26 thoughts on “8.8 – a bunch of new screenies

      • At least there is a chance to get the Object 140 via the T-54 without having to struggle through the rear turreted ones. If you like them fair enough but I can see many instances playing a medium where a front mounted turret will give you and advantage over rear mounted one. Circling to get a shot into the rear a front mounted turret will be in position that much quicker.

        • But they look good :P . But seriously i hope the obj 430 when it comes is at the end of this line so i have a reason to play them .. They seem to have pretty uptiered guns that could make up for the rear turret / horribad gun depression .

    • I’m just worried about the gun depression, look how high up the gun is on the A-44′s turret, it might have 0 degrees gun depression in all directions.

      • so that means i can ram it in my Aufkl Pz Panther ;)
        i also find the mobilty of the Tier X insane look how fast it goes through the water ;)

  1. And you call this screenshots? It’s just pictures from the video from yesterday.

  2. Turret on back looks like man having dick on back, and ass front xD
    ~ sorry for nab english, they dont teach that in school :D

  3. Ever since playing Codename Panzers: Cold War, which I highly recommend for tank nuts, I’ve liked the look of the 416. That game is also the reason I’m grinding to M103.

    Guess I’ll have to play a soviet tank again… Not that tier 6 KV-3 wasn’t fun back then ;)

  4. Hi,
    Just question regarding experince path in T-54. Do you think new OBJ 140 goes trough the 100 mm D-10T2S cannon ?