8.8 Soviet tanks – in a bit more detail

Soviet branch – how will it look (Object 140 confirmed to cost cca 200k XP)


Tier 6 – A-43


Developed in 1941 at Plant No. 183 under the designation A-43. A new vehicle was intended to replace the T-34 tank. The vehicle was to be equipped with torsion-bar suspension, diesel engine B-5, a new transmission and a reinforced to 60 mm front armor.

Hitpoints: 730
Weight: 27,11/30 tons
Engine power: 600hp
Maximum speed: 55km/h
Turnrate: 44 deg/s
Hull armor: 60/45/40 mm
Turret armor: 75/75/75 mm
Stock gun: most likely 57mm ZIS-4
Silver shell damage: 85
Silver shell penetration: 112
Rate of fire: 26,09
Turret turnrate: 48 deg/s
Viewrange: 360
Radiorange: 525

Tier 7 – A-44


The project was begun in April 1941. Development was led by I. S. Behr, lead engineer of Plant No. 183. Three different versions of the vehicle were proposed, varying in armor, armament, combat load, and speed. The estimated production date for the prototype was early 1942. However, when the German invasion forced the evacuation of the facility, development was discontinued.

Hitpoints: 1100
Weight: 38,6/41 tons
Engine power: 600hp
Maximum speed: 59km/h
Turnrate: 44 deg/s
Hull armor: 150/60/60 mm (please note that the 150mm applies only to a small part of the frontal armor, specifically to the connection between upper and lower plate, that “thick strip”)
Turret armor: 90/90/90 mm
Stock gun: most likely 107mm ZIS-6
Silver shell damage: 300
Silver shell penetration: 167
Rate of fire: 5,71
Turret turnrate: 38 deg/s
Viewrange: 370
Radiorange: 525

Tier 8 – Object 416


The Object 416 was a medium tank developed by the Construction Bureau of Plant No. 75 starting in 1949. An early prototype was completed by March 1950. Due to problems with the turret, the prototype was not operational until the end of April 1952. By the summer of 1953, the prototype was tested and upgraded. The vehicle passed trials, but never entered mass production.

Hitpoints: 1200
Weight: 24/27 tons
Engine power: 400hp
Maximum speed: 50km/h
Turnrate: 52 deg/s
Hull armor: 75/45/45 mm
Turret armor: 110/75/45 mm
Stock gun: most likely 100mm D-10TS
Silver shell damage: 320
Silver shell penetration: 201
Rate of fire: 7,5
Turret turnrate: 40 deg/s
Viewrange: 380
Radiorange: 760

Tier 10 – Object 140


“Experimental variant of a medium tank. Developed between 1953 and 1958 in Nizhny Tagil as a part of a program to create new medium tank to replace the T-54. Two prototypes were made. In 1958…” (part missing)

Stock (in brackets: T-62A for comparison)
Hitpoints: 1900 (1950)
Weight: 36,15/39 tons (37/39,8)
Engine power: 580hp (580)
Maximum speed: 55km/h (50)
Turnrate: 54 deg/s (56)
Hull armor: 100/80/55 mm (102/75/45, note that Object 140 has better slope)
Turret armor: 240/183/65 mm (240/161/65)
Gun: most likely 100mm D-54TS (D-54TS)
Silver shell damage: 320 (320)
Silver shell penetration: 264 (264)
Rate of fire: 9,09 (9,09)
Turret turnrate: 40 deg/s (48)
Viewrange: 400 (400)
Radiorange: 730 (850)

69 thoughts on “8.8 Soviet tanks – in a bit more detail

    • Uh, what details do you want to hear? The Superpershing armor nerf was discussed ad nauseam during last patch test. There will be possible some terrain resistance buff, but nothing groundbreaking.

      • Well I know the armor is getting “nerfed,” but is there any news on what the rebalance is? I know there was a lot of speculation about pen/mobility buffs, but nothing solid. I guess I’m hoping for some solid stats; a more detailed look at the armor model would be awesome too, if possible. Both the Pershing and Super Pershing were built on the T26E1 body, but the T26E4′s in-game armor model without the spaced armor was much more vulnerable than the M26′s, so I’m sort of hoping they fixed that….

          • This sounds still like a trick to get people into buying more gold to acquire another, more expensive, tier VIII. Super Pershing is barely doing fine like this, its WR will crumble if they nerf its armour without any significant compensation. I still suspect that they’ll buff it… after people won’t be able to sell it for gold any more.

