponent and getting so little XP after losing….. well….kind of sucks.

    • Well it sucks, but is it your enemies fault? Chaffee did a good job as well and I fail to see any good reason to behave like this. He acted childishly.

      And btw. there are some points in exnom’s code of conduct that this guy faild to remember:
      “3. Project a positive image of yourself and the EXNOM/EXN0M clan to others

      8. Promote fellowship within the game community

      10. Win and lose games honorably, show sportsmanship”

    • doesnt change the fact that the “pro” player got owned. so suck it up Raz and try not to die from high blood pressure before you hit 40, kay?

    • seen him in game rages like little cunt was temped to tk him.
      but yea these “unicum” players must be brain dead morons i oneshoted batchat in my 212(before patch) man that guy blew up he was typing me non stop “die, mother f, and other words i would like not to say”, but in short if i knew were he lived i would had broke his nose and hands. there is limit on how retarded some “unicum guys(aka “chosen ones”)” can be. i know some unicum players to but they are not stuck up morons like that raz is that guy should be kicked by horse….. wait he dosnt even know what animal is…..
      nvm my break is over. please contunue this i like to read more about some chosen one players they are the best breed to troll post.

  4. I don’t know why, but throwing profound verbiage in the general direction of my team of potatoes helps me calm down, and I don’t feel one ounce of guilt when it comes to it, so I can’t really understand what’s so shameful about providing your teammates with an accurate portrayal of themselves.

  5. People say they can understand Razvanro’s rage… But SS is talking not about rage but about way to show it. Whispering all this stuff to a guy who has owned you is kinda weird, you know.

  6. those 2 idiots in a platoon are a bunch of retards. but that’s hardly a surprise since they used to be in the same clan.

  7. Somehow, at some point,everyone is pissed off doing great dmg and losing, some rage,some dont – I do rage, but not like this. The fact that he did great is no excuse for such behaviour.

    And one more thing: being in EXNOM, such games for him must be pretty often, compared to the rest of players, when they get such good games once in a while.

    I have seen alot of rage ingame, most of them stupid kidds which really are funny writing you in private after the game ends to call you names, etc, but this guy went too far – if it was ingame – I would have reported his ass and also submit screenshots and replay.

  8. Rages of stapadding idiots who only play broken OP tanks are especially delicious.

    • Totally agree.
      Once played against such an unicum, he was in Obj 263, me in Is-8, loaded gold and raped his ass, winning the battle since we were the only ones left alive.

      He started making life threats, curses, etc…was really funny, must check when I get home from work, I might have some material for Hall of Fame. :)

  9. @SIlent , EXNOM is one of top clans which won campain beeing in UNITED alliance which rule all this competition

    • l2read, this is EXN0M with a 0 instead of and O, its their second clan which didnt even join the campaign AFAIK

    • so? i dont see your point here…its mean he his above others or what? i guess some of “these” ppl think that….sad but who cares its a game anyway =)

  10. I do tend to vent, but its usually “Stuck with another dumbass team”, right after the lemming train sets out :)

  11. Sry for that one m8 ;) sometimes we all have bad momments….. Sry one more time!:)

    • its better to wish death than cancer. what a bastard… stupid brainless child who dont know what cancer does with a man.. for this kind of attack he should get a all time ban.

      greets from a half-way-to-cancer-player

  12. a bit offtopic, but would it be possible to implement code that would allow to close pictures with esc (or any other key)? have to always scroll to look for that close button..

    I’ve been trying so hard to get in the hall of shame , feels like an eternityyyyyyyyyyy.

  14. Shame on him, would have loved to see the chaffee running rings round him and killing him, he deserves more xp just for that

  15. the second one should not even be hear nothing special about it quite standard in this game

    but the EXNOM one is SOOO GOOOOD – good he was owned by chafee hahaha and chafee took it to other level with laughing at him at the end hahaha

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  17. Hi, Im from Czech Rep… I’m not too surprised that some of this write … Several times I’ve sent someone “to place where the sun off” :) but the cancer that is too much …

  18. I feel a bit ashamed because the first guy is from my country…

    And yeah…his clan is known a bit for kiddish rage situations.
    Once got TK-ed by one of them because I managed to give the killing blow to a target we were both shooting.
    But also they confirmed me their behavior when the raging about clan wars rules silent changings started.

    • Everyone who does it without a reason.

      He did it to troll him, also he’s safe to report that dude showing the screenie.
      If he would’ve start insulting back he couldn’ve not report him after.

  19. I have material for the hall of shame but its not on screenshots but copyed on excel document :(
    2 people (I dont want to sound like a racist bastard but they were polish) got banned after i contacted moderator, because they were cursing at me on private chat for no reason, one of them i believe was schizophrenic. He teamdamaged me then i had some private chat where he was cursing me and we arranged a meeting on the battlefield 1v1. Me in my T-44 and he in his Pershing. I won and he started raging again and cursing me so i contacted the moderators in the WG channel, told them the story and he got banned.

    So my main thought was- dont be affrratid to contact moderaror team from the main channel. They are people just like us and do their best for the gaming comunity.

  20. Well us Sea server got thailand retards swarming our server
    atleast he can speak english
    all the fucked up thais just write [][][][][][] and 555+

  21. Sooner or later i must be on this list. Still waiting. Damn i do hate retards a lot who always has “M” button pressed once and jammed.

  22. I understand the rage, im prone to it myself. (only in wot, never hapens in any other game), but why be angry at the guy doing his job. if you have 8k dmg look at the retards in your team for blame

  23. Some people just have enuff ego for two and not even enuff life for themself. A sad creature without any education, mind or character…. Ah, to hell with that. The butthurt of a big ego turning into rage against a opponent(in a damn game) is just gold.

  24. lol the replay, what a retard. How can he rage at the chaffe. Compleately his own fault

  25. The sort of language used in that first screenshot should be an insa-ban as far as I’m concerned. NOTHING justifies this sort of language, especially in a PM after the game is over, when the heat of action has finished. If that guys clan, EXNOM, had any honour at all they would kick this idiot out.

  26. All the EXNOM players I run into all think they are epic and have no manners or any common courtesy. I think it’s actually a requirement to join that clan by the looks of it.