        • Best guess is you might get some slight mobility buff. I believe the idea of a gun buff or an engine buff was scrapped.

  1. I hope 140 has better gun depression, since it seems worse in most other areas to glorious 62A

      • Sorry I just woke up and can’t seem to read :/ I thought 62A was not in brackets or.. I honestly don’t know what dead-tired 10 minutes ago me thought

        But the gun on the 140 appears mounted lower to the base of the turret ring, so maybe more room for the breech to go up in the back?

      • other than that it’s gonna get nerfed to shit with lame excuse of rebalancing and moving to heavy class

        • Can I have some of that stuff you’re smoking? I wanna get those prescient visions too…

  2. Small question, from what is the Object 140 unlocked (gun, engine)? I don’t have researched the 100 mm D-10T2S gun from T-54, they added the gun later, hope i won’t waste 60k exp for some gun…

  3. What gun will you need researched on the T-54, that leads to the Object 140???

    I’ve reasearched the D102TC on my T-54, but not the D-54.

  4. So the T8 has the T54 gun with only 0,2 less rof?
    Holymoly that will be balanced.

    Also for WGs constaint claims that the T10 will be different from the T62a they look extremely simmilar…

    • “So the T8 has the T54 gun with only 0,2 less rof?”

      It’s not the same gun. T-54 has D-10T2S. While this tank will most likely have D-10TS. Those 2 are completely different guns.

  5. i hope the test server comes this week. i wanna try a few tanks before i start grinding on real server. but am def not going for these soviets.

  6. isn’t the t-62a gun named U-8TS? not D-54TS, having the fact that it has around 50 more pen? then the guns on t-54?

  7. what’s the point… stats look almost 100% exactly like the t62a… same gun, almost same armor, same engine… and i’m sure nobody cares about 100m more or less radiorange…

  8. Wow, this seems a tad too similar to the T-62A to me. Guess we’ll see once test is released…

  9. Interesting…looks like the Obyekt 416 will have a significantly better gun than the T-44, but significantly worse power/weight ratio. I guess that’s the trade-off.

    • I sense obj.416 balancing that D10T2S gun with ridiculously bad soft stats like aim time, overall mobility and gun depression… As well ridiculous crit dmg received

  10. So Object 140 is just a goddamn T-62A copy with a few tweaks…yeah…WG you original bastards.

  11. I was hoping there would be a big enough difference in these tanks to justify me grinding for the 140 compared to the 62A i have now, but it doesn’t look too different besides some single digit difference here and there. Just another soviet trash can, yawn. Even if it is “slightly” better than the 62A, it won’t be worth 6 million silver, I’ll save my creds for the next patch, 8.9, which has shit people actually want.

    • Gino

      Try it out on the test server. Since you already have the 62A and you have unlocked the T-54 you will be able to get it straght from there as the Obj 140 will branch from the T-54 until WG find or work up a Tier 9 for the new medium line.

      I wonder how the Obj 140 compaires with the T10 Obj Clan wars gift tank???????

  12. omg, i am soooo glad i kept the T-54 and can grind the Objekt 140 without going over those retarded backturreted morontanks, with the most annyoing “feature” a tank can have in my opinion: almost zero gundepression!

    • Looked like a Panther Auf A. it will be rubbish, Tier 4 Gun, no red star on the side.

  13. The gun for the Object 140 will most likely be the U-8TS(The T-62a gun), no the D-54TS(they are the same gun, so I doubt WG will make a new gun.)

  14. don’t think that are stock stats
    T7 med with stock gun has 167 pen?
    T8 med got a stock gun that has 201mm pen?

  15. Hehe, the Object 416 is cute. It’s like a Soviet-ized ELC AMX; more armor, bigger gun in exchange for much less mobility.
    Might have to grind up to one, assuming the gun depression is acceptable and the turret is actually a turret.

  16. Sad think we don’t know when will the T9 tank of that branch come, so I’ll probably wait with buying obj. 416 until it’s here and won’t have to rebuy it later.

  17. More crap tanks no-one wants. Wtf is the 2nd German TD brance we’ve been expecting for 2 years! WTF is the rest of the British/French/Chinese tree!!!11

  18. Wow!

    Am I the only one who believes (judging by dmg and pen) that the new Tier 7 & 8 Mediums will blow the T-43 and T-44 out of the water?

    The Tier 6 will be a bit crappy, if that is its top gun… same gun as the T-34? That’s sad